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Car or Motorcycle

first-time 2018-09-25

My closest friends are an intricacy of fun loving, caring, compassionate and extroverted people. Although there are many tales, adventures, experiences and fantasies to write about, I want to share this highlight in my life. This was a fantastic day and a super way to get acquainted with a new friend. This day and night were probably the longest, most luscious and sensual foreplay fun of my life. My new friend contributed a sugar sweet hot space in my forever expanding circle of life. Now, I figure that is a pretty good sexual experience to be able to write it out and derive an orgasm at the same time by imagining and reliving it! Thank you my hot naughty wild fun friend for being tangibly wonderful!

Doing Eva Ch. 04

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-03-26

Her granddaughter, Kati, was expected to arrive in a couple of weeks and take up residence with Eva and Ray in their home. "What did you tell her exactly?" I wondered as there was a lot Eva might have said that I couldn't believe Kati would be ready for. I wondered if there would be a chance to get naked with Eva, maybe while Ray kept Kati busy. Of course, the trust that Eva had put in me to look after Kati meant nothing was going to happen, but at least I could ogle and fantasize, and yes, masturbate, all with no guilt associated with wanting an underage girl.

Accidental First Time

first-time engagemind 2018-03-23

We nervously joked about it but then I really had to go and soon, so you got the bed pan, placed it between my spread legs and looking at my crotch pulled my boxers down exposing my cock to you for the first time. By this time my cock has started to leak, I am past embarrassment and now getting close to cumming even though you have not yet touched me, but the excitement of you looking, and washing all around is almost too much for my young inexperienced body. You are so startled, yet excited at what you have just seen, you just hold my semi hard penis, unconsciously squirm a little in your seat still looking at my member, the seamen on your arm, shirt, hand and the seamen dripping from my cock.