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The Beaten Trail

first-time Haydonslife 2018-09-18

I watched in silence as you laying out the rest of it and till your work was finished. I feel you smile as I kissed your face. But you froze as I stood in front of you and all I did was just stand there smiling as you drunk me in. Your kisses became hurried and hungry as your hands run across my heated body. I smiled as your hands explore my body. They stop at my boobs giving them special attention as you slowly kiss me. You give me a sad smile as you force your dick through my bearer. As you drift into sleep I kiss you lightly until you fall asleep.

Mackinaw Island

first-time johnnyblm1 2017-11-03

My right hand swiftly slips down her underwear over her firm ass and begins to lift, squeeze and pull up on it. But only feeling the bulge; she soon backs out of the heavy kissing to slide her hand into my pants and fill it with my hard cock. I toy with her by only fucking with the head and without notice I ram my pelvis into her butt lodging my penis as deep as it will go hitting something inside her that causes a high pitched moan to come out between her clenched teeth. She lets out more moans and tries to come up a bit but I push her body back down while firmly pulling her hair.