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three dicks and a love triangle (men in love at the launch of manhood)

first-time micicipi 2018-11-28

Whether it was secondary, primary or a co-existing instinct of his sexuality he didn't know, but Kris of late was feeling a magnetic pull at the face of a boy in his hostel - Rex. There were eight guys in every room, with four double beds in each, a common bath room on each floor. He was also aware of the other night when Sam had shabbily treated Res. But that Res was so mad over Sam had also made Kris to now indulgently ogle at him, his body, his lips, his eyes in a new air of admiration. Soon Kris turned and cupping Sam's face in his hands, kissed his lips.


first-time 2018-09-09

I was about to speak ahead but before she ordered in harsh tone… OUT… I couldn’t do anything and was looking outside to check if someone is outside but like before she pushed me and said I think you are not clear that you are not allowed to do things which I didn’t ordered and I just ordered to step outside and not to look outside. I again screamed and asked why this time she again said sorry baby your ass is so good that I can’t wait till the count of 5, in fact couldn’t for 3 as well, I got impatient on 2 only and hit.

Virgin Backpacker Pt. 01

first-time howmany_harmony 2018-03-28

His partner looked equally uncomfortable in the heat (Lexie was sure her dreadlocks were not helping with temperature moderation) but they offered a friendly smile as Scott made introductions - the tall guy was called Kenton, his partner Jo. They knew Scott from a volunteer project they had completed together in Cambodia, and had decided to travel to Singapore before returning back to Canada. The group traipsed into the Long Bar, feeling out of place in their flip flops and denim shorts, where other clientele looked like they had stepped out of a gentleman's club in London. Despite similar smells and a multitude of stalls selling exotic fruits, vegetables and Asian "fast food", Lexie felt much more at home here.

My First Time

first-time miramani 2018-01-08

I really did want to meet guys, but it made me nervous just talking about it, even with my best friend. The next day I took a tour bus and saw a few more sights, and met Adam again in the evening. Adam sucked on my tits again, and slid his fingers up and down my slit. "I want you to suck it," said Adam. "That was great!" said Adam, and went into the bathroom. Adam positioned his cock at my pussy entrance, and began to push in. Adam moaned as I felt his balls touch my skin. Adam cried out and pulled himself into me one last time, and I felt the heat as he came.

Shilu's New Life

first-time amazing_innocent 2017-12-27

Madhavi knew whole story about Shilu and she knew that Shilu is an adventurous girl and loves trying new thing. At the end of movie, Madhavi asked Shilu whether she liked it. Shilu was so engulf in the movie that she didn't know when Madhavi slowly reached her inner thighs and started massaging her pussy over Capri. Madhavi went behind Shilu on bed where they were watching movie. She started moaning and Madhavi took her hand and guided to her pussy. Shilu saw the clean shaved pussy of Madhavi and she admired and loved it. She initiated with a kiss on pussy lips of Madhavi and started using her tongue. Shilu had her tongue inside Madhavi's pussy, which tasted salty.