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Laura's lesbian awakening

first-time DanielleX 2018-11-29

As Laura watched secretly, peering through the gap, Felicity put one leg on her bed and gently rolled one stocking down. Felicity stepped a little closer to Laura, who was sitting on the bed stiffly and stroked her smooth young face. Laura closed her lips around one nipple and sucked gently, Felicity sighed deeply, enjoying the moment to the full. Felicity stood up and ran her index finger down the length of Laura’s nose and over her lips. Laura did and Felicity ran her polished finger nails down the front of Laura’s leggings. Felicity moaned, pressing her lips into Laura’s neck as Laura jabbed her fingers into her hot, wet pussy.

Virgin Babe Finally Gets Fucked - Part Three

first-time Poppet 2018-11-19

It’s as if things were meant to be, a few days after having phone sex with Nicolas, my parents tell me they are going to out of town. I know that we’ve never, um, well spent the night so a weekend is a lot, but I’d like if you come and spent it with me,” my words trail, growing softer. After my shower, I dress in something simple: I don’t want to come off as if I’m trying too hard. “You make me feel beautiful, I love the way you look at me like that, Nicolas. Finally, for the first time this morning, Nicolas leans down, cupping my face with his hands, he kisses me softly.

Doctors Visits Part 2

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-17

Yes, do it again Lucas, she told herself as she closed her eyes as if thinking she could feel his warm fingers up inside her thick, spongy, but wanton pussy. “Oh my lord,” she said as she whipped around and instantly put her hands around her best friends cheeks and instantly started to kiss him on his lips. As she did he said, “You know I didn’t come here to have any kind of sex with you.” She smiled as he spoke and simply played with his chest. He said yes which made her smile and she started to pet it at first before taking it in hand and stroking it so it would get hard and of course slide inside her wholesome, horny pussy again.

Construction Worker

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-17

As the long legged beauty with hips which didn’t quit and an ass for each and everyone to look at, Terra pulled in and got out of her 14 year old pickup truck. I was screaming and moaning and I don’t know what else but it all felt soooo damn fantastic that he made me cum a couple times over or so I think he did. “He saw me as I wondered about it all, about getting him off, and as I was looking down at it I heard ask ‘Do you want to touch it and hold it?’ It shocked me but yes, yes I did.

My First Summer Of Love

first-time KindOfHeart 2018-11-10

I want to watch you stroking that lovely cock like you do when you’re thinking about me, and I’ll give you something much nicer to look at than the girls in your magazines — I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen a real live naked woman.” The feeling of my cock sliding between her swollen lips as I thrust deep into Jill's velvet hole was amazing, and being young it only took a few minutes of fucking until I was ready to cum again. When we went for our daily walk in the beech woods near our homes, Jill would often leave her panties off, and encourage me to slip my hand under her skirt to have a good feel of her bottom and pussy.

First time making love

first-time juanmoretime1 2018-11-09

I moved my hands to her blouse and began to unfasten hers, and with only two unfastened, I peeled it off her shoulders, trapping her arms, which restricted her unbuttoning efforts and exposed her breasts with their eraser head nipples stiff and excited. We hugged as we stood, my cock poking into her stomach over her pubic hair as her hardened nipples poked my chest and joined our lips in a tongue wrestling kiss, our arms around each other in a tight hug, both had hands on a back and one with a handful of ass.

The tainting of the May blossom

first-time DanielleX 2018-11-04

Judy could feel the tingling in her pussy as Nathalie showed her the lacy bra that she was wearing. Judy didn’t like the way he kept looking at her, his eyes constantly flicking down to her breasts. It was a warm day and Nathalie was wearing a light summery dress, not to short, but short enough, so that her lovely legs were distracting Judy, constantly. Judy looked into Nathalie’s eyes and Nathalie saw the way her student’s light brown eyes had become dewy and searching. Judy wanted to kiss her tutor so much, her brown eyes willing Nathalie to do it. Judy sat up on the bed and she closed her eyes as she rubbed her nose on the front of Nathalie's crotch breathing in her sweet, sexy bouquet.

Erotic Education [3]: Anal Assault

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-09-05

After dinner Aisha and Birgitte do the dishes, while I prepare Marjoleen for her first ever severe sexy spanking of private parts. Aisha and Birgitte giggle a lot in bath as I explain what they will see in a moment, erotically excited they play with their pussies. Birgitte is the first to stop our long love play after three orgasms for both girls, where I allow myself only one on Aisha'a boyish bums. "Aisha, two fingers in her pussy and soft and steady up and down inside her holy hot horny heaven down there, Birgitte her sphincter". The girls get hot as well and beg for my pemission to finger each others pussies to orgasms as well, which I allow with a sweet smile.

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

first-time annakey 2018-08-31

None of my friends had ever mentioned masturbation, which was the only reason I could think of to try a sex toy, so I certainly wasn't comfortable talking about it with them. I've also heard from lots of people who already enjoy sex toys and would like to use them with their partners, but have been too reluctant to bring their toys to the bedroom for fear of offending their loved ones. Many people express concern that bringing a sex toy into their relationship will hurt their partner's feelings. You might also try buying a book or watching a video together - your partner might be embarrassed to admit he or she doesn't know how sex toys work; "instructional" materials can often alleviate your partners functional concerns.

My Daddy 'Lovearub' Allowed Another Dadd

first-time lovearub 2018-08-18

With so much of my profile having gay-based photos and videos, he began writing about being a "virgin" and I took the role of "Daddy," trying to help him navigate that journey which would introduce him to the intense pleasures of man-to-man sex. If it was your Daddy fucking you, I would "Play" there for a long time, getting that beautiful pink pussy ready for the full length and fatness of my butt-driving, pre-cum drooling dick with my fingers and mouth...rubbing the wet head in a circular motion around that now slightly puffy, cock-eating slut fuck chute. THEY STARTED INSIDE MY PUSSY, BUILDING UP AND SPREADING OUT ALL OVER MY BODY BEFORE I STARTED BUCKING, MOANING, SCREAMING OUT PLEASURABLE MOANS OF LUST AND DIRTY WORDS ABOUT HOW DADDY IS A FUCKING DIRTY BASTARD WHO IS SCREWING MY VIRGIN HOLE.

Friends Go Swimming

first-time Anonymous77 2018-07-26

When we got to my room, I jokingly told Marissa she needed to get out of her wet bathing suit, she just gave me this shy smile and slowly walked towards me, got on to her tiptoes and whispered "is that all you want me to do?" I was just in shock, I got an immediate hard on, it took me a minute gain my composure and look into her eyes and say "Then we can go under the covers and warm up." So she stripped out of her bathing suit and got in my bed, I followed right behind her.

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 03

first-time Amyfriend 2018-04-28

Just mere seconds later I felt his hard cock spewing his juices between us and providing incredible lubrication that made it feel even better. "Oooooooh god, turn around, let me have your cock in my mouth, quickly." At the same time he was pushing his cock wildly into my mouth and I didn't care as he pumped his cum juices down the back of my throat, I just kept swallowing and swallowing and breathing heavily. Slowly I stopped and in time he softened in my mouth, but I didn't want to release him just yet so I continued sucking on his soft cock for several minutes. I went to bed early that night and dreamt of the day's events and what I may face tomorrow with Ron, which led me to masturbate myself several times during the night.

Sexy Cuckold Vacation

first-time tpgprn 2018-04-09

However, to my surprise and delight, she would on very rare occasions say something during our love making to provoke my fantasies such as "I wish there was another hard cock fucking me in the ass right now" while she was riding me. After the k**s went to bed for the night, she disappeared into the bedroom for a bit and came back out wearing one of her sluttiest lingerie outfits that shows off that perfect ass even more. Your constant pestering about me wearing skimpy clothes and acting like your slut on vacation has gotten me a little worked up. She asked me how slutty it would be if she took two cocks into her pussy at the same time and then stuffed the 7 and 9 inchers in simultaneously.

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 02

first-time Amyfriend 2018-03-13

"Oh its okay Debbie, just give me a big towel." He said so I handed him one and he discretely removed his shorts. "You don't have to worry with me Debbie, I'll do whatever you want but I would like to please you again before I go home." He said as his hand rested on my leg just above my knee. "Thank you, Ron." I said as I stood and removed the towel from his knee and glanced at his semi hard cock before I sat back down on his knee. "Mmmm, that's good, but maybe I really should slip off my skirt, Ron." I said, as I backed away and unfastened it then let it fall to the floor before I kicked it away.

Working for Miss Sophie

first-time clarissaj1982 2018-02-05

I rubbed it up and down a couple of times before I put my left hand on her right breast. I watched her face change as I pushed my dick slowly inside. I stopped when the end of my cock was just inside her and I rubbed her clit some more with my thumb. I spurted my cum deep inside her and watched as a smile spread slowly across her face. She dressed as I lay naked on the bed watching her, my dick still large, but no longer hard and lying against my thigh. "I've got a tiny little dick Soph, you can do better even on a bad night, but sure - anytime you want as long as it's not now.

The Park Male Multiple Orgasms

first-time 425olds 2017-12-06

I lifted up her skirt, spread her legs, and placed kisses all over her incredible red panties. I placed kisses all over her lips, then moved in and started to suck on her clitoris. She grabbed my head and tried to buried it deep into her pussy as her muscles contracted from orgasmic bliss. As soon as the orgasm started, I immediately pulled out, clamped my PC muscle around my prostate, and concentrated on that wonderful feeling my prostate (pelvic nerve) was producing. Afterwards, we just laid on the park bench and fell asl**p after the most incredible sex I had ever had (I think it was the best for her too).

Stella's sudden surrender [1]

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-11-20

Stella starts to tell Saskia the story of her humiliating sudden surrender early Summer as soon as she submits to us. Stella closes her eyes, as if she replays the video of that day in Spain with me, which completely changed her life. Stella demands Saskia to come on command for her, everytime she will conclude a sub-story line from our love life. I see Stella is close to come from confessing her hot memories with me, making still sweet love in vanilla style. I don't want to come when my sexy subs share another orgasm, as I know Stella just started. I am also fond of your thumbs up for this tasty story, which starts so sweetly here, with Stella's first confession.

How I Really Took Her Virginity

first-time Franksstories 2017-11-20

At the end of our dates we always found ourselves back in her dorm room on her bed. In addition to my fingers I would roll on top and rub her pussy and clitoris with the tip of my cock. Several days later We repeated the steps and once more I was bringing her to an orgasm by rubbing my cock on her pussy. While she was in the middle of her orgasm, I inserted my cock into her vagina and pushed through the thin membrane. I returned to my room once again with blue balls, but this time I had a bloody red cock. I pushed up with my arms and held my cock deep in her pussy until the sensations ended.