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The Woman Across the Street

first-time techfoo39 2018-11-28

My parents went on a 2 week vacation to beautiful Cancun, and I am stuck walking home in record level rain in San Diego. It is late October of my senior year of high school. I finally make it home. "Yeah your mom told me she would be leaving." she replied, "Hurry come in and I'll throw your clothes into the dryer and draw you up a nice warm bath. I turned and politely shut the door and followed Allison into her nice home. I got a half-chub and I didn't care if Allison saw it. Allison wrapped her hand around the base of my penis, and pulled down, exposing more sensitive areas of my manhood.

Teaching the Neighbor

first-time Crossfire307 2018-11-20

When Leah went back to work after her maternity leave, Shellie would pick Lynn up everyday from the day care and would keep her until Daniel or Leah got off work. I kissed Shellie on the lips, and Lynn on the cheek as they went out the door. Just like the time before, Shellie made a point to be loud enough for Lynn to hear us. The bra made her 34B breasts look bigger, the panties were barely enough to conceal her plump lips, and the stockings were like a second skin over her toned legs. Lynn moved closer, I saw her eyes shift to Shellie as if she was asking permission to continue.

Annie's Little Man

first-time PAMtnMan 2018-11-15

But every time she got close to me or even brushed against me, a wonderful warm feeling would flow through my body. I was enjoying the kiss so much I didn’t notice my arms were around Annie and I was pulling her body against mine. Annie’s lips touched the tip of my cock and I thought it would jump into her mouth. Her body jumped as she felt my tongue touch her swollen lips. She kissed me wildly and at the same time she guided my hard throbbing cock between her wet pussy lips. I think I actually gasped at the pleasure I was feeling as my cock plunged into her hot wet pussy.

My Mrs. Robinson

first-time texasstepdad 2018-11-15

I had just turned 16 and wanted a car but my parents decided I needed to earn my own money so I would appreciate it more and take better care of it. I had just finished mowing when she called me to her back door and asked me to help her hang a new painting she had purchased. I never wore underwear and my young cock immediately got hard as the first woman in my life touched it. When she asked me if anyone had ever sucked me I almost shot my load from the words and the look in her eyes. I must have looked shocked because she started laughing and she told me she liked it this way and she would show me why later.

Virgin Boy Helps Neighbor's Wife

first-time bassguitarbubba 2018-11-15

  Linda smiled when she saw Josh’s hard cock and she began to rub it, stroking it slowly and methodically with her sunscreen lubricated hands.   With moves like you have, I’m surprised you don’t have girls lining up to be with you.”     Josh shyly giggled and Linda, always trying to get the advantage, asked him, “Have you ever thought about being with a guy?”   Josh thought for a few moments and said, “Don’t tell anyone this, but a few months ago, me and my friend were at his house after school and we looked at a nudie magazine he had.

Fantasies do cum true

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-15

I went back in forth in my head several times till looked down at the tent in his shorts and just thought “fuck it.” I grabbed Timmy giving him a big hug telling him, “Thank you, I want to pay you for helping.” I told him “just go slow and once you’re inside me just pause for a moment before you start fucking me.” Once his cock head was inside my pussy lips I pulled my hand away from his dick and looked him in the eye telling him, “Okay now slowly push it in.” My pussy was so wet with excitement as Timmy’s cock slid right in. “Just keep your dick in me and your cock will be hard and ready to fuck again in no time,” I told Timmy as I gave him a nice wet kiss.

The Sitters

first-time randy123 2018-11-08

Sara sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg and looked into my eyes. As I enjoyed Sara's breasts and pussy, Beth put an arm around her shoulders and whispered into her ear, Isn't it great?" Holding on to Beth's wrist, I slowly moved her hand in ever-widening circles until it was brushing against Sara's breasts. I released Beth's hand and it stayed in place, caressing Sara's perky little tits, while I moved my hand under my chin to feel Sara's dripping pussy. Suddenly, Beth grabbed my head with both hands and pushed my face into her soaking pussy. Beth, having recovered a little, looked at Sara, smiled that devilish smile again, and asked, "Have you ever seen a guy cum before?"

The Tales From The Tavern: I Lust After Your Scar (Part II)

first-time el_henke 2018-11-07

Looking him in the eyes, I let go of his dick, and coyly asked with my girliest voice, “Wanna fuck your little scar girl, Mr. Jordan?” I gyrated my hips on his cock to stimulate every spot at its time while his hands roamed my body, squeezed my tits, ran over my scalp and caressed my ugly scar. I got to my knees, turned my head to throw him my most seductive look and present him my scar while I spread my ass cheeks with my hands and shoved two fingers up little snatch, showing him where I craved his cock.

One Hot Sexy Night

first-time Chelle75 2018-11-03

As I was sitting on the patio to enjoy the beauty of the night, a bottle of Chardonnay by my side—the smell of sex was in the air. Instead, I pressed his face harder against me to make sure he had a generous taste of my sweet sexy flow. While he was clinging to the softness of my clean shaved pussy, I wondered about how hot it would be to taste his sexiness. Oh please fuck me!" I screamed as he pumped harder and harder and harder...until my creamy love flow results builds to orgasm. At that moment I began anticipating our next escapade because...This was one hot sexy night!


My First Time

first-time 2018-09-27

anyway i told him to come inside for a drink and he said yes, he jumped over our fence and i went inside the kitchen to pour him a drink. the man let himself in and he started to touch my ass, so i rubbed his cock and it must have been at least 8 inch. next he turned me round and gently pulled down my thong and he shoved his pole into my ass hole, i started to moan with pleasure while he was shouting whore and slut at me. when he was about to climax he took his wet dick from ass and shot a big load of cum right on my cheeks.


first-time Bray123 2018-09-09

"I'll be going away in a couple of days to Uni." With that she raised the T shirt to her waist and lay back on the quilt showing me a full mop of golden curls, "Stroke me here this time." I was shocked and disconcerted to realise that she had removed her panties and was showing me her private area. "I want to know what it feels like to be touched down there before I go." She closed her eyes and spread her legs widely, letting me stroke her pubes just like I'd caressed her breasts many times before.

Pictures from the Edge

first-time Erlikkhan 2018-09-03

Vicki was fingering her pussy while looking at the pictures. I pulled Vickie's hand from her panties and placed it around my swollen cock. I fucked my finger in and out of her ass a few more times before pulling away. With her legs pushed against her chest her pussy was so tight it squeezed my cock firmly each time it glided in and out of her juicy passage. I pulled my dripping cock from her cunt and rubbed it up and down the crack of her ass which was slimy with pussy juice from her recent orgasm. My cock was pounding her ass hard and fast pulling almost all the way out on each thrust and then slamming deep into her bowels.


first-time thick71948 2018-08-27

We sat and talk the day away her k**s came over and played in the back yard.Got to remember my wife know that i wanted to make it with our neighbor sense they all moved in a few years ago. This time i set in a chair letting her have the swing .We talk and drank another glass of wine i sat down beside her now as we talked i began to rub her inter thighs she put her hand on my knee. As i was enjoy her sweet wet pussy i heard her moan with pleasure.she was getting close she put her hands on the back of my head and press my tongue deeper in her .She told me a long time ago that her husband won't do anal and she always wanted to try it .

Neighbor and Naked Pictures Fantasy Story

first-time Wildmustang70 2018-08-23

After the girls all calmed down and finished with taking pictures they starting playing with parts of my body, almost like they never seen a naked guy before, but that made my dick to get hard, which they all stopped to enjoy watching. Now I am completely humiliated, the girls called up more of their friends to come over for a party and I am to serve them, can it get worse I asked myself. This is what I call totally embarrassing, to be waiting on an all female party with out any clothes on and my dick as hard and straight as can be and being stared at and more pictures taken.


first-time ScorpioVirgin 2018-08-16

Besides, I know that I shouldn't be nosy because in this country, people usually keep their noses out of each other's business even to their next door neighbors. "I know girls that you want Jack and I to get married soon," I laughed, "but why the rush? He shouldn't let his ladylove out here doing a man's work"he said as he efficiently placed the four bags into the bin. Fortunately, the elevator door finally opened and I managed to break away from his stare. As I've said, I've grown used to the routine that I finished all five in just a matter of minutes which usually took me an hour when I was just starting to work here.


first-time manncer 2018-07-15

I knew my penis would be evident, so I went around to the other side of the kitchen counter, so my neighbor wouldn't notice. I saw two bumps on the front of her shirt, where her nipples were. I wondered what they would look like with the shirt off. She suddenly said, "You're looking at my breasts. I stared at her naked breasts as she pulled the shirt off and folded it on the counter. I rolled the tip in my fingers and she gasped a bit. She kept pressing against me as I ran my fingers over her pale breasts. It was all I could take, and my penis let go, shooting cum into my shorts.

My first threesome

first-time dirtymindedmale08 2018-07-12

As I reached her bush, I gently parted it with two fingers and softly kissed her pussy lips, and she put both hands on my head, holding me tight. I'm that wet, and I want you." I kissed her pussy more firmly, softly licking her slit from her ass all the way to her clit. Then we can have some fun together, if you're up for it!" My s****r in law ran her hands up my neighbor's thigh, stroking her sopping wet fur and gently slipping a finger inside. Mrs. X softly fingered my ass while my s****r in law cupped and fondled my balls, and it took almost no time at all for me to be at the edge of what promised to be an incredible orgasm.

Old Man Neighbor Perv

first-time fuckthiswetpussy 2018-06-22

Then felt a breeze and realized that my window was open so i went over to close it and at the same time my neighbor was going to open his. Before i take my shirt off i go to close my curtains and see my neighbor looking through his window. The last time it happens, i go to knock on his door and as soon as he opens, he starts pleading with me not to tell my parents or his wife. When i looked back at the window he already had his cock in his hand, then he just walked away. I told him i knew why he was here so i took him upstairs and gave him a blowjob, which is something he said his wife never did for him.

The New Neighbour Ch. 02

first-time ridged 2018-06-09

"You know what I love about virgins?" she said between kisses, "they're so much fun to break in," I moved my hands up her thighs, kneading them, then slid my fingers into the back of her shorts, gripping her ass. She softly moaned as I caressed the other breast with my hand. One of her hands traveled downward, to play with her clit, while the other moved to her breast, gripping it and squeezing it. I kissed her breasts, and she panted a bit faster. I moved down and took her left breast into my mouth, gently nibbling on her erect nipple. I'd slow a bit if I felt an orgasm coming, and I'd continue to work on her breasts, occasionally kissing her deeply.

Caught in a Shower

first-time threelayers 2018-06-08

I grabbed a towel from the washing pile and dried myself off, and then still naked I went upstairs to my room, which was at the front of the house overlooking the road and the flats opposite. As I watched lights came on in Nicole's flat and I saw her appear in her living room dropping her bags. However, I did feel guilty having intruded on Nicole's privacy; so when my parents got home the front of the house was in darkness and I was in the dining room at the back of the house, this way no light showed at the front of the house. I like to think that if Nicole had ever checked she wouldn't have seen any light in the house until my parent's cars were on the drive.

Neighbor Girl

first-time SlickNick2412 2018-06-06

I pulled her into my arms, and leaned her back against the countertop, and we kissed longer, and as we did, the energy in the room became palpable, and we started the caresses and touches that would take us down the road to full on groping. She pushed up, and sat back again, this time her fingers pulling at my pants and tugging them open. I began to slowly start that sultry dance all first time lovers make, gradually learning each other's moves, building a trust in the rhythm of the passion and emotion, of the raw sexual energy that passes from one to the other as they unite for the common goal of release; release from themselves, from this world and its cares.

Encounter With The Realtor & Her Lady Friend

first-time quantumdriven 2018-06-06

I have though gotten a lot of fantasy masturbation sessions when I freak about one of those friends of her's coming inside and balling me in that house. I'd even once held high hopes that the cunt owner bitch would ball me herself on a regular basis as the friendly neighbor thing to do, but no such luck :-( But on July 3rd of 2013 I finally got my first spontaneous sexual encounter EVER, and it happened in that bitch neighbor's house, I'm not a k**ding. Anyway, so I get the call from some Melanie cunt realtor to come and unlock. But low and behold I get home and Melanie is already calling me, and tells me to come back to unlock again because there's another client suddenly wanting to see the place.

The Boy from Neighbor (Netfound)

first-time Diarch1969 2018-05-29

I built together with him in the tent and noticed the glances of the boy next door. Late in the evening I drank more than 1 bottle of wine and prepared my bivouac under the gaze of the neighbor boy Frank. Sometime during the night I noticed a hand directly on my stomach under my breast. but slowly the hand moved to my right breast. Slowly stroked his little hand on my boob and caressed her. His hand was meanwhile wandered under my shirt and played gently with the hard erect nipple. The was really juicy wet and his little fingers slid gently clean. Suddenly he was in his small but hard cock in my ass and fucked me slowly in the ass.

Tammy and Josh Ch. 01

first-time Asubtlepassion 2018-04-28

Moments later Tammy opened up the door and, seeing Josh, let him into the house. Tammy was Josh's next door neighbor, and she had been a friend of his family for over ten years. "How was school, Josh?" Tammy asked as they both went into her living room. Josh glanced at her laying there, his eyes catching sight of her breasts rising and falling under her shirt. Tammy smiled and asked, "Are you interested in any girls at school, Josh?" He turned red. "Okay, Josh", Tammy said after another minute. Josh watched as she bent over, her full breasts hanging down and looking so lovely. "Did you like my breasts, Josh?" He looked at her.