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Mother of My Best Friend Ch. 02

first-time kinkydreams667 2018-07-23

I frantically tried Padma aunty to wake up, who was dozing on sofa peacefully with happy glaze on her face; legs still spread wide, right hand lying at her bushy cunt. "Well young boys like you love to boast, isn't it?" Aunty widened her thighs and touched her small dick like Dana. My mind wondered about her thin body, her boobs, buttocks, cunt and her wildness matching Padma aunty or perhaps more. "Let's go to the massage room cat, Pussy owns this sofa.." Padma aunty left my dick, patted my left thigh, and smiled extending her hand. I loved the way Padma aunty was trying to learn about what we boys used to do in ruins while getting my fingers work on her hot dripping cunt.

The Waitress Who Couldn't Wait

first-time noisymother 2018-06-29

She wound her hands through his thick black hair and held his head tightly, prolonging their kiss. She sat back and started to undo the buttons of his shirt, wriggling on his lap somewhat, enjoying the growing bulge she felt beneath her. He smiled as she kissed his shoulders and his neck and closed his eyes in pleasure; opening them suddenly when he no longer felt her weight on him. As much as she would have liked to introduce the boy and his beautiful cock to the delights of a good sucking – she didn't think he would last much longer. She looked deep into the boy's dark eyes; almost all pupil in his heightened state of arousal.

Mother of My Best Friend

first-time kinkydreams667 2017-12-09

My experience with 2 girls of my age was good but both were silly about keeping their virginity intact and never wanted to get fucked in real way so I had to content with hurried fondling, fingering, stroking and kissing only and would later unload my semen by pumping my dick hard. With an uncontrollable deep throatily cry, I felt a thick string of semen coursing through my shaking, pleasure soaked body to her hot sucking mouth. A string of semen emerged from eye of my half hard tool slipping out of her mouth and stuck to her chin. As my shaking index finger touched her small penis like bud, she let out a shriek and opened her legs wider, thrusting her butt up to grind.