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So I asked, “Do you trust me?”

first-time DLizze 2018-12-04

“ I think I’d like to be able to keep you tied up, until I feel safe, is that okay?” I knew that you’d be completely into that; you’d told me many times, that you wanted to be tied up. “Well,” I say, “the sleeping beauty wakes.” And I think, now is my chance to really fuck with his head. His crank is beautiful, and I am slowly deciding that I want it at my beck and call for a long time to come. You know you want to feel his cock inside, filling all those empty places. I know my vagina is opening, wanting to be filled. I feel my abdomen begin that familiar clenching, and I want you deep in me.

Date Night

first-time Milik_the_Red 2018-12-04

"So what if I've let him touch me?" she asked with more confidence than she actually felt, "I happen to have very nice boobs, and I'm happy that Jake likes to touch them." She made a point of adjusting her full breasts in her bra as she spoke, and then cupped them in her hands. His hand felt as strong and warm through her clothes as it always had, but this time, she longed to feel his touch on the bare skin of her breast. "Damn, Tricia, that feels incredible." Jake's hand found the back of her thigh as her explorations continued, and she felt a fresh rush of wetness in her sex as his hand once again moved under her dress.

Making the First Move

first-time Lisa 2018-12-04

She slipped her hands beneath the sheets, closing her eyes as she recalled the way he’d looked at her in the dim light. He held her close and gave her a deep, searching kiss that made her skin flush with heat and her body pulse with pleasure. With his mouth caressing her nipple and his hard cock beneath her, he’d pushed her to the point she wanted to explode. She let out a breathless moan as his mouth tilted to meet hers, his lips warm and damp from the attention he’d given her breast. Ryan groaned and thrust his tongue into her mouth, slowly pushing two fingers inside her at the same time. His eyes closed and his mouth and tongue moved over her damp lips, pushing her arousal to its peak.

Our First, Er, Second Time!

first-time castlequeen 2018-12-02

"Don't get me wrong, this is very, very nice, but if we keep kissing, part of me is going to want to do something that another part of me isn't quite....ready for at this moment in time, if you know what I mean?" He looks at me questioningly. Again and again he drives himself into me and I erupt with another scream as I come with an intensity I've never felt and I feel my pussy soaking him and he lets out a grunt of pleasure and he sucks my tongue as he picks up his pace, and now he is going furiously, no longer being so gentle, but I no longer care as I come with abandon as it seems each stroke triggers another orgasm, and he finally slams into me and holds himself in as he groans loudly!

Black Muslim Love Story

first-time Samuelx 2018-12-02

My name is Ali Mustapha and I'm a black man of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. One day, I went to a Muslim community event with Rashid, and he introduced me to his friend Farina Abdullah, a beautiful young woman of Arab and Jamaican descent. Next thing I know, Farina was kissing me passionately and even though I was new to all this, I wanted her quite badly. Lick me, Farina said, and I began lapping away at her pussy like a cat finding a bowl of butter. Somehow we went from the living room to the kitchen counter, where Farina told me to bend her over, pull her hair and spank her.

Teaching Me The Chemistry Of Love

first-time WetGirly 2018-12-01

My friends started making jokes about it, because we shared lots of things in common and I think I was the one who he used to talk to the most from the class, so whenever we found him in the hallways and greeted us, they giggled and told me funny things about the situation. Sometime later, I got to the conclusion that it didn’t mattered if he was practically 13 years older than me and he was a teacher at my own school, but someday I had to get really close to him…and it happened. I can tell you that I like you a lot and I really want you…and after seeing this…I think I can say I love you…- I felt I was blushing, but at the same time I felt kinda peaceful.

The End Isn't The Only Thing Coming

first-time Belthazor 2018-12-01

oh God..." Debbie moaned as she humped my face with her seventeen year-old pussy, "I'm gonna' cum, Jason, I'm gonna'--aahh..." her words cut off in a strangled groan of extacy as she came, drenching my face in her sweet nectar. "If I let you cum right now," she asked me, "you have to make me squirt like that again." I nodded, knowing I would have agreed to whatever she said at that point, and she smiled briefly before taking my length back in her mouth, sucking hard. "It's so thick...." Debbie was fingering herself like crazy next to her, kissing Milly's flushed tits and staring at me with a look of pure lust in her beautiful eyes.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 6

first-time John_Doe 2018-12-01

Her hands gripped my ass cheeks, helping ease me down as almost the full length of my cock soon found itself inside her tight wet hole.  I brushed the hair away from her face and looked into her deep blue eyes. The top few inches of my cock slipped both in and out of her wet hole.  The feel of her hands holding my ass only added to the wonderful experience of being the first man to fuck this amazing young woman.  It had been so long since I'd had sex, the last time was with my ex-wife a couple of years back when we were still together.

My first lover

first-time Depraved_Desires 2018-11-30

When Edward reached the point where he could barely resist thrusting deep into my throat, he grabbed a chunk on my hair and pulled it gently to raise my head off his cock to say, “I want to make you come now.” He went on like this for a while until he surprised me by sticking two fingers deep inside my pussy and finding my g-spot. Just feeling his hard cock grow even harder and longer inside my tight pussy almost made me come. “Fuck me hard, baby, I want to make you come now," I said as I looked back at him, begging him to fill me with his cum.

Armand and Ashley

first-time Midnight_Demon 2018-11-30

“ Hey, dumbass.” Ashley said, looking at Armand, making him smile at the nickname she'd given him years ago. Armand gently got up from the couch and managed not to wake Ashley, he grabbed the plate and took it into the kitchen and washed it, he heard footsteps enter the kitchen. Armand turned around and Ashley was walking to the fridge, she searched through it looking for something to drink, she bent over and he couldn't help but stare at her ass, especially since she wasn't wearing any underwear as her clothes were in the dryer. Armand removed the shirt that Ashley was wearing and his hands began to explore her body which caused a small moan to escape her soft, moist lips.

How I Got Into An i****t Affair With My Cousin s*s

first-time bava12 2018-11-28

Okay coming to my story, I live with my f****y in main city, while my nana and younger mama had their work in the village. I am the only son of my parents and I have one elder s****r.[ I will tell you the story with my own s****r too but after this.] Every summer vacation me and my s****r visit our nana\\\’s home. Aarti insisted mama to sl**p with me any my s****r, because I was telling her some story, that she wanted to be completed. She was asking too many questions again my mind got beeped i dont know what she was saying… i just holded her with both hands and landed her on myself.


first-time eXcentrik 2018-11-28

They both laughed a little, then Kaori brought her head up and looked Sammy in the eyes. She closed her eyes and started to rub her moist sex slowly at first, then started harder and faster, while licking her lips, trying not to moan so loud. Since Sammy was wearing a pair of shorts, his knee could feel the heat coming from Kaori, and could feel how wet it was starting to get. Shocked and a little scared, Kaori got up off of Sammy and ran right out of the front door of his house. After Kaori left his house, Sammy got an ice pack and slowly hobbled his way to his room.

Newly-bedded Bliss

first-time iknowcence 2018-11-28

I swear a part of me still thinks that she planned it out this way because her eyes were twinkling throughout the entire ceremony and reception and she kept “accidentally” sliding her hand across my hard cock. Water running down her body, my hands rubbing soap over her soft skin, fondling her warm breasts and beautiful ass, sliding a finger up inside what I knew would be her tight pussy. If she wasn’t careful, her first time was going to be hard and hot instead of the slow loving she had told me that she had always imagined. Then she started to grind down on my finger, trying to position it inside her and I knew she wanted it.

My Two Bestfriends

first-time swlover1 2018-11-27

I passed the stage door and I heard what sounded like people whispering. I then saw Rachel and Daniel standing there kissing each other. "It's stupid I know!" she cried out,"but he's your bestfriend so I felt like somehow if I was with him, I was with you!" She began crying again. "I'm sorry, I guess I better go then," she said sadly as she headed for the door. I quickly got up and dashed up behind her before she got to the door and wrapped my hands around her and began fondling her beautiful tits. She let out gasps and moans every time I drove my tongue into her wet pussy.

Rick and Mia at the bar

first-time frogprince 2018-11-27

There is a family run bar near my apartment. Our lips meet and there seems like an electric charge running through us. We kiss for a long time, our mouths opening and tongues seeking each other. My cock is rock hard making a huge tent in my shorts. She rips my shorts down to my ankles and my cock hits her in the face. I push my cock at her mouth. Her tongue wraps around me and she bobs her head up and down on my rock hard cock. She is so ready that I just take my hard cock and push it in her wet pussy. Her pussy is grabbing onto my cock and she is about to explode real hard.

Just Typical Horny Teenagers

first-time hiddendesiree 2018-11-27

As soon as he saw me he jumped off the wall and pulled me in for a kiss. "Have I ever told you how sexy you look in your uniform?" he said, breathing heavily and kissing my neck. I want to love you in every way possible. It felt like heaven and I couldn't stop moaning. He pulled away and whispered in my ear, "Do you want to now?" Each time it rubbed against the clit I moaned in pleasure. He slowly started pulling his cock out and then in again while rubbing my clit. Slowly the pain started to subside just leaving pleasure. He started speeding up his pace and soon he was slamming it with such force that my head was hitting the seat.

For My Love

first-time hisprincess18 2018-11-27

I look at the time and realize I have two hours to get to the hotel so I grab my Elizabeth." He smiles and holds my hand in his and leans over and kisses me I stare at him and touch his chest slowly loving the feel of the chest hair. hands on my lower back then reaches up slipping the bra strap from my shoulder, me tight and unsnaps the bra from the back and looks me in the eyes as he pulls I lean up and take over, stroking it slowly and looks up at him. I lean over kissing him softly and giggle as I rest my head on his chest.

One Sunday Morning

first-time lilbit2006 2018-11-26

When I woke up this morning, I saw a text from him telling me to wear the dress he loves. He gasps as he looks at me and grabs my hand again, pulling my body flush against his, letting his hands roam around me to touch anywhere he chooses. Lining up, he whispers this is going to hurt as he starts to thrust in, covering my mouth so I don't scream. He slowly starts to build up speed, thrusting a little harder and faster. I feel myself starting to build up and I tell him I'm getting close. I moan as I feel him start to let go, clenching as he releases his seed.

The Promise

first-time Rosiekiss 2018-11-26

“I didn’t think you were ready, Rose, I know we have done everything else, but I thought you wanted to wait a while before we take this next step,” he said with caution. Then he began to passionately kiss my lips, I felt his tongue explore the inside of my mouth, he sucked and bit my lips, bringing out a quiet moan in the back of my throat. I felt his hot breath down my neck which gave me chills up my body, “Rosie, I love you so much, I...I think I’m in love with you, and I think I have been for a very long time.” “Come on Ron, I’m ready, I want your cock inside of me, please baby,” I moaned in his ear.

The Pool

first-time DanishPastry 2018-11-26

But occasionally, in front of her mirror at home, she would cup her big breasts in yet another new bra, slip another pair of French knickers on, flip her red-gold hair and critically eye her curvy figure, and wonder if the boy she couldn't stop thinking of ever thought of her? Anna King wraps her hands around Rhys Northwood's cock and slides her lips over his head. Though the feeling of being sunk to the nuts in shy little Anna King's mouth is almost too much to bear, he gently, tenderly moves her head back up to the end of his hard cock, where she resumes, bobbing her head up and down, licking, spit dripping off the shaft.

Her first erotic encounter

first-time TheCritic 2018-11-25

I let my hand slide down her beautiful body, tracing a line with my fingers. It felt velvety soft, and by the way she began grinding her hips in time with my hand, she was enjoying the new feeling. She continued rocking in time with my hand, and making these little moans into my ear. She was thrusting her hips into my hand forcefully, and her breath was coming in little pants. When her moans stopped, I tried to withdraw my hand, but every time I moved it she would shudder again and let out a little moan. You had me feeling so good, and I love you so much I didn't care if it hurt a little." Her voice trailed off at the end.

Scott - Michelle and Amber

first-time Satyr 2018-11-25

I backed up a couple of steps because Michelle charged me with that shirt that damn sure looked like it was about fly off the front of her tits any second and she leans in close and says, “It’s in my bedroom.” I guess I had thought with her layin’ back in the closet with her legs open wide, her shirt up and her boobs hangin’ out and her pink little pussy soaked and open like that, well, seemed only reasonable that we were gonna fuck. Amber don’t want a guy who is shy and inexperienced and fuckin’ Michelle was pretty much all the experience I could ask for. “So Michelle says you helped her hook up her stereo.” Amber said with a knowing little smirk.

A Fine Black Man

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-25

They were pictures of her husband James, back when he'd been a good-looking black athlete, during their college days. The first time James big cock went into her, it hurt like hell. For better or for worse, Marie Lowell had fallen in love with James Jenkins. Marie was madly in love with James and she knew that he cared for her too but that didn't stop him from sleeping with men and women left and right. Every man and woman who has gone to bed with James has always been just a fuck to him. One of Marie's friends told her that she spotted James walking around Boston Commons with Anthony, kissing him and holding hands with him.

Sea Foam Eyes

first-time bluish 2018-11-25

Wren reached his arm out and stroked my face, his large hands smooth and gentle. We both began breathing heavily, I could feel the bulge in his pants slowly growing and a wet spot develop in my lace panties. I shot Wren the most innocent glance I could muster then slowly withdrew my mouth from his cock. Wren admired them for a moment, then began sucking on my nipples. I rubbed my tits and Wren leaned down and began to suck on one of my nipples. Wren gently pulled out, and I could feel his come drip from out of me. I pulled Wren into my arms for one last kiss before we fell asleep together, entangled in each other's arms.