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Losing my Virginity

first-time car_man45ca 2018-12-04

"So what was it you were looking at exactly?" Mrs Stevens asked leaning forward to take her glass in her hand. "What else did you look at while you were peeking at me?" asked Helen as she slowly and methodically began opening and closing her legs once again causing her lovejuice to ooze out of her and leak down the crack of her succulent ass. You want to stick that big cock in my cunt fuck me hard, don't you?" Helen said almost screaming. "But I thought you are a virgin?" Mrs. Stevens then realizing the joke let out a low sweet laugh that caused my still hard cock to pop clear out of her cum fill cunt.

Chapter One: First Time Stray

first-time BrendaH 2018-12-03

However, that night I noticed that I was a little more aroused than normal and found myself holding back from being more aggressive towards my husband in bed. So I just kept running my nails all over his chest until I finally couldn't stand it and dropped my hand across his crotch and felt his cock through his pants. I thought I had had orgasms before but this time I got to the point where I've been before with my husband which was very pleasurable but this time the feeling went right past anything I've ever felt before and I began to shake uncontrollably all while moaning and grunting with this beautiful man's cock in my mouth.

Surprise Waiting

first-time tfrakes 2018-11-27

She held that position, eyes closed, until my cock spasms stopped, then stood, and kissed me deep. Her head was back, her hands were holding her breasts, her fingers squeezing her nipples. I dipped my head and licked her slit, then moved up and started to lightly caress her clit with my tongue. I snuck another peek and her head was thrust back, her chest jutting out, breasts squeezed between her arms, her nipples pointing wantonly at the ceiling, waving as if they wanted in on the action. She didn’t know what was coming, though, because I was moving up, positioning myself between her legs, reaching to kiss her as my cock sought her wet folds.

An Exciting Time

first-time bluecore 2018-11-27

A wide grin spread across my face when I thought about being able to masturbate without having to worry about my parents bursting into my room without knocking, and the embarrassing frantic to close the porn tabs, hide my erection, and push aside the tissue paper. It must have been some good porn I was watching because I didn’t hear the door screech as it opened slightly. I walked into the living room that evening and caught Sarah sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in her hand. Sarah reached down without breaking the kiss and pulled my forgotten hands around her. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me up to her lips and our tongues met again.

Summer Trucker

first-time Simonize 2018-11-25

"Ok Mike nice to meet you as well however since I am only 31 years old you better stop calling me ma'am and calling me Lila or I am gonna throw your ass out of my truck." She said grinning. She moved up my body stroking my cock with her hand kissing me deeply her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I took her nipple in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it, circling the hard nubbin of flesh as Lila started to really get moving on my cock. I watched in shock thinking I did something wrong as she got on her hands and knees and grabbed my cock again placing it at her pussy entrance again she screamed, "RAM ME NOW!!!"

Initiation at Sixteen

first-time muffmate 2018-11-24

That particular day I sat on her bed with my trousers around my ankles my face wrapped in a pair of her nylons. I couldn’t resist pulling it over my head, just to see my rapidly growing cock through it. She grinned and grabbed my hand pulling it to her bush. She pulled my hand again and my legs were now touching her knees. She held my hand still, and gasped for air, and the hole got more sloppy with moisture. Finally, as I was still reluctant to go there, she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me down. I felt a small spurt of moisture hit my face and the pressure from her hands and legs dropped away.

The Italian Affair

first-time sugarsweet1259 2018-11-24

He began to cut the cheese, finally Arabella got a good look at him. “Surely you wouldn’t mind if I corrupted you a little...” Without having much of a choice, and being unable to resist her innermost desires, Arabella held in place as he clasped her face in his grasp, leaned in and locked his lips with hers. You sexy young bitch, fuck yes!” Uri gasped as he stroked her face in one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Feeling her body turn tense with amplified arousal via his dick, Uri began to kiss her cupped face. “Do you feel like a woman now?” Uri asked his young mistress.

Initiation at Sixteen Part 2

first-time muffmate 2018-11-21

When she saw it was me, she grinned and slowly took her hands away. She grinned at me again: “Oh that was lovely” and she reached for my right hand and pulled it up to lay on her bra. She held my hand to her breasts and she said: “Squeeze them!” I was in shock, I still couldn’t believe that this was happening. After they closed the door, I immediately jumped to the window to watch them drive away and ensure they turned the corner. I could see her pussy juice starting to seep though, and I nearly came in my pants when she lifted her finger to her mouth, all the time watching me from those perfect eyes.

It was time

first-time LauraLee_sugah 2018-11-16

They pulled off each others shirts and touched and kissed every inch of skin as it was uncovered. He captured her hands in one of his and slid the yoga pants down kissing her stomach and running a hot, wet tongue over the edge of her pink lace boy shorts. He began to sing Leonard Cohen's “I'm Your Man” in his gravelly voice as he unzipped and peeled off his jeans and underwear like a strip tease and lightly maintained the touch of his lips on various parts of her body. Every time she tried to touch him he pulled away and laughed. He teased her body with his erection without allowing her to touch it, rubbing it on her as he leaned over her.

My First Time

first-time justalilfun 2018-11-15

They were so much like my nipples, hard and I was enjoying feeling them as she worked a second finger into my eager pussy. I gasped as she slid a finger into me, Karen giggled, “ I have always wanted to eat your pussy, ever since we first met,” she said. Karen just told me to go slow; “Lick my pussy like I licked yours, and it will feel good for me too” I did as instructed once again, little by little deeper and deeper into her. I watched as he pounded her pussy, her huge breasts swinging all around, my god it looked so hot, the sound of his balls slapping against her had me wet and wanting my turn.

Annie's Little Man

first-time PAMtnMan 2018-11-15

But every time she got close to me or even brushed against me, a wonderful warm feeling would flow through my body. I was enjoying the kiss so much I didn’t notice my arms were around Annie and I was pulling her body against mine. Annie’s lips touched the tip of my cock and I thought it would jump into her mouth. Her body jumped as she felt my tongue touch her swollen lips. She kissed me wildly and at the same time she guided my hard throbbing cock between her wet pussy lips. I think I actually gasped at the pleasure I was feeling as my cock plunged into her hot wet pussy.

New Neighbors 2

first-time thetoad 2018-11-10

“Um, sure I'll have a Snipple...I mean Snapple!” Mrs. Bresh gave me a bemused look and adjusted her top. She laughed, “I never liked that picture.” She took my cock head into her mouth and sucked at it like a lollipop. What's the matter with the girls in this town?” I was going to tell her that I had just grown into my cock, that I was kind of shy but she turned and walked to the couch pulling her dress over her head. “Not until I feel your tongue there first.” She hesitated, waiting to see if that was going to cause another blast from my cock but I felt fully in control.

First time for everything

first-time calum09 2018-11-10

No sooner had he resumed sucking than it let go a continuous spurt of cream which he gently held on to until my cock went soft. Jon went for a pee, dropping his lycra shorts to reveal an ample sized clean shaven cock, with his hand lingering on it longer than needed when he saw me watching. I went to have a quick shower and was soaping myself down when Jon came in to share the tiny space, and continued his massaging technique which was only going to end in one thing. We went back through to the couch as I said I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

Privates - Stand Two!

first-time Simon66 2018-11-10

My arms were under Pam’s legs with my hands holding the tops of her legs where they were bent up and I pulled her onto me, that half inch increasing on thrusts and withdrawal as I started to pump my cock into her delightfully warm, loose cunt. I felt intense sensations building at the base of my cock for the second time in the last half hour or so and I fucked her, as she’d demanded, my strokes becoming shorter and sharper as I released my load, the contractions in my cock forcing my fluids deep into Pam, my motions slowing to a stop, my breath rasping from me as I noticed Pam’s did her.


first-time UnXpected 2018-11-08

Around 3pm, the lunch crowd died down, Kerry after speaking with Beatrice, decides to show me the stock, and how to order supplies. Kerry started explaining to me, how Beatrice and he liked things stacked and accounted for as soon as delivery was made. I try moving back and away from him, but secretly it felt good, and I haven't been eaten like this in a long while. Still shocked at what is going on, I let Kerry lift my lower half to his shoulders, as he went to work attacking my hole. Beatrice pulls my nipple hard as she breaks the suction she holds on it, climbs off of the table and heads upstairs.

Buddy's Mom

first-time Tomanon 2018-11-06

We had been swimming all day at the Westwood Pool, and were waiting for Buddy’s mom to pick us up in the parking lot. Buddy’s mom jumped out of the car to get something from the house before driving me home, and I thoroughly enjoyed the view as her skirt slip up as she left the car. “You know,” she said, “I’ll bet you are going to go into the house and jerk off, aren’t you?” My question was answered when Buddy’s mom came out of the house in a tennis outfit. It looked like Buddy’s mom would have to drive me home alone, still in her tennis outfit.

My Older Lovers

first-time ellii 2018-11-03

She led me up to her bedroom and we both got on the bed, still hugging and kissing each other like we'd been lovers for years. I lay on my back and Vivian moved a hand to one of my breasts, gently massaging it and pinching the nipple. Vivian let out a scream that she was cumming and within seconds I felt my own orgasm take over my cunt and then my whole body making me shake and shiver in ecstasy. While David concentrated on giving me my first cock Vivian moved down to my firm, young titties and sucked each of them in turn, then alternated between them every few minutes. David kept moving in and out of me, moaning how good my tight, little cunt made his cock feel.

Good Lodgings!

first-time OldGeezer 2018-11-03

It manifested itself in various ways, but was more of an attitude than any specific action, although I think overall Susan was less guarded in the things she would say, sometimes being critical of Fred, and then laughing and saying that she was glad he wasn’t here to hear her go on like this. "This has to be our secret," she said, "Fred doesn’t know I have such wicked thoughts, and ever since you came here, I have wanted to touch you." Saying this she did just that, her hand reaching down to encircle my erect penis, and to draw it out of my pyjamas.

First Lady

first-time Bob_6 2018-11-03

She had her head next to mine and said, “You want to fuck mummy now, you ready to fuck mummy’s tight little pussy with that big cock, son?” She grabbed my head and lifted it off her tits, she made me look at her and she said, “Well, just hold on there son, I know you want to get it in and blow your load. She smiled, winked and moved her face slightly closer; she kissed my lips and said, “My little innocent boy, you’re going to fuck me every time Mr Brewer is at work, almost daily form today.”

Charlie's Tuition Teacher Ch. 02

first-time Maverick710 2018-11-02

A black colour car suddenly arrived near Jasmine's house and again the same tall lady with long, black hair came out of the car. Charlie has never seen such long hair, considering the fact that the matured looking lady was taller than Jasmine's brother. When he looked back into his binoculars, he just glimpsed a view of Stifler carrying the lady around his arms with her braid around his neck, up the stairs and disappear. She was wearing her long blonde hair in a loose bun with looked like it would fall any second. After finishing writing on the notepad, she corrected herself and leaned a little back, comfortably placing her ass on Charlie's cock and sandwiching his face with her Long hair, still unaware of him.

Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful.

first-time Troian 2018-11-02

Her hair fell into loose long curls which looked so lusciously shiny that I wanted to run my hands through her beautiful head of hair. Not that I'm bad looking; tall, bright blue eyes, light brown hair and in good shape. I couldn't help but watch, as her tight little dress moved its way up her thighs, getting shorter and shorter, as she continued to climb. I just want to see," she said, placing her small hand on my thigh. The sensation of her soft little hand and the thrill of her looking at me, almost sent me over the edge. I've never even kissed a boy before, let alone a man and certainly not this" she said looking at her hand which was still stroking my penis.

Kayaker's First Time To A Nudist Club

first-time onlytrue 2018-11-01

R had become so wet now that her pussy was making sloshing sounds and we were both moaning humping each others hand. This continued for some time neither of us speaking a word to each other or looking each other in the eye. Standing just a foot away, facing me, she grabbed her pussy lips with her left hand, spreading them open to expose her clit. She began rubbing her clit furiously with her right hand as she stood with knees bent, facing me. I began pounding her as she was standing up and bent over at the waist, holding onto her coffee table with one hand, her other hand still gripping her pussy and feeling my balls as they met her fingers.

Learning something new after leaving university

first-time Flexibility 2018-10-30

One morning, as I walked across to go down the stairs, the bathroom door was wide open with Rob standing dressed for work at the wash basin while Liz, I could not avoid seeing, was sat on the toilet apparently urinating. I reached the top of the stairs - and there opposite me was what I had begun to want to see: Liz again sat on the toilet, the silky robe pulled up above her lap only this time with the front noticeably open revealing a glimpse of her small but very pretty breasts. And I had another distracted day when all I seemed to think about was Liz's lovely slim legs on full bare display, the glimpse of her small and now very desirable breasts, her half-smiling stare - and the sound of her stream of piss.

Summer Afternoon

first-time BigBillT 2018-10-02

While I played the chords to the song, the pastor's wife had placed her hand on my right knee and was keeping the beat with gentle pats. Here I was in someone else's house, sitting in a closed room with a woman squeezing and massaging my inner thigh - getting closer and closer to what had to be the biggest erection I had ever had - and I am smiling and nodding and gripping the edge of the piano bench hard enough to leave my fingerprints in the wood. While she continued to massage my cock, the pastor's wife quietly suggested that I ought to turn and face the other way while still sitting on the piano bench.