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Lovemaking with Anoushka

first-time raghavsharma242 2018-02-16

I felt a stop here where I tried to push in but it was really difficult, I gave a hard thrust and my whole penis went in and Anoushka screamed loudly, her hymen had broken and she was in pain, I went down a little and kissed her, there were tears in her eyes and I could feel her pain. I came back up and took out my penis a little and thrust it back in, I made these moves faster, Anoushka's cries soon turned into moans and then screams. But then I was again turned on, and I opened her legs, put my penis into her tight vagina and started with small thrusts, slowly I became faster and much more vigorous than the first time, she too was responding to my thrusts and moaning my name loudly.

Memoirs of Chacha Jaani Ch. 01

first-time chachajaani 2018-01-14

This was logical so I scratched my head and said, Yaar woh achhi khush mizaz lady hain, tu unse dosti karle, mera matlab hai ki unse pyaar se baat kiya kar, to tum dono ka time achha kat jayega.. Now sleeping on her comfortable bed was a far better proposition than the stupid old sofa so I looked at Raju for permission, but he said nothing, scowled and turned his back to us and tried to sleep. As she felt the hot spurts inside her cunt, her dam also burst and she squealed softly - mai mar gayi, maza aa gaya, (I am dying, what pleasure) and Raju's cock slipped from her mouth.

2927 Vadodara Express Ch. 01

first-time prahaar2006 2018-01-10

Ados-pados ke saga-vhala man koi chhe nahin aa badhu tamne shikhvadva?)' she asked. She moved her body on her seat in my direction and raising her sari, looked down at her suckling infant, patting it on the head. 'Should I strip in this railway compartment for you to learn what a naked woman looks like (Ahin train man nagi thaun tamne badhu shikhvadva mate?)?' she asked sarcastically. Taking her large, heavy, milk-laden boob in her hand, she raised it and lowering her head, she opened her mouth and licked her own nipple. She smiled at the compliment and told me that it would feel even better on my cock than on my finger (Aangli per to kai nathi, haju lund ghusadsho tyare khabar padshe).

I Still Wonder

first-time openeyeddream 2018-01-03

Well all of a sudden, a lady came with a nice figure and asked for the salad. I looked up and was surprised to see that the lady in front of me was shouting like crazies "Well madam, do you think that money is a matter to bet over for hitting one over his head, to result his broken head which could have been a cause to kill him?" I replied, "I had always thought that when ever I will gift my first kiss to some girl, I will make her feel that she was the one who deserved it. Slowly, she stood up with apologizing posture, came to me and said, All of a sudden she removed my pants and kissed my dick.

The Virgin Bride

first-time eroticdreamz 2018-01-03

After rubbing me dry the maid made me wear red sheer lace panties and a matching bra, which barely covered my butt and breasts. My husband continued to suck on my nipples and after what seemed like hours, he said something to them. He was ruthless and kept fucking me hard and fast, his servants holding me and his maids licking my clit and nipples time and again. From that day, all my servants licked me day and night whenever they wanted and made me cum, bur only my husband could fuck me. The servants were also asked to knead my breasts every hour so that they would grow fast, and indeed after two years they are huge 44 D size, with huge nipples.