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Our first holiday without parents- Day 2

first-time Janet32DD 2018-11-20

In the club James was surrounded by swarms of hot girls, the rest of the guys waiting to pick up his rejections, which was all of them as James wasn't the type to get off with strangers. The girl turned around and shoved her tongue down my throat, sliding her hand between our bodies and stroking the shaft of my penis, trying to get it hard. Shit, I had seen so much shit about girls getting raped in these places, so I hoped that Alex or David would see her walking out and follow, or at least one of her girl friends but they were all thriving on male attention which they didn't deserve.  I feel like I'm wasting time talking to these strange guys who I'll never know or see again.

My Sister’s Girlfriend - Part 2

first-time FunTimez 2018-11-20

Hoping that I wouldn’t climax too soon like the day before, I kicked off my sandals, went over to the bed and climbed on top of her. She moaned and writhed as I played with her beautiful wet pussy, but I knew that I would soon have to remove my shorts to let my rock hard cock spring free. She kissed me again, but wasted no time getting down to my rock hard cock. I lay there panting as she slowed, feeling cum drip out of her pussy and down my cock. She removed my cock from her pussy, licked the cum from it, then collapsed on top of me, her breasts pushing into my chest as we lay together, panting hard.

Dull Video Games Can Be Dangerous

first-time spinneroftales 2018-11-20

Matt let Bert’s cock slip out of his mouth and Bert pulled his boxers and pants down to his ankles. Bert said, “Oh yeah, try your finger Matt. Bert flopped over on his back and Matt got between his legs and slurped Bert’s cock into his mouth, going down until his nose was nestled in Bert’s pubic patch. Bert resumed beating his cock, the taste of Matt’s cum making him hotter than he had ever been when jacking off alone in his bedroom. He said, “Let me taste mine,” and leaned forward and sucked his cum from Bert’s chin and nose. Matt moved down to Bert’s stomach and licked up the remaining cum and then back up to share it with Bert.

Wanna Bet? Ch. 03

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-20

"Oh!" said Kerry in surprise as he began to suck on the tender pink bud; she could feel it turning into a hard little nubbin in his mouth, responding to the pleasurable stimulation. Almost whimpering, Kerry spread her legs to allow him easier access as his mouth went back and forth between her inner thighs; she could actually feel her pussy burning with anticipation. Allowing her clit to pop out of his mouth, he started licking around her pussy again, cleaning it of the juices that had flowed from her while she orgasmed. This was his first time with his fingers in any girl's pussy, but if there was one spot inside that felt different, and only one, then it was going to be hard to miss.

Becoming Josie part 1

first-time TonyaL 2018-11-20

They watch us swaying to the music when I turn grinding into Kitty I see the other dancer has a cock in each hand. Mr. John, brushing my hair off my face looks into my eyes telling me, “You’re a beautiful woman Josie, there is no way Chloe is prettier than you. I turn my head opening my eyes seeing the men stroking their hard cocks and the other dancer touching herself as they watch me intently. I lick again and this time Kitty pulls back the skin making his head a purplish color and even harder. Fascinated at how he can be both soft and hard at the same time, I use my tongue to lick him and suck his cock into my mouth like he was a lollipop.

Little Arab Buttercup (part one)

first-time Green_Man 2018-11-20

I started making a schedule of the times she appeared in the bazaar, how long she stayed and which direction she traveled when her group moved away. After taking all afternoon to finally decide she lived in this large residence I returned to the consulate to mull over what I knew and what I desired. Finally, I took the plunge and started making stealthy forays into the city streets after darkness fell, moving quickly and with purpose to her domicile. While she still held my cock in her little hand I began kissing my way down her belly. Finally she had to release me, but a smile came to her as I moved my mouth to the little clit peeking out of its hood.

Caught in the Act

first-time henrygatewood 2018-11-19

He had stopped thrusting to turn his head and shout at me, and I heard the woman – I think it was Katy, from finance – moan something to the effect that she would very much like him to continue. Every time I opened them I saw the back of Amy’s head, heard her gentle breathing, and found myself thinking about that big red bra. Amy drew my hand gently away from my dick, then straddled my chest and pulled the long t-shirt up over her head. Our bodies moved like two parts of some sensual machine, there on the enormous bed in the moonlight, every motion perfectly balanced and ecstatically surreal.

My first cock

first-time JBB 2018-11-19

What was shocking was that Mindy was wearing a bikini, which of course would get her in serious trouble; especially being alone with Jeff. Next thing I know, Mindy turns to Jeff with a demanding frown and nods toward her pussy mound, then sets the lounger to a sitting position. Mindy pulled her bikini bottom to the side and thrust her glistening pussy towards Jeff. Jeff cupped Mindy’s ass in his powerful hands and lowered his entire mouth over her pussy. A few minutes latter Jeff got up to come in the house and I quickly stepped away from the window. Jeff and I were fucking on my bed with my legs wrapped around his ass and his powerful chest crushing my small tits when Mindy walked in.

The Request: Chapter Two

first-time Sirene_Jaune 2018-11-19

She was looking cute tonight, her blonde hair was plaited and sitting on her nose, was a pair of green framed glasses. I walked to the door and see the pizza chick, looking bored as she told me the total and thrust the pizza box into my hands, after I gave her the money. I went to the kitchen, to give my own hands a quick wash and could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. My cock started to stiffen, as her small hand went to my crotch. I put my index finger under the legs of the panties and start to yank them down when I noticed small Cyrillic words inked on each side of her inner thighs.

Two M.P.s

first-time spinneroftales 2018-11-19

Still standing by the bunk, the private quickly unbuttoned the fly of his pants and pulled his hot cock out and began jacking it frantically. The private did his best not to flinch at another man touching his cock, but as the sergeant fondled it the feeling sent shivers of delight through his body. When he had gotten it open and the shirt tail pulled out of his pants, he struggled to free himself of it, all the while sucking on the private’s rather long cock. When the sergeant reached the private’s cock he took it back in his mouth, but at the same time he rose up and situated himself on the cot.

Blondie Loses Her V-Card

first-time Jinxy 2018-11-19

He kisses me hard, sucking my tongue deep into his mouth. I can feel the twisting need deeper inside me, making me need him more. I know now why people love sex so much, yet I still haven't been fucked. I start to cum hard, my first climax with a man. I can feel the piercing pain, but like the bite on my neck it is a good pain. He moves in slowly, as if trying to know me from the inside out. My fingers are in his hair, our eyes locked on each other, with that, he starts moving inside me. I squeeze my legs tighter around him, making him fuck me a little faster. I feel the same way, staying right where he holds me close.

Older is Better

first-time writernot1 2018-11-19

She sees the pleasure in his eyes and sucks even harder and faster.Carl can feel her saliva sliding down his short shaft onto his balls and it turns him on even more but he knows he must stop her or she will get a mouth full of cum. Jill can feel Carl's cock growing slightly in her mouth as she sucks and licks on it. Trying something new Carl grabs Jill's hair and pulls on it slightly. Carl can feel Jill's pussy pulsating tightly around his cock from a powerful orgasm. She slowly rides his slippery cock for a few minutes until she feels Carl's hands grab her hips and hold her at the tip of his cock.

Teaching Me The Chemistry Of Love

first-time WetGirly 2018-11-19

My friends started making jokes about it, because we shared lots of things in common and I think I was the one who he used to talk to the most from the class, so whenever we found him in the hallways and greeted us, they giggled and told me funny things about the situation. Sometime later, I got to the conclusion that it didn’t mattered if he was practically 13 years older than me and he was a teacher at my own school, but someday I had to get really close to him…and it happened. I can tell you that I like you a lot and I really want you…and after seeing this…I think I can say I love you…- I felt I was blushing, but at the same time I felt kinda peaceful.

Without Love

first-time styxx 2018-11-18

Michelle, somewhat overawed by the sudden change, kissed Sonia back, only to find that her lips had parted and a tongue sought entrance to her mouth.   Without breaking the kiss, Michelle pulled her duvet aside to reveal her naked body under the cover and as an invitation for Sonia to get in.   Sonia removed her fist carefully, twisting gentle as she prised it out and lay alongside Michelle, cradling her head in the crook of her arm while the shudders of climax gradually diminished.   Alan shifted position, turning and breaking the umbilical connection of cock and mouth to kiss her lips and take her breasts in his hands.

A First Time for Everything

first-time biguy2play 2018-11-18

I thought nothing at all of sitting in this older man’s darkened bedroom, on his bed next to him in my underwear until Dick’s hand reached over and stroked the front of my white cotton briefs. “Does that feel good?” Dick softly asked, stroking my hidden cock gently but with purpose. I’d stroked my own cock enough times to know the answer and the two beers made it even easier to enjoy this. I watched Dick’s face fill with pleasure and lust, intent on the cock fucking my tight virgin ass and I felt my own lust build. With one hard push to get as deep into me as he could, Dick’s cock exploded cum inside me.

Candy Stroker Part 5: Another Big Step For Me

first-time Paddler 2018-11-18

Then, just as the guy reached the door, Brad broke the kiss and said, ‘If you weren’t a liar, you’d be enjoying Lois’s incredible body tonight and again and again. “June, you...I wasn’t sure if you’d like it with a girl.” She spread my lips with her fingers and I opened my legs for her, eater to learn to make love to a beautiful woman. “Well, she told me that if we weren’t at her job, she’d tell me a really hot story about what she did to a guy by wearing a huge girdle that covered her whole body. “Well, Lois wanted to tell me what she’d done with this guy who’d lied to her, told her he wasn’t married.

Something Strange in Iowa, Part Two

first-time BrassRing 2018-11-18

With his right hand tangled in Ellie's hair, Cain nuzzled at her neck, kissing, but not biting. "Oh, Ellie," Cain said, looking up into her eyes, "they're beautiful!" Cain moved back to his left and hovered over her right nipple, allowing her to feel his breath on it before he touched it with his lips. Cain leaned down and kissed first her left nipple, and then her right and looked up to see her reaction. Ellie kept her left hand covering her pussy but held the top of his head with her right. Cain kept possession of her lip and nibbled and kissed right beside Ellie's massaging hand.

Let's Surprise Him

first-time candytales 2018-11-18

It wasn’t quite eight-fifteen and I was looking forward to more sex but Jack said that, as much as he wanted to stay with me, he needed to meet a deadline for filing some reports so he’d be going soon. Jack’s thick shaft seemed to be much bigger than she could take but, after I’d spat on it a few times and her vulva started to open up, I was able to ease his cock into her luscious young cunt. I’ve still got the wonderful image in my mind of Molly’s beautiful vagina gradually consuming every inch of Jack’s hard cock.

Afternoon with a T-Girl

first-time onlyanalias 2018-11-17

She moved closer to him and pressed closed lips to his mouth and took his cock in her hand. He straddled her legs and took the cock in his mouth and tasted the dry latex as he massaged the head with his tongue, working up saliva to get it wet. He took her cock out of his mouth and said, without looking up, keeping his gaze on the cock, stroking it, wanting it so badly, imagining how it would feel, ripping into him, “Are you ready to fuck me now?” He looked puzzled, but before he could ask, she said, “I want to fuck you missionary so I can see your face.” Applying lube to her dick.

Initiation at Sixteen Part 2

first-time muffmate 2018-11-17

When she saw it was me, she grinned and slowly took her hands away. She grinned at me again: “Oh that was lovely” and she reached for my right hand and pulled it up to lay on her bra. She held my hand to her breasts and she said: “Squeeze them!” I was in shock, I still couldn’t believe that this was happening. After they closed the door, I immediately jumped to the window to watch them drive away and ensure they turned the corner. I could see her pussy juice starting to seep though, and I nearly came in my pants when she lifted her finger to her mouth, all the time watching me from those perfect eyes.

The Night's Not Over Yet

first-time Arcane 2018-11-17

An hour passed as I continued to chat to my friends, Sophie in my arms smiling shyly when I said something funny. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Sophie remove her flannel shirt and pull her tank-top over her head. Sophie sat next to my body and inspected my semi-erect cock that was slowly stiffening in the cool air. Sophie wrapped her hands around the base of my cock as she held the head in her mouth, circling and flicking it with her tongue. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down against the lips of Sophie's pussy. As I continued to enter her, Sophie raised her legs towards her hips so that she looked like a frog ready to spring.

A bunch of First

first-time bimwmed 2018-11-17

            Once down on my knees she continued to stroke his cock with her left hand but put her right arm around me and began kissing me passionately, I truly thought she was going to suck my tongue right out of my mouth. I started to head towards the living room and my clothes when Sharon stopped me and said she thought those were going to need a washing and for me to follow her, she grabbed a hold of a finger on my left hand and led me into the bedroom.

A Long Hard Look (part 3)

first-time RainNymph68 2018-11-17

I was a virgin, sure but I was so attracted to David that it didn't matter. As I took off my coat, I could see Dave shaking a little bit. The thighs in his jeans became a lot tighter and his breathing became harder. "Your breasts are amazing, Judy," he said. "Fucking beautiful." David did not hesitate to unclasp the restrictive bra that bound my breasts together. Once the hook was undone my breasts flounced apart, free and obviously very excited to see him. My dusty rose nipples stood at complete attention. They swayed as I moved up and down and finally my tongue went straight for those lips I've been longing to kiss. "Here let me do that for you," David said, gently pulling me to my feet and replacing my hand with his.

Patti Was a Tomboy

first-time canalghost225 2018-11-17

I was a good date, giving a girl a good time without trying to feel her up every time, so when some of the kids found out that I was spending time with Patti, who was a year behind me in school, no one could understand why I would do that. Then one day when she was in the garage as I worked on the car, she came close to me and leaned in, not touching me except for the kiss she gave me. She stayed out late every night while her parents thought that I was home alone since they could see me doing my usual things with no sign of Patti.