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Blondie Loses Her V-Card

first-time Jinxy 2018-11-07

He kisses me hard, sucking my tongue deep into his mouth. I can feel the twisting need deeper inside me, making me need him more. I know now why people love sex so much, yet I still haven't been fucked. I start to cum hard, my first climax with a man. I can feel the piercing pain, but like the bite on my neck it is a good pain. He moves in slowly, as if trying to know me from the inside out. My fingers are in his hair, our eyes locked on each other, with that, he starts moving inside me. I squeeze my legs tighter around him, making him fuck me a little faster. I feel the same way, staying right where he holds me close.

One Night Stand

first-time hedgehogmountain 2018-06-11

I moved closer to him on the floor, watching through hooded eyes, but the music soon had me absorbed in a world of my own, almost forgetting about the handsome stranger. I could feel his breath hot against my neck and his teeth at my ear as he whispered: "I want you, stranger." Our lips met ravenously. Pushing him back, I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock towards the tip, slowly taking it between my lips. I gazed into his eyes while he moved in my pussy, his cock massaging me from the inside. His hands massaged my ass, trailed to linger at my waist, and then moved to my shoulders, which he pushed firmly into the bed.