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Field of secrets

first-time GigiLovesIt 2018-06-26

A tear rolled down her cheek as she stood in the small hut that was home. She walked outside and looked onto the meadow. For weeks Ava and Anna had spent roaming the fields and discovering each others bodies, creating new secrets every day. She'd let her fingers roam up and down, drawing the wetness from her slit to her clitoris and sighing as she'd concentrated on rubbing there, feeling her muscles contract, recognizing the feeling Anna gave her when she licked her the day before. She shook her head as she thought back to the previous day. Ava walked back to her hut and saw the sun had risen, feeling the soft glow on her flustered cheeks.

My first encounter

first-time HornyBBW 2018-06-26

He pushed up my bra, and squeezed my boobs a little before moving down a little and began to suck on my nipples, I moaned as he did so. I let out several more moans and reached down to his cock, opening his jeans I took it again in my hand. I began to stand up also, but he told me no, and pushed me into a kneeling position, moving his cock toward my mouth I froze I had no idea what to do! I soon got in to the rhythm and began sucking his cock properly for him he moaned and groaned in pleasure and I enjoyed it also.

What I Think About When I Masturbate - Part 6 - The Number 38

first-time Quiteshygirl 2018-06-26

I look away and feel my heart jump in terror, realising that I am alone and vulnerable in this remote bus shelter, as this weird stranger masturbates in front of me. I lean my head back against the shelter wall again, and close my eyes, as the stranger fingers a nineteen year old student’s wet pussy. The sounds and aroma of wet teenage pussy begin to fill the space inside the bus shelter as he pulls out again, causing another trickle of my pussy fluid to run down into my bottom. I turn and stand facing the open entrance to the shelter, looking out into the lane, and behind me I hear him get to his feet, and take his trousers down.

I Love Valentina

first-time frogprince 2018-06-15

I moved my hands to her stomach and rubbed that area. I rubbed my hands up her legs starting at the calves and ending where the nylons ended. I moved my hands up to cup her breasts through her bra. I kept one hand on her breast and moved the other down to her panties. I massaged her thighs moving closer to her wet spot on her panties. She moved her lips closer and tentatively gave it a kiss. I moved down a little bit and started to push my cock into her pussy. I was licking her pussy and around her butt getting all the cum cleaned of her. I licked her clitoris, pushing my fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her bum.

Out of the Blue, Part 2.

first-time mingemuncher 2018-06-12

As I was working Rachael towards an orgasm, I thought about her watching Lynette and I earlier, and so I slid two fingers into her slit, scooped up some of her juices and rubbed them around the little bud of her ass. I pulled my hand away, took a hold of the blanket and flicked it over to the back seat, giving me back my view of Rachael’s wide open legs and wet pussy. After a minute or two she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down for a long passionate kiss, and kept meeting my thrusts with little pushes of her own.

First Time Fuck in a Field

first-time animeprincess_ 2018-06-12

You clumsily felt for it, holding it in front of your face and reading the message scribbled in my bad handwriting last night: "Meet me in the field, under the oak tree at 11, don't be late xx". I leaned into you, bringing my hand up to cup the side of your face, kissing you gently, teasing your lips with my own, allowing heat and passion to spark between us. I pulled back to search your face for where you wanted to go next...then looked to your crotch, I could see your shorts were slightly tighter than before. Gripping the blanket as you fucked me closer towards my orgasm, your thrusts became more ragged and lustful as you too came closer to cumming.

The first time

first-time HornyBBW 2018-06-08

Right there in the front seat of his car, in a quiet country lane I lost my virginity to man twice my age in an amazing way.I was wet a moaning for more, I wanted it harder and faster although I'm not sure if it was even possible. He was fucking me so good, I didn't want him to stop, his hands all over me, his cock pounding my virgin pussy.Eventually with one last great grunt he shot his load into my freshly fucked pussy.He moved back to his seat as I felt his juices mix with mine and drip down onto the seat.

My First Time

first-time justalilfun 2018-05-30

They were so much like my nipples, hard and I was enjoying feeling them as she worked a second finger into my eager pussy. I gasped as she slid a finger into me, Karen giggled, “ I have always wanted to eat your pussy, ever since we first met,” she said. Karen just told me to go slow; “Lick my pussy like I licked yours, and it will feel good for me too” I did as instructed once again, little by little deeper and deeper into her. I watched as he pounded her pussy, her huge breasts swinging all around, my god it looked so hot, the sound of his balls slapping against her had me wet and wanting my turn.

Losing My Virginity

first-time naughtyannie 2018-05-29

“I told him to be careful, and he whispered something like, ‘God Janet, I really love you and I really want to fuck you,’ and I was feeling so turned on I thought ‘Why not, it’s going to happen, so it might as well be now.’ So I whispered back ‘Ok, but have you got a dobbie?’ and of course he didn’t, the prat.” I’d worked up a good rhythm, so I got my finger rubbing faster and faster at my clit, and just as Janet got to the bit where Tony finally pushed into her and took her virginity, I came, shaking and gasping.

Rekindling An Old Flame

first-time janedoe19 2018-05-28

As you kissed me you slowly let your hands run over my body until you reached my hips. You must have realized that I was battling in my head because you stopped kissing me and looked at me with questions in your eyes. Your hand came out of my panties and you looked at me and asked if I want you to stop. As I stood there looking at you with my face flushed from passion, you slowly pulled my shirt over my head. I slowly sucked and licked your cock, pulling it in and out of my mouth while my hand was rubbing up and down the length of it. Right as I started to cum I felt your hips rock up and you were deep inside me.

Into The Woods

first-time starbelliedboy 2018-05-28

I moved my head further and kissed her navel, then she spread her legs and I inspected her vagina, caressing her small patch of pubic hair and exploring her cunt's tight circumference and her clitoris. I slowly moved my hips forward, forcing my penis into her tight pussy, enjoying the smooth lubrication of spittle and pussy juice. She kissed me as I moved my arms up around her back, and she began to push her hips backwards and forwards in the same rhythm, so the fantastic sensation continued on my dick. Going faster and faster, the friction between her vagina and my cock getting really hot, shouting and grunting, Julia screaming as we neared orgasm.

We Lose Our Virginity

first-time Andrew Eldritch 2018-05-14

Looking at her in that setting, and the shape of her breasts under her T-shirt was getting me turned on, but then again, at 18, I would get a hard-on just about any time I was with her -- just from knowing that we would probably be messing around later in the day. This went on only a minute or so, and then I re-positioned my body so that I was a little lower than her and the head of my cock was touching her pussy straight-on. My cock was probably a little over half way inside her, and I made very small thrusts because I did not want to cum too soon and because the water really took away from that natural lubrication that would work so well for us on subsequent encounters.

Mackinaw Island

first-time johnnyblm1 2018-05-03

My right hand swiftly slips down her underwear over her firm ass and begins to lift, squeeze and pull up on it. But only feeling the bulge; she soon backs out of the heavy kissing to slide her hand into my pants and fill it with my hard cock. I toy with her by only fucking with the head and without notice I ram my pelvis into her butt lodging my penis as deep as it will go hitting something inside her that causes a high pitched moan to come out between her clenched teeth. She lets out more moans and tries to come up a bit but I push her body back down while firmly pulling her hair.

Friends Ch. 02

first-time FantasyMan021 2018-05-03

He moved in close now is cock pressing against the steps and he began to blow on Jane's wet pussy lips. He continues for suck on her clit and fingering her pussy for some time before Jane grabs the back of his head forcing his face tightly into her pussy as she lets out a loud moan. "Well, that should be an exciting story when she gets back to the pizza place." Said Jane turning around to see Marcus slowly stroking his cock. "Why don't we eat in here and watch a movie at the same time." Marcus said standing and walking into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around Jane from behind.

First Time and First Mate

first-time Naturalista 2018-05-02

Craig must have sensed that I was not going to last much longer so he started dragging his tongue up and down my clit and then circled the tip until I was moaning and breathless and pushing my hips to meet his glorious tongue. "Then I'd better untie you, because I want to feel every inch of you when I'm fucking you." He quickly untied my hands and led me to the couch where he turned me around and was now behind me so he could expertly play with both my breasts and my clit. I placed my leg on the couch so he could get deeper and cried out "Harder, fuck me harder!" So Craig obediently placed his hands on my hips and got to work driving into me deeper and deeper.

Camping Adventures Ch. 02

first-time ladedumme 2018-04-29

I do not want to know, but I only came in here because I can hear you all the way from my tent and with all the groaning...I thought someone might be hurt," she glanced down at Sam holding the blanket over his crotch and quickly moved her eyes back up to mine, but not without stopping to glance at my exposed breasts first. I felt like it was just me and Sam. We had chosen to do the thing that would probably turn out better for us in the long run and go to flag down, even if we were both still horny and just wanted to go to the tent and fuck like rabbits all week long.

My New Girl

first-time jrunner 2018-04-27

I get in her car and we share a few minutes of awkward silence before we finally start to really talk for the first time. As we are kissing each other I start to slowly rub up and down her tight little body. Sitting on the bench I lean down and start to slowly message her breast. She gets down on her knees and starts to suck my hard 7 inch dick. Kristy starts to suck on one ball and then the other while she is stroking my hard dick. She starts to slowly lick her way back up to the head of my dick which she swallows. She then stops and slowly pulls my dick out of her mouth and she starts to suck and lick the head of my cock.

The Naked Night

first-time bisexual_amy 2018-04-25

When I needed to pee in the middle of night, I'd slowly open the door and checked if anybody around there. After finishing I'd open the toilet door and ran naked to my room again. The thought of getting caught by any family member would make me excited and I fingered myself until I released my juices on the floor. If I went outside naked, my body would be clearly visible because of the moonlight. If anybody is at his/her window, he/she could clearly see a young girl standing naked. I started walking and suddenly felt wetness down between my legs. I jumped over the wall again stood before opening the main door.

Ripe Summer Fruit

first-time naughtyauthor7 2018-04-16

I closed my eyes and imagined sliding my cock up and down Samantha's Alpine breast-line, as she squeezed her creamy white breasts together and dared me to come in her face. I closed my eyes again, waiting for the noise to stop, and imagined the motions of her breasts, bouncing all over the bumpy fields, independent of each other as the quad ran over uneven ground. "That quad is worth thousands, and you've just filled it up with diesel and ran it to its death." I wasn't really angry, just going through the motions while thinking of a plan to be alone with Samantha. I rolled back my tight foreskin once again, unleashing my big red head and leaned one hand on her left cheek while guiding my cock into her gates with my right.

Suzanne's Surrender

first-time damppanties 2018-04-14

After walking the horse away from the house, Ray gently pried her hands away from it, showing her how to hold the reins. Resting his hands there for a while, he bent murmured instructions on how and where to lead the horse in her ear, his mouth tantalizingly close to her skin before moving them back onto her stomach, then upward toward her breasts. Prevented from touching her between the legs, he pushed his hands up into her t-shirt and found her breasts covered with a lacy bra. This time was even better as Suzanne met and matched his passion, withholding nothing from him, moving her body to meet his and not even trying to stifle the animal sounds that broke from her throat.

Angel in the Night 06

first-time ReefBeach 2018-04-02

I was free to kiss and lick my way down Thuy's soft plump tummy, nuzzling her deep belly button and coming to her jeans. I can't hold her up." Thien had been watching and enjoying everything, but Thuy's pleasure was straining her little hands. I wanted Thien to enjoy her part, so I used long deep strokes on Thuy's cunt. "Nick's a big boy, with a lot of come." Thien, you are turning me on even more. Her tongue moving!" Thien let go of my head with one hand and started to rub her clit. "Nick, sweet boy, fuck my friend for me, oh, I'm coming, oh OHHH!" Thien gasped. I stretched over Thuy and cupped my hand against Thien's face.

Friends Get Physical

first-time jessabelkitty 2018-03-16

His hand touching my waist began to slip to the edge of my sweater, slowly, and then started to move under my sweater. He moaned and pulled me closer to him, burying his face in my neck and beginning to draw his teeth over the sensitive skin, stopping occasionally to suck passionately on my neck, leaving what must be some pretty big marks. He trailed kisses across my smooth waist, rubbing his hands up and down my legs, then slowly inching up my thighs towards my cunt. I slowly wrapped my hand around it; the skin felt soft and delicate, but I could feel the hard passion coursing through underneath the skin.

Angel in the Night 02

first-time ReefBeach 2018-03-15

Weeping fear of being caught (remember I'm still a shy 18 year old!) jostled alongside exultation at my escape; the wonder of Thien's glorious body lying on her bed, her spicy smell, then the excitement of my first handjob, of licking her to shuddering climax. Thien looked blank for an instant, then smiled the naughtiest smile I've ever seen on a girl's face - though I did come to recognise that look of desire later on! In high school I had one or two crushes, and those awkward lessons about "relationships" but, I didn't do 'that'." Thien's voice was so soft, if my face wasn't buried in her long scented hair I would have been too far away to hear.

My First Penis

first-time Sierra9572 2018-03-14

She said she loves to relieve her boyfriends of this issue, and has a tried and true method of saving them from such spillage: She takes two fingers, and presses the muscle on underside of the penis, between the scrotum and the anus. And he started to shuffle and said, "I have to pee really bad, just a sec." And he stood and went around the bushes. "You take two fingers," I said, "and go like this." I pressed my two fingers under his scrotum, and pressed forward, and sure enough, a few drops of pee came out. I kept moving my hand up and down and felt his penis start to soften.