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It's Her Birthday

first-time Boss01 2018-12-04

I looked down, this time noting that the bra was now unhooked and the cups pulled aside, confirming that she did indeed have small, perky breasts, with youthful firmness and a smattering of light freckles across her chest. Gently grasping my head, Cindy pulled me up and kissed me, our tongues battling for supremacy as she held me tight against her, grinding her still clothed pelvis against my now rock hard cock while I held her waist with one hand and clutched her butt with the other. Unable to contain herself, Cindy lowered her panties and then pulled my face back to her pussy, treating me to the sight of a sparse patch of strawberry blond hair covering her “V” before my lips were once again planting kisses, my tongue snaking as she moaned with desire.

Cos we like it rough....

first-time suburbgirl_x 2018-11-24

I could feel his neck and his head moving forward, tracing down my hair and onto my neck, before his warm lips smashed against my neck, turning me slowly as he kissed along my jaw line and stopping as we faced each other. Thanks though" she said, smiling as she walked past me with my hand held out still holding the glass. His lips where soon back pressed against mine, this time he was ruffling his hand through my hair, holding my waist and breathing fast against my skin. His hip grinding against mine, lifting my leg again and wrapping it around his waist, pushing his cock against my stomach and moving himself downwards, teasing my pussy with his cock which by now had began throbbing again for more........

The Quality of Mercy

first-time harley_quinn 2018-11-21

He worked in a bicycle shop and was also on the rugby team with Matty and Joe. Andy was a hopeless romantic and thought that love was in the eyes of every woman and around every corner. I lived in a household with one handsome man in Lewis and three large, muscular rugby-playing lads in Matty, Joe and Andy. After we finished tidying, we all wished Matty Happy Birthday again and went about our own things. Lewis said he was going for a shower after working all day and Matty, Joe and Andy decided to go to the gym down the road before their next rugby match at the weekend. Joe's eyes were closed, he looked like he was struggling for breath.

My fantasies cum true

first-time Valdis55 2018-11-19

As I took him in I lost myself a little and he kissed me again, pulling me back to reality. He kissed the lips of my pussy, licked my clit, sucked on it, and stuck his tongue in my tight little hole. “From the looks of it I don’t think that’ll be a problem, I had you going there.” I rolled my eyes “Psch you’re telling me, that was amazing.” His smile got even bigger and he took off his pants and briefs. I trailed kisses down his chest and stomach and stopped right above his hard waiting member. We were both biting our lips with our eyes closed, enjoying every second when I grabbed his dick and guided it to my little hole.

Mia - Chapter 9: Happy Birthday Jesse

first-time HollyShamrock 2018-11-19

I better go and make sure the girls from my class don’t get pulled into Patrice’s game,” Norah joked before leaving Jesse and Mia together. “Ladies, what’s with the drama over here?” asked Jesse as he squeezed in a space next to Mia. She couldn’t help roll her eyes as a few of the girls in the group swooned as he joined them. Mia felt his hand grab her thighs and she wrapped her legs around his waist as Jesse lifted her up. After a few long, languid strokes, Jesse grazed his hand down her thigh and wrapped her legs around his waist which Mia noticed made his thrusts deeper. “You know, I think the best way for me to get used to you...” Mia panted as Jesse gently caressed her thighs, “would be to keep practicing.

Make It Up To Me

first-time sabrina1127 2018-11-18

He looked over at me with those beautiful blue eyes of his and put his hand on my waist and pulled me against his side, as if he was trying to protect me from all the drunken people around us. He then took his right hand and grasped my nape and pulled my face into his until our lips met. “Oh no, I’m just getting started,” he smiled and took my hand pulling me behind him as he did in the concert. We stepped inside the elevator and as the doors closed, he grabbed my hand and turned facing me. He chuckled, a tiny smile grew on his face and he clasped my chin and gave me a quick kiss on the lips then on the bandage where my injury was.

A Chance Encounter

first-time esteven 2018-11-16

Steve was managing to fondle her boobs while he kept them pinched tight around his cock and his head was leaving pre-cum all over her chin and lower lip. Steve leaned in and began kissing the exposed area while continuing to pull her pants down. Taking his sweet time Steve finally reached the top and as his tongue traveled across her waiting clit Cathy moaned. Steve pulled away long enough to lower his head, then repeated the process, this time pushing his tongue in even further. Cathy began to pant loudly and her legs were starting to lock around Steve's head. "Holy shit, you really do like going down, I think this is harder than it was before," Cathy said as she reached out and grabbed Steve's cock.

Blog 3

first-time CumGirl 2018-11-16

 Which is what he is going to do; so I’m gonna have to dash because I’ve got a virgin who needs their cherry popping, arriving very shortly and I do want to look my best … but don’t worry I will pop back and tell you how it went. I drove myself down on his splendid cock, my pussy muscles clamping fiercely around him, wet squelching noises accompanying every descent, my lovely little bottom jiggling as it crashed against his thighs, my tiny breasts bouncing wildly beneath my blouse, my hair stuck to my face by a light sheen of sweat and the remains of his cum, my hands gripping the back of the chair, my face inches from his, eyes locked on each other and my mouth screaming, screaming, screaming … “Fuck Me.”

Annie's Little Man

first-time PAMtnMan 2018-11-15

But every time she got close to me or even brushed against me, a wonderful warm feeling would flow through my body. I was enjoying the kiss so much I didn’t notice my arms were around Annie and I was pulling her body against mine. Annie’s lips touched the tip of my cock and I thought it would jump into her mouth. Her body jumped as she felt my tongue touch her swollen lips. She kissed me wildly and at the same time she guided my hard throbbing cock between her wet pussy lips. I think I actually gasped at the pleasure I was feeling as my cock plunged into her hot wet pussy.

Losing my virginity at the lighthouse

first-time curlyq493 2018-11-15

I began to kiss his neck and moan as he pulled on my nipple and his other hand started up my thigh. He rubbed and squeezed and played with my nipple then a couple minutes later I took his hand and put it up under my skirt, he brushed his hand against my panties and I could tell that he felt the wet spot and quickly he slipped a finger under them and felt my wetness. I got about two-thirds into my mouth when Andy began to moan and pull on my nipple hard. As I climbed over the seat to get to the back Andy took his hand and put it up my skirt and began rubbing my through my panties.

Reality Check

first-time OldGeezer 2018-11-14

It was, it seemed, and with her hand around my cock, her lips around its head, her tongue lapping my precum, and my tongue working around and on her clit, my hands under her bottom, sliding into and out of her pussy, it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before her body simply bucked and thrashed into violent convulsions of the most wonderful orgasm I had seen for a long while. "Oh yes," she said, "I am more than ready to be your 3 way woman," and lowered herself so that my cock, slippery and wet from her pussy juices, pressed against her tight rosebud.

My Rookie Evening

first-time jocko85 2018-11-13

Then I went further forward and took his head between my lips and in my mouth and gave it a good hard suck. We continued to fuck missionary style and then, Thomas asked me to move a minute while he lay down on his back then he told me to ride his cock any way I wanted to. I reached up and took his cheeks in my hands and pulled him down and gave him a great big kiss. As I went down the elevator I thought, I could fuck Tom every night of the week and love it but on the other hand If I fell in love with all my clients I would go broke.

Loving Zach

first-time romancefox 2018-11-04

He gasped, and then, I drove the full length of his cock into my mouth, and sucked harder and harder, faster and faster, when- “Kels, I’m going to cum!” Zach said breathlessly. “I’m on the pill, and I want to feel the ropes of your cum warming the inside of my pussy.” His cock wasn’t entirely hard still, and he looked at me expectantly. The hot, steamy water was unbelievably refreshing, and it wasn’t long before Zach powerfully shoved me up against the wall and began to fuck me so hard our orgasms were explosive. However, before the throbbing could subside, Zach swooped in and pushed the showerhead back into its place, murmuring, “Baby, I want you to come.” Not long after, my sweet juices puddled on the chair, and I convulsed in powerful orgasm.

After Hours [Part One]

first-time trix81 2018-11-03

My breasts were almost touching him, he leaned close to my right ear and said quietly, “You need to live a little.” And with that he began to kiss my neck. I was so taken back but at the same time I looked into his eyes and felt him draw me right in; a hunger took over me, suddenly I wanted more! He straightened up, “I want you to suck me off.” I sat up and got onto my knees while he stood before me, I took his cock in my hands, not sure what on earth I was doing, and gently moved my hand up and down it. I suddenly felt the throbbing cock hit it’s limit and explode in my mouth, my first instinct was to stop and spit it out but I just swallowed and let him keep cumming.

Good Lodgings!

first-time OldGeezer 2018-11-03

It manifested itself in various ways, but was more of an attitude than any specific action, although I think overall Susan was less guarded in the things she would say, sometimes being critical of Fred, and then laughing and saying that she was glad he wasn’t here to hear her go on like this. "This has to be our secret," she said, "Fred doesn’t know I have such wicked thoughts, and ever since you came here, I have wanted to touch you." Saying this she did just that, her hand reaching down to encircle my erect penis, and to draw it out of my pyjamas.

Candy Stroker Part 4: Cherry No More!

first-time Paddler 2018-11-03

“I want to do it again,” Mel said, “but I want you to have a better view.” She got on her knees with her legs spread wide, then started rubbing the top of her slit over her clit. I kicked my legs and bounced my tits like I’d seen strippers and dancers do in movies.I got close to Adam and leaned way forward, my rounded breasts right in his face. He rocked the tip back and forth, rubbed his hands over my stocking-clad legs, felt my breasts, even rubbed my clit a little, but he wouldn’t fully enter me, no matter how hard I tried hump up to get him inside.

My first time i'll never forget

first-time sexiichick 2018-10-29

began to go down and I pulled off his boxers only to longing to wait to see his amazing 10" cock, it was so big and thick I just wanted it inside me then and there, instead I grabbed it and started stroking it, it felt so good in my hand. I went hard and fast trying to take in as much as I could, I held my head and was groaning loudly so I knew he was enjoying himself, I began to go faster I wanted his hot delicious cum inside my mouth, he started panting loudly and groaning louder, the then said “Angie I’m going to cum soon.” This is when I started going harder and faster, I grabbed the bottom of his cock and stroked it while I took the rest in my mouth.

Jack's First Blowjob

first-time ozzietosser 2018-09-23

"Hey there, you're looking a little lost," the girl at the reception desk was cheery and Jack noticed, according to her name badge, her name was Charlotte. Go straight through and then the change rooms and showers are on the right," Jack could feel Charlotte's eyes following him as he walked through the door. By the time he was onto his fourth machine Jack had worked up a healthy sweat and his workout top was clinging to his back and beginning to outline his abs nicely. Jack finished his last set, grabbed his towel and headed through the empty gym to the locker room. Jack could feel himself getting close to orgasm but knew he couldn't reach climax while standing in the shower.

Virgin Stories Ch. 01

first-time SilverShade 2018-08-12

The first day promised to be a lot of fun since Danyel decided she didn't have enough fun and took her to the cinema to see a film she'd wanted to see for weeks, then proved he could cook by making them pizza when they got back home a few hours after dark. "Please Danyel, I'm too sore to go again." Jennifer was sure she was going to hurt for a week already, but still being light-headed from her orgasms she got into the position anyway. "Fits like a glove..." Danyel moved slowly and only used small thrusts at first, but soon started fucking her hard. "Want seconds?" Danyel looked mischievious as he said it, so Jennifer figured he didn't just mean pancakes.

It all Started with a Bet Ch. 02

first-time kinkygay87 2018-06-15

I wanted to look good when Steve arrived. I quickly moved over to the sofa and took a seat, trying to make myself look more casual about Steve being here. "We're good mate....." Steve took a seat next to Tammy. Knowing that she wasn't going to answer, Steve looked at me and rolled his eyes again. "You wanted to stay home." Steve said. "You fucking tease." Steve said. Steve quickly stopped and pulled his cock out of my mouth. Steve sat still for a few seconds, getting used to having a cock in his ass. The smile left Steve's face, he was now looking upset. Steve pulled my softening cock out of his ass and climbed off me.

A Good Movie

first-time raspera 2018-05-20

He turned and looked her way catching her gaze, blue eyes pausing briefly, and then a friendly smile, "Hello, I'm Pat." Although there was a room of friendly people and a supposedly good movie playing Tina could not stop thinking about the man next to her. Tina felt Pat's hand lift off her thigh and slide behind the small of her back and lock onto her far side. Pat looked down at her, smiled and whispered "Sorry its a little crowded, do you mind?" Suddenly Pat let out a "Oh Fuck" and as he pulled his hand out of her pants and started to stand up a drink already in motion hit their laps and burst.

Not Every Cloud...

first-time johnmck 2017-12-18

The summer was unusually hot, and most days were spent out doors with a group of friends on bikes and playing football, that's when John met Tina, a beautiful and very quiet girl from the other side of the town, she had black hair always with tons of gel or hairspray and rock hard to touch, by accident, John fell in love instantly, and she the same, summer went and they both started college in the same class, the two were inseparable on a daily account, they had only kissed during the start of the year, later in the year it went to touching outside of their clothing and in third year touching underneath the clothes , they were the perfect school couple,