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Innocence Lost

first-time karniverous 2018-12-04

They make out passionately, french kissing, Scott kissing her nose, her eyelids, down her neck, she moans and grabs his head, letting out gasps of pleasure. Scott slowly runs his tongue through her mouth as he squeezes Sara's tits. Scott lays flat on his back, his hand pressed underneath Sara's, firmly rubbing and squeezing her boob. "Yeah Sara, grind on me.", says Scott as he feels her pussy and ass push down on his dick, Sara lets out a deep moan of pleasure and arches her back as Scott rubs her vagina through her shorts. "Mmmmmm you feel amazing.", Scott says as he slowly pushes his fingers in a little deeper. Scott kisses the back of her head as he fucks her, his cock spreading her pussy open.

History With Miss Martin

first-time Taverner 2018-12-04

We broke our kiss, and Katy glanced down at her boobs, and whispered, “I was kinda waiting for you to get to that.” She took a breath, kissed me again, short but very sweet, and said, “Girls really like it when guys touch them there.” I moved my hand up, gently feeling her soft breast through her clothing, and she closed her eyes and took a breath. She stroked my back with her right hand, as I lay on top of her, with my half-hard cock still nestled in her flooded pussy, and still a little breathless, Katy said, “Justin, that was fantastic!” She drew another breath, and said, “I knew you wouldn’t last long,” pausing for another breath, “But I didn’t think you’d make me come like that.”

Ashley part one; First time with Miguel

first-time XxXallisynXxX 2018-12-02

Ashley couldn’t disagree; crying into Miguel’s shoulder had been great, and with his arm around her waist the whole time, (except from when they kissed and their hands were behind each other’s necks), she was in her own form of heaven. In response Miguel reached over to her and placed his hand on her leg, and slowly brushed his way under her skirt resting on her inner thigh.   They drove to his house, the whole way Miguel brushing his finger on the side of Ashley’s lips lightly through her thong.   Again they kissed, this time Miguel rubbing her bare slit and Ashley stroking his dick through his briefs. Miguel smiled and said “ Oh , you can be sure of that Ash!” He reached for her mini skirt and pulled it off.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 1

first-time KennethPierce 2018-11-24

You’ve got a cute face and, like, really amazing eyes, but girls want a guy who takes care of himself. Despite being beautiful enough to merit a statue in the Parthenon, Elizabeth’s quiet, good-girl nature caused her to often be overlooked by guys more interested in outgoing easy types like Talia or Amy. This lack of attention gave Elizabeth the ridiculous notion that she was “the ugly one” in the group, something that drove me insane. When one of the girls actually liked a guy, I’d always get out of their way, but my unilateral refusal to aid and abet utter douche bags didn’t make me any friends.

Stolen Virginity

first-time JackiePie 2018-11-22

But here I was, arching my back and losing control as Brad's dick deep inside my pussy and his thumb furiously rubbing my clit made me scream, tears running down my face as my whole body filled with a tingly sensation of joy and ecstasy. "Yeah, but because you did it with an experienced senior like me, you actually got off and got to go to prom." Within a few minutes, Brad's head rested on his big bicep next to my head and he started to snore. And so here I lay, feeling used with the smell of Brad's sweaty pits and crotch filling the air, his body hairs scattered across my naked body, clinging to my skin from the sweat he spread all over me while stealing my virginity, a gift that really belonged to Steve.

Tired of Being a Virgin, Part 1

first-time sexxxyandiknowit 2018-11-18

Kallie often wanted to just lean forward and taste Lydia’s mouth, or pinch her nipples, or grab her ass, or shove that Rabbit vibrator right up Lydia’s tight, technically virgin, pussy. "Now, let me see those big cocks." She held her hand, covered in pussy juice, over her head and didn’t even turn to see which guy closed his mouth over it. Lydia giggled as the guys shoved each other, each trying to convince her to let him plunge into that warm soaking hole. But Kallie knew it wouldn't matter. She knew that Lydia had really enjoyed the time she got drunk at Katelyn Bostwick's end-of-the-year party, and wound up giving blowjobs to a bunch of different guys, but Kallie would never have imagined Lydia would have let a dozen guys watch her get fucked.

Kiss Chasey

first-time Wilful 2018-11-18

It’s easy enough to keep up with the talk and laughter, but when his eyes drag down me that way, I don’t ever know how to deal with it. I’m so focused on trying to make out the inscriptions on the awards inside that I don’t hear him come into the pool house, let alone the room, until he’s right behind me. I’m so caught up in my own head that I don’t even realize he’s made light work of the second strap until the dress is falling off my shoulders. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything quite like this,” he says, and as my hips lift off the bed, he pushes me down again, making me take every inch of his insistent cock.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 2

first-time KennethPierce 2018-11-17

Through half-lidded eyes, I watched as Amy hopped out of bed and slid those tight little cotton shorts down off her hips, revealing her unbelievable naked butt to me for the first time. Every girl has a part of her body she thinks is ugly, even supermodels, and world-class beauty Elizabeth didn’t like people looking at her sensual, Botticelli hips. Amy looked back over her shoulder, watching along with the rest of us as Corrine and Talia tasted each other’s lips for the first time. I had come a few hours ago, sure, but between a full day of staring at the girls in their suits, Steph and Elizabeth’s sexy bra swap, Corrine and Amy’s vivid sex stories, and the fresh memory of Corrine’s glorious breasts, I was still in desperate need of relief.

High School: Jared

first-time Karmageddon 2018-11-17

Jenny came back from the shower in her sports bra and a pair of Jared's shorts. This was totally normal for him because Jenny always walked around in a sports bra because she hated shirts and enjoyed guys shorts for how comfortable they were. "Yeah I don't care, it's something nice to look at anyway." Jenny's eyes were wandering all over his body and he was enjoying it. Jenny let out a small laugh and Jared went in for the kiss. Jenny's hands were on his head pushing him into her pussy, and he just kept flicking her clit lightly with his tongue. Jared started picking up the pace a bit and Jenny started letting out little moans.

The Headmaster's Office

first-time blin18 2018-11-16

“But Sir, I blurted, Mrs Bingham measures the rear hem.” I have no idea where I was going with this; I could hardly duck-walk around on my knees and anyway, there is no way the rear hem was anything like four inches from the desk. With my mouth now pressed hard against his body, I snaked out my tongue, bringing his balls closer with the hand cupping them, I licked them mercilessly while I swallowed, closing my throat down hard over his bulging knob. My body lost all control; my back arched and my legs clamped together like a vice over the base of his cock; the entire nine inches now trapped in my flesh so completely that it felt as though it was all inside me.

Amy's First Time

first-time SuccubusDreams 2018-11-16

He turned the page again, and again the back of his hand brushed my breast as he pulled it back. Cameron pulled his gaze away from my mouth and looked at me. My breasts sprung free of their restraint and he lost no time pulling a nipple into his mouth. I was so lost in the kiss and the amazing sensations his hands were producing as they rubbed over me that I barely noticed when he unfastened my jeans and slid my panties down. Cameron groaned as I shifted and I opened my mouth to say something but all that came out was a gasp, then a moan as he withdrew and thrust back into me. “No.” Now totally self conscious I slid off the counter and started pulling my clothes back on.

The Beauty Within

first-time Taverner 2018-11-16

Ashley turned her head to the left, towards the wall between the granny flat and the rest of the house, and with a little smile, she said, “I don’t think they’ll be missing us in there for a while.” Then, she turned back to me, and said, “That was good, but if you stay here with me for a while, round two will be even better, I can assure you.” Then, she pulled my face down, kissed me again, and said, “Only, next time, I want to be on top.”

Pianist Fingers

first-time TheLadyOfShalott 2018-11-16

"Shouldn’t and can’t are two very different terms, Mr. Tait,” and I kissed him, letting my tongue slide into his mouth. Mr. Tait slowly licked from the bottom of my wet pussy up to my clit, flicking it a few times before sliding it back down and thrusting his tongue inside my tight, virgin cunt. He pushed the head in slowly and said, “Look at me as I give you the first cock of your life.” I looked straight into his eyes as he slide two inches inside of me. I felt myself building and building until I finally came around his large cock, crying out into his hand and closing my eyes tight.

Hot Teacher

first-time danielty 2018-11-15

She cocked her head and said, "do you understand?" I nodded, and she got up and started to walk away. I stuck one finger in her swollen wet pussy and she moaned, and gasped. I smiled and said, "If you like that, you’re gonna love this." I pulled my dick out and immediately shoved it inside her. I was about to come, so I pulled out and came all over her tits and stomach. My cock was still hard so I stuck it back in her pussy and began to fuck her again. I looked back and saw her lying there, cum coming out of her pussy, her stomach topped with come, her hair in a mess, and her pussy still wet.

Tempted Church Teens 1

first-time Throbbing4u 2018-11-11

Eventually she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and squeezed it gently as I started to protrude my middle finger slightly into her slit as I rubbed up and down, still cupping her pussy. My cock had been leaking quite a bit of pre-cum by the time she took her hand away to help bury her face in a pillow to keep her panting and moaning down. Finally when I thought she was about to explode, she shuddered tremendously, clinched her legs closed, trapping my hand outside of her pussy, and let out a deep raspy moan in to the pillow.

Awakenings: Chapter One

first-time middleagedguru 2018-11-09

It looked like Mrs. Guthrie noticed what was happening so she said, “We’re going to do something different for this assignment, I’m going to pair you up.” “You’re pretty creative,” Gail said as she put down the script and started looking around my room. After several seconds of awkward silence she looked me straight in my eyes and said, “Can I ask you something?” I didn’t want to admit that while the pictures of the girls masturbating, scissoring, sucking, and fucking turned me on I usually stroked it while fantasizing about various girls from school, including Gail. “Looks like he really wants to come out,” she said as she started rubbing faster. Gail looked at it and said, “Looks like he’s ready to play.”

Afterschool Special

first-time skux475 2018-11-08

Her nipples began to harden as the thought of sex rushed through her head. Ty noticed and instantly grew a hard on.  "It's okay", Isabelle said as she sat right on top of his hard throbbing shaft covered by his trousers. Slowly, Isabelle clasped her hands on Ty's shaft and began to come closer with her mouth as she slowly took in that amazingly hard, long shaft. Slowly she began to feel his shaft tearing her apart, "Oohh" A loud moan came out of her. Soon they moved from the couch to the floor, where Ty lay Isabelle on her back and fucked her deep in the pussy. His throbbing cock began feeling that rush he felt before, so he quickly pulled out.

Manmoirs: Remember The First Time

first-time Manmoirs 2018-11-07

I didn't know it at the time but I felt comfortable playing along since I knew nothing was going to happen (rookie logic). One day she decided since her parents were out at a Banquet one night, that we'd all come over to work on some King Lear assignment. "Dean you know I think you're hot, right?" She opened the condom and placed it on my extremely hard cock. She started twitching and began saying the magic words, "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!!" She let out a scream and I couldn't hold it any longer, letting out a serious load of cum that surprised her. She started working my cock so with her mouth, hand and tongue.

The Secret Confessions Of Bella ~ Journal One

first-time writtenbybella 2018-11-05

I had made a list of all the people I would want to fuck if I ever got the chance: there was Rob, the goalkeeper on the soccer team; there was Thomas, the male cheerleader who had an awesome body; there was Joseph, that math geek with the devilishly amazing smile; there was Bryan, the track-and-field runner and pole vaulter; the list goes on and on (can you tell that I was partial to the athletic boys?). Later on, I would realize that this guy knew nothing about the art of fucking, but back then, my seventeen-year-old self didn't know better, and thought that this was the most mind-blowing experience a girl could ever have.

My first time in highschool part 1

first-time Me_ 2018-11-05

One day Alexis would make all the guys sandwiches, the next she would leave the cooking to her friend, Jasmine, and would play against one of the guys in COD. Apparently, Alexis was just waiting and hoping for me to ask her out and told Jasmine that she wanted me to. Exasperated, Alexis and I went over and sat on my bed, trying to think of a way out. I felt like we were getting close to a possible escape route involving a chair, rope and a library card when Alexis suddenly said " maybe being locked in here isn't such a bad thing." I looked over to her and saw her perfect face grinning up at me.

John and Leah

first-time alexandraLacy 2018-11-03

Leah's heart was racing a thousand beats per minute when she saw he boyfriend fall to the ground with the other player, at first she thought he was hurt, but then John picked him up and body slammed him into the wrestling mat. He put his strong hand on his girlfriend's thigh and said calmly, "Will, power, strength," Leah thought he was getting into his cocky phase again, but then he continued, "And I thought of you..." John's voice trailed off, and she wanted to melt in her seat. You don't like them, do you?" Leah said with worry in her voice while trying to shield her chest with her hands, but John stopped her.

The Bonfire

first-time imtoohorny 2018-11-01

I politely declined a beer and reached for a cherry coke, my eyes still focused on Max, who, seemingly embarrassed, had turned away when he caught my gaze. I turned when I heard soft footsteps, my eyes lying onto Max. He slowly lowered himself beside me. After we ran out of topics, both of our eyes began to focus on the ocean swarmed with lustful teens, some swimming, some playing, some making out. Max gently laid me onto his clothes, his green eyes smiling beneath the wisps of black bangs. I screamed as he thrust his giant cock inside of me and began to pull in and out, all while massaging my clitoris. “No!” Max redirected my hand to his balls, and I began to massage them.

Tired of Being a Virgin, Part 2

first-time sexxxyandiknowit 2018-11-01

Kallie began to move to the rhythm of Seth’s prompting, sealing her lips around his cock a little tighter, wiggling her tongue like he had liked. Seth continued to fuck Kallie from behind, reaching around to rub her clit at the same time as he said, “And then you would lick her clit, and put your fingers inside her, all while I pounded this tight hole you have.” She wanted to watch Trish’s fake boobs bounce as Kallie finger fucked her. Kallie opened her mouth and let him put his cock inside, sucking off the juices from her pussy and all his cum.

Eighteen Holes Ch. 03

first-time lusthammer 2018-10-04

Alex bit my lip in response and I could feel my cock starting to leak pre-cum all over my leg. "You like that, do ya?" said Alex, here eyes never leaving the head of my cock as her hand started to pump me. God it felt so good, like an electric current was running through my cock to her mouth and then out through the skin of her teenage ass into the palm of my hand. Alex smiled up at me and then turned her face back down to the impossibly hard cock in her hand. I let out a deep exhale and tilted my head back as I looked down at Alex's hair -- her face still hovering over my slick cock.