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Lovemaking with Anoushka

first-time raghavsharma242 2018-02-16

I felt a stop here where I tried to push in but it was really difficult, I gave a hard thrust and my whole penis went in and Anoushka screamed loudly, her hymen had broken and she was in pain, I went down a little and kissed her, there were tears in her eyes and I could feel her pain. I came back up and took out my penis a little and thrust it back in, I made these moves faster, Anoushka's cries soon turned into moans and then screams. But then I was again turned on, and I opened her legs, put my penis into her tight vagina and started with small thrusts, slowly I became faster and much more vigorous than the first time, she too was responding to my thrusts and moaning my name loudly.