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Losing My Virginity In Two Parts (Part 1)

first-time krystalkelley 2018-11-20

I officially lost my virginity after a prom, probably like many other girls that night. The second time a few months later was with the guy I wish had been my first. “We'd have time after the prom is over and I'd make sure to get you home by midnight.” As he drove me home in his Mustang that night, I was sure that we wouldn't be having sex prom night. I felt like he knew what I was going to do upstairs in the hotel room. It felt like any other hotel bed. Three months later when I had sex the second time, I was ready, willing and maybe even craving it.

The Diaries of Chloe Wilson - Part Two

first-time Jayne33 2018-11-15

This is the second installment of Chloe Wilson's Diaries. After a close encounter with Dave at the house party in part one, Chloe meets him again in the park. This time things go a bit further. Listen as she recounts her tale. 

Worshipping at Aphrodite's Feet Ch. 03

first-time Josepha_Kass 2018-10-04

"I heard you were the most talented girl ever in the domestic arts, but I didn't really understand," Emerald said as she moved towards a painting of one of the courtyard's gardens bathed in the blushing pinks and oranges of sunset. After I made my wish, I don't know what came over me, maybe it was just the darkness and the sense of anonymity or some kind of unconscious message that talking with the boy that night wouldn't really count or I would be able to hide, denying I was the one he had conversed with if he pursued it in the light of day.

Madhurima Pt. 05

first-time HighKingsman 2018-10-01

Rahul turned his attention now totally on Madhu and started kissing her passionately and started squeezing her boobs, she was feeling very aroused and also this was the first time a guy had kissed her, Rahul then tried to push his hand from her waist to inside her kurta when he felt felt a surprise that she had nothing on underneath. Veena started biting Madhu's breasts and nipples leaving marks all over her and she seemed to have gone in a spasm as Rahul continued his assault swishing in and out of her tight pussy and then Madhu orgasmed like never before as she felt her thighs shake involuntarily and she let out a scream and she squirted all over the sofa.

Here Cums the Bride

first-time DKerr8047 2018-09-28

One good friend, named Iris, especially seemed to go through boyfriends pretty frequently, and would tell Carla all of the salacious details of the sexual activity she was having with them. Carla told me that they had dated several times and she became comfortable around him. At the same time Iris was telling Carla about all the fun she was having with her boyfriends and well, you can guess the rest. On one of their dates, the young man asked Carla if she would like to go see his apartment, and she said yes. There would be two more trysts of this sort before her better judgment kicked in, and she decided to stop before something unfortunate happened; her gentleman friend wasn't the type to use condoms.

Raking the Leaves

first-time Iconbuster57 2018-09-27

"Fuck no," Tyler responded, "I'm going to be working in the coal mine with my dad."Suddenly Cassandra remembered the bottle of water she still had in her hands, "Oh I got this for you." She extended the bottle of water to Tyler, Tyler excepted the bottle opened it up, took a swig, and poured the rest of it over his head. Tyler smiled, he must have recognized Cassandra checking him out, because he began to start posing, "No babe, look at these muscle, do you really think there is any job to tough for me." Do you think you can pick me up?" As she was finishing what she was saying Tyler took his hands and put them right under her arms, and lifted her up over his head.

D's Virginity

first-time doebear2 2018-09-27

"About time you get here Melinda we are going to be..." I turn to get after Sue's daughter and my heart stopped a beat as I was not looking at Melinda, but some stranger in cowboy boots and jeans. I had no clue who to call, but Sue told me a mechanic friend of Melinda's was coming over to work on her so she would get him to look at mine. We both got in the kitchen and started cooking, we got the dinner in the oven and I told D I was going to take a quick shower and for him to set the table and pick a movie for after. D's dick finally stops jerking and slips out of my pussy and I can feel our cum start to leak out my pussy.

Fucked By Candy

first-time ixAELxi 2018-09-25

Sam placed her hand on my erection, while Candy and I kissed. She placed her hand on my erection and began expertly teasing my cock. I began to suck on her nipples and she rested on the bed. After pleasing her nipples for a time, I placed my mouth between her two mountains and sucked as hard as I could. "Do you wanna suck my dick?" I asked ever so charmingly. She began sucking my cock in earnest and with only a little encouragement she was bobbing her head up and down on my rock hard prick. I slid my virgin cock all the way inside her. She rode my cock slowly, pleasing herself while I played with her tits.

A Nice Girl Virgin

first-time nclotsoffun 2018-09-22

I could tell by the look in her eyes she was surprised and relishing the new experience getting a hard cock in her virgin pussy for the first time. Every time I thrust in her tight pussy she moaned and I kept it slow and steady as long as I could I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and getting ready to cum. I pulled out a couple times just to sustain the experience and see my hard wet cock come out of her soaking wet pussy. Over the next month I could see the remains of what was left of the hymen each time I blew my load in her hairy strawberry blond pussy as we had bareback unprotected sex.

My First

first-time OldManLovesAllWomen 2018-08-20

Kris told me that she was worried about me because I was a good looking guy and when word got around that I had such a huge penis, that the girls would be coming after me in droves and she wanted me to be ready. I think Kris was surprised at how long I was lasting and stuck her face under my cock and started licking my balls. She then started pushing herself up and climbed on top of me, reaching between her legs to grab my cock and then guide it inside her wet pussy. Her husband was out of town and we starting talking, after Kris's third glass of wine she told me how I was such a great lover and she really missed having sex with me.

My First Fuck

first-time acamstar 2018-08-17

First, I dripped some of it onto his cock, and slowly licked it off. Then I dripped a little more onto him, and licked up in a straight line, from his balls up to the head of his stiff cock. but I was so wet that he slid right in, and I didn't feel any pain at all. A few seconds later, I came a second time, grabbing my boyfriend tightly while the waves of pleasure rushed through my body. After coming twice, I was a little drained, so I stopped grinding, and caught my breath. In fact, he could only stand it for a couple of minutes before I felt his cock grow even bigger, and then start to pulsate inside me.

The Sex Story

first-time Alice_Nestleton 2018-08-10

His moans of pleasure slowly start to increase and become louder as she sucks his beautiful penis into her wonderful mouth. "Mhmmm, I feel so good when I've cum into your mouth," he says with pleasure, his eyes looking deep into her. "Good, because I love the taste of your cum in my mouth," she replies with a smile on her face, her eyes sparkling. Her moans and groans of pleasure start to come more often and louder as he continues to give her pleasure with his loving hand. Passionate moans come deep from inside her as he slowly makes her happier with each nibble and kiss. He soon moves his head back even with hers and kisses her lips as his hands slowly move and caress her whole body.

The Six Month Challenge

first-time jaykayen 2018-08-07

The next time we went out and got to the same stage - lots of french kissing I moved my hands down her back, slowly ever so slowly I slipped my fingertips inside her jeans, again feeling the string of her thong, then moving past to caress her soft smooth ass cheek. A week later when we went to my room I sat on the bed and Sophie sat in front of me like before wearing a tight breast enhancing t-shirt and a knee length skirt, I waited a polite length of time before slipping my hand under her top and lifting her top over her head then undoing her bra and cupping her tits.

Losing My Virginity

first-time MissLux 2018-08-03

We were talking about sex and got condoms but never really had a chance for it, because he still lives with his parents and my dad is really strict about me going out and is totally against me going somewhere with my boyfriend for a few days. He slowly started to push it inside me, and I felt long sharp pain in my pussy. He then started slowly pumping in and out of me, only looking at my face, and I gave him a smile, and said it felt really good now. It encouraged him to go even faster, and then I started really enjoying it, the feeling of that long thing going through my pussy, feeling every inch of it inside me, being hungry for more. I felt like I was on the edge the entire time, and got really dizzy.

Teaching Me How to Have Sex

first-time anythinghewants 2018-08-02

I took another ride around the winding, streets, trying to find a particular home with dark wood siding and a green door, and a metal trellis with vines, that I wanted to see again. He had on sunglasses, and a sport coat and dark receding hair, a little older than the guy who was laying me down on the bed. Then he backed up and put his face fully between my legs, I could feel his mouth pressing into me, his lips on my labia, and his tongue stretching inside, moving, discovering. The initial pain had become pleasure, and my own moisture mingled with the wetness of his mouth, as his tongue swirled deeper inside of my little vagina, finding places that had never felt sensation before.

Jerri's Intro

first-time Humpdee84 2018-07-06

It didn't stop him and Jerri didn't want to interrupt, so as he bucked back and forth, she pumped to and fro, with the man grunting and moaning like he was either in total joy, or about to die. Lou was flabbergasted and became irate, but as he began to protest, Jerri sort of pushed him back down and said, "No, I want to watch how it's done!" After nearly choking on his coffee, Lou composed himself and replied, "Waxing would be longer lasting and guarantee smoothness, but shaving can be an erotic experience if you let someone else do it." He then looked into her eyes and said, "I've shaved women before and I'm quite good at it; if you would like to go that route."

The Waitress Who Couldn't Wait

first-time noisymother 2018-06-29

She wound her hands through his thick black hair and held his head tightly, prolonging their kiss. She sat back and started to undo the buttons of his shirt, wriggling on his lap somewhat, enjoying the growing bulge she felt beneath her. He smiled as she kissed his shoulders and his neck and closed his eyes in pleasure; opening them suddenly when he no longer felt her weight on him. As much as she would have liked to introduce the boy and his beautiful cock to the delights of a good sucking – she didn't think he would last much longer. She looked deep into the boy's dark eyes; almost all pupil in his heightened state of arousal.

Brown Eyed Stallion

first-time blondiecakes99 2018-06-13

He said coyly "hi." When he smiled, he got these little wrinkles around his eyes that made him look much older and wiser than he was. I moaned myself feeling so excited by this fat cock that was filling up my mouth. He moaned again as I gave one last little suck at the tip before pulling my mouth away. I was so incredibly turned on by him and the way he was making my body feel, I wasn't ready for this night to end. I could feel a slight "pop" when the fat head of his cock pushed through my opening. I wanted to taste his soft, full lips, feel his strong arms wrapped tightly around me, but didn't know that I would.

Nude Beach

first-time Kat900 2018-05-25

When we got to the beach I stripped and she took off the tank top and shorts which revealed a bit of cleavage of her small boobs and a little butt cheek. It's called a penis, dick, cock and lot's of other things and I keep my pubes shaved because it feels good and hair makes taking a condom off painful. The sight and feel of her cute little butt sticking up got me excited but I was careful not to touch let my penis touch her. I took my time and lapped up her juice and put a finger into her vagina trying to find her G-spot and kept licking her clit, wanting to give her as much pleasure as possible.

Losin It

first-time suthinsoul 2018-05-24

I began running warm water in the sink to wash dishes, smiling happily while listening to Jena and her mother talk and giggle from the patio area. Just as I did I felt warm gentle hands caress my shoulders and Michael's deep manly voice soft in my ear. With my hand, wet from the dish water, I touched his hard cock through his pants. I felt his hard cock stab my crotch each time he bent to nibble and suck my breast. I bit down on Michael's shoulder to surpress the scream that wanted to escape from me and he held me tight and we rocked together until I felt the last jerk of his cock inside me.

Lucky Jim and the Virgin

first-time seekingred 2018-05-16

I am coming clean and declaring, loudly and publicly, that all the good things in my life came to me because of my luck, not hard work. I know there are more accurate words than 'reaped' when talking about sex, but this story is about high school; let's keep it clean as long as we can. She took her keys from her purse and leaned against the car and said, "I am sorry I got upset earlier, Jim. There is so much vicious gossip going around here. I am happy to upgrade my vocabulary to your liking but I want to be clear about one thing: I am not going to shove, ream, ram, thrust or in any other way introduce a ten-inch cock into my Sicilian Mafia virgin.

Losing My Virginity at 20

first-time Sensual4u22 2018-05-13

I decided to go online and post an ad on an adult personals website asking for a man that would be willing to teach me everything I wanted to know about sex, someone who would let me live out every fantasy I ever had (and some I had yet to think of.) My only requirement: he must be VERY experienced, and between his mid 30s to late 40s. Turns out my night of hard fucking left me with what the doctor called “honeymoon cystitis” and (I quote) “severe vaginal trauma” – not uncommon, the Ob/Gyn told me, in women who engage in strenuous sex for very long periods of time, even when experienced…I just got a double hit because not only was that exactly what I had done, but I did it while losing my virginity.

Lovely Linda

first-time TSpank61 2018-05-09

As I walked in, I saw Linda in her tight red Christmas dress holding some mistletoe. About this time, the boss came up and asked if I could give Linda a ride home as he didn't want her driving drunk. She nodded and said, "I'll teach you honey." I thought I might be dreaming, when she set our drinks on the coffee table, stood and removed her dress! Linda sensed this and squeezed the base tightly, winked at me and said, "not yet, sweetie!" As the crisis was averted, she started to slowly lick my cock from the base to the tip! I thought I would cum again, but again Linda squeezed the base hard.

Help With Math

first-time heathermartin 2018-05-08

"Listen, Tom, I'm having a real hard time with Math," I said, tugging at my hair. "Um, sure, I guess I could," he said, running a hand awkwardly through his hair and adjusting his glasses. "Sure, Amiya," he said, his eyes roving down my slim body, resting on my exposed midriff. My hand slowly rubbed his crotch through his jeans. "Not yet, cowboy," I said in a sultry voice and handed him my panties. We kissed again, this time our hands roaming over each others' naked bodies. He moaned my name, every time he thrust in..."Amiya! He ran a tongue around my breasts and sucked my right nipple. His hand began stroking his dick and he moaned my name through my pussy, causing vibrations.