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Going Away Gift from Becky

first-time ConnMan38 2018-11-23

"Look, I'm really sorry I have to go," she said, tugging her shorts back into place, "but if you like I can come over to your place tomorrow evening and we can continue where we left off. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer (frankly, I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did considering it was my first time), so I pulled Becky close to me, rolled back on top of her, and started pumping into her with all the energy I had left. I walked behind her, got on one knee and kissed her ass several times, then stood up, put a hand on each hip and pressed my semi-hard cock into her crack.

Her Post Prom Experience

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-16

“I know I’d like to be with her if she really wants to be with me” the 29 year old substitute teacher said aloud as he headed on home to his apartment. “I really didn’t know how to get a hold of you outside of school but if you’re willing I’d love to invite you over on Saturday afternoon, say around 1:30?” he told her. She said no while feeling all the sensations a young woman feels in hopes of having a sexual relationship with a good looking older man, like Chet. But she soon realized she needed so much more at this point and before even he knew it, as they kissed, she took hold of his hand and put it inside of them so he’d feel her boob.

I'll Fix That

first-time Ashson 2018-04-30

"Your nipples are erect and the way you press your breasts against my hand shows you like being touched," he murmured. "Your panties are wet so it looks like you and Mike have been doing some fairly hot and heavy touching, but I somehow suspect that your panties haven't come off tonight, and I don't think that was you choice." Every time Andrew came charging into me I was feeling it tearing through my body, little shivers of delight pleasuring me, and each one left me expectant of more. I've actually made Mikey blow, laughing at the look on his face as he squirted, but I'd never even considered what it would feel like when it was exploding inside you.