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Princess Diaries (03): Cindy

first-time timojen 2018-11-27

I pushed into the room and closed the door to find Matt kissing Jeff Garcia. I’d completely forgotten about getting another kiss from Matt until Jeff invited me over. Matt got the hang of it, though, so Jeff moved up to point his cock in my face. Matt got on his knees and showed me how Jeff likes it. Since Jeff rudely covered me in cum, Matt made him lick and kiss my face clean. I broke off a kiss with Jeff and begged Matt to fuck me. I relaxed into the kiss and Jeff pushed a finger up my ass, sending me off like a rocket. Matt and Jeff are…” said Jasmine.

The Geezer, Part 2-Teaching Rachel Suzy

first-time senorlongo 2018-11-23

It had all started Friday afternoon when Rachel seduced me in the school parking lot, and then the following day when her mom, Becky, invited me to dinner. “I think we need to kiss it and make it better, don’t you, Mom?” she said as she dropped to her knees and started to remove my pants. I got Saturday off from the ER but I’m going to have to work Friday night and Saturday night, the 4 to 12 shift.” She smiled, “I’m sure you won’t mind being here alone with Rachel both nights, will you? I’ll probably need some relief after the stress of the ER; God, the things that happen over the weekends!” I smiled, “Were you referring to the ER?” Rachel and I just laughed while Becky frowned at my lame joke.

No Longer A Virgin

first-time Samantha6969 2018-11-23

“Oh shit John, just like that don't stop.” I said over and over as I grabbed his hair and pushed hiss face even deeper into my pussy. I felt my pussy clinch around John's cock as he thrust deep into me hitting my cervix, which sent a shock of pain through me. John's pace started quickening as he used his right to grab my hair, pull my head back, nearly standing me straight up as, and used it to thrust right into my cervix. John tilted his head back and moaned as I began to go deeper and deeper, swirling my tongue all around his cock, tasting as much of our cum as possible.

Jack and Katie

first-time MaryJane3 2018-11-23

Jack held out a hand to Katie and pulled her to her feet. Katie tried to crawl away but Jack grabbed her around the waist and pulled her under him. Jack wasn’t thinking strait when he lowered himself onto her and gently pressed his lips to hers. “Oh yes Jack,” she moaned as she grabbed his head, trying to hold him to her. He gasped at the feeling of her moist mouth pumping his cock, her tiny hands gently squeezing and massaging his balls. “It’s ok, Katie,” he whispered, looking up her curvy body to her flushed face. Katie flipped over and Jack pulled her knees apart. Katie screamed in pleasure as Jack grabbed her hips, his fingers sinking into her flesh.

Lady's Choice

first-time Tashtego 2018-11-20

I didn’t know how I felt about not being completely hard like Mike but I could see that, even in this semi-soft state, my dick was a lot longer than his. Callie stepped away and I saw Jane, Rachel, and Britt running their eyes over my naked body. Callie held her hand out to Mike, who took it and led her to a large sectional sofa a few feet away from us. I didn’t know how that unyielding, massive thing would fit into her silky, narrow entrance but Mike held Callie’s hips and began to press his pelvis forward. I cupped a hand over her vulva, as I had seen Jane do to Rachel, and slid my middle finger into her compliant vagina.

A Teen On The Beach: Part 2

first-time mirrorkisses 2018-11-18

With her flowers in hair, dreamy eyes and exposed body in the morning sun, Ellie looked like a teenage nymph, waiting to be taken for the first time. David quickly began drawing, outlining the curves of Ellie's body, filling in with various skin tones of peach and tan, trying to capture the beautiful vibrancy of her young skin. Ellie, still overcome with a buzz of sexiness remained reclined in the beach chair, feeling the sun on her skin, she casually lifted her right leg and relaxed it open, against the chair's arm rest, fully exposing herself to David just in front of her. David looked at Ellie, with a flower blossom in her hair and the delicate lips of her teenage pussy open to his gaze like a budding, pink carnation.

Island Girls Part 3 Alone At Last

first-time Letoria 2018-11-17

She was making little groaning sounds with each breath, and she didn’t know what to do with her hands. I gently took her face in my hands and looked right into those flickering eyes. The convoluted, intricate folds and creases of her vagina glistened in the soft light, looking ever so much like a rose just beginning to blossom, and covered with morning dew. Instead, I let her bud slip from my suckling lips, and I gave her fast, firm strokes of my tongue before dipping down to fully sample the honey flowing from her inner tunnel. Three times her body clenched up in a state of near ecstasy, tensing, quivering, surely feeling like some deep, secret part of her being was clawing to get out.

Madeline's Introduction (II)

first-time agant 2018-11-16

As soon as her mum shut the door Madeline grabbed my head with both hands and gave me a swift peck on the lips. I laid her down under me and began to kiss up and down her neck, taking a little longer to suck on her ear lobes which I noticed made her gasp every time. Just when I was barely a centimetre from her lower lips I pulled my hand away and stopped kissing her. With my other hand I felt up her body finding her perfect, soft boobs, and began teasing her nipple in my finger tips. "Definitely, everybody needs a helping hand some times." Jasmine said.

24 hours with Jake

first-time Lexy 2018-11-13

To tease myself I would stop, pinch my clit then rub my nipples, but when I could feel myself getting close to the edge: I sat down on the rim of the bath tub reached up and unhooked the shower, not before setting on high pressure cold.  He didn't say anything to me just kept looking down at me, so hands shaking and in a rush for things to happen I pulled down his board swimming trunks; his manhood released into the cooling afternoon air. I tried to pull back some more, so he grabbed my hair and started to grind himself into my face, thus face fucking me, while he was doing this one of my free hand went to wet pussy the other back and forth between his balls and my nipples.

Into The Woods

first-time starbelliedboy 2018-11-11

I moved my head further and kissed her navel, then she spread her legs and I inspected her vagina, caressing her small patch of pubic hair and exploring her cunt's tight circumference and her clitoris. I slowly moved my hips forward, forcing my penis into her tight pussy, enjoying the smooth lubrication of spittle and pussy juice. She kissed me as I moved my arms up around her back, and she began to push her hips backwards and forwards in the same rhythm, so the fantastic sensation continued on my dick. Going faster and faster, the friction between her vagina and my cock getting really hot, shouting and grunting, Julia screaming as we neared orgasm.


first-time styxx 2018-11-09

In fact, the almost complete opposite had tremulously knocked the door, had timidly made her way to the meeting in my garden, had stood nervously clutching the strap of her purse between her wringing hands, head bowed. Un-adorned, unsullied and in a completely natural state, she stood with her hands clasped behind her head, eyes downcast, waiting for me to give her an order; a blank page. “Pull these down.” Gill took her hands from behind her head and grasped the waist band and eased the jogging bottom down over my hips, exposing my cock, then passed my knees that I had obligingly pulled up and together to help her.

The Tales From The Tavern: I Lust After Your Scar (Part II)

first-time el_henke 2018-11-07

Looking him in the eyes, I let go of his dick, and coyly asked with my girliest voice, “Wanna fuck your little scar girl, Mr. Jordan?” I gyrated my hips on his cock to stimulate every spot at its time while his hands roamed my body, squeezed my tits, ran over my scalp and caressed my ugly scar. I got to my knees, turned my head to throw him my most seductive look and present him my scar while I spread my ass cheeks with my hands and shoved two fingers up little snatch, showing him where I craved his cock.

Driving Instructor

first-time xhardx13 2018-11-05

Margaret noticed the bulge and said, "It looks like you catch on very quickly, Sabal. At lunch, Margaret said, "You know, Sabal, paying for lunch isn't nearly enough thanks for what you did for me. On the third lesson, Abby said, "Do the girls you teach come on to you, Mr. Chaudhary?" Abby let the robe slide to the floor and backed away from her computer so Sabal could see her entire naked body. Sabal picked Abby up at three in the afternoon as if it was a driving lesson. Sabal pushed ahead, getting squeals from Abby as he went further inside her tight hole. When the rest time was over, Abby climbed on top, having little trouble accepting his hard pole in her freshly fucked pussy.

My Sister’s Girlfriend - Part 2

first-time FunTimez 2018-10-30

Hoping that I wouldn’t climax too soon like the day before, I kicked off my sandals, went over to the bed and climbed on top of her. She moaned and writhed as I played with her beautiful wet pussy, but I knew that I would soon have to remove my shorts to let my rock hard cock spring free. She kissed me again, but wasted no time getting down to my rock hard cock. I lay there panting as she slowed, feeling cum drip out of her pussy and down my cock. She removed my cock from her pussy, licked the cum from it, then collapsed on top of me, her breasts pushing into my chest as we lay together, panting hard.

An Unexpected Lover Ch. 3

first-time xfallingxangelx 2018-10-29

Ask him and let me know.” I said, coming up with the perfect plan to get out of work that night. Spreading my outer lips and lightly tracing my slit with his tongue, he said, “Yes. Yes I am.” With that, he speared two fingers into my wet hole and started rubbing my g-spot. “Wow.” Kevin said slowly pulling his fingers from inside me. “I hope you didn’t wear yourself out.” Kevin said, moving to lie in between my legs and lightly kissing my stomach. “You know I won’t be mad at you if you don’t want to have sex with me.” He said looking away. Don’t you think if I didn’t want to have sex with you, we wouldn’t both be laying on my bed naked right now?” I said.

A Beautiful Fuck

first-time hangingwithcooper 2018-09-25

"I guess I know what's on your mind." She slowly pulled her bra out from underneath her shirt and looked at me. I smiled, "There's one more thing that I'm sure will please you, and I promise we'll do it as soon as I get my hands on a condom." She knew instantly what I was talking about and got of the bed. Lindsay climbed back onto the bed and sat on my cock facing me. "Lindsay," I replied, "How can I say no to a body as amazing as yours?" We kissed, and the emotions came back to us. I couldn't believe how amazing this girl was, and I came right then and there.

The God-Fearing Sitter

first-time Eden_Apple 2018-09-13

Kelly's mother poked her head in the room and said "Sweetie, your father and I are leaving soon. "...Oh yeah, my mom, she decides what my room looks like." As he walked past her to view the posters of cats on her wall (Her mother loves kittens even though her husband won't allow her to have a pet.) Kelly shook her head in disbelief at how embarrassing this all was for her. Kelly hopped on the bed and positioned herself closely next to him placing her open math book in their collective lap knocking off the stuffed bear he had been concealing himself with.

Riley's Exploits Pt. 02

first-time RileyAriadne 2018-08-09

Despite wanting more I broke off our kiss and turned around on him pressing my bum onto his crotch. Mark pulled me close, kissing me again and I could feel my pussy getting even wetter. Despite not being very big it felt like a struggle to take the head fully into my mouth. I grabbed him with one hand and started to rub his cock. Wanting to try again I ran my tongue back up and put him back in my mouth. Keeping my lips tight around him and sucking softly I took his cock in and out of my mouth. Mark groaned and I felt his cock twitch in my mouth.

My Slutty Diary Pt. 01

first-time mysluttydiary 2018-08-03

I had just started college, and me and a friend who at the time who was much more 'free' than me (oh how I have now beaten her to that title :p) got invited to an older guys party. Me and my friend let's call her Sarah, because that's her name, mingled a bit but it wasn't long until the beer got to us and we started dancing in the middle of the living room. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere a bit quieter, I agreed as I walked past my friend she leant out and slapped my ass and whispered 'slut' I giggled but how right she would later be.

The Doctor Will See You Now

first-time jolly_rogering 2018-06-12

OK, let me take your hand, and let's try a little movement like this." The doctor gently grasped the hesitating hand, laid his index finger atop hers, and began very gently to stroke her pussy lips with it, gently, gently. Under the doctor's practiced guidance, under their shared rubbing of her pussy, the girl began to respond a little, to spread her legs just a bit, her eyes still closed, but now her mouth just a bit open. As the girl rose up on her elbows and began to look around, the doctor grabbed a small sample jar with some filmy liquid inside and said, "Miss Pulliam, please take this sample back to the lab and prepare the ointment.

Teen Summer Night

first-time shorething 2018-06-02

The joint passed to me, every time I hit the joint it tasted so good, yet all I was thinking about was Jessica Her round perky tits, the way her ass danced, her sexy pigtails and that smooth skin. My balls were aching at this point, I had a boner for almost an hour since meeting Jessica My buddy John gave me a strip of condoms and told me good luck. Both of our breathing intensifying, our genitals rubbing against each other, she withdrew her tongue from my mouth and told me she could feel like penis throbbing against her clit. She straddled me again, this time facing the opposite direction, then slowly started inching her way backwards until my nose stuck in her ass and her wet mound was pressing against my chin.

Virgin Figure Skater vs. Reality

first-time McKaylaMaroney 2018-05-02

The judge tried to resist and look away but his eyes reluctantly started exploring every inch of her VERY round, firm and plump 18 year old figure skater ass. As his massive cock rapidly forced its way in and out of Sasha's very young tight and light pink virgin pussy, her small yet very perky breasts started slipping out of her Figure Skating outfit as her body was tossed up and down on his cock. uhhhhhhh!!" Sasha begged breathlessly but the judge ignored her plea and snuck his swollen cock head into her plump little barely teen ass and slowly into her extremely tiny and tight virgin asshole using her own blood and juices as lubricant and fucking her with no mercy.

Kathy's Awakening

first-time Cum_Queen 2018-02-17

As she arrived at school, Kathy noticed the guys from her chemistry class and said, " Hi." Kathy looked and it was George, she smiled and got in the car. The day dragged on, George asked Kathy if she would like a ride home. Kathy thought about it, smiled and said, “Yes, thank you, but you know I live in Hawthorne?” George smiles and said, "Hey guys.” George looks at Kathy and said, "Time to pay for the test." George walked up, his cock in hand and said, “Open your mouth now and suck it.” As she was sitting and waiting to be seen, the door to the Mothers Superiors office opened and out walked George, Tony, Mike, Bobby, and Billy.

The Proposition: Obligations Met

first-time Lucky Mann 2018-02-05

As she stood under the warm spray from the shower head, a mixture of cum and blood slowly oozed from Jenny's tender devirginated pussy. As she bobbed her head up and down, Jenny slowly took more and more of my cock into her mouth. "Jim, you said you wanted a little piece of my ass? This particular cream would provide lubrication needed to ease my cock's entry into Jenny's ass. Baby, why did you want me to fuck your pussy and now your ass so hard? A little over two weeks after she had made her proposition to me, Jenny nervously headed off to the nearby Community College.