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Reality Check

first-time OldGeezer 2018-06-07

It was, it seemed, and with her hand around my cock, her lips around its head, her tongue lapping my precum, and my tongue working around and on her clit, my hands under her bottom, sliding into and out of her pussy, it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before her body simply bucked and thrashed into violent convulsions of the most wonderful orgasm I had seen for a long while. "Oh yes," she said, "I am more than ready to be your 3 way woman," and lowered herself so that my cock, slippery and wet from her pussy juices, pressed against her tight rosebud.

Love On The Hill

first-time romeoindian 2018-06-05

As I got out of the cockpit of the IAF transport plane that I had qualified to fly, I handed over my headset and gear to one of the airmen alongside and climbed into the station jeep that was sent to bring me and my crew back to the hangar to freshen up and write out my report. I pressed his head so he could take my breast into his mouth, I wanted to feel it there. Not content with the pressure on my pussy, I moved my hand from the back of his head and groped for the junction of his legs, wanting to feel his hard penis over his jeans and stroke it. His pelvis rocked forward to increase my pressure on his organ, as I pushed my pussy into his hand.

Field Trip in My Personal Field

first-time sansar 2018-05-12

After a few moments, I was pleasantly shocked to feel Ajit massaging my hand. Ajit started dry fucking my hand. Ajit by now had turned his attention to the left breast and was literally mauling it. He slipped his hand between my bra and the breast skin and I wriggled with pleasure. He then turned me over onto my stomach and lifted me into a kneeling position -- He wanted to take me Doggy style -- I felt like a real bitch on heat. Immediately I felt Ajit's hand clasping my mouth to prevent more sounds. As Ajit lay over me, he started his fucking with me sleeping. Suddenly he put his hand s under me and held me tightly by my breast and pressed himself into me.

A Friend in Need - A Special Night

first-time KKross 2018-05-07

For all that Taniksha only ever had one "serious" relationship it was with a guy named Randolph, I never understood what she saw in him, she was clearly smarter than him and he treated her like shit, and I suspected had cheated on her a few times, I only ever once obliquely mentioned my thoughts to her but she brushed them off and I did not bring it up again. "Tanni, sweet heart, he's an asshole to pull this kind of bull shit on an amazing girl like you, any retard who would throw away a beautiful, sweet, loving and sexy girl like you has his head up some other retard's ass."

First Time

first-time reshmaindian 2018-04-25

He turned me and removed my bra and started kissing me from my neck to my breasts. He came on top of me and started kissing my lips again. He pushed his tongue inside and started licking my mouth, my tongue. He then came down and started licking and kissing my body. He started kissing and licking my thighs. He came down and removed my panty and started kissing and biting my ass. He slowly removed my hands and kissed my pussy. He lifted my ass by his hands and placed a pillow below and started eating my pussy. He slowly started finger fucking me while sucking my nipples. He finished it and came up and gave a hard kiss on my lips.

Mother of My Best Friend Ch. 02

first-time kinkydreams667 2018-04-14

I frantically tried Padma aunty to wake up, who was dozing on sofa peacefully with happy glaze on her face; legs still spread wide, right hand lying at her bushy cunt. "Well young boys like you love to boast, isn't it?" Aunty widened her thighs and touched her small dick like Dana. My mind wondered about her thin body, her boobs, buttocks, cunt and her wildness matching Padma aunty or perhaps more. "Let's go to the massage room cat, Pussy owns this sofa.." Padma aunty left my dick, patted my left thigh, and smiled extending her hand. I loved the way Padma aunty was trying to learn about what we boys used to do in ruins while getting my fingers work on her hot dripping cunt.

Sonya Loses Her Virginity

first-time huge_penis 2018-04-13

My vagina was getting very warm and moist, and my little brown nipples started to harden under my bra."Alright Joshua, you have to take your underwear off too," this was ridiculous, my sweet mother wants my future boyfriend to take his underwear off. "Yes Ms. Singh, I think it's beautiful," my vaginal walls started contracting and leaking when I heard Josh compliment my vagina. Let me wipe the mess you made." My mom took a tissue paper and started wiping the remains of my cherry from my vulva and then Josh's penis. "Oh mom, I think I am going to cum again." My mother was rubbing her vagina through her white panties.

The Waitress Who Couldn't Wait

first-time noisymother 2018-04-11

She wound her hands through his thick black hair and held his head tightly, prolonging their kiss. She sat back and started to undo the buttons of his shirt, wriggling on his lap somewhat, enjoying the growing bulge she felt beneath her. He smiled as she kissed his shoulders and his neck and closed his eyes in pleasure; opening them suddenly when he no longer felt her weight on him. As much as she would have liked to introduce the boy and his beautiful cock to the delights of a good sucking – she didn't think he would last much longer. She looked deep into the boy's dark eyes; almost all pupil in his heightened state of arousal.

Old Flame Relit

first-time JoshBanger 2018-04-05

she takes a moment to just look at it and says "seems like I'm going to be stretched a lot tonight" and I sigh and a moan escapes my mouth as she takes my cock into her mouth and lets her tongue play with the tip and her hands playing with my balls, massaging them and pulling on them slightly. She was close to cumming as her moans had become louder and more frequent and I replaced my fingers with my tongue as i moved it in to tongue fuck her tight pussy, this was the trigger for her and I was ready to taste her cum and she came well actually she squirted all over my face and in my mouth to my surprise which I loved..

First Handjob

first-time prabh0612 2018-04-04

She called out "Deshraj College?" I said "Yes", she said, "hop on, I am going there too." Without hesitating I took the pillion and sat there holding my breath (I am not a big fan of women driving and certainly not on two wheelers, and this? I was sitting with friends at the college canteen and having fun when I heard a sweet female voice asking me "How are you my pillion rider." That sounded like such a corny thing that all my friends were shocked and then burst out laughing. She came up to my face and kissed my cheek and whispered," take off your underwear, I want to feel your cock".


Shilu's New Life

first-time amazing_innocent 2018-03-07

Madhavi knew whole story about Shilu and she knew that Shilu is an adventurous girl and loves trying new thing. At the end of movie, Madhavi asked Shilu whether she liked it. Shilu was so engulf in the movie that she didn't know when Madhavi slowly reached her inner thighs and started massaging her pussy over Capri. Madhavi went behind Shilu on bed where they were watching movie. She started moaning and Madhavi took her hand and guided to her pussy. Shilu saw the clean shaved pussy of Madhavi and she admired and loved it. She initiated with a kiss on pussy lips of Madhavi and started using her tongue. Shilu had her tongue inside Madhavi's pussy, which tasted salty.

My First Experience At Foreplay

first-time menka26 2018-02-25

And then he suddenly placed his lips on mine and held my face in his hands. After kissing and sucking my lips his hands started rolling all over they were moving on my legs and as they crossed over my pubic region each time I cried Still engrossed in my thoughts I realized his lips touched the lips of my wet pussy I was dripping he started sucking and tried to slip one of his fingers. He removed his fingers which, of course, I didn't like and I placed my hands on his head and thrust it again on my pussy. He started kissing and sucking wildly with his fingers thrusting back and forth in my wet pussy .

The First Night

first-time mintabal3239 2018-02-21

Arjun lay stretched on the sofa of the hotel room where he was to spend the night with his newly wedded wife. "It was good Arjun," said Minita handsomely. She might not remember the days when she suckled, but the book her mother had given her to read, 'What Young Brides Ought to Know,' devoted a whole paragraph to sucking. How do you know that?" said Arjun. "If they examine the blood," she said, "they would know that meat and eggs are not the only things the barn yard fowls provide for the comfort of men and women." She laughed and hugged him, and he, after a momentary pause, joined in the laughter, and hugged her with equal warmth.

My First Sex Teacher

first-time 8inchesofsalaami 2018-02-19

I was an eighteen year old over-sexed guy who seemed to have a perpetual hard-on in Mrs. Prasad's presence. Mrs. Prasad was bent over the desk, her saree lifted to her waist, egging Mr. Reddy on. For the first time, Mrs. Prasad opened her mouth, "What do you mean? Mrs. Prasad bent over the same desk on which Mr. Reddy was gamming his boots in her. I positioned my cock at her entrance, and in one hard motion shoved it all the way into her ass till my balls hit her pussy. As I walked out of the office, Mr. Reddy called out from behind me, "But you can suck my cock anytime!"

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 06

first-time shanti2010 2018-02-07

Shanti here and this is the story of a different kind – fast tracked in years and am 38 years now and my daughter Raji is 18 years who had known Venki for a long time. "Yes, Venki, a deal, if you promise me that you will not push Raji into the sack, I will make sure that your needs are taken care of." I said as I leaned over and started to rub his cock through the blue jean material. "Venki, I can be with you every Tuesday while Raji and Amanda are at music lessons and we can have a good time together." As I was telling him this, I unbuttoned his pants, lowered his zipper.

Mother of My Best Friend

first-time kinkydreams667 2018-01-20

My experience with 2 girls of my age was good but both were silly about keeping their virginity intact and never wanted to get fucked in real way so I had to content with hurried fondling, fingering, stroking and kissing only and would later unload my semen by pumping my dick hard. With an uncontrollable deep throatily cry, I felt a thick string of semen coursing through my shaking, pleasure soaked body to her hot sucking mouth. A string of semen emerged from eye of my half hard tool slipping out of her mouth and stuck to her chin. As my shaking index finger touched her small penis like bud, she let out a shriek and opened her legs wider, thrusting her butt up to grind.

Madhurima Pt. 05

first-time HighKingsman 2017-11-17

Rahul turned his attention now totally on Madhu and started kissing her passionately and started squeezing her boobs, she was feeling very aroused and also this was the first time a guy had kissed her, Rahul then tried to push his hand from her waist to inside her kurta when he felt felt a surprise that she had nothing on underneath. Veena started biting Madhu's breasts and nipples leaving marks all over her and she seemed to have gone in a spasm as Rahul continued his assault swishing in and out of her tight pussy and then Madhu orgasmed like never before as she felt her thighs shake involuntarily and she let out a scream and she squirted all over the sofa.


first-time Teach64 2017-11-11

Then, watching the teacher's face the entire time, she allowed her bra to slowly fall off of her chest, revealing a slightly bigger than expected pair of breasts. Hoping to impress his mate, he reached forward with his hands, and rubbed her vaginal crack, while intoning "before sex, a woman needs to get sufficiently wet and lubricated, or else sex will be very painful for her." But when the teacher met the folds of her vulva, his fingers quickly became soaking wet. "I know." She reached around her teacher's back, put her hands on his shoulders, meekly pressed the side of her face into his chest, opened her legs slightly wider, and waited.

You Haven't Fucked Me Yet

first-time AstroFlame 2017-10-28

She opened her eyes, looked directly into his, and asked him, barely audible, "You wanna touch me?" Arun started to panic and got up to leave; Ramya grabbed him by the shorts, this time pulling them down. Ramya was draped in the towel, her hands holding it near her breasts, and asked Sheela not to close the door. As she worked with her breasts and nipples, Ramya closed her eyes and started to let out soft moans. Ramya's oil-wet hands lingered across Sheela's breasts and pulled on her nipples. Arun hugged Sheela tightly and fondled with her nipples, Ramya started rubbing her body all over the other two.


first-time sissyfluff 2017-10-18

But as I drove around I got to thinking about Benji's big hard cock and what a total sissy cocksucking fag I had become. Benji would always leave me with a hard clitty and the taste of his cum in my mouth. One time, after Benji face fucked me, I pulled my little thing out and started to jerk on it. Next, I can jack my little thing with my left hand if I am looking at a picture of Benji. After getting all of the pictures he wanted, he then called out to Rina who then came back to the closed bedroom door and opened it wide enough to stick her hand through the door.

2927 Vadodara Express Ch. 01

first-time prahaar2006 2017-09-29

Ados-pados ke saga-vhala man koi chhe nahin aa badhu tamne shikhvadva?)' she asked. She moved her body on her seat in my direction and raising her sari, looked down at her suckling infant, patting it on the head. 'Should I strip in this railway compartment for you to learn what a naked woman looks like (Ahin train man nagi thaun tamne badhu shikhvadva mate?)?' she asked sarcastically. Taking her large, heavy, milk-laden boob in her hand, she raised it and lowering her head, she opened her mouth and licked her own nipple. She smiled at the compliment and told me that it would feel even better on my cock than on my finger (Aangli per to kai nathi, haju lund ghusadsho tyare khabar padshe).


first-time maanmathan_playboy 2017-09-22

I stand 5'3, petite built, measuring 32-26-34; small, round breasts topped with brown nipples; handful for a man which goes below into a curvy, thin waist; soft and silky to touch; and my legs that are supple. I was writhing in the bed; moaning and thrashing in pleasure, my hands caressing his hair, holding it tight. I was there fully exposed to my husband's eyes, my erect nipples wet with his saliva, my pussy dripping and my lips quivering in anticipation. He removed his cock out of my mouth, breathing hard and baked in the pleasure of my sucking skills. He moved the blankets covering out nude bodies and placed his cock in the entrance of my pussy.

My MILF Seduction

first-time andylove 2017-09-02

So one day, weeks after my parents and Bro moved out, as I always do was Masturbating in my Living room in the First floor and note the fact that anyone can watch me masturbating from Christy's Balcony through my living room window. So this one fine day with my Living room windows open I started masturbating watching Porn hoping that she'd catch me wanking off noticing my 9inch dick. But then when I grabbed and pulled her, my still-hard dick poked her ass well that I even started cumming inside my shorts. I was star-struck already and to my further surprise she knelt down and pulled off my shorts and started licking my dick and the pre-cum on it.

Lovemaking with Anoushka

first-time raghavsharma242 2017-07-24

I felt a stop here where I tried to push in but it was really difficult, I gave a hard thrust and my whole penis went in and Anoushka screamed loudly, her hymen had broken and she was in pain, I went down a little and kissed her, there were tears in her eyes and I could feel her pain. I came back up and took out my penis a little and thrust it back in, I made these moves faster, Anoushka's cries soon turned into moans and then screams. But then I was again turned on, and I opened her legs, put my penis into her tight vagina and started with small thrusts, slowly I became faster and much more vigorous than the first time, she too was responding to my thrusts and moaning my name loudly.