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I Met a Seventy Year Old Virgin

first-time Mysteria27 2018-12-04

If you like, I’d love to be your first lover. I wanted to taste her pussy and fuck her like she had never been fucked before. I just looked at her virginal, old pussy and then kissed her center. Clara just giggled and then I put my tongue on her pussy lips. Clara was moaning and groaning while I licked her pussy. It was like years and years of pussy juice were finally making landfall. “Clara, I’d love if you put my cock into your mouth. Who could ever say they took a seventy year old women's virginity? I bet there are lots of lonely women just aching to get a nice young man wanting to fuck their old cunts.

No More Rules

first-time A_Non_A_Moose 2018-06-26

"No please, just let me finish," cried Maria as Mrs Albert yanked her hand from between her legs and pushed her towards the next outfit that was laid out neatly on her bed. Craig looked down at the familiar sight of semen on skin, but this time it wasn't his hands that were dripping his seed, for the first time it was the pale, lightly freckled skin of a woman. Maria reached into her bedside draw and pulled out a condom, tore off the wrapper then grabbed Craig by the hips and slipped the latex sheath over his erection. Despite his sensitive state, Craig stayed inside her, gently rocking backwards and forwards to feel her pussy grab hold of his cock, squeezing it, trying to force out more cum.

My First Experience At Foreplay

first-time menka26 2018-02-15

And then he suddenly placed his lips on mine and held my face in his hands. After kissing and sucking my lips his hands started rolling all over they were moving on my legs and as they crossed over my pubic region each time I cried Still engrossed in my thoughts I realized his lips touched the lips of my wet pussy I was dripping he started sucking and tried to slip one of his fingers. He removed his fingers which, of course, I didn't like and I placed my hands on his head and thrust it again on my pussy. He started kissing and sucking wildly with his fingers thrusting back and forth in my wet pussy .