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Innocence Lost

first-time karniverous 2018-12-04

They make out passionately, french kissing, Scott kissing her nose, her eyelids, down her neck, she moans and grabs his head, letting out gasps of pleasure. Scott slowly runs his tongue through her mouth as he squeezes Sara's tits. Scott lays flat on his back, his hand pressed underneath Sara's, firmly rubbing and squeezing her boob. "Yeah Sara, grind on me.", says Scott as he feels her pussy and ass push down on his dick, Sara lets out a deep moan of pleasure and arches her back as Scott rubs her vagina through her shorts. "Mmmmmm you feel amazing.", Scott says as he slowly pushes his fingers in a little deeper. Scott kisses the back of her head as he fucks her, his cock spreading her pussy open.

The Biker and Me

first-time SeanR83 2018-11-24

When he saw me coming, he pulled off his helmet and smiled broadly at me. He slid his tongue into my mouth as he pulled me close, making me feel protected and wanted. Chase pulled me close, kissing me softly and touching me. He slowly pushed his cock till it was too deep for me, making me gag. He held the back of my head, slowly pushing his cock deep into my mouth. He pulled his cock from my mouth, letting me get a lungful of air. We kissed slowly and passionately, making me feel like we were the only ones in the world. He still makes love to me like is the first time.

Where do we start? The truth, as it was! Part 1

first-time Kiwiwiseman 2018-11-20

Sherri was a lovely lady, with a nice tight figure, a lovely face and my favourite, legs to die for. Sherri loved to dance and on the dance floor she would thrust and swing her hips to the music like one of those lovely Hawaiian ladies when they danced their traditional dances. Sherri was rocking her hips slowly and looking slightly flushed in the face while we sat at a function with people everywhere. Sherri was biting her bottom lip and I think she was starting to try and thrust her hips faster. Could this possibly be a dream come true and I was confined to just sitting there and acting like I was enjoying the company of my work mates while my friend sat on my lap?

Amy's First Time

first-time SuccubusDreams 2018-11-16

He turned the page again, and again the back of his hand brushed my breast as he pulled it back. Cameron pulled his gaze away from my mouth and looked at me. My breasts sprung free of their restraint and he lost no time pulling a nipple into his mouth. I was so lost in the kiss and the amazing sensations his hands were producing as they rubbed over me that I barely noticed when he unfastened my jeans and slid my panties down. Cameron groaned as I shifted and I opened my mouth to say something but all that came out was a gasp, then a moan as he withdrew and thrust back into me. “No.” Now totally self conscious I slid off the counter and started pulling my clothes back on.

Tempted Church Teens 1

first-time Throbbing4u 2018-11-11

Eventually she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and squeezed it gently as I started to protrude my middle finger slightly into her slit as I rubbed up and down, still cupping her pussy. My cock had been leaking quite a bit of pre-cum by the time she took her hand away to help bury her face in a pillow to keep her panting and moaning down. Finally when I thought she was about to explode, she shuddered tremendously, clinched her legs closed, trapping my hand outside of her pussy, and let out a deep raspy moan in to the pillow.

Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful PART II

first-time Troian 2018-11-05

She seemed a little shy and looked at me with question in her eyes, "You're beautiful" I said kissing my way up her supple body, she was so responsive to my every touch, I could tell shed be sensitive. I finally released her clit and began kissing her mound, "No don't, I'm sensitive" she said while pulling my face away from her pussy, "I know doll" I said while continuing kissing her mound, I began quickly and forcefully flicking my tongue on her clit, "Alec, no." she exclaimed, her hands tugged my head a little harder I grabbed her hands, and held them at her side and continued working on her pussy. She gently pushed me off of her and told me to lay down, she grabbed my cock in her little hand and positioned herself over me, she looked up and smiled at me before licking and kissing my length.

Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful.

first-time Troian 2018-11-02

Her hair fell into loose long curls which looked so lusciously shiny that I wanted to run my hands through her beautiful head of hair. Not that I'm bad looking; tall, bright blue eyes, light brown hair and in good shape. I couldn't help but watch, as her tight little dress moved its way up her thighs, getting shorter and shorter, as she continued to climb. I just want to see," she said, placing her small hand on my thigh. The sensation of her soft little hand and the thrill of her looking at me, almost sent me over the edge. I've never even kissed a boy before, let alone a man and certainly not this" she said looking at her hand which was still stroking my penis.

Happy Birthday!

first-time deathscythe425 2018-09-24

Running a hand through the tangled obsidian mess that was his hair, Kyle blushed at the sight of Sky in such a provocative outfit; she usually dressed so conservative she made nuns look like strippers. With a blush, Sky brushed a lock of golden hair away from her eyes and looked up at her boyfriend, then replied "Well... Kyle brushed her neck gently with a finger and murmured "Are you sure you want to do this?" Blue-green eyes shined up at him as Sky nodded in consent. Sky's cheeks blazed red and she stammered "I- I..." Before she could say another word, Kyle kissed her again, gently caressing her curves. With a blush, Sky sat up and fiddled with her fingers as Kyle looked up at her expectantly.

Amber's Awakening Ch. 02

first-time CarolinaPeach 2018-09-24

The first person I saw when I walked into Quick Silver Records, Cody's workplace, was a girl tricked out in black leather and chartreuse, with her green hair done up in crazy pigtails. He leaned in to kiss me, his wandering hand finding its way to my inner thigh now, parting my legs. I turned my head up to kiss his bare stomach, excited by the narrow trail of dark hairs leading into his jeans. The big buckle out of the way, I kissed and licked the place where the trail of hair dove under his waistband. My finger nail brushed against a flat spot just behind his balls and Cody sucked in his breath sharply.

Love of my Life

first-time 2018-09-18

It took me literally an hour to realise who that gorgeous, sexy girl with the cute smile, long, shimmering raven hair and epic, volumptuous cleavage bursting out of her low cut, vixen black dress. I asked her again this time angry in tone, "just tell me what the other guys you've been with did to make you orgasm!" That's when, one evening alone at my parents house and whilst Gemma was working late shift, I began to make things interesting for myself. She wasn't, however, quite as forthcoming when I began to steer the conversation towards 'remembering that night we played.' In fact, it was a good two hours from the time of that text with no reply whatsoever from her.

Jail House

first-time TinksNottyMomma 2018-08-27

I wanted to fuck you senseless as soon as I saw your beautiful body, but from what Gary told me, you were assaulted while you were in jail. Please, baby, come out!" I told him I needed to talk to him alone, to tell Gary to wait in the living room and come back. Gary went to the living room and Jake came in. I told Gary we'd meet him at the food court; that I had something I wanted to look at with my "husband." He agreed, and off we went to Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret. Callie, my love, if you ever find this, know that I want to fuck you to submission, but Robert would kill me if I do.


Buddies Reunite Ch. 05

first-time joeyo43 2018-08-24

I carried the food behind the old couch to the bar, dropping Bobby's clothes on the arm rest. Bobby pulled out three plates and put a big pile of potato salad on each. "I sat on the steps and watched the Slacker give you a really good tickle. Her hoagie gone and her potato salad nearly so, Marnie took a big gulp and drained the rest of the Sundrop. "Man, oh, man, was that good," she said, placing her plate in the small sink behind the bar. "Um, uhhhhhh, no; only Bobby," I said in the high-pitched squeak that always marked my nervousness. "Well, you are tonight, Slacker," I've always wondered what it would feel like to have two sets of hands tickling me.

Pool Fun Ch. 01

first-time storyman56 2018-08-13

As I lay there in wet shorts with the sun beating down on us I noticed for the first time her look at my cock bulge and she was not very subtle either, she seemed to be staring at it for a few seconds as she must have noticed that it was clearly rock hard and twitching. "Just what you have been doing to me all afternoon" I said as she then peeled the costume down her body revealing the sweetest little vagina I had ever seen, perfect little patch of manicured pubes and a neat but slightly swollen pair of lips.

Fireflies for Miko

first-time miss_elsabet 2018-08-11

Yuichi pushed her, laying her down on the grass, and she gasped from the cold dew that dampened the back of her sundress. He kissed her wrist, and when she slipped her hand to the nape of his neck, he touched the tip of his tongue to her lower lip. His hand went to her other breast and squeezed, just a little, and kneaded it until she started to breathe heavily. Miko tentatively put her hand on his waist, running her fingers under the band back and forth, and he pulled himself from her breast, sliding his body over hers so their hips met as he reached her lips, causing her to gasp again.

Madrid Mystery Woman

first-time swollenbell 2018-07-11

To which Maria responded looking me in the eye: "No need, my husband here can help me just fine." With the nurse gone, Maria said to me: "I hope you don't mind staying with me a little longer. Soon enough Maria was transferred with my help onto a wheelchair and we were whisked away to a triage room where we transferred her onto a bed. Can you help me, husband?" Maria asked. "I think you should be taking advantage of your husband rights, don't you?" said Maria. I then went in to Maria's room and saw she was much recovered after a day of full rest - no longer prey to my constant molesting of her nubile body.

Emma Loses her Innocence

first-time cruiser_2015 2018-07-02

But now instead of just ogling women's naked bodies I ran my other hand over the deliciously soft smooth young flesh of the real thing, feeling her breasts, her thighs and of course her furry pussy and juicy labia. After ages of exquisite pleasure I came with my spare hand playing with her breasts and squirted a hefty splash of semen over her front, making sure I grunted "Emma!" Like her brother as he fucked her in his dreams. A moment later the inside tops of Emma's soft warm thighs were brushing my face, the smell of her vagina juice, sharp, sour, but so erotic, filled my nose, and her moist dark pubic hair was tickling my lips.

Making Love with an Angel

first-time OscarWildetimes 2018-06-12

Her boyfriend seemed to have had the same thoughts, because one spring day she came crying to me by the lockers at school. She turned and looked up at me with those eyes, filled with pain over what had happened that day. I looked down at her, and watched as her large breasts bounced to the tempo set my her head. She pulled her mouth off of my dick, grabbed her shirt, and ripped it over her head. She made an intake of breath, then thrust her head on my cock again, burying it in her mouth. She pulled off her tiny shorts with a little struggle, and stood in front of me wearing only a pair of small, pink, panties.

Straight-A Cassie

first-time yrcanos 2018-05-24

Still, he couldn't kelp imagining her innocent little mouth wrapped around his cock under the desk, and had to shift in his seat. "Who do you think you are, Miss Locke, coming to my office and sitting in my chairs with no panties on?" He fitted his palm against one milky cheek, loving the warmth of her skin. She looked up at him with those big murky eyes, the bulbous head of his cock now firmly planted in her mouth. Each time she bobbed her head, he began to realize, she was taking him deeper into her mouth, and in only a few moments, he was pressed against the back of her throat.

Seducing College Virgins

first-time renaissanceman3 2018-05-05

And they'd leaned towards each other, obviously contemplating a kiss, but she pulled away with a little smile at the last minute, and said "let's see each other again next week after we've settled on campus." She naturally assumed an all-fours position, skinny, bony ass high in the air, back curved steeply like a gymnast, a few ribs neatly showing through her slim physique, her glorious mane of golden hair draping like a curtain onto the bed, as she looked back at me, again straight into the camera lens, beaming with her twinkly blue eyes as she moaned, "fuck me again, Steve".

Fucked My Innocent Radha Bhabhi

first-time harryhunk 2018-04-16

I had huge time gap to enjoy her beauty visually and like while she came out of the bathroom in towel I used to peep and try to have a good look at her wet hair neck and tightly packed boobs inside the towel and her thighs and legs which were in solid shape. I said No and I said I wanted to see full nakedness then she smiled and tried to unhook her bra but she was not able to reach it then she asked me to help her as I approached close to Radha bhabhi standing in bra which was holding her busty boobs trying to jump out and her tight panty forming a camel toe at her pussy junction, sweet smell of her skin made my dick raise to unexpected size.

The Train

first-time little_donna 2018-04-15

I wanted to ask him if he enjoyed my present this morning when he stared into my cabin window, but thought better of it. Ben said it was nice and I asked him if he wanted to come in for a minute. What do you think?" I asked, slowly removing my hands and allowing my breasts to fall free. "Pinch my nipples, Ben." He looked into my eyes and moved his hands to the perky buttons on the end of my breasts. I pushed on his head and told him to eat my cunt as hard as he could and when I felt his teeth scrape my clit I exploded like a volcano that had waited centuries to erupt.

The Key to Beginning

first-time were11127 2018-04-12

His hands wandered everywhere, and his kisses starting working lower across her chest and stomach, taking his time on her cleavage. One hand slid between her thighs, and she parted her lips to dip her fingers in the wetness. She began to relax into it, her lips parting and fingers increasing in speed, her free hand rising to massage her own breast. She felt his fingers squeeze her breasts as kissed her throat and neck, chills from his lips joining the sensations of her fingers. Brushing her hand aside, Tom slid a finger across her wet pussy. His fingers moved faster, and she released his cock to grab his hips with both hands.

Amber's Awakening Ch. 03

first-time CarolinaPeach 2018-04-08

Cody, in an off-hand manner that did not fool me, mentioned they had gone to the Miller stadium in a city a few hours away for a concert, and would be staying overnight with some friends. When I started fumbling with his shirt buttons, Cody gently pulled away and led me to the bedroom. I wiggled up so I could kiss his neck, drape one leg over his, pull his mouth to mine. Cody guided his head into the cleft between my sex and my thigh, so close to my wet entrance yet not there. Now I was being assaulted by so many feelings I lost track and it all blended together, one huge coursing river of sensation carrying me away.

Will I Regret It?

first-time TooTiredToCare 2018-04-06

I looked at him with big eyes, non-verbally asking if I could forgo pleasuring him like this, just this once. I pulled down his boxers, and in my inexperience, felt his dick slap against my face. I pushed his dick deep in my mouth. I felt it slide deep in my mouth, and after a bit of pushing, slip into my throat. After I couldn't hold it anymore, I pulled it out of my mouth and took a few deep breathes. He entered me slowly, no surprises, and I let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a scream. Eventually, he held me, and realizing what to do, said, "Let it out." I didn't look at him, just cried into him.