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Lisa' first time - Chapter three - he takes my virginity

first-time submissivemom72 2018-11-25

He broke off the kiss, and then, leaning forward, took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking on it gently, causing me to moan out loud as I held his head to my breast. “Damn you are very sexy,” I said as I ran my hands up his chest, stopping to play with his nipples as I leaned forward and took the head of his penis into my mouth. I was surprised that my vagina could accommodate such a large erection, but as I felt his testicles pressing against my ass, I knew that all of Don's manhood was now buried deep inside me. Even today, I still think that there is nothing quite so wonderful as feeling a penis continue to pulse deep inside you as you cuddle in post-coital bliss.

Alexandra's Friend

first-time seansmom13 2018-02-24

When Alex had her hand inches from my dick, she whispered in my ear, "Am I making you uncomfortable?" The same thing seemed to happen for Alex as well, because she continued moving her hand up my leg to my dick. Alex started to moan, grabbing my hand and pushing it deeper into her insides. Finally, Alex let out a scream and I could feel her vagina contracting, her orgasm sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. The look of her sucking my dick and the absolutely amazing feeling of it felt even better than taking her virginity away. Alex stopped sucking and pulled me out of her mouth, jerking me off with both of her hands.