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Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 2

first-time NOLANCMike 2018-03-05

“Well, that’s where I was. That’s how it goes.” “That’s fine hon. “Sweet dreams hon.” He worked in and out of her bare pussy for several minutes as the scene switched from a top view to a bottom view giving Anne a clear look at the bottom of his cock and balls. Let’s fine one of a girl playing with herself.” She clicked play and the scene opened to the girl lying on her bed…. She released the pen and watched it slowly slide out of her pussy. She placed the mirror on the cushion and spread her pussy open with both hands. “Stoooooop iiiiit,” he slurred. “Owwwccch.” He slurred again. Her softly accented words were musical, sweet. “What the hell is a Puma?”

Teacher, Sexy Teacher

first-time Reeb 2018-03-04

As she rolled her head back, closing her eyes while she caressed her left breast and lightly fingered her wet pussy, her mind wondered to the last class of the day and one student in particular. The faint hum of the vibrator filled the room as she closed her eyes and softly ran the cock head up and down her wet opening, lingering only a couple seconds on her swollen love button. A look of pure sexual bliss passed over her face as she bit her lower lip, imagining it was Jason’s huge cock touching the outer folds of her aroused pussy. Her mind imagined Jason pressing her backwards until she was sitting on her classroom desk, legs spread wide open as his cock slowly entered her tight pussy.

Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 3

first-time NOLANCMike 2018-03-04

“Tell you what, Jessica,” Anne said softly as her gaze dropped to the raised skirt, “give me your panties now and I’ll tell you every little juicy detail.” It’s got to be better than ‘I think you should go on the Pill, because I think you are going to seduce Mike and I don’t want you to get preggers.” “Ok. Continue,” Jessica said and tugged Anne’s foot closer so she wouldn’t have to sit up. “That feels good,” Jessica breathed the words into Anne’s mouth, “the softness of your hands; the hardness of your nails.” If we can look each other in the eye tomorrow then, yeah.” Anne gave Jessica a half smile.

This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: part 5

first-time Ian56UK 2018-03-04

Rick stopped and raised his hand to shield his eyes from the bright sun as he looked across the horizon to where the white swell of crashing waves burst upon the rocks off Church Point. I felt his left hand resting on me for a moment and then slowly begin to move lower until it was gently rubbing my sex through my skirt and panties. He shook his head, "Nothing, I just love looking at you, that's all," He got to his feet, picked up my floppy white hat and put it on my head, "C'mon," he said, taking my hand in his as I picked up our things, "Let's get you home."

First Time Threesome

first-time TattedGoddess 2018-03-04

He moved down to my neck and I tilted my head to the side so he could proceed to nibble and suck along my neck, eliciting moans from my lips as I closed my eyes and got lost to the pleasure. I pulled back from the kiss just so I could suck on her nipple, her hands twisted in my hair held me in place as she moaned. I kept sucking on her clit as I slid one finger over her ass crack, down to the tight little puckered hole before slipping it into her hot and wet pussy. Finally I felt the orgasm hit and I let out a loud, long moan as I came again, this time squirting all over the shower walls and floor.

Introducing Sofia to Sex

first-time Green_Man 2018-03-04

And to accommodate myself, as well. You see, the girls had been kept so pure and innocent by their mother and then, after she died, their father had no clue how to introduce sexual topics to them. This was a crucial moment. She spread her legs even wider for me. I knew how to use all of her toys and I knew what pleased her. You may have surmised that I was an old pervert. Not really old yet. I knew she had been trying different toys in her little ass hole, just tentatively touching it and putting vibrators on it. Yeah, just a moment." Spread your legs. I was happy to keep my dear neighbor girls with me for as long as he was gone.

Carl And His Stepsister Maria's Affair With Their Uncle – Part 3

first-time eroticcouple 2018-03-04

Her hand was stroking his large cock and Carl was breathing hard. With several very deep and rapid thrusts, Carl released his load of hot jizz into her waiting hole. I knew that she was very excited and didn’t hesitate to ask, “Maria, I would love to mount you now.” She looked at me and smiled and her legs opened again revealing her beautiful pussy. The room was quiet except from the sounds of her pussy opening wider and the faint echo of her juices and Carl’s jizz lubricating me. I smiled and looked at her – she nodded and took his hard cock deep in her mouth. Carl breathes in deeply and three or four quick dry spasms now transition into a long and creamy release of jizz into my mouth.

Kelly's First Time With a Woman

first-time Mysteria27 2018-03-04

I had looked over and Kelly’s legs were spread and she was fingering her pussy. Kelly was kissing me and then she put her hand over my breasts on my nightgown and rubbed and caressed them. I got comfortable on the bed and Kelly pulled my white panties down my legs and took them off. I spread my legs and closed my eyes, while Kelly licked my pussy. Our hands were both on each other’s bodies and my fingers rubbed and massaged at her clitoris, while we were kissing and enjoying one another. I then got into position and Kelly spread her legs and I began to lick and adore her bald pussy.

Cassie’s First Time Is With Her Best Friend

first-time Banes1 2018-03-04

I feel my nipples stiffen and my pussy gets wet as flashes of Pepper sitting naked next to me, fill my thoughts. Pepper turns to hand me a bottle, gives me what I can only describe as a seductive look, and I realize she is staring at my rock hard nipples pushing the material of my bikini top outward. “Oh yes, Pepper, lick my pussy!” I moan out as my finger pushes past the swollen lips and into my pussy. Just as I am about to come, I feel a pair of soft lips kissing my neck and an arm reaching around my left side with the hand resting on my right breast.

Allyson's First Time Story

first-time Mysteria27 2018-03-03

The water hit my pussy and it felt so good. Shelly then got out of the pool and she joined me in the hot tub. Shelly was this beautiful, experienced goddess who wanted me to get naked with her and masturbate on the hot tub jets. I was feeling all warm and even a little high with thoughts of being naked with Shelly in the hot tub. I was feeling so aroused and sexy with Shelly sitting next to me giving me instructions on how to masturbate. Shelly was so passionate and her lips felt very soft as we kissed. I was feeling a little nervous, but I didn’t want Shelly to think I was.

Just a movie night?

first-time HurdyGurdyman 2018-03-03

Ronnie was a handsome guy with dark features and an intense look, he also was a pretty intense person, you could feel his words go through you when he spoke, and his silence was capable of making any room vibrate with intensity, on the other hand he was kind and sweet and caring, smart and genuine, with a witty sense of humor. Taking his time to massage every inch of her body, toes, feet, legs, neck, breast, shoulders, and she was loving every moment his caring hands were on her. Tessa teared up sensing the love in his eyes and how special she was to him, and she realized how special he was to her and knew that her life would never be the same, and that the way she looked at him would forever change.

The Candy Stroker Part 7: Trading

first-time Paddler 2018-03-03

Tom stared at me and whispered, “What a beautiful rack.” I grinned at the compliment, then gasped as Jake felt me and pinched my nipples. If you rub my clit I can cum, but it takes your big cock in my cunt to make me cum from inside.” Lois, it really turned me on to talk so dirty and look right at Tom at the same time. But how would you feel, Adam, if June got as dressed up as she is tonight, went out on a date, and shared her lingerie and beautiful breasts with another guy your age? Adam, with a dazed expression, slowly stroked himself, looking at Lois sprawled on the floor, breasts heaving, her slick lips dripping.

Excerpts From My Inexperience: The First Time I Bought a Vibrator

first-time Shylass 2018-03-02

However, I had never considered trying to use a vibrator, as any time I happened to see one on television or in a magazine, it would make me want to cross my legs in horror at the size, and wonder who would be brave enough to walk into a shop and buy one of those things. I suppose my real fear was that I would get in the private shop, and either discover a hidden desire to become a BBW prostitute (fat lasses do well on the weekends in the north), or run out screaming in pure, pickled fear (everybody would look, and I'd bet you an Opal Fruit that my strict Christian boss would happen to be leaving the city market right at that moment, and ask me what in Jesus' name I was doing in there).

Feels like heaven

first-time nishana 2018-03-02

Just looking at her face made my dick harder. I kept looking at her but she tried to avoid direct eye contact. She was feeling so shy that she didn’t even look at my face. I didn’t let her go and kept staring at her beautiful pinkish face. But in her eyes I looked like the most beautiful person in the world. That is why tears came in my eyes when I saw her crying. I rubbed the tears off her face and kissed her on the fore head. She stopped kissing me and asked what I was going to do. I kissed her on the forehead and told her that I was going to relieve her from her unknown feeling.

How I Lost My Virginity - An Unexpected Threesome

first-time leppy80 2018-03-02

Sam and Chris had been out the night before and had ended up bringing two sisters, Sarah and Edith, back to our house. Moving forward a couple of weeks, to the evening before the night that it all happened, Sam and I headed to the pub straight after work. Sarah looked hesitant, pausing and looking at me, and then back to Sam. Suddenly she slid down off the couch and sat on the floor, spreading her legs, revealing her pussy to me for the first time. Sam stood up and slid my couch against the door, and walking back to Sarah, positioned himself between Sarah's open legs and slid his now erect again cock into her pussy.

Swimming teachers can be more than friends

first-time Billfrank1955 2018-03-02

I would masturbate to the thought of her slipping her arms through the straps of her red suit, baring her breasts and pulling my mouth down to suckle. I slipped onto the board between her open legs and began to paddle to the other end. As I approached her mouth to begin the resuscitation, she lifted her arms from the water and took my face in her hands. As much as I liked the thought of Fran feeling my hard cock pressing into her, I was afraid that she would think less of me. Finally, Fran pushed herself up, looked down at the very distinct outline of my huge cock in my speedos and then slid off the board. Fran took my face in her hands and pulled me to her chest.

Sophie Part 1

first-time bikerbear600 2018-03-01

I stopped and sat down on a bench for a few minutes to look at the view over the park and when I stood up the couple had vanished. The woman began to moan loudly again, forcing herself on to his cock with her cunt (another rude word bouncing around in my head). I sat and stared into space, the images of the couple making love (fucking) buzzing around my mind with the rude words until I heard them moving about getting dressed. I wandered around the bedroom naked, my nipples were erect and aching and my vagina (it’s a cunt my mind shouted) felt like it was throbbing.

The Wife's Sister Visits

first-time TheCaptain21804 2018-03-01

Her hand came over her shoulder to stroke my face and head as I spread her juices all over her pussy and began circling her clit, feeling it grow long and hard. I knelt between her open legs and suckled those gorgeous hard nipples as the head of my cock teased her wet, open pussy lips. She was shaking and moaning then when she felt that my cock was at the entrance to her pussy, she looked me straight in the eyes, wrapped those long, firm legs around my waist and drew me in to the hilt. It only took a couple minutes before I felt the stirring deep in my balls, telling me I was about to blow a load and I drove hard and deep inside her she clenched her pussy and squeezed my body with her legs.

Sisterhood II: The First Lesson of Sluthood!

first-time John_Doe 2018-03-01

"You've got a really nice pussy babe!" John spoke softly as he glanced up towards Emily, sliding his tongue around his lips. John moved in, as his hands gently held Emily's legs apart, and softly planted wet gentle kisses upon her thighs. John's tongue guided it's way forward, as he spread Emily's lips wider and it slowly delved inside of her wet cunt. John's tongue continued to lap away inside her wet cunt, as more juicy honey dripped free from her and into his waiting mouth. Then it released, as her breathing slowed back down to normal, and her pussy stopped grinding upon John's face as he pulled away and looked at her wet cunt, and her pussy lips quivering slightly from her orgasm.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Six)

first-time John_Doe 2018-02-28

Each caress, lick from her tongue was accompanied by a soft groan and moan from between my lips as I closed my eyes upon her reaching the head of my cock and feeling the more wonderful sensation of her actions upon the sensitive side of my erection in her grip. She released my cock from within her small grip, as her hands moved down and began once again to slowly caress my legs and inner thighs, adding the sensual and sexual ecstasy to my already exploding body inside. Her head was slowly moving up and down, my cock slipping back and forth across her tongue as she continued to caress it, lick it and flick the end with her tongue, all still while firmly gripped within her mouth.

Grinding with Gretchen

first-time Jason_NYC 2018-02-28

As soon as we were out of sight of the campus, Gretchen pushed me against a barn, looked up into my eyes, and pressed her lips against mine. The only light was from a couple of flickering candles on her desk and it took me a moment to realize that Gretchen was sitting cross-legged on small sofa, watching me with that mischievous smile of hers. Gretchen turned her head upward and whispered, "Squeeze my nipples." I started by rolling her nipples between my fingertips, but soon found I could do an even better job by cupping her breasts with my hands while pinching her nipples between my knuckles.

A Lunch Hour to Remember

first-time Jasmine_x 2018-02-28

He explained my duties and roles at the company, which weren’t that exciting, just helping the people in the office with their work loads, like photocopying. I guess they didn’t like the thought of a pretty, young, blonde girl walking around the office, been eye candy for the men. I managed to beat the massive swarm of college students into the place, and ordered my usual of a Spicy Italian on Honey Oat bread before making my way back to the office, sandwich in hand. I began to tug on it pretty hard, making him groan and gasp, feeling my young hand on his meat. He pulled his finger out of my now soaked pussy and placed them to my mouth and asked me to suck the juices off.

A Whole New Place

first-time LaPetiteFleur 2018-02-28

Alicia longed for her home city with the friendly neighbours, and the little Christian school she had attended as a child. Alicia lay comfortably on her bed trying to study. She lay completely silent feeling the blue satin bed cover between her fingers. Slowly she began massaging herself, by fluently moving her hand back and forth on top of her white panties. Alicia sat by her computer consulting an online English-Russian dictionary, when an ad popped up. Alicia directed her attention to her hand and though she might be late. About two hours later Alicia was walking through the dark streets. Alicia heard the beating of her heart and felt his warm breath on her face. Alicia sat back in her chair and clicked: Browse profiles.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Sixteen)

first-time John_Doe 2018-02-27

She used the tips of her fingers and rubbed, up and down, and in small circular motions around the soft puffed up pussy lips upon her sweet cunt, as she gently began to rock her hips along with the motion of masturbating herself as she opened her eyes and watched me. Amanda sat there, topless and with her jeans still open for a while as she pulled her fingers up, covered in her own gooey wet cum which she had made from delving into her dripping wet cunt.She licked, sucked and tasted more of her own juices of her hand into her mouth as she sat there staring across at both myself and Julia laying upon the bed, and hoping that she would be next in line to be fucked......