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Rose’s Petals

first-time deepemerald 2018-10-01

One day in May Rose's parents asked Martin if he minded looking after the house when they went away on a cruise to mark their 25th wedding anniversary. Rose didn't notice that Martin kept positioning himself strategically where he would get a good view of her heart shaped ass in those tight little shorts. Martin wanted nothing more than ask Rose to join him in is brand new shower for two, but he held his tongue. Since she favoured the kind of bra that squished her tits tight, thinking that they'd look smaller, she didn't notice that she entered Martin's house with a killer cleavage. He grabbed her knees and pulled her legs upwards, making her pussy open up like a dew covered pink rose.

Virgin Tease

first-time trippleDandkinky 2018-03-02

He led me down the hall of my apartment building with his hand in mine and when we got in the elevator, I knew he had forgiven me when he checked me out again and I leaned on him against the elevator wall and gave him a deep, passionate kiss, sticking my tongue in his mouth and then sucking his into mine while placing my hands on his chest and he ran his hand through my hair. I fumbled around to get the right key out while he stood behind me, kissing my neck and putting his hands all over my body, he started slowly pulling up my dress when I finally opened the door.