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Fantasies for Her

first-time Rembacher 2018-12-04

I broke our kiss, pulled my hand out, and climbed on top of you, positioning my cock at the entrance of your pussy, and staring into your eyes as I entered you. When I got to my room, you were both naked, lying on the bed, and running your hands all over each other’s body while locked in a passionate kiss. There were so many places I could have looked: your beautiful tits heaving with each deep breath as you felt the passion run through you; her head, as it moved about your sweet pussy, working to give you pleasure; her ass, as it pointed directly at me; but the thing that drew my attention, and kept it throughout, was your face.

It's Her Birthday

first-time Boss01 2018-12-04

I looked down, this time noting that the bra was now unhooked and the cups pulled aside, confirming that she did indeed have small, perky breasts, with youthful firmness and a smattering of light freckles across her chest. Gently grasping my head, Cindy pulled me up and kissed me, our tongues battling for supremacy as she held me tight against her, grinding her still clothed pelvis against my now rock hard cock while I held her waist with one hand and clutched her butt with the other. Unable to contain herself, Cindy lowered her panties and then pulled my face back to her pussy, treating me to the sight of a sparse patch of strawberry blond hair covering her “V” before my lips were once again planting kisses, my tongue snaking as she moaned with desire.

Buddy's Mom Chapter 5 6

first-time Tomanon 2018-11-26

It was hooked up to some motion detectors around the house, and let his Dad keep an eye on the help to make sure they weren’t poking around where they shouldn’t, or picking up things to take home. I clicked on the Living Room icon and scrolled down to history, and sure enough, there was a video of Angela cleaning the room.  I wondered if  Dad had a voyeur streak, since the shots of her bending over to dust were mildly titillating. As she washed the plates, I moved behind her and cupped her breasts with both hand.  She must have felt my cock pressing on her ass.

The Frustration of losing virginity

first-time Grimkey 2018-11-19

My team had four people: myself the token senior and three juniors, a couple who I’ll call Brett and June, and finally Alicia. Brett and I spent spare time this gave us exploring the school where the competition was held. I was hard too having fantasised about June many times since the restroom, but tried to hide it. This started an argument between the three of us that gradually got louder and ended with his running nearly naked with his clothes in hand, me struggling to get my fly zipped as a I ran, and June sneaking back in before her parents caught her. We agreed secretly this time and Alicia and I would have the boys room while June and Brett would have the girls room.


first-time Scorpionicus 2018-11-19

Rosa began to imagine the feeling of getting up and walking around the house nude, her body completely exposed to Dave’s eyes. She slid down on the couch until she was lying on it and her excited pussy was now in control of Rosa and she slid one leg down to the floor, exposing her sex completely to whoever might enter the living room. Rosa hesitated for a moment, giving me a little more time to drink in the view of her perfect bottom, moved her legs a bit wider apart, and then bent down until her hands were resting on the table, just as I had ordered her to do.


A First Fantasy

first-time Moonraker_Bond007 2018-04-13

Every time she called me that, people would want to know what it meant, and her response was, "Jason has eight inches of cold, hard cock!" And yes, I know that that's pretty clichéd, but I did once have a female friend tell me that the absolute worst sex she ever had was with a guy with a ten inch cock who thought he was the king shit. Tara has always been far more comfortable and open with her sexuality than I have, so the fact that I played a part in one of her most erotic experiences ever is a bit of a shock – but quite flattering at the same time.

Taking Maryam Ch. 01

first-time MisterGoneFL 2018-01-11

Her shoes, sunglasses, and modest earrings added the slightest touch of elegance to the casual outfit, and all of the colors she wore accentuated her copper skin, long black hair, and almond eyes. That she probably shouldn't do it; that the very fact that she was considering wearing lingerie at all meant she should rethink whether to meet me on this trip. I pulled her chair out and she moved like the nervous girl she was as she sat in it. So I sat back in my chair, smirked, and silently looked into her eyes for a minute. She didn't even realize when I stopped holding her head to mine, when my hands drifted down to her waist.