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first-time SamHarper 2018-12-04

After rinsing back, I turned to face the wall, put my head under the stream and felt the hot water flowing through my hair and between my fingers as I washed my face. My whole body trembled as she slowly wrapped my fingers around me; I felt it pulse in her hand, straining to her touch. As my fingers probed her hot, soaking pussy I felt her hand gripping tighter and tighter on the back of my neck as she tried to somehow pull herself even closer to me. I couldn’t hold back any longer, my entire body shuddered, muscles contracted and I pumped what felt like several litres of hot, sticky cum into her eager mouth.

College Roomate (Chapter II)

first-time Safire 2018-12-03

His fingers explored my crotch, and I moaned as they rubbed my pussy lips, spreading them apart. “I’m gonna slide my big, hard cock into your tight little cunt,” he whispered, dominantly in my ear, “and I’ll fuck you so hard and deep you’ll be begging for me to cum inside you.” I moaned and he pushed his finger in harder, “I’m going to make you see stars when you orgasm, you’ll be gasping for breath,” “Then fuck me!” I cried, and almost instantly his cock was buried inside my pussy. He fucked me hard for a few more minutes before I felt his cock start to convulse again inside my pussy.

The Wife Next Door: Part VI-Angela Home Alone

first-time flytoomuch 2018-12-03

Pim looked at me and smiled, “In case you haven’t noticed Rob, Angela is certainly not a baby anymore, she’s a young seventeen-year-old woman. I could sense the sparkle and devilish giggle in Angela’s response, her face covered in a broad grin, “Oh yes Auntie Pim, I promise to be a good girl for Rob. Cross my heart and hope to die.” I gazed across Angela’s young body and let my hand lightly touch the inside of her thighs and brush across her pussy lips. Angela looked back at me with her beautiful blue eyes and blond hair and anxiously waited as I moved my cock towards her pussy opening and penetrated her from behind.

Kaylie's lust

first-time Squirthero 2018-12-03

As she arched into the air, showing the smooth lines of her body, she sighed communicatively and tugged at the bars on the iron bedstead taking the last bit of satisfying stretch, breathed out slowly with a blissful murmur and ran her hands softly down her neck. Her legs tensed slightly as her knees rose outward, lifting her feet a few inches so that only her slim long arms and rounded buttocks supported her tightening arched body. Smooth muscular depressions formed in her buttocks as her pelvis arched to meet her hands, moving slowly, in rhythm with her long deep breath. She imagined him poised over her, his dark long hair stroking her delicate downy stomach, and how his powerful arms must have held his body over her, when he breathed into that place that now ached intensely for him to be.

Sexual Awakening: First Trip to Europe

first-time Crazyd69 2018-12-02

He continued to probe the depths of her sex with his tongue while he rubbed steadily on her hard nub with his left thumb, his right hand stroked her leg with the lightness of a feather. He paused a moment, letting her enjoy the feeling, and then continued to stroke in and out, each time pulling out to the rim of his broad head then back in to the base. His cock sinking deep within her, stimulating areas she didn't know could be stimulated as he nibbled on her neck and the finger of one hand gently fondling the rim of her ass.

Her Neighbor's Pool

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-12-02

“Ladies, I’m going on a serious diet starting tomorrow and don’t come tempting me with anything except a guy who looks like that Robin.” “Oh, I don’t know why I haven’t told you but I even have a high dive” and he stopped and smiled right into her eyes. Now Sonya being who she was, wasn’t sure about going over to his house alone so she and asked a couple of her friends if they wanted to go with her. The two friends wanted to laugh but they also were virgins and for a guy like Robin, as sweet as he appeared to be, to ask such a question like that was too implausible.

Erika the gymnast

first-time Ghost 2018-12-01

"There is a girl on the floor with a pretty face working on a floor exercise." Erika's mouth stopped and she moved her hand to pinch my butt again. Her leotard is bright green and clearly low-cut to show off her breasts." Watching the big-breasted gymnast I felt my penis begin to stiffen again in Erika's mouth. I pushed my groin as hard up against Erika's ass as possible while my penis pulsed and tried to pump every drop of cum I had remaining deep inside her pussy. Erika and I were kissing when the big-breasted girl in the low-cut green leotard came in with a boy who was staring at her chest.

A Birthday present for a virgin

first-time DanielleX 2018-11-30

Together, the girls dropped to their knees, stroking Peter’s legs, keeping their eyes fixed on his engorged head. Gemma poked her tongue out and it collided with Aisha’s as they flicked the end of his cock, making them giggle. Gemma licked it away and then rolled her tongue over the end as Aisha stroked the shaft. Gemma stroked his ball sack gently as they licked the side of his cock, sliding their tongues up and down, in a slow, steady rhythm. “I think we should cut to the main feature,” said Gemma, looking at Peter, bashfully. She was wet and as Peter had already discovered, hot, inside her little pussy. The two girls kissed as he swapped pussies and entered Aisha, his cock throbbing and covered with Gemma’s milky juices.

The first time with Helen

first-time styxx 2018-11-30

I guess Helen was at the point in her life when she looked critically at herself and realised that time had passed her by and if she didn’t do something quickly, she would be too old to find that spark of excitement she read about in magazines. Helen went to the B&B with her boss, which complicated things a little and meant some frantic text messages asking me to wait and then having to change plans so that we arranged to meet at Victoria Station. I was hoping that, by doing things a little more slowly, she would have time to savour the delicious feelings her body could provide.

Lisa's First Love - Chapter One

first-time submissivemom72 2018-11-28

I knew I was turning a deep crimson at the awkwardness and embarrassment of standing there like it. But Don smiled appreciatively and said, “Lisa, you really are a pretty girl.” Then, before I could respond, he turned and dove into the pool. Our breathing grew faster and I felt his large erection pressing into my legs and groin as he humped his hips from excitement. With my arms around his neck, I did not interfere when Don reached up and cupped my breast in his hand. After a couple of minutes, Don slipped the bra up, exposing my bright pink nipples to sunlight for the first time in my life. I felt so wickedly sexy with the warm sun shining brightly on my exposed tits. I could feel the wetness in my vagina beginning to leak into the gusset of my bikini bottom.

The Adventures of Karen: Her First Lesbian Experience

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-28

Rebecca reached up, grabbing Karen’s breasts as her lips and tongue brought Karen to the brink. Karen began kissing Rebecca, her tongue insinuating itself in the older woman’s mouth, her hands cupping the small, pointed breasts. Rebecca sighed and ran her fingers through Karen’s hair, lost in the moment, eyes closed, mouth slightly open. Karen, you’re a natural born pussy licker!” Her hands combed through the redheads hair, holding her tight to her needy twat, her hips rising and falling, meeting Karen’s tongue as it drilled into Rebecca’s core. Rebecca pulled the redhead close and began to lick the sweet cream from her face before stuffing her tongue deep in Karen’s mouth.

The Minx (Part III)

first-time John_Doe 2018-11-26

"Would you like to put your big, hard cock inside my tight, young cunt, Mr Andrews?" she said, showing no concern for being out of breath a little still, from her orgasm she just received. I picked up rhythm, and speed of fucking her pussy as the sound of the wetness of my cock slipping in and out of her dripping cunt, and the explosions of my body slapping against her firm ass could be heard around the room. I did as she wanted, as my hand came down and spanked the soft perfect ass that was shaking from the impact of my cock thrusting deeper in and out of her tight, young wet cunt.

Her first erotic encounter

first-time TheCritic 2018-11-25

I let my hand slide down her beautiful body, tracing a line with my fingers. It felt velvety soft, and by the way she began grinding her hips in time with my hand, she was enjoying the new feeling. She continued rocking in time with my hand, and making these little moans into my ear. She was thrusting her hips into my hand forcefully, and her breath was coming in little pants. When her moans stopped, I tried to withdraw my hand, but every time I moved it she would shudder again and let out a little moan. You had me feeling so good, and I love you so much I didn't care if it hurt a little." Her voice trailed off at the end.

Excerpts From My Inexperience – The First Time I Had An Orgasm

first-time Shylass 2018-11-25

More kneading, getting harder; my fingers had developed a rhythm, rolling sideways from the third finger to the middle finger to the forefinger to the third finger to the middle finger… I had found (without realizing what it was) what I now know was the ugly-named clitoris, which I have given a new name (I’ll tell you later)… fingers rolling sideways from the third finger to the middle finger to the forefinger to the third finger to the middle finger… and now a new progression – still with the rolling, my wrist began to play too, making a stirring motion as my fingers rolled, so I was constantly fingering my whole sensitive area around my… I told you, I’ll tell you the name later… I began to roll my hips in a circling motion too, every down movement of my fingers resulted in an up movement of my hips, to the point where I thought to myself I must be quiet or I would be heard.

The Girl's Plan: Part I

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-25

On their own, however, Valerie and Aria liked to talk about boys, sex, clothes and who was fucking whom at school, generally regular teenage girl stuff. John is holding his magazine pretending to read, but Valerie’s body, her swaying hips, her slim waist and her long wet lustrous hair transfix him. The next day John arranges three jet skis and when the girls arrive Valerie is dressed in very cute tan short shorts that are body hugging and make her rounded firm bum look amazing. John tries to convince Valerie to go on a jet ski alone, but she wants to try it together with him to start, as she’s a little nervous.

Sophie Part 1

first-time bikerbear600 2018-11-25

I stopped and sat down on a bench for a few minutes to look at the view over the park and when I stood up the couple had vanished. The woman began to moan loudly again, forcing herself on to his cock with her cunt (another rude word bouncing around in my head). I sat and stared into space, the images of the couple making love (fucking) buzzing around my mind with the rude words until I heard them moving about getting dressed. I wandered around the bedroom naked, my nipples were erect and aching and my vagina (it’s a cunt my mind shouted) felt like it was throbbing.

Lisa' first time - Chapter three - he takes my virginity

first-time submissivemom72 2018-11-25

He broke off the kiss, and then, leaning forward, took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking on it gently, causing me to moan out loud as I held his head to my breast. “Damn you are very sexy,” I said as I ran my hands up his chest, stopping to play with his nipples as I leaned forward and took the head of his penis into my mouth. I was surprised that my vagina could accommodate such a large erection, but as I felt his testicles pressing against my ass, I knew that all of Don's manhood was now buried deep inside me. Even today, I still think that there is nothing quite so wonderful as feeling a penis continue to pulse deep inside you as you cuddle in post-coital bliss.

The Wife Next Door: Part V-Taking Care of Angela

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-24

I have an extremely satisfying sex life with Pim and she has even set up a few dates for me with her best friend Judy, who is a hot sexy Korean. Incredible sexual tension was building up just from watching sixteen year-old Angela prance around my pool and Pim’s house in her increasingly sexy outfits. I assumed Angela was just taking her sexy new sixteen year-old body out for a test drive with some innocent teasing and flirting. I spent so long kissing Pim’s pussy and ass and teasing her body with my tongue, my fingers, the vibrator and a bottle of gel that my cock had time to recover for a second round of sex.

Lisa's first time - Chapter Two - Don needs his release

first-time submissivemom72 2018-11-23

I stared at his throbbing erection thinking that there was no way that huge monster was going to fit inside a tight little vagina like mine. Don stepped towards me, and started to climb between my legs, I suddenly realized that he wanted to enter me with his massive penis. Slowly I allowed Don’s tongue to part my lips, as he continued to grind his erection against my vulva. Don placed his middle finger inside of me, stimulating my opening while I continued to grind my vulva into his erection. Feeling the gooey wetness on my abdomen, and the fact that Don was no longer grinding against me with the urgency of moments before, I broke off our kiss and asked rhetorically, “Did we get you off?


The Girl's Plan: Part II

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-22

As John’s lips and tongue clasp onto her small breast and he starts flicking her nipple little shocks course through Valerie’s body and she jerks and shudders from the pleasure. John feels the need in Valerie’s hands as she pushes on his head and he moves his lips inch by inch down her flat stomach. Finally John’s lips arrive at Valerie’s white panties and he hooks his fingers on each hip and pulls them down slowly waiting for any indication that Valerie wants him to stop. Valerie can’t repress her moans any longer as John’s tongue builds her further and she feels her pussy convulse, contract and pulse, her body, her hips shiver with tremors of passion.

The Quality of Mercy

first-time harley_quinn 2018-11-21

He worked in a bicycle shop and was also on the rugby team with Matty and Joe. Andy was a hopeless romantic and thought that love was in the eyes of every woman and around every corner. I lived in a household with one handsome man in Lewis and three large, muscular rugby-playing lads in Matty, Joe and Andy. After we finished tidying, we all wished Matty Happy Birthday again and went about our own things. Lewis said he was going for a shower after working all day and Matty, Joe and Andy decided to go to the gym down the road before their next rugby match at the weekend. Joe's eyes were closed, he looked like he was struggling for breath.

The School For Scandal: Part 3

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-20

Her mouth opened, and my helmet disappeared, slowly, her teeth grazing over the sensitive flesh, locking me inside as her tongue swirled all around my swollen head. Somewhat reluctantly, she let my other testicle slide from between her lips, clamping back on my cock head, stroking vigorously as her tongue tickled me. Her thighs released my head, her hands let go of my hair, and I looked up, past the orange pillow of hair, past her heaving breasts, and onto her face, the rictus of cumming so fiercely leaving her, replaced by a peaceful beauty. I began to wonder if it was going to stop, when she suddenly stiffened herself, crying out as her cunt clamped onto my cock, milking the last drops of my essence.

Try Anything Once

first-time kumquat 2018-11-20

Kyle fastened his mouth onto her clit and was moving his hands from her hips to have better access to her still wet poon when he felt a vibration coming from the back pocket of his jeans. As Kyle began to stroke her pussy walls with his finger Ivy continued massaging her clit. Kyle didn’t stop, instead he quickened his fingers even more and continued ot suck her clit with intentional fervor, sending Ivy over the edge. Ivy began to laugh, “Of course you don’t pick it up now!” She said as she rolled her eyes, and she pulled the comforter around the two of them and snuggled close to Kyle’s still warm body.

Madeline's Introduction (II)

first-time agant 2018-11-16

As soon as her mum shut the door Madeline grabbed my head with both hands and gave me a swift peck on the lips. I laid her down under me and began to kiss up and down her neck, taking a little longer to suck on her ear lobes which I noticed made her gasp every time. Just when I was barely a centimetre from her lower lips I pulled my hand away and stopped kissing her. With my other hand I felt up her body finding her perfect, soft boobs, and began teasing her nipple in my finger tips. "Definitely, everybody needs a helping hand some times." Jasmine said.