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first-time SamHarper 2018-12-04

After rinsing back, I turned to face the wall, put my head under the stream and felt the hot water flowing through my hair and between my fingers as I washed my face. My whole body trembled as she slowly wrapped my fingers around me; I felt it pulse in her hand, straining to her touch. As my fingers probed her hot, soaking pussy I felt her hand gripping tighter and tighter on the back of my neck as she tried to somehow pull herself even closer to me. I couldn’t hold back any longer, my entire body shuddered, muscles contracted and I pumped what felt like several litres of hot, sticky cum into her eager mouth.

Once Upon A Summer: Part 1 of 2

first-time Stormdog 2018-12-04

For some unknown reason, perhaps simply because it seemed like the right thing to do, I leaned forward and bent down to take one of her hard nipples into my mouth, suckling at it eagerly; she moaned and tangled her fingers in my hair, holding my lips to her breast. It’s just you and me, and I very much want to see your cock.” She stared into my eyes for a moment, a moment during which I marveled at their clear, beautiful sea-green color and was extremely aware of her closeness and her bare breasts and erect nipples, aware of the soft, sweaty, feminine scent of her and the heat radiating off her body, and then her hand dropped from my lips to my waist, where she tugged at the button on my shorts.

I Met a Seventy Year Old Virgin

first-time Mysteria27 2018-12-04

If you like, I’d love to be your first lover. I wanted to taste her pussy and fuck her like she had never been fucked before. I just looked at her virginal, old pussy and then kissed her center. Clara just giggled and then I put my tongue on her pussy lips. Clara was moaning and groaning while I licked her pussy. It was like years and years of pussy juice were finally making landfall. “Clara, I’d love if you put my cock into your mouth. Who could ever say they took a seventy year old women's virginity? I bet there are lots of lonely women just aching to get a nice young man wanting to fuck their old cunts.

Nate and Ariana

first-time Cherism 2018-12-03

Ariana removed her hand, using it to massage his balls while her mouth stroked up and down his cock. Now that you’ve cum, I’ll show you how to please a woman, and later you can bury that nice hard cock into my pussy when it’s hot and wet. As soon as Ariana tossed her dressed to the side, Nate grabbed her tits, latching his mouth over the red bud he had been pinching. Between the hardening happening in her mouth, his tongue working her already sensitive clit, and having just cum a few minutes before, it didn’t take long for Ariana to drench his face. Nate was glad that’s what she wanted because his cock felt so damn good he didn’t want to go slowly.


first-time iblis 2018-12-03

"I understand." She simply lay down, still looking him in the eye and opened her legs wide, crossing her ankles as she lay. She looked at him and then teared up as heat flamed her face as she felt her insides expand and recieve something hotter than herself. She sat up and grabbed him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, pressing her bosom against his chest, she tried to rock her hips from there too, but he would only hold her still. She stretched her hands above her head and bucked forcefully against him and her tense body suddenly collapsed, hips suspended by tense legs and buttocks.

Love Thy Neighbor

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-12-03

Flipped it open to photo of a young, large breasted girl, bent at the waist, ass in the air, and a come hither look in her eye. Rick is here!” Then turning in a tight circle, his massive hands deftly maneuvering the chair, he headed for the living room. Grunting like a wild animal, I felt the life giving syrup course through my cock and watched through half closed eyes as it squirted onto her tongue and slid into the back of her throat. Rasping my tongue against the underside of her clit sent her over the edge.She clamped her thighs around my head, a fistful of my hair in her hand, bathing my face in her warm juices.

Her Neighbor's Pool

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-12-02

“Ladies, I’m going on a serious diet starting tomorrow and don’t come tempting me with anything except a guy who looks like that Robin.” “Oh, I don’t know why I haven’t told you but I even have a high dive” and he stopped and smiled right into her eyes. Now Sonya being who she was, wasn’t sure about going over to his house alone so she and asked a couple of her friends if they wanted to go with her. The two friends wanted to laugh but they also were virgins and for a guy like Robin, as sweet as he appeared to be, to ask such a question like that was too implausible.

The Best Dance

first-time seeker4 2018-12-02

In the dream dance, though, Mandy was naked and I had my pants unzipped with my cock standing out at attention as I watched. Good night, Luke,” he said, heading upstairs, “Don’t hang around Mandy too long. “You like my tits, Luke?” she said looking down at what I was doing, “I think they’re kind of small.” “But now,” Mandy said after that kiss, “I want to make you cum.” Mandy smiled comfortingly, stroked my face, and said, “Go ahead, Luke. It has been too fucking long,” Mandy answered, slipping into my arms for another kiss. “Come up with me,” Mandy said quietly, a bit of a sob in her voice, “I don’t want to be alone.”

Kelly's Passion-A Prelude

first-time Milik_the_Red 2018-12-02

Just as Kelly reached the bottom of the stairs, one of the guys standing behind Jeffery hit him hard in the back of the head, knocking him straight into the lead thug. She could almost feel the young man's eyes following her, and couldn't help but smile and add a little wiggle to her hip in the hopes he would enjoy the view of her barely covered ass. Jeff felt the material of her bikini bra come away in hands and watched in wonderment as her perfect breasts came into view. As their bodies came together, Kelly felt his still-hard cock press against thigh as they embraced.

Yoga Birthday

first-time jyncroft 2018-12-01

I could see my nipples extended out a bit from my lighter aureolas and knew I'd have a hard time keeping my mind off Kris's body enough to keep from becoming fully erect. I was having a hard time concentrating on my postures as I looked more at Kris in the mirror. Kris slowly moved her thumb in and out and continued to lick my clit, softer now since I kept jumping each time she licked too hard. I shifted to my belly, keeping my tongue on her clit as my hands moved up the outside of her body to reach for her breasts, taking her nipples between my fingers, rolling and tugging.

The End Isn't The Only Thing Coming

first-time Belthazor 2018-12-01

oh God..." Debbie moaned as she humped my face with her seventeen year-old pussy, "I'm gonna' cum, Jason, I'm gonna'--aahh..." her words cut off in a strangled groan of extacy as she came, drenching my face in her sweet nectar. "If I let you cum right now," she asked me, "you have to make me squirt like that again." I nodded, knowing I would have agreed to whatever she said at that point, and she smiled briefly before taking my length back in her mouth, sucking hard. "It's so thick...." Debbie was fingering herself like crazy next to her, kissing Milly's flushed tits and staring at me with a look of pure lust in her beautiful eyes.

My First Time

first-time Nesko 2018-11-30

She went down on me and pulled my pants down to see my bulge pushing against my boxers. She put my dick in her mouth for a few seconds and then pulled back up. She popped one ice cube in her mouth and went back down on me. Her soft mouth mixed with an ice cube felt amazing on my dick. As I went down I made sure to give little cold kisses all the way down her body. I got up and she crawled up to my member and wrapped her soft mouth around my dick. I smiled and said, "You were right, my first time definitely was great, but I can't wait for some more." 

Dream Ten

first-time 1941aaa 2018-11-30

But like me, in the first time of having my cock sucked, it didn’t last long and the same was happening to Felix as his hands came up and held my head as his hips started to move in towards me. His hands felt soft as he stroked the cheeks of my bum and have them parted and gave a little jump as the cold cream touched my ring piece and felt the head of his cock nestle there, and took in a deep breath and tried to force my body to relax as he pushed himself forward.

Wedding Night Blues

first-time seeker4 2018-11-30

“I still find it hard to believe you got left at the altar, Curt,” Lily said shaking her head, “I’ve never warmed up to Julia, but I didn’t think she was capable of that.” “Why didn’t she tell me earlier, then?” I said, shaking my head, “If Julia is lez or bi or something and wanted to be with Marcy instead of me, she could have pulled the plug a long time ago. Thoughts of Julia, of what was supposed to be, kept tormenting me even after my wonderful sexual awakening with Lil. I had awakened my friend once with a bout of crying and Lily had held me, stroking and soothing me until I dozed off once more.

The Making of a Submissive

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-30

I thought I was being sooo subtle, until one day after the game was over she pointed to her chest and said, “You like touching these, don’t you?” Tentatively, I leaned forward planting a kiss into the mass of hair I felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling me tight against her. She could feel the hardness press against her and she said, “I think you could use a little more relief.” Her soft hand encircled my hardness and she stroked as we kissed. After sucking my tongue clean, she said I needed to dress and leave before her mother came home, but added, that if I wanted to continue this, to call her and we would make arrangements.

Dream Five

first-time 1941aaa 2018-11-29

You can’t believe how much my heart was thumping away in my chest at having this event now happening to my utter joy and pleasure as more semen was pumped out to join the first emission and then to have another two come to add to the rest before I felt your hips stop moving and heard a big sigh come from you as you finished coming in my mouth. I had a big glow in my heart when you stopped moving, for I still had your erection inside me, still throbbing away, just loving the feel at having had my first male cock up my backside and wished that I had started having male sex much earlier in life.

First Time Threesome

first-time TattedGoddess 2018-11-29

He moved down to my neck and I tilted my head to the side so he could proceed to nibble and suck along my neck, eliciting moans from my lips as I closed my eyes and got lost to the pleasure. I pulled back from the kiss just so I could suck on her nipple, her hands twisted in my hair held me in place as she moaned. I kept sucking on her clit as I slid one finger over her ass crack, down to the tight little puckered hole before slipping it into her hot and wet pussy. Finally I felt the orgasm hit and I let out a loud, long moan as I came again, this time squirting all over the shower walls and floor.

My Next Door Neighbor - Part One

first-time scotth 2018-11-29

She looked directly into my eyes as she reached the hand holding the wand up and slowly moved it across her breasts. With her free hand she began to touch and then to spread her pubic lips, opening them to the light of the wand and to my voracious eyes. Slowly, steadily Christina moved her wand closer to her pussy, which she was now holding open with the splayed fingers of her hand. When she began to move her wand into and out of her pussy my hand sped up its actions and my hips began moving back and forth as I was imagining that I was thrusting my cock into and out of my neighbor’s glorious pussy.

The Professor's Daughter--Part III

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-29

I knew that with this tight 17 year-old poised above me there was little I could do to control the ever rising stimulation so I told her to take her mouth away as I was going to come and she might not like the taste. To my surprise rather than take her silken lips off my now rock hard cock, she simply pulled back and wrapped her lips more tightly around the huge purple cockhead and sucked much harder while swirling her tongue around and around, increasing the pressure and speed of the tongue swirls. I pulled Stephanie’s ass hard down on my mouth and moved my tongue from her pussy to her tight little light brown puckered ass and swirled my tongue around its entrance, probing to get past the tightly constricted sphincter muscles.

my 21st birthday

first-time sophirarose 2018-11-29

I start the coffee pot and head back to the bed room to get dressed when I enter my bedroom; I see him the man of my dreams tall handsome amazing eyes… of course he is on a poster; being that I live in a beat down apartment with two roomies. He shuts off the water and wraps a towel around me and carries me to his room; he then lays me on his bed and climbs on top of me and kisses my lips and then my neck and moves down to my collar bone. “Are you sure you want too?” he asks.  He lifts his head up and kisses my body up too my lips.

My First Time

first-time Chuck0749 2018-11-28

She reached and grabbed my hand and put it between her legs and said, "I want you to see something." Being that I was still a virgin and never had touched a girl, I was very excited and my dick was hard as a rock. My dick got hard right away. Amanda climbed on top on me and for the first time I felt her hot, wet pussy start to stretch around my dick. I wanted to cum right away but she told me to take a deep breath and go slow. She got up and reached down and sucked the condom off of my dick with her mouth. I pounded on her pussy for about one and a half minutes before I told her I was going to cum.

First Time

first-time trvlin_bi_male 2018-11-28

As I thought about a hard cock in my mouth my dick started throbbing and the head exploded well that’s what it felt like anyway shooting cum over my head and hitting the headboard, some on my chest and face danm that always feels so good even today. We chatted and got to know each other he was 23 married we talked about wives women and sex his wife had given him regular blow jobs seem she really like sucking cock. I had asked him how it was he laughed and said that he wished his wife sucked cock like that, although she did it regularly she wouldn’t let him cum in her mouth.

Lost Virginity:Part 1

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-27

"Sure" she said, still sweetly smiling, "But it was no mistake." As she whispered that to me she gave my swollen manhood a good squeeze. Part of me wanted to tell her this was not such a good idea, but the head in my pants told me to go for it. Breaking the kiss, she asked gently, "You feel better now?" A look of total embarrassment covered my face. Spreading her lips with my right hand, I slid one finger inside watching as my digit got swallowed up by her tightness. Settling down, I watched as my seed leaked from her for a moment before stuffing two fingers inside and rubbing my tongue on her swollen clit.

Kelly's First Time With a Woman

first-time Mysteria27 2018-11-26

I had looked over and Kelly’s legs were spread and she was fingering her pussy. Kelly was kissing me and then she put her hand over my breasts on my nightgown and rubbed and caressed them. I got comfortable on the bed and Kelly pulled my white panties down my legs and took them off. I spread my legs and closed my eyes, while Kelly licked my pussy. Our hands were both on each other’s bodies and my fingers rubbed and massaged at her clitoris, while we were kissing and enjoying one another. I then got into position and Kelly spread her legs and I began to lick and adore her bald pussy.