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College Annual Day Fun With Angel Of Class

first-time bava12 2018-12-04

As it was mechanical department there were only few girls and sarayu is an angel in our class. One day he gave me a letter and said to ask her whether she love him or not. She declined the proposal and said to me to inform him that she is not such type of girl. Some of my friends came to me and said they were planning to drink and got some beers. They left and I went to a my class and sat in the place where sarayu used to sit. I said I love someone from day 1 in college and didnt have courage to express it to her as she is not interested in love.

Virginity of a Vampire

first-time Kerrie66 2018-12-02

The train then went into darkness as it roared through another tunnel, as it became light again Daniel looked up only to see that the girl had gone. Each room in the new house was massive and Daniel who was excited about living there went up to his father then said "Tell me we aren't moving again Dad? Daniel then asked him about the freaky dark house but before he could finish his question, Travis stood up and said " It was really nice meeting you Daniel but i , er have to go and help my mom do something". Daniel stood up and wondered to himslf why the girl kept disappearing quickly, what is with the dark freaky house and why had Travis rushed off when it was mentioned?

Meena My Landlord’s Daugther’s Friend

first-time bava12 2018-11-29

And both girls told me they would be coming often to meet me as both are going to write entrance exams for admission to engineering college, and would appreciate my help in the same. She said she got bored sitting at home and all her friends are gone to visit grand parents meaning Sudha and Jaya…Priya is in town as she has no winter holidays like her two s****rs. Usually I am not flirty with girls, but I became naughty that day, and said – well only if she is prepare for what may happen inside the movie when it gets dark. But the movie was quite unforgettable time for me, the blushing girl put up lots of resistance that it took me most part of half hour to reach her small boobs inside her kurta.

My student.

first-time EROS123 2018-11-28

A smile on her joyful face, she fondled my hairs on my forehead, stroked my hard cock under my jean by other hand, and suggested “ we go to a guest house for tonight?”. Room 203, a room is very nice and relatively large, we had just came in, closed the door,   immediately Ha held me, pushed me to lay on the bed and coverd over my body, kissed me like crazy. Her turn, she stood up, pulled her nice thin skirt over her head, took her black tiny thin   slips and bras off, threw them on the floor, then looked at me with passionate smile. Her hip gyrated strongly, she shouted, grasping my hair to pull me along her body, held my hard cock to shove inside herself.

Nice Girls Don't Get Laid

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-28

I didn't like Lydia one bit, I thought she was a conniving slut but Ronald didn't listen to me. Lydia had found some guy with more money to spend on her and buy her things so she had dumped Ronald, the young college athlete for the rich stud. I walk down the street and see a guy and a girl holding hands and smiling. Ronald's a nice guy and would probably try to restrain the drunk bitch even though she would be trying to claw his face. What would it be like to hold Ronald in my arms and make love with him? I wonder what Ronald's cum tastes like and feel a stab of pain in my chest at the thought of never finding out.

How to Turn Her into a Wild Lady

first-time jpjai007 2018-11-27

You wish your girl could be like that sizzling minx you see on the telly all the time. Dirty, naughty and totally fatal. Place your hand on her lower back, and tell her how badly you want to run your hands all over her. Make her feel seductive when she’s out and she will reciprocate in bed. Imagine her doing something wild, and tell her all about it. Let her feel confident that she can do it. Let her feel confident about her body and she’ll satisfy your deepest desires! Let her Naughty Wishes be your Command Go on, prepare yourself for a night of wild passion, just like you’ve always wanted. With your naughty minx of a girl.

A First Time to Remember

first-time Room101 2018-11-23

Quin leaned forward and began placing light kisses against her tears, soaking them into his lips. Quin reached forward and grabbed the bottom hem of her skirt and began pulling it slowly up her body. He moved his hands around to the sides of her skirt and began to slowly pull it down her hips; teasing not only her, but himself as well. Quin lifted his head and looked into her eyes before saying “I can’t wait anymore, Lizzy. He stopped moving for a moment and she looked up at him, her eyes wide and he whispered “I love you” before thrusting his hips with intent and pushing through the bridge to her womanhood.

The camping trip

first-time Lesbianslutgirl621 2018-11-18

We made a promise in ninth grade that we were going to wait until graduation night before we had sex for the first time.  Were going to be at your house in an hour!" Ashley said all excitedly.  I went into Ashley's tent to kiss her goodnight. I removed my boxers and so badly wanted to put my cock 6 and a half inch in her virgin pussy but I decided to start by fingering her. I felt her about to cum but before she did, I stopped finger fucking her and though I felt her disappointment, she started taking over and starting stroking my cock faster and faster.  Oh my fucking god!!" Mia said freaking out.  Things like this happen." Mia said while stroking my cock. 

I Hope We Don't Get Caught

first-time Nyctophilia 2018-11-18

Feeling a bit uncomfortable and surprised, she moved his hand back up to her waist and said, "Don't give me that look, Preston." He spread her legs apart and moved his hand down again and started to rub her clitoris with his index finger, getting his saliva to be absorbed by it. He looked down and said, "Does your cute little pussy want more?" She looked down at his cock and felt the touch of his dick, tingling her pussy and her clitoris. Skye closed her eyes and started to rub her clitoris, still moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs. Preston soon pulled out and stood up and Skye sat up, opening her eyes.

Virginity of a vampire (Part 2)

first-time Kerrie66 2018-11-17

Rishcu who had his eyes closed and head back suddenly yelled "I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO STOP!" and the girl then looked at him and said " I needed some air". Suddenly Rishcu leapt up and got hold of her then opening his mouth bit into her neck and made the girl scream in pain before returning her and himself into the box and disappearing with a flash of light. Daniel asked Monique if she'd like a drink of water and with her saying yes he dashed towards the sink thinking of other things so he wouldn't make it to obvious to her, and realized that if he wanted this girl he'd have to find out who this 'Rishcu' was before diving in head first.

The Real Effects of The Axe Effect

first-time kimberlykitten 2018-11-14

A nerd boy, not as nerdy as Jimmy, spray some of the Axe on and a busty cheerleader walked by and immediately jumped on him, mashing her large boobs into his chest and smoothing his face with kisses. I’m so sorry nerd,” said Freddie who was seated next to his girlfriend, leader of the cheerleading squad and one of the prettiest girls in school, Kayla. Jimmy felt like shit for buying it and started walking home with, looking down with a sad face on. I told the German bitch that I didn’t want to see her anymore and that she should head the fuck back to Germany,” Freddie said laughing.

What I would do to her

first-time Niceandgentle 2018-11-14

Abruptly, go very fast to her crotch and feel the warmth emitted by her pussy hidden in her pants, than move my hand away. Take her soft nipples between my two fingers and rub them gently until she moans softly. Meanwhile she felt the heat coming from my dick with her hands, my nose would be taking in the sweet smell of her pussy, and I would see that her panties where dripping wet with her juices. I would then take my middle finger and shove it gently inside, rubbing in and out, as she moans louder and louder. Moans of pain would come out of her as my dick would be spreading her pussy lips farther and farther from each other.

A Bisexual Haitian Tale

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-14

He'd won the state championship for Boston University's Men's Wrestling team in the 235-pound weight class last year. I also read a non-fiction novel about a bisexual Black man who came out of the closet and told the world about the duplicitous lifestyle he used to lead back when he was on the down low. Matt, the wrestler from Boston University was BiMan1984, the guy I had been talking to online these past few months. We talked for hours about these things, and things we used to enjoy doing together, like going to the movies or watching sports together, way back in the beginning of the relationship.

The walk.

first-time Dina 2018-11-13

  Each night I went out I walked a little further, till one night I made it all the way down to the boulevard 5 blocks away. My first thought was to run, but I couldn't do that in the heels and tight dress, so I started to walk up a sidewalk to someone's house, when I heard a voice say.   I stopped and turned and there stood a police car and policeman not 15 feet away. Once I agreed he opened his zipper and pulled out his penis, telling me to be a good little girl and suck on till he came.   He told me he did not want me brushing my teeth or washing my mouth out till morning.

Gorgeous Next Door Girl A Real Slut

first-time bava12 2018-11-13

Since I don’t have a male company here, I’m getting pretty desperate and this guy looks like a good option, I mean he’s actually handsome. Moreover, he surely has crush on me (Its easy to see bulge in his shorts when he talks to me for more than a minute and it looks like a big and sexy bulge ;)). ” Umm, no” he said excitedly and timidly and removed his shirt, he looked pretty good without shirt for a geek. “Yes, fuck me like I’m your personal whore.” His speed and ferocity increased after listening that. When he was about to cum he asked where I wanted it and I said “On my tits, you dipshit” I’m such a potty mouth while having sex.

Tales of Preston Ch. 01

first-time kimberlykitten 2018-11-11

Preston stopped looking at the menu and ogled at the jiggling pair of her huge spherical-shaped tits that jutted from the center of her chest beneath her brown McDonald's thin t-shirt taper into her black jeans. His cock was a full erection and Preston couldn't help but to reach inside his jeans and stroke it while he watched the female employee walk back towards his way, right in front of his pickup truck, and back into the building with her huge tits bouncing to their own rhythm. Johanna smiled and kept watch below as she fondled her clammy hand over every rock-hard inch of Preston's dick. Oh fuck!" moaned Preston, with his big balls arching and his hard dick drowning in her flowing pussy juices.

A Cool Breeze From The Windy City

first-time Solomon87 2018-10-05

She undid his pants and took his rock hard throbbing cock out and began to stroke it. When he felt the warms of her mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock he damn near fainted. She worked his dick like he never had it worked before, she rolled her tongue around his balls and sucked them into her mouth, and even ventured into his tight little asshole a bit. He rocked his hips and grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her throat. It was only a matter of time before his hard cock erupted in her mouth. His balls could not hold in the cum anymore, she squealed as she felt his rock hard pole spray thick jets of hot creamy cum inside her mouth.

How to finger your girl the right way

first-time Erieman2006 2018-10-04

So here’s your answer to the question how to finger a woman the way she can finally start believing in God again – as you know, we take religious beliefs very seriously.And exactly like in the Bible, we think that religion starts directly in the vagina. Now it may look somewhat creepy if you put your finger in your mouth first or do whatever with your own body fluids, so just search for moisture on your woman. Maybe, she’s the kind of woman who gets really sensitive when she’s close to orgasm, so it could also be possible that you’ll have to slow things down.

Prom Week

first-time 2018-10-04

Frank was serving Brick a large piazza when his daughter Melany came in. "I've been such a cock tease, with my big creamy tits, that it is about time you taught me to act like the fuck toy that I should be." Melanie added. After Melanie had another screaming soul sucking multigasmic explosion, Frank fill his daughter's tiny pussy with his seed as the poor young woman was fed a litre of semen by her b*****r. Frank bent Lisa over in response and shove his entire fist up the pretty piazza girl's asshole. Frank started milking Melanie's large hooters while Lou milked Lisa's firm jugs. Lou pissed on Melanie's lovely tits, while Jack pissed on Lisa's pillowy jugs.

My first blowjob

first-time pith 2018-10-03

It started out with harmless chatting on the internet, but inevitably she ended up showing me her tits over her WebCam. A little truth or Dare could go a long way and this went on for another three or four days when she finally accepted a dare where she had give me a lap dance. She walked up to me and wasted no time, I wasn't even aware that she'd started playing music, and was mesmerized by her hips, ass, and breasts as they all danced in front of my face. I reached forward and started grabbed her breasts massaging them and feeling how huge they were for such a young girl.

Halloween costume

first-time fengunn 2018-10-02

I asked for a 7$7, ( my uncles favorite drink) the bar tender handed it to me and said it's a open bar( which I found out later the drinks were covered) and he turned away. The older man that let me in came by and asked how I was doing, said I was doing great. The older man came up, took my hand and said come on sweetie, I was caught up in everything and went with him. The man( Robert I'll call him) asked " you like dancing with me" like a little girl to her dad I said " yes, I feel safe in your arms " he squeezed me and my dick pushed against him.

His s****r

first-time 2018-10-01

Julie was going to call out to him, tell him she wanted to end this, she didn't want this any more but just as she opened her mouth to speak she heard both Paul and a female voice laughing and giggling as they came up the stairs. It smelled and tasted awful from the beer Paul had obviously been drinking and as it flowed freely over Julie's face and hair she was stunned by the depravity of it yet deep down she knew that this humiliation was also the most thrilling thing she had ever done. Before she could recover too much though he had grabbed her by her piss soaked hair and dragged her on all fours into their parents bedroom where Paul's conquest for the night lay u*********s on top of the bed, naked.

Vixen? Schoolgirl? Stripper? Hooker

first-time abroadsword 2018-10-01

"Track seven," Lana said, "Bollywood nights!" and Harry struggled to change the track on the CD player, finally the Indian beat started and Saffron watched and wondered exactly how she would make removing a sari look sexy, she didn't learn much as the girl had very little idea on how to make removing a sari sexy either, funny yes, the long silk trousers she wore beneath did a great job of tangling around her feet as she tried to swing round the pole and at least got a half decent laugh as the drunk guys cheered. It led to a corridor, and another door, "Vixen ladies and gentlemen!" Harry announced and almost no one looked up as Saffron walked across to the dias, set down her school bag, peeled off her jacket and as the music started she began to dance.

Unexpected Results

first-time Red Hugh 2018-09-30

If he was really taken with Nicola she was reluctantly prepared to accept it and move on even if, as her fingers regularly stroked the warm spot between her legs, she imagined Jim's tongue and cock exploring her sex. As the girls and boys laughed and talked over breakfast Nicola pulled Jim aside and told him about he need in her wet little sex. Jim, incredably turned on watching his lover kiss a schoolgirl her little almost hairless pussy open and swollen leant over and planted a kiss on Pip's cheek. They talked a little longer and then Nicola and Jim redressed, Pip slipped on her clothes and all three headed back to bed.