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The Elevator Girl - Part 3

first-time SmartSassy69 2018-11-30

Any resident at any time can watch these recordings from the comfort of their own apartments," Charlie said. After we finished our coffee, I said my goodbyes to Charlie and headed to my elevator. "Yes baby, no panties just like you said," she answered in a raspy voice. I started to grind my wet pussy on the seat and my breath came out in little gasps. "I see and hear everything that happens in my building, Michelle," he said. He kissed the back of my neck and pulled his wet fingers from my panties. "Next time, you will cum on my face, Michelle," he said in a commanding tone. He looked back at me as he stepped from the elevator and blew me a kiss as I shut the gate.

Good Boy Don't Do That

first-time SkarlitKarson 2018-11-30

Justin feels excited about having gotten away with this public sex act, but the tiny voice in the back of his head chides him; good boys don’t do this . “Your cock feels so fucking good, Justin!” Cindy whispers as she fucks him. The head of his cock feels like it’s going to explode and just as he’s about to cum, Cindy slides off of him and leans over his cock, grabbing it between her breasts. Justin thinks, then realizing what an absurd notion it is, he quickly banishes it from his mind as Cindy replaces one nipple, now peaked and red from his mouth and gives him the other one.


first-time LoverBoy20 2018-11-30

I had made it to second base a couple of times but since I didn't really fit in high school I mainly just drifted through and kept to myself. After that I struggled to finish the year and went home for the summer. Once I met Charlene, I started spending my free time at the state park where she worked in the concession stand. As my hands started exploring, I rubbed her back and then got a few quick rubs against her breasts. Then she lowered her head and starting sucking me. Over the next couple weeks, she sucked me off many time- After she closed the concession stand, under the boardwalk at the beach with people walking over head, in the woods or while we were driving somewhere.

A Burning Desire

first-time cal_jack 2018-11-30

Rick started to massage Joyce’s exposed butt, the sensation was too much for Rick’s burning desire and his cock head popped out of his bathing suit. Joyce turned and looked up dreamily at Rick’s exposed cock head, dripping with pre-cum. She crawled over to Beth and started to lick cum off Beth’s chest and then pulled the bikini top away, exposing one pert upward turned breast and started to suck on Beth’s nipple. The view of Beth’s ass and pussy was bringing back memories of the last week as Rick sat in his dorm room masturbating to the thought of seeing Beth naked. Slowly, resisting the urge to plunge deep inside Beth, he pushed in slowly and steady, His hands reached down and felt her breasts against Fran’s body.

My first lover

first-time Depraved_Desires 2018-11-30

When Edward reached the point where he could barely resist thrusting deep into my throat, he grabbed a chunk on my hair and pulled it gently to raise my head off his cock to say, “I want to make you come now.” He went on like this for a while until he surprised me by sticking two fingers deep inside my pussy and finding my g-spot. Just feeling his hard cock grow even harder and longer inside my tight pussy almost made me come. “Fuck me hard, baby, I want to make you come now," I said as I looked back at him, begging him to fill me with his cum.

Teacher teacher

first-time Taggerdoo 2018-11-30

I'd see the popular kids looking so relaxed and carefree, laughing their asses off and basically just having a high old time. It went along in the same vein until almost time for class to end when I started to get this zipper busting spontaneous erection! I told her I wasn't involved in any afer school activities and that I usually went home and did my chores. I can't let those little things go neglected!" She giggled a little at that and she looked like a teenager herself for just a moment. She grasped the back of my head with one hand and ground my face into her pussy as she came. She sat up and grasped my cock in her hand and started to jerk on it with abandon.

Stacy's Secret is Discovered Part 3

first-time Mercury23 2018-11-30

The feel of her friend’s body pressed against hers was driving Michelle crazy and Tina’s teeth on her neck made her moan and pull her fingers out of her pussy and up over her clit, moving them in a small circular motion. Michelle moaned at the feel of her friend’s finger moving inside her and she began to grind her hips against Tina’s hand, wanting to feel her deeper. Michelle tensed as she felt Tina’s mouth nearing her pussy, the knowledge that they were about to cross a line in their friendship made her head spin but her lust and desire to feel her friend’s lips on her most intimate part of her body stopped her from protesting.

Older is Better

first-time writernot1 2018-11-30

She sees the pleasure in his eyes and sucks even harder and faster.Carl can feel her saliva sliding down his short shaft onto his balls and it turns him on even more but he knows he must stop her or she will get a mouth full of cum. Jill can feel Carl's cock growing slightly in her mouth as she sucks and licks on it. Trying something new Carl grabs Jill's hair and pulls on it slightly. Carl can feel Jill's pussy pulsating tightly around his cock from a powerful orgasm. She slowly rides his slippery cock for a few minutes until she feels Carl's hands grab her hips and hold her at the tip of his cock.

Kissing Game

first-time JGodess 2018-11-30

I need more though; I lay at home at night thinking about the way he would touch, what we would do, how my hands would rub his tight stomach and move lower and lower till they hit forbidden territory. "Wait maybe I need to go lower." I looked over my shoulders to see him closing his eyes with his hands clenched at his sides. "Well pretty lady, do you have what you want? Me nice and hard ready to screw?" His hand traced the outline of my bra, starting with the straps and cruising down over the swells of my breasts. At the first burst I gagged and tried to pull my head away, but he kept my mouth firm against his cock as he thrusts slowed.

The Woman He Wanted

first-time Harnamir 2018-11-30

I got to the top of the stairs, and headed straight to Ashley's room. I placed my hand behind her head, and I leaned into the most amazing kiss of my life. I kissed my way across her chest, and treated her right breast in the same manner. Ashley pulled me to her breast, and I flicked my tongue over her nipple. I kissed her right knee, and slowly worked my way to her inner thigh. As I worshipped Ashley's pussy, I alternated between licking and sucking. Jacks panted and loud groans filled the room as he pulled on my hair. Ashley slid up my body, and we kissed deeply. Ashley's wet pussy clung to my hard cock. My cum filling Ashley's pussy, as we reached a crescendo.

First Time with Someone New

first-time saucywildcat 2018-11-29

Peeling away layers, pushing my skirt up, pulling panties down, perching me on the side of the bed where he knelt and began feasting on my pussy. His hand ran down my back, down the crease of my ass, my inner left thigh and he lifted my leg onto the bed, giving him complete access from behind. With each deep thrust I felt the bed jar under me, knowing the amount of force he was giving me. He leaned over in my ear and said "I want to pull out and cum on your tits. My hips bucking, him thrusting with such power and out of nowhere he moaned loudly and came falling onto me with deep heavy sighs nuzzling my neck and saying over and over how good it felt.

Our first holiday without parents-Day 1

first-time Janet32DD 2018-11-29

We were getting really into the music, and we were dancing with everyone, both Alex and Giovanni were grinding on slutty looking girls "Didn't need any help then.." I thought to myself. "This douche won't leave Tiffany alone." Alex, who was slightly more intimidating (although not much taller) than Giovanni, squared up to the guy and shoved him, not hard, but hard enough to move him away from me. After a while of making out with her and touching each other right there in the middle of the dance floor (this place was filled with sex craved 18 year olds, I literally saw a guy finger a girl), she had to leave with her friend, some ugly chick who looked bored as fuck.

Erin and her boss

first-time XTrapnel 2018-11-29

Brian suspected Erin fancied Jack, and if he was honest with himself the thought turned him on somewhat. As he snuggled up to his girlfriend in bed that night his cock swelled as he imagined her being fucked by her boss. Erin blushed as her boss, temporarily free from the concerns of work and family, enjoyed the company of his attractive young colleague. Jack gasped as Erin stood before him, her suspender belt framing the soft golden curls of her pussy hair and her large breasts pushed upwards by her bra. Erin, with a silent prayer of thanks that her boss was so well endowed, sunk to her knees and began to fellate him but, fearing the excitement would get the better of him, he took her shoulders and gently pulled her up. 

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 6

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-28

I reached around gripping his ass with my hands, feeling his cheeks tighten each time his cock was pushed into my mouth, then release as he pulled back. He began to fuck my mouth again, his wet balls sploshing against my face. After a few shallow thrusts he pulled back and began to stroke his cock, leaving just the head of his dick to smack against my lips. He slid forward even further to smack his cock on my tits, pulling his balls from my mouth. I slammed my face back and forth fucking his ass with my tongue as he shot a hot load of very thin cum onto my tits.

Caught in the Act

first-time henrygatewood 2018-11-28

He had stopped thrusting to turn his head and shout at me, and I heard the woman – I think it was Katy, from finance – moan something to the effect that she would very much like him to continue. Every time I opened them I saw the back of Amy’s head, heard her gentle breathing, and found myself thinking about that big red bra. Amy drew my hand gently away from my dick, then straddled my chest and pulled the long t-shirt up over her head. Our bodies moved like two parts of some sensual machine, there on the enormous bed in the moonlight, every motion perfectly balanced and ecstatically surreal.

The Ritual

first-time GabrielSweet 2018-11-28

At almost the same time I hear a soft voice behind me say, " Hi, is that for me?" Startled, I cover my lap with my hands and look around to see that I had forgotten to lock my door, and Angel was standing in the doorway, bare as a newborn, still teasing the soft hairs between her legs. Her hands are still massaging her breasts and pulling at her nipples as I slide my tongue along her tender lower lips. As she starts to cum I lift her hips and sit up so her legs are across my shoulders, never stopping the tonguing I am giving her clit. I pull her very close and tight as I push in hard and feel her flesh open and let me past.

Lisa's First Love - Chapter One

first-time submissivemom72 2018-11-28

I knew I was turning a deep crimson at the awkwardness and embarrassment of standing there like it. But Don smiled appreciatively and said, “Lisa, you really are a pretty girl.” Then, before I could respond, he turned and dove into the pool. Our breathing grew faster and I felt his large erection pressing into my legs and groin as he humped his hips from excitement. With my arms around his neck, I did not interfere when Don reached up and cupped my breast in his hand. After a couple of minutes, Don slipped the bra up, exposing my bright pink nipples to sunlight for the first time in my life. I felt so wickedly sexy with the warm sun shining brightly on my exposed tits. I could feel the wetness in my vagina beginning to leak into the gusset of my bikini bottom.

The Adventures of Karen: Her First Lesbian Experience

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-28

Rebecca reached up, grabbing Karen’s breasts as her lips and tongue brought Karen to the brink. Karen began kissing Rebecca, her tongue insinuating itself in the older woman’s mouth, her hands cupping the small, pointed breasts. Rebecca sighed and ran her fingers through Karen’s hair, lost in the moment, eyes closed, mouth slightly open. Karen, you’re a natural born pussy licker!” Her hands combed through the redheads hair, holding her tight to her needy twat, her hips rising and falling, meeting Karen’s tongue as it drilled into Rebecca’s core. Rebecca pulled the redhead close and began to lick the sweet cream from her face before stuffing her tongue deep in Karen’s mouth.

This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: part 3

first-time Ian56UK 2018-11-27

"Hey you," I whispered before slipping both arms around his neck and pulling his surprised face down to mine where I then kissed him so passionately it felt like I was going to faint dead away. He reached for me and placed his hand on the back of my head as his passion grew, pulling me towards him as he flexed the muscles in his thighs and began to fuck my mouth. A third and fourth grunt gave way to an oozing dribble as I pulled my mouth slightly back and let the head of his cock rest and twitch on my tongue. 

Initiation at Sixteen Part 3 by Muffmate

first-time muffmate 2018-11-27

She then, put her hands on my shoulders, pulled my face towards her heavenly cleavage, leaned towards me and licked the edge of my right ear. I quickly and I suppose guiltily looked from Anne’s beautiful face to Eve. Eve giggled, but had her eyes fixed on the big screen. I looked at the screen to see what was amusing, but Anne grabbed my hand to push my thumb, towards her clit. Anne was begging to orgasm, pushing my hands up to her pussy at an awkward angle. Anne finally finished her orgasm, and I retrieved my hand from her very wet pussy. Anne was pushing me down further and Eve put her hands on the back of my head.

Surprise Waiting

first-time tfrakes 2018-11-27

She held that position, eyes closed, until my cock spasms stopped, then stood, and kissed me deep. Her head was back, her hands were holding her breasts, her fingers squeezing her nipples. I dipped my head and licked her slit, then moved up and started to lightly caress her clit with my tongue. I snuck another peek and her head was thrust back, her chest jutting out, breasts squeezed between her arms, her nipples pointing wantonly at the ceiling, waving as if they wanted in on the action. She didn’t know what was coming, though, because I was moving up, positioning myself between her legs, reaching to kiss her as my cock sought her wet folds.

Princess Diaries (03): Cindy

first-time timojen 2018-11-27

I pushed into the room and closed the door to find Matt kissing Jeff Garcia. I’d completely forgotten about getting another kiss from Matt until Jeff invited me over. Matt got the hang of it, though, so Jeff moved up to point his cock in my face. Matt got on his knees and showed me how Jeff likes it. Since Jeff rudely covered me in cum, Matt made him lick and kiss my face clean. I broke off a kiss with Jeff and begged Matt to fuck me. I relaxed into the kiss and Jeff pushed a finger up my ass, sending me off like a rocket. Matt and Jeff are…” said Jasmine.

Rick and Mia at the bar

first-time frogprince 2018-11-27

There is a family run bar near my apartment. Our lips meet and there seems like an electric charge running through us. We kiss for a long time, our mouths opening and tongues seeking each other. My cock is rock hard making a huge tent in my shorts. She rips my shorts down to my ankles and my cock hits her in the face. I push my cock at her mouth. Her tongue wraps around me and she bobs her head up and down on my rock hard cock. She is so ready that I just take my hard cock and push it in her wet pussy. Her pussy is grabbing onto my cock and she is about to explode real hard.

This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: part 1

first-time Ian56UK 2018-11-27

There was a silent pause that felt like forever before the teacher smiled at me with a slightly bemused look on her face at the reaction of the other students. Grasping my books to my chest, I took a deep breath and made my way up the steps to my seat where Sally was giving me a strange look. A number of people turned to glance in my direction as the group was whittled down and with about ten or so left Sally's name was read out and she was paired with a tall slim girl called Lucy who had a mane of frizzy brown hair that was pulled up so tight that it looked like she had a pineapple on her head.