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Losing my virginity- and taking hers.

first-time YourWhoreCore 2018-11-23

It all started when Jessie came over to play some video games in the den. After awhile of this amazing pleasure I'd never had before, me being a virgin myself, she wrapped her lips around my shaft and began sucking on me as though she was a natural. " feels so good..." I kissed her again, kissing down her body slowly until I reached her tender tight pussy, just waiting to be sucked and fingered, hoping for the opportunity. But as soon as I began sucking and kissing her soft pussy, her eyes closed and she laid limp on the floor. I licked, sucked, fingered, and kissed her soft pussy, all the while her moans and sighs filled the room. *You choose- comment if you want another story on Jessie and James*