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Dream Five

first-time 1941aaa 2018-11-29

You can’t believe how much my heart was thumping away in my chest at having this event now happening to my utter joy and pleasure as more semen was pumped out to join the first emission and then to have another two come to add to the rest before I felt your hips stop moving and heard a big sigh come from you as you finished coming in my mouth. I had a big glow in my heart when you stopped moving, for I still had your erection inside me, still throbbing away, just loving the feel at having had my first male cock up my backside and wished that I had started having male sex much earlier in life.

My Hot Neighbors - Part One

first-time anth9012 2018-11-17

As I slid one hand up and began working one of her big firm tits, flicking my thumb against her hard nipple as I worked the rest of the sun cream into her soft firm breasts, making sure to rub them all over, same as I had done with the rest of her body. Then I removed my finger and continued to apply the lotion to her soft thighs, occasionally working my hand between her legs and grazing my thumb against her tight sweet wet pussy. “Oh fuck Amy, I can’t take it anymore, I have to feel that tight pussy right now!” I shouted before pulling her off and pushing her back down onto the lounger, placing her legs either side and kneeling at the bottom.

Medical student next door

first-time smartguy20o9 2018-11-04

Our house happened to be close to a big medical college where Debbie was studying and Jenny was a trainee doctor. Just when I thought she was done, she started pressing various places in my chest and abdomen asking "does it hurt here" or something like that. "I need to check this further" she said and she cleared the dining table and asked me to lie on it. With her face very professional and like a real doctor, then with no warning she pulled my boxer down in one go. All the while, she was stroking the dick, pulling the foreskin back and forth but with a professional look as if a real medical test was going on.

Teaching my 18 year old neighbor pleasure of sex

first-time whiteknight 2018-10-30

I pushed ever so slowly penetrating her warm juicy slit with the head of my cock and breaking into her sealed hole for the first time . Over and over I slowly fucked Kathie's hot tight cunt until I knew she was on the verge of another orgasm. I want you to experience it in your other hole too." "But your cock is so big," Kathie whispered worried it might hurt. This was not going to be easy getting my big cock inside Kathie's tiny tight virgin asshole. Kathie pulled my cock out and I could see the movement of her tongue inside her mouth feeling the warm sticky fluid.


first-time Bray123 2018-09-09

"I'll be going away in a couple of days to Uni." With that she raised the T shirt to her waist and lay back on the quilt showing me a full mop of golden curls, "Stroke me here this time." I was shocked and disconcerted to realise that she had removed her panties and was showing me her private area. "I want to know what it feels like to be touched down there before I go." She closed her eyes and spread her legs widely, letting me stroke her pubes just like I'd caressed her breasts many times before.

A Virgin Man...and Experienced Woman

first-time eroticlitty 2018-08-15

Often at night would lie awake wondering if her pussy was smooth and soft or if it was slightly hairy and worn in the way a well fucked woman's pussy should be, he liked the thought of burrowing his tongue into her wispy folds as she came hard on his face, her bountiful tits bouncing as she crushed her crotch into his mouth. Just the thought of her pussy being where his cock was, was enough to send him over the edge and with one long stroke he spurted hard into the panties. Feeling her cum had driven him to the brink and he began to push his hips upwards his hands firmly planted on her shoulders pushing her down to meet his upward thrusts, his cock ready to burst.

Mowing The Lawn

first-time Ashson 2018-07-21

"I don't think you're going to catch me mowing the lawn in the rain," I pointed out, "and looking at you like what?" "Now look," I said, and Cat gave this little start and then lowered her eyes. I don't think Cat fully realised that her own hands were running over me, with one of them finally settling upon my erection and stroking it. Cat propped herself up slightly onto her elbows, looking down the length of her naked body to where I was kneeling, my erection rearing up and hovering close to her. A few more easy going moves and Cat was starting to press back against me, a dreamy look on her face.


first-time pricky 2018-06-11

after that dinner, on the way home, we were both thinking and feeling the same thing, as soon as we reached his room, he started to take off my clothes, kissing me from my lips then going down, he was a good kisser and i was so wet, i held his dick and it was so hard, i started to give him hand jobs and he was moaning as i stroke up and down, and i got turned on to give him a blow job, and he moaned louder. after having that 1st sex, he got to know more of each other until we are in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and whenever we see each other, we miss each other a lot that every sex that we do, seems like the 1st time we did it when we had that sex after dinner.

Caught in a Shower

first-time threelayers 2018-06-08

I grabbed a towel from the washing pile and dried myself off, and then still naked I went upstairs to my room, which was at the front of the house overlooking the road and the flats opposite. As I watched lights came on in Nicole's flat and I saw her appear in her living room dropping her bags. However, I did feel guilty having intruded on Nicole's privacy; so when my parents got home the front of the house was in darkness and I was in the dining room at the back of the house, this way no light showed at the front of the house. I like to think that if Nicole had ever checked she wouldn't have seen any light in the house until my parent's cars were on the drive.

My MILF Seduction

first-time andylove 2018-05-22

So one day, weeks after my parents and Bro moved out, as I always do was Masturbating in my Living room in the First floor and note the fact that anyone can watch me masturbating from Christy's Balcony through my living room window. So this one fine day with my Living room windows open I started masturbating watching Porn hoping that she'd catch me wanking off noticing my 9inch dick. But then when I grabbed and pulled her, my still-hard dick poked her ass well that I even started cumming inside my shorts. I was star-struck already and to my further surprise she knelt down and pulled off my shorts and started licking my dick and the pre-cum on it.

My first ever masturbation experience using a pair

first-time _illustra_ 2018-05-19

Day 3 came around and i saw her at my local supermarket, even though i knew i got away it i was still on nerves and i thought "shit if she does know this is the moment of truth" i smiled at her per normal and once again i was stone faced and ignored as she continued to walk pass me. Knowing she once wore these only a few days ago and now there mine covered in my spunk & doing a great job of holding my hard cock in place, I called out to my neighbour "good morning neighbour, i think today is going be a great day don't you think" She didn't responded as she had her crash helmet on she heard nothing and went about her business and proceeded to push her moped out of her drive way.

Sam Learns about Sex from New Neighbor

first-time cumcumcum555 2018-03-26

He wanted to know if the books in my box would explain what sex is to him. I said I guessed they would but I thought he probably already knew everything there was to know. I asked if he knew anything about having sex and he said not really. I told him in order for us to have sex he would put his penis which I was going to call his cock inside my vagina that I was going to call my pussy. I laughed and said I was pretty sure his friends knew about sex and I was certain his parents knew if he was their biological son. Slipped my hand between my legs and found that wonderful spot Sam and I had share a few short hours ago.

Neighbourly Licks

first-time wirepuller 2018-02-25

So I visit home for some groceries and cash from the parents and somehow my pussy gets licked by the neighbour. When John came through the adjoining gate and handed me the keys I asked him in for a drink. Breen said she wanted to thank me and that I could come in and have a drink with her. John started kissing my belly and with his tongue began massaging my cunt through my panties. I began to focus on her clit, sucking and massaging it while my finger found the G-spot hard and swollen inside her pussy. My face was covered in pussy juice and as I wiped it on her sheets she said she wanted to suck on my cock now.

Friends with Benefits

first-time infinity321 2018-02-01

I slowly pulled her away from my body by holding her hair and looked at her face and told her I am going to kiss her. I started kissing her again and this time, I was biting her lips and started removing her top, she held the bra with her hand and was feeling a bit shy. I went down to her right nipple and slowly sucked it in, she started going wild and was rubbing my hair with both her hands. We kissed again and this time, she put her hand on my penis and pushed my undie down, I slowly pulled it down to my feet and kicked it away.

Fucked My Hot Neighbour Pt. 01

first-time ladiesman143 2018-01-27

Good height of around 5'7" slim and fit body, Long black hair, fair complexion, firm round 34D boobs and nice ass. But this time it was my English exam the next day for which i was taking Sonakshi's help. She gave me some chapter to read and was busy with her phone texting, maybe with her friend or boyfriend. I took out my phone and made a small video of her fingering herself. She sat on the couch again, lifted her skirt and started fingering again looking at the porn video. I took out my cock from my pants as it started hurting inside and started stroking it. She stopped looking at the video and stared at my thick 7" cock, covered with pre-cum.

Sally's First Three Way

first-time twistedgraygoat 2018-01-02

I ask Sally if she would like me to put it in as we often do as part of our lovemaking, but she said, "No, I'll do it." She filled the applicator, pulled her underwear to the side and inserted it all the way into her vagina before depressing the plunger. John began by exploring Sally's pussy while I licked her breasts and played with her nipples. John came over and over and over and we experienced many more great sex threesomes with him until he got a steady girlfriend and didn't need Sally's pussy as a relief receptacle anymore. Sally's sister was naked on my side of the bed and John, while intertwined with her, was on Sally's side of the bed where he had made himself at home during the times when he needed his horny relief.

Stella Maris: SM in Spain #5

first-time petdyke 2017-11-22

Stella Maris still shows a wet twat and red bums, as I keep my bride to be so horny. Stella Maris moans again and gets wetter, while waiting for my next slide inside her. Stella Maris attracts the attention with her loud moans the moment the girls got out. Stella Maris is now too hot to notice any outside admiration by her silent audience. Who's been been watching me taking Stella Maris in the upper window? Stella Maris comes loud, unaware of her impact. I notice the goose bums at the skin of Stella Maris, hearing the applause outside. I come hard inside Stella Maris, rocking my hips and thumbs up to those two newbies.

Neighbours Fun Pt. 01

first-time konradj 2017-11-03

Jemma swims regularly and Ray is the club captain of his cricket team. I'll always remember Jemma overhearing their comments and looking around at me on the bus. Jemma has phoned my mum and asked would I like to play for Ray's cricket team at the weekend. Jemma suggests I call round to their place at 10am on Saturday and Ray can drive me to the match and leave me back. I follow her into the living room with my eyes fixated on her short, silk dressing gown and I wonder what, if anything, she is wearing underneath. I look closer and also note that her lovely hairy mound has the extra attraction of beads of thick white cum on it.

Angel in the Night 02

first-time ReefBeach 2017-10-22

Weeping fear of being caught (remember I'm still a shy 18 year old!) jostled alongside exultation at my escape; the wonder of Thien's glorious body lying on her bed, her spicy smell, then the excitement of my first handjob, of licking her to shuddering climax. Thien looked blank for an instant, then smiled the naughtiest smile I've ever seen on a girl's face - though I did come to recognise that look of desire later on! In high school I had one or two crushes, and those awkward lessons about "relationships" but, I didn't do 'that'." Thien's voice was so soft, if my face wasn't buried in her long scented hair I would have been too far away to hear.

Intrusive Neighbour Ch. 01

first-time EagerlyAwaited 2017-10-20

"We've got four here: Anna, Beth, Carla and Debbie." Sara said, pointing to the girls. Anna couldn't stop herself from imagining herself with Hank, she had never been with a man before, but she sat there thinking of how to get into his bed. "Great then, I don't suppose you were going on holiday, having just moved?" Hank said, talking mostly to Anna's parents. *My teacher wasn't that old, I don't think he was much over twenty-five.* But Anna knew she had a thing for older men, and today wasn't the first time she had fallen head-over-heels in love. Forgetting to turn off the spa, Hank helped his girls trough their night-time-routine, his eyes barely open.