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Losing virginity to to a strange foreigner - a beautiful, strange foreigner

first-time Keir500 2018-12-01

She seemed like a sensible enough girl, from what I had seen during my stay so far, and that she was wearing a dressing gown to keep warm, not for any more exotic reasons. As you may be able to imagine, being kissed (even though it was just on the cheek) every day, by a hot girl, felt amazing for a young teenager like me, who had never had this before. My hands were still firmly on her soft, drooping night gown - a juxtaposition of sorts - and she just let me lick her wet hole for what seemed like an eternity.

A Quiet, Tender First

first-time shy_boy 2018-04-06

The kissing continued and her hands found their way down my back and they brushed the top of my jeans, stroking the top of my butt through the clothes. I felt her butt through her jeans, and then brought my hands to the front and undid them. When I was all the way inside, she kissed me and ran a hand down my back and rested it on one of the cheeks of my butt. She ran her hands from my neck to my butt as her vagina received my full penis on each pump. We both looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, smiling.


first-time andrewxx 2018-03-27

When a young woman wants to learn a foreign language, she can find a family where she can live and perform general house duties, and look after the younger members of the family in return for accommodation and food. She took my hand away from her body, reached down and fully undid my jeans and underwear and allowed me the freedom to shuffle out of them. Needless to say, I hadn't felt anything like it and she sucked me and licked around my sensitive head. As the young Frenchwoman worked on my cock, I ran my fingers through her hair and held her head gently but firmly against my body. Angelique opened her arms and her legs to welcome me and I felt her hand guide me into her.

Busty French Study Partner, continued

first-time apparatus 2018-03-09

I was working on her shirt, which finally came up to reveal a huge lacy bra like a fucking straight jacket: I later learned those breasts were double e's or f's something, and special gear was required to hoist them into place. She slid her panties off underneath her skirt, sat down across me and I sunk balls deep into her dripping little pussy like it was an perfect ripe summer peach. She does have her shirt, bra, and assumedly panties back on however, and she starts fiddling with the French book again, ready to pretend nothing happened like a good little girl... She starts to protest, surprised, maybe a little scared, or maybe annoyed that I won't let her actually study French, but I firmly press her down to the bed.

Her First Time with Another Man

first-time Carole44 2017-12-15

"No way" she said "they are just for your enjoyment and besides it was just a bit of fun wasn't it?" She looked at the smile on my face and said "you really are serious about this aren't you?" She went very quite and continued with her make up and I thought I had gone too far but after another glass of wine she got up, gave me a little smile and picked up her dress and all the sexy underwear and headed into the bathroom. After a few strokes Carole told me she felt him starting to twitch and she said that she thought to herself "great first time I let another guy other than my husband fuck me and he's about to finish after a couple of thrusts!" She told him not to cum inside her.