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Private Lessons

first-time esoterica 2018-11-29

“I think you’re ready for a real taste now.” Derek dove in eagerly, swallowing her tit and sucking on it like a baby. “And you can squeeze it between your fingers once in a while, oh fuck yeah just like that.” She squirmed as Derek squeezed and pulled on her clit. I like to be spread nice and wide so put in two more, fuck yeah!” She went wild, screaming and bucking against his hand stuffing his fingers as deep as they would go. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted!” Derek dove in deeper sucking and pulling at her pussy hungrily lapping up her juice, his cock on the brink of exploding in his pants.

A lesson she won't forget

first-time anth9012 2018-11-06

"Oh god Toni, that feels amazing," she gasped, feeling me working my way down, kissing her neck and gently grazing her soft skin, as my hand continued to rub and squeeze her tits, softly pinching her nipples making them grow harder each time. Just trust me," I said as my hands began to rub her firm stomach round in soft small circles, then undoing her trousers, and slowly inch by inch pulling them down her smooth thighs. "Fuck, you are amazing Rosie, your pussy feels so hot around my cock," I said as I leaned down and began to passionately and roughly kiss her, massaging her tongue with mine, our tongues danced around each other as if they were made for one another.

Looking Back Through Old Photos

first-time tgstone 2018-11-05

Diane kept on softly wanking his tip with her lips, and then brought her tongue forward to start tracing circles on it in her mouth. Paul couldn’t take this, almost shouting ‘Jesus Diane, you’re gonna make me cum!’ She slowly slid her head backwards off his dick, until it was in front of her face again. Paul looked up into her face, but she murmured, ‘Don’t stop, just go back to how you started.’ So, again he trailed his tongue up and down her clit, with just a feathery touch. Diane raised one finger, and traced up a line from the back of his balls, up to the base of his dick, and then slowly over the vessels and ridges to the tip of his head.

How to save a marriage.

first-time 2018-09-30

Two days later Mike came for the next lesson and Debbie remained upstairs while I invited him in and when he sat down on the sofa I broached the subject of the group. Her hand went to my cock and she started to wank me as she was now being pounded deep by Mike. She laid back her one hand on each of our wilting cocks as we kissed, her lovely soft flesh glistening with sweat.She smiled at both of us and I looked deep into her eyes, receiving back a delighted satisfied glow. Mike said that he didn't have any more lessons booked for the day, so they went out for the planned, albeit late, lesson and when they returned she came in alone and kissed me, snogging deeply and I could once more taste Mikes sperm in her mouth.

Erin taught a terrible lesson - 1

first-time petdyke 2018-09-17

He creeps over her and whispers: "High time to teach you a lesson, Erin. And you know you deserve it". Pete erects and looks all over her body. The mix of Erin's embarrasment, fear and hot looks. He knows what will be up. Without any warning, Erin feels her cheeks parted by his strong hands. Time to feel how that can hurt." Without any further warning Erin feels the violent intrusion of Pete's prick. Pete is so big, brutal, long and strong. He leaves Erin no time to get into it. Pete notices and withdraws. Sexually it arouses Erin more than being brutally ass-****d in her holy hole. Smart Pete notices it immediately and stops to please her.

The Cello Lesson

first-time frotted_cream 2018-08-31

As he stepped through the front door of the house he heard his teacher Mrs. Richards play a piece he recognised but couldn't name, she was passing the time between her previous student and William, who was the last for the day. On one of the chairs Mrs. Richards was perched on the piano stool with her back to the door, William glanced briefly down to the curves of her behind, she was wearing a black mid-length skirt today and it displayed her shapely form perfectly. William twitched with arousal, his penis straining once more behind the wooden body of the cello as his teacher leaned forwards, pressing her bra-supported breasts against his back.

A School Girl's Lessons

first-time Sassiwolf7 2018-08-30

He gave a hardy laugh and locked the door, "Today's lesson is easy on you I'll start by teaching you the joys of my tongue." He instructed me to take off my panties, they were so wet. I smiled rolling over grabbing his hand and placing it on my still contracting pussy, "Incredible!" I was still feeling the effects when he said that my lesson was over for today, but if I wanted and was good during class I could get another new lesson tomorrow. Mr. B came up behind me and nibbled on my neck as his hands kneaded my breasts, "Today's lesson is extra special, you are going to learn the joys that woman can bring you and you to them."

Driving lesson

first-time shirls 2018-07-09

Next lesson I was wearing my black see through blouse in the morning, time got away from me and I didn't have time to change (of course I could if I really wanted to, but who cares, I really enjoyed the attention last time so loved the thought of showing them more this time Off I went with naked breasts jiggling and totally visible under my blouse - it blew him away but he showed great restraint and only looked - the faces of his mates were priceless as we walked towards them to join them for lunch - nothing was said about my apparel but all were looking.

First School Experience

first-time goldcloak 2018-04-17

As usual this was a video lesson so as we took our new seats which was not on the seating plan I noticed a girl sat next to me. She looked at me saying "not so high, that was my tit" I told her I didn't notice cause they we so small anyway. We went back to our silly game but she didn't squeeze as hard, instead she moved her hand a little higher. Lucky for me it was last lesson which meant after a quick 20 minute walk home if I avoided my friends I could clean myself up. I could again feel her nipples harden under my fingers through her school shirt.

The Piano Teacher's Pussy

first-time lickursquirt 2018-04-02

My lesson went as usual and at the end just before I got up to leave, Miss Miller handed me another piece of sheet music. Miss Miller went so far as to touch her breasts, stroke them and pinch her nipples, but her bra never came off. Over the next hour Miss Miller taught me how to play with a pussy, how to lick a pussy (or eat as she liked to say), how to lick a woman’s legs (I never would have even THOUGHT of that one). Even though I was thousands of miles away, Miss Miller and I stayed in contact and I saw her most times I went home.

BabySitter's Teacher

first-time Ashson 2018-02-09

"It just doesn't seem right for you to call me Mr Beachon when I have my hands inside your panties," he said. His hand was at my waist and the next thing I know he gave my skirt a twitch and it slid right off, pooling around my ankles. He touched me lightly around the clitoris again, bringing that wild feeling while at the same time pressing harder with his cock and popping my cherry. Next thing I know I'm watching his cock pull slowly out of me, pause and drive back in, moving hard and fast. I couldn't help but wonder what Mrs McGonicle would have said if she'd come home the next morning and found us in bed.

Hooray to ”Make Love Not Porn” By Cind

first-time REDnMIST 2018-02-06

It was quite apparent he was a mid-twenties virgin whose sexuality was shaped by years of porn watching. She said, “porn presents the idea that every man loves to come on a woman’s face and every woman loves it!” Reality? However many women might allow it because porn states it is a natural sexual interaction. So the very first lesson to him was to learn how to allow sexual introduction and exploration to happen after a normal introduction to a new person. Role playing and kinky games come after you learn how to have sex with someone and how to use your own body. Many of us enjoy watching porn online and meeting people and through the anonymity of our user name, cyber-explore our sexuality.

Extra Lessons

first-time Gee_star 2018-01-14

He was the hot music teacher at university; at 25 he was just three years older than she was, aged 22, and Jane knew his secret -- he would take the virginity of girls he suggested might need "more lessons", in return for them keeping the secret quiet. He moved his hands over to my thighs, and before I could open my eyes, he picked me up, and carried me upstairs, not once breaking the kiss. My head and my hands moved together, stroking and sucking, feeling him writhe under my touch. I breathed hard, felt sweat drip from me, the clamminess of his body, and the soft touch of his hand on my face, lips pressing to mine.

Harry's Story

first-time Tackleberry53 2017-11-17

Harry moved to his new college and being a lively good looking young man, he was an instant hit. She smiled back and replied, "Ok, I'll meet with you at the weekend." She touched his hand and kissed him, it felt like an electric shock all through his body. As Harry kissed her, he chanced it again and touched her leg, moving his hand over her knee and inside her skirt. Without thinking he held her head and thrust deep in to her mouth, he thought he felt himself push into her throat, but wasn't sure? "To be good at French you need passion Harry." The she took hold of his hand and put it between her legs pushing his fingers inside her.