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Santa the Elf and the MILF

first-time frogprince 2018-11-09

Amy told Lisa, “Why don’t you pour Santa a glass of wine while I make dinner?” Lisa was still sucking softly on my hard cock and I was playing with her breasts. Amy looked over at Lisa who was finger fucking her pussy and said, “Get over here and take this rock hard cock in your wet hot pussy, girl.” Amy held me up and Lisa slowly lowered her swollen quivering pussy onto my hard cock. Lisa grabbed me and let Amy put her fingers inside to spread her inner lips. My cock head popped inside Lisa and was quickly grabbed by her pussy. Amy had reached over and with her hand following Lisa’s movements massaged her clit getting her more turned on.

Breaking In The Virgin

first-time Dryad 2018-11-07

I moaned weakly as he gripped his cock in his hand and rubbed the head against my lower lips. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt you," he said, his voice muffled against my skin, "You feel so damn good, so tight and warm and wet." Yes sir, I love your cock," I screamed to the ceiling, smoothing my hands down to his ass and pulling him towards me, desperate to be fucked. The way he continuously licked and kissed my neck and face, the way his hands never stopped stroking me, his eyes never leaving my body, all made me feel worshipped. "Tight little pussy!" Will growled suddenly, tossing his head back and moaning loudly at the ceiling before looking at me again.

The Tales From The Tavern: I Lust After Your Scar (Part II)

first-time el_henke 2018-11-07

Looking him in the eyes, I let go of his dick, and coyly asked with my girliest voice, “Wanna fuck your little scar girl, Mr. Jordan?” I gyrated my hips on his cock to stimulate every spot at its time while his hands roamed my body, squeezed my tits, ran over my scalp and caressed my ugly scar. I got to my knees, turned my head to throw him my most seductive look and present him my scar while I spread my ass cheeks with my hands and shoved two fingers up little snatch, showing him where I craved his cock.

Rose’s Petals

first-time deepemerald 2018-10-01

One day in May Rose's parents asked Martin if he minded looking after the house when they went away on a cruise to mark their 25th wedding anniversary. Rose didn't notice that Martin kept positioning himself strategically where he would get a good view of her heart shaped ass in those tight little shorts. Martin wanted nothing more than ask Rose to join him in is brand new shower for two, but he held his tongue. Since she favoured the kind of bra that squished her tits tight, thinking that they'd look smaller, she didn't notice that she entered Martin's house with a killer cleavage. He grabbed her knees and pulled her legs upwards, making her pussy open up like a dew covered pink rose.

A First Time for Everything Ch. 04

first-time curious_cait 2018-06-12

A soft sigh escaped my lips as I felt his warm, strong hands encircle my waist, the feeling of flesh on flesh sending warmth directly to my center. He'd been telling me all this time that we wouldn't go farther or do anything I didn't want to, and now he was letting me put that into action, instead of asking me what was or wasn't okay as I just went along for the ride. It pleased me to no end that my hand could apparently make him feel good, but I was dying to try out some of the tips I'd read online about blowjobs. I knew I wouldn't do a good job if I just jumped into it like I wanted to, so I took my time, listening to his soft sighs.

Doing Eva Ch. 04

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-03-26

Her granddaughter, Kati, was expected to arrive in a couple of weeks and take up residence with Eva and Ray in their home. "What did you tell her exactly?" I wondered as there was a lot Eva might have said that I couldn't believe Kati would be ready for. I wondered if there would be a chance to get naked with Eva, maybe while Ray kept Kati busy. Of course, the trust that Eva had put in me to look after Kati meant nothing was going to happen, but at least I could ogle and fantasize, and yes, masturbate, all with no guilt associated with wanting an underage girl.

Catholic Corruption Ch. 01

first-time Irish_Dude 2017-11-29

I stop bouncing for a minute with his penis still fully inside me and lean forward to give him a long, intimate kiss. I want to feel it inside me for the rest of the day!" With that, I feel the Principal's penis swell up to an even bigger size and ejaculate its first load of semen. I later confirmed with Principal Voyeur that he had not had sex since his wife left him, so I had just taken 6 months worth of semen! When his penis finally stops pulsating inside me, I am so happy I am beaming, and I now care for Principal Voyeur more than ever.