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Initiation at Sixteen Part 3 by Muffmate

first-time muffmate 2018-11-27

She then, put her hands on my shoulders, pulled my face towards her heavenly cleavage, leaned towards me and licked the edge of my right ear. I quickly and I suppose guiltily looked from Anne’s beautiful face to Eve. Eve giggled, but had her eyes fixed on the big screen. I looked at the screen to see what was amusing, but Anne grabbed my hand to push my thumb, towards her clit. Anne was begging to orgasm, pushing my hands up to her pussy at an awkward angle. Anne finally finished her orgasm, and I retrieved my hand from her very wet pussy. Anne was pushing me down further and Eve put her hands on the back of my head.

Initiation at Sixteen

first-time muffmate 2018-11-24

That particular day I sat on her bed with my trousers around my ankles my face wrapped in a pair of her nylons. I couldn’t resist pulling it over my head, just to see my rapidly growing cock through it. She grinned and grabbed my hand pulling it to her bush. She pulled my hand again and my legs were now touching her knees. She held my hand still, and gasped for air, and the hole got more sloppy with moisture. Finally, as I was still reluctant to go there, she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me down. I felt a small spurt of moisture hit my face and the pressure from her hands and legs dropped away.

Initiation at Sixteen Part 2

first-time muffmate 2018-11-21

When she saw it was me, she grinned and slowly took her hands away. She grinned at me again: “Oh that was lovely” and she reached for my right hand and pulled it up to lay on her bra. She held my hand to her breasts and she said: “Squeeze them!” I was in shock, I still couldn’t believe that this was happening. After they closed the door, I immediately jumped to the window to watch them drive away and ensure they turned the corner. I could see her pussy juice starting to seep though, and I nearly came in my pants when she lifted her finger to her mouth, all the time watching me from those perfect eyes.

Housekeeping Refined

first-time Oscuro78 2018-11-01

The next three weeks went by like normal with Damian at school and Rosa cleaning the house along with doing the occasional shopping. His dad had company in the bedroom and they could hear them fucking the night away which did not help Rosa and Damian. She buried her face in the pillow so his dad wouldn't hear her while Damian was pounding her from behind.  Damian was like the energizer bunny and this went on for around 45 minutes and Rosa had cum so many times her mouth was leaking. She had sex many times before but this was something a little bit different for her as this was the first time in a while tht she felt satisfied.

Room Service

first-time Ashson 2018-10-02

Normally, motel room service rap on the door and leave the breakfast tray outside the room. She looked a little startled as she found herself being forced to kneel in front of me, my cock gently waving in front of her face. My other hand slid down to her mound and started explorations, facilitated by Kirsty moving her legs apart. Kirsty looked down at where our bodies were about to merge, and suddenly seemed to remember that she was supposed to be protesting this. I was ready and I was coming in short order, and if Kirsty didn't make it in time she had my sympathy, but there was no way I would be able to stop what was happening.

The wash and wank parlor

first-time canterbury1671 2018-09-23

Then a short curvy girl named Sasha came in and said hi. Meantime Sasha was turning her head around and kissing Dan. The sight of this made me really hard. Dan and Sasha was french kissing as my mouth came in contact with their mouths. I was gently touching Sasha's smooth shaven pussy as I felt Dans hand touch my shorts. Sasha looked down at the sight of Dan playing with my cock and got hold of my hand and put it on Dans leg I then moved my hand over to his erect cock and stroked. Sasha then moved to Dans cock kissing and sucking. My turn I thought and moved around to kiss the side of Dans cock.

The Professor and Sherry

first-time jedeye1 2018-09-16

The washcloth and the Maids hands felt very good as she washed around her clit & pussy, she spread her legs and reached all of the way under her buttocks and back across her pussy lips up and down cleaning so well but exciting Sherry very much she was getting wet and very warm. He then showed the maid the expert way to massage the buttocks, Sherry closed her eyes and just enjoyed so much, she couldn't believe the four hands on her buttocks all around and down between her thighs involving the hips as well, he would lift her a little and his hands would go under her and massage her stomach as he held her, it was so good to describe, hot oil was running down her buttocks and on to her pussy lips causing a little tickle.

my first sex...

first-time the_chef 2018-09-06

once i was in hurry in the morning late for school i had to pee and suddenly i run like a lightening to the bathroom , i went to school all day thinking of what happened in that morning , my dad went work late and my grand ma went to her village its like 3 hours far away ,,, i said: i don't know thinking of u all day he said : yes u can go and i will be at 12 at home cuz i have lots of work > i sucked her pussy it was wet and warm ,,i had sucked every single inch in her body ,, bitten her nipples ,, sucked her lips her tongue..her ass ,,


first-time JayEll 2018-08-30

She was now wearing a black pair of fleece pants with the word "angel" printed across her round backside and the matching hoodie-style top that ended at her bare midriff (which was trim and tanned, but still soft-looking.) I averted my eyes just in time to avoid getting caught staring. All was well when I saw her mesmerizing smile break through and she exclaimed, "But I did get an A, one hundred percent!" She kissed me on the cheek and did a little dance that involved a lot of bouncing (oh yes), and a few pelvic thrusts (oh god yes!) "How's 'bout me and you start that celebration?" she didn't have to ask and didn't wait for my answer before jumping in my car.

Riverside Lessons

first-time rdsouza 2018-08-25

Krish was a little reluctant but we started tickling him and Anita managed to pull of his T shirt. Krish’s eyes were pooping out and his mouth was wide open like a fish – he told me later that he felt he was going to faint! I don’t remember how long we stood like that, finally Anita pushed us gently towards the river where we frolicked for some time. Slowly I took his entire cock inside my mouth and started to suck him. Krish continued to lick my pussy which kept throbbing and twitching while I went through another orgasm before finally collapsing onto Anita who continued to caress and kiss me.

Solstices Obscurity "Dusk" Ch. 02

first-time Unrequited_Evil 2018-08-05

"Just because you can not die...does not mean I can not make you wish that you could." I look over my shoulder when I hear Charon's oar splash into the water at the end of the pier. Hearing flapping, I look up to see that my little wigged friend has smelled again my "ink" and come begging for a meal. Looking down at the drying words, I see my little friend move over to the page and lick away an "e" before I can stop him. You wish to act like a man, then do as a man would and fuck!" I close my eyes to the memories of the Reeve laughing.

Lesbian sex in our own village

first-time pari4aj4pari 2018-07-27

Maid said this lady is nice she is about 40 nice body she have. Jiti said your maid is very nice lady. When Nalni put the tea on table Jiti also said why only 2 cups are u not drinking with us? Jiti asked does your husband mind or he don’t know. Jiti said that is great that u get satisfied every time. I said yes hairy fuddy(cunt) not tasty don’t like hairs in mouth. Jiti said she is glad that Nalni shave too. Nalni went to Jiti and started to kiss her on lips. Nalni asked to Jiti how did u like my malkin? Nalni said that is good/ would u like to get satisfied by man?

Darkness. (Parts 1+2).

first-time nobby0007 2018-07-16

As she expertly circled them the man slowly reached round through the slats to cup her hanging breasts from underneath, his hands were big; big enough to support her tits and to be able to join the woman in fingering her nipples that felt as if they might burst such was the intensity of ten digits rubbing, squeezing, stretching, flicking and tweaking. Two hands worked her clit mercilessly, she felt her boobs heavy as her nipples were pulled hard and the big cock buried further into her to it's deepest thrust sending her into ecstasy as his hot cum jetted against her cervix, she let go,

Fucking my cousin's maid

first-time dickhead2392 2018-07-14

my cousin turned the TV off and started to sl**p... as soon as all of them are asl**p i started fondling the maid's breasts and playing with her nipples through accessing her shirt from the top of the couch... i fondled it then stopped for a minute to make sure that no one wakes up... then i grabbed it with my hands then she suddenly grips firmly onto it and pulls me to her then i calmly kissed her and fondled her breasts with my face... my first time on a big titted maid", my cock also became too hard for pounding.... my cock feels warm on her pussy as it is so slippery and wet i carried her and started pounding until i cummed inside her...

encounter with a horny indian maid full version

first-time mosama 2018-07-13

Started my porn and soon as i got hard watching the first scene she knocked the door saying she wants to clean the room. Again i started njoyingg my porn and just at the climax scene she knocked the door saying "mom had asked her to swipe the floor" as soon as i started shaking my dick thinking bout the sheena shaking it ,the door bell rang... 2minutes later she knocked the door asking how much time ill take in the batroom i was like a minute more. A bottle of vasline was within my reach and within no time i applied it on my dick and started BUTT fucking ...Anal was my dream come truee...

Molly's Frist Time

first-time DaveHighland 2018-06-09

"New here too, eighteen," she turned to the master, "pretty little thing isn't she Charlie?" and she reached up to brush my blond hair with her fingers and as she done so her gown fell open and I couldn't help but look at her round full teats. The master laughed too, "Better show her then darling." With that the mistress opened her gown and there they was her big round teats right in my face, I tried to look away. " Oh don't be shy Molly," the mistress purred, "Here, would you like to suckle one of them," and she holds up one of her teats right to my mouth, her nipples was very big and long and they looked awful nice.

Fucking my cousin's maid

first-time dickhead2392 2018-05-23

my cousin turned the TV off and started to sl**p... as soon as all of them are asl**p i started fondling the maid's breasts and playing with her nipples through accessing her shirt from the top of the couch... i fondled it then stopped for a minute to make sure that no one wakes up... then i grabbed it with my hands then she suddenly grips firmly onto it and pulls me to her then i calmly kissed her and fondled her breasts with my face... my first time on a big titted maid", my cock also became too hard for pounding.... my cock feels warm on her pussy as it is so slippery and wet i carried her and started pounding until i cummed inside her...

My first handjob experience

first-time nayborsydel101 2018-05-13

After I was done cleaning myself I would get aroused and start masturbating in the tub thinking about girls, and having sex with them. So I slowly and quietly started to masturbate myself to orgasm, after a few seconds of masturbating I must have woke up The Maid or something because I was moving around a lot, but I didn't know she was awake so I continued to masturbate when all of a sudden She reached over and hug my body. Then she stopped and said "I'm gonna make you have a better orgasm honey. She said "That great" But remember that was a one time deal and you cant tell anyone.

A Marriage is Arranged

first-time abroadsword 2018-04-28

"But of course Geoffrey," Mother continued, "No one woman could conceivably absorb your passion, no if you two marry I dare say she will frighten every serving maid witless while you waste all your money on whores, rather like your poor father." "Geoffrey you are entirely depraved," Lucinda agreed, "But sweet kisses and my set of widows comforters should suffice, provided we can extract the ivory and swiftly insert your member." Supper passed in a mixture of apprehension and anticipation, a sweet maid to rouse me and the challenge to remain hard as I claimed Lucinda. "Oh, good, are you ready for round three?" Lucinda asked, "Do you know I think I could grow to like having a man in my life."

Back in the day; the hotel handyman.

first-time 2018-04-28

Oh well, we were determined to have a good time but it mostly consisted of sitting in the hotel jacuzzi wondering how we were gonna buy beer and bragging about the girls we supposedly nailed. Well, I hadn't actually sucked a human cock (another story there) so I told him no. He told me that I was gonna be his for the next couple days and that I had to do what he said or he'd tell my friends that I was a cock sucker. He said good enough, and told me to lick up all my cum on the tile. Later that day sitting around in the jacuzzi with my friends, they all wanted to know what luck I had with the little sexy maid.

Placed an Ad

first-time Irrationality_ 2018-04-27

She said her preference is to work while no one was home, but that she understood the first few visits we may wish to be present in order to build confidence with the arrangement. Just atop the rise of her pants I could make out the thinnest line of green, and as my gaze pierced I thought I made out the make of Calvin Kline. As we continued to talk I took every opportunity I dare to look at her supple figure, while finishing the tour of the house and laying out our business arrangement in finality. It was then that I saw a glint in her eye, and what I thought was a wink, as she said thank you.

Maid in England

first-time zopri 2018-03-12

" are who now?" it was all I could muster and I did not want to look like a total weirdo caught gawking at this heavenly creature. I sat on my bed and once again began to pleasure myself thinking about her lovely legs. "Ummm...yeah...hmmmm...this isn' know...what it looks like." I said that with not a shred of credibility but what else was I going to say. Her body sure did not look like any woman that age that I had seen! My hands went to reach up to her breasts and began to caress and squeeze her ripe melons. I don't think my cock ever got this hard but I wanted to find out if I could do this again!

Mutual Service Ch. 03

first-time jesserotic 2018-03-01

Nikita was using her right hand to slowly put the bottle in and out of her pussy, moaning and contorting her face in sheer pleasure and agony all the while. She had both her legs forming a couple of triangles, just like my sister's, and quite naturally, I could clearly see the shampoo bottle being pushed in and out of her large pussy! Like a frog reaching for its prey, I lurched my tongue, slowly at first, about two or two and a half inches inside her pussy, to the point that she was moaning and writhing uncontrollably! My hard-on, meanwhile, was on a breaking point, and quite naturally, I ravishingly licked up all her salty cum from around her pussy, insides and the table!

The Perfect Job

first-time AlyssaBabe 2018-01-28

Eric was the best looking man I had ever seen. I finished cleaning in a daze, and left, thinking about Eric's lips on mine. Uncle came home around five, only a few hours after Samantha had left. "Eric?" I called, walking into the Salvatore house. I moaned softly and wiggled my hips a little, trying to communicate what I wanted. He slipped the head of his gorgeous cock into my pussy and I moaned. "Good, I want you to cum the same time that I do. I moaned loudly at the feeling of his cum deep inside my body. "I did actually come here to work as well as play." I said, stroking his toned, tight chest.