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She Caught Me

first-time Michael 2018-12-02

She grabbed my hips with both hands and started thrusting, her actions pulling her down my shaft and back again, each stroke lubricating me, her mouth like an underwater vacuum. She took several deep breaths and still using my erection held in her hand, pulled herself down to my cock, grasped my balls, and slowly pulled me into her warm mouth. She finally started pulling me out of her, her tongue continuing its flicker, her lips tightening around my shaft, all the while humming. Finally she took a deep breath and allowed her body to slip beneath the surface as I continued driving my cock into her incredible heat.

Swimming Pool

first-time Katastrophia 2018-11-27

Erica called Andrew one day, and asked him if he'd like to come over to go swimming. Andrew was sitting in a lounge chair when she came out to the pool deck. He didn't want her to know his little secret, so he threw her into the pool. Erica went inside to get the sunscreen, so Andrew just lay there for a minute. Erica came back out and asked Andrew if he wanted sunscreen on his back. He gently massaged the lotion into her back and legs, then returned to his towel, lying on his stomach, so she couldn't see the lump in his shorts. Andrew kissed her passionately and pushed her down on his rock hard cock.


The Trials of First Love Chapter 2

first-time BadGirl76 2018-11-21

I felt the tears start and took a deep breath to try to stop them before they could make it to my eyes. “You look very handsome yourself,” I said quietly as he kissed my cheek and took my hand. When Jeremy pulled quickly out of my mouth and I felt a warm wet sensation flowing down from between my breast I was confused. “Cum, Anna, cum for me,” he said over and over as he continued to push his finger deep inside me before pulling them out slowly. I took a deep breath, bit my bottom lip and as I exhaled I nodded my head; I wanted him to touch me, I needed it.

Best Friends' New Pleasure

first-time writer242 2018-11-18

Mark started to ram his fingers inside of Rachel’s tight, wet pussy even faster now and shoving them all the way in. Slowly, he pushed his hard dick into her pussy, inside of his best friend. The table shook as Mark continued, listening to her moans every time he thrust his dick back in her, pushing every inch of his hard cock inside his best friend’s pussy. Rachel tried grabbing onto the table to give her some kind of support as Mark continued ramming his dick deep inside of her. Time went by as Rachel’s moans grew loader, her pussy soaking wet and tightening over her best friend’s dick.

A treasured memory

first-time oceanrunner 2018-11-13

When Tim and Amy announce one morning that they're going on a day hike, I'm surprised at how pleased I am that I'll be left alone with Beth. I know I shouldn't but her hand feels so good, but I want more. My finger getting deeper every time in her pussy, while I sort of hold her up with my other arm, since her legs are wobbly. When was it?" My finger is putting more pressure and attention on her clit, and I can tell she's getting close. My other hand playing with one of her breasts gently rubbing and pulling on her nipple. I can tell she wants to cover her ass with her hands but her desire to seem grown up wins over.

Life on Eden Trails (Part III)

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-09

I knew that my wife, Beth, would be going out with some of her friends, so I told Eve that if she wanted, she could invite her friend Ellen, over for a swim in our backyard pool. Eve took a seat on the edge of her chase lounge and Ellen proceeded to put the baby oil on Eve’s back and shoulders. Eve took my cock in her mouth, as Ellen looked over her shoulder and watched. Eve repositioned the seat back of the lounge chair in the full down position and sat astraddle the chair, in front of Ellen, lightly stroking her cherub face, holding on to her friend’s bunched up blonde hair.

A Treasured Memory Chapter 2

first-time oceanrunner 2018-11-03

Her hard pink nipples were visible through the tank top, and the way she looked in her thong was sexy and, in that moment, completely unselfconscious, as her attention wasn't on the situation, but rather on the phone in her hand. "It's strange," she said, "Penises are kind of funny looking, but right now, yours is beautiful." She almost demurely stuck out her tongue, and, releasing my cock from her grip, licked up softly from my shaved balls up my rod to the head. Her hand firmly around my cock as she looked me in the eye, she said, "I'd like you to take me to my room and handcuff me to my bed, face down." Even for a girl as self-possessed as Beth, this was hard to get out.

The Pool Pt. 01

first-time taylorsam 2018-10-02

I worked hard at getting to know Scott's parent's; figuring if they liked me the pool would be open to me all summer. I even overheard Mr. Fredrick tell Scott that he should ask me out because I was hot. As school was ending Scott found me telling me that his parents were having a pool party that weekend. The adults were getting pretty drunk when Scott asked me if I wanted to see his room. "So has my son been enjoying that great body of yours?" Mr. Fredrick asked rubbing my arm and shoulder. We kissed a few times but Scott still made no move to let his hands feel me. "Don't you like feeling our bodies rubbing against each other?" I asked Scott kissing him.

Bisexual Mature Guys at the Pool

first-time daveevans 2018-09-28

I hit the locker room to slip into my black Speedos, not even taking time to adjust my cock and balls, not even caring what my package looked like. I smiled and a guy walked into the shower room, prompting Deimos to pull his hands out of my Speedos and backing away a bit, trying to look normal. I swam about thirty laps with a stupid grin on my face, literally bounced out of the pool, got dressed and went home to masturbate to the movie playing in my head, over and over, of Deimos grabbing my arm, kissing me, our crotches grinding together.

Behind my bestfriend's back...[part 1]

first-time Martin1992 2018-09-27

:-D Mark, a girl named Mia and I went home to Mark's house knowing his mom wouldn't be home untill the morning. I asked if we should go for a dip in the pool and they both thought it was a good idea but Mark had to go change to some swimshorts - The moment he passed the corner, Mia began rubbing my bulge and I slowly grew bigger and bigger. she nodded and the next thing I see is Mark standing still with his hands infront of his cock :-D Mia then went back to my side and with 3 meters bewteen us and Mark, we looked at each other. :-O Mia moved her hands between the bodies of Mark and I and went down for his cock.

Maybe She'll Say Yes

first-time Totzman 2018-09-25

"All right, Gentlemen, let's clear the landing pad," Alex said as he stepped up to the pool's edge. "Now THAT'S the girl you should get for your art project," Steve said, admiring Audrey's curvaceous body. "Do NOT ask her," Alex said, with a penetrating stare into Steve's eyes. Alex was too busy watching Audrey climb the lifeguard tower to mind the water Steve had just splashed onto him. "Aw shit," Alex said, knowing that he would have more success trying to build a car himself out of the pool's piping system than cock-blocking Steve. "You know, you said you wanted to model?" Alex asked. "Don't mind Teresa, she's always like that," Audrey said, opening the door to the locker room.

at the pool....a first time story

first-time griffin6444 2018-09-13

About half an hour before closing Vince, the lifeguard said he needed to take a break and asked if I could get out of the pool for about 10 minutes till he was back. I heard a shower running, and since no one was around went in to look...and saw Vince showering...(yes naked) and he was also stroking his cock. First I was sucking..exploring..then slowly he started pumping.......I could sense his cock getting even harder, and then he my mouth and on my first cock.....HE stood me up....wiped the cum from my face and kissed me and said "thanks" as he was reaching for my cock....Then he got down and finished me off...swollowing every drop.

Marge Tries Bi

first-time lonlymeem 2018-09-06

Still, I wondered what she would be like under those short shorts and cut-off tee shirts that she always wore. "Come on, Maria, nobody's going to see us and Pete won't be home for a long time. "Becuse I like it that way," was all she said and we went back to our horseplay, enjoying the cool water on our bodies. "If you want to, I don't think it'll feel any different than your own, but go ahead, I like to have my pussy petted, it makes me feel nice." My husband makes me feel that way too." I pulled her to her feet and she embraced me, pressing her body against me.

Cherished Memories

first-time CalLorenson 2018-09-05

My cock was erect and straining from the kiss, and while we'd been wrestling, touching, and looking at each other's naked bodies for some time, I was self consciously embarrassed by my arousal. At first all I could feel was my hard cock under my body, but I rapidly relaxed as her hands deftly stroked and kneaded my muscles. Amy was starting to make little noises in time with my strokes as my hands moved higher on her legs. I began to pull back out of her cunt and Amy flexed the muscles in her groin, squeezing against my cock and forcing pushing it the rest of the way out.

Revelations to Lessons

first-time l0st 2018-08-14

The pool was where I first realized that girls had interesting bodies, worth watching as they jumped or dived back into the water, and where I first got to enjoy some random (and not so random) collisions with them. I turned around, making it look like I was going to pull myself out of the pool, but quietly dropped the front of my suit. Mrs. Drake was walking into the pool, still holding the phone next to her ear but looking at me a little strangely. He was a lot like Josh when he was a kid, and didn't really settle down until medical school took away all his time.

Amanda's First Time

first-time roseman1 2018-08-13

Born March 3, 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California, Amanda wows the crowds with her long dark blonde hair, green eyes and long legs right from the start. A band is playing in the corner, and the pool lights are shimmering over us and making Amanda look like an angel in glowing white. Amanda stands up and pulls her gown over her head, revealing that she's totally nude underneath, then she looks at me and says, "So?", then she turns and jumps into the pool. what's this?" then wraps both her warm hands around my cock and starts rubbing it, slowly up and down. She stops rubbing and just holds my throbbing cock in her hand, and pulls me to the shallow end of the pool.

Fun at the Pool

first-time SensationCreation 2018-08-13

Suddenly, a tingling rush spreads from your back as fingers stroke the sensitive skin and your roll over to stare into the eyes of the one person you love more than anything in the world. He eventually comes to the edge of the pool near the deeper water where he slowly starts to submerge until your eyes are level once more. You pull him close as the coldness of the water starts to register against your skin, your bikini doing little to mask you from it. The sudden burst of pleasure causes you to pull him closer, releasing a moan into his neck so as not to alert the other swimmers. The pleasure builds as he continues the secret act, driving you so close to the edge you feel like screaming.

Losing It At The Pool Ch. 01

first-time heyjay1983 2018-08-10

Normally auburn hair had been bleached to a sandy blonde by long days in the sun and a deep tan on her shoulders and the exposed tops of her breasts made me realize I had mostly over looked how often she was at the pool that summer. As I spent a moment drinking her in she started to tell me about how long she had been watching me on the lifeguard stand and how she had wanted to talk to me for a long time and hoped that I would strike up a conversation with her. Moving my hands to her hips I forced her legs open wide and started running my tongue up and down her.

The Neighbor's Pool

first-time Ashson 2018-08-07

This meant that when I went higher I wound up brushing my hand across her breasts, between them I'll admit, but I guess it wasn't something she could totally ignore. Larissa's eyes had been closed while I was rubbing her feet but now they were half open, watching my hands as they moved steadily higher. Her breathing definitely faltered when my hands moved over her breasts and her eyes went from half-closed to wide open. This time her eyes stayed shut all the way, her breathing barely hesitating as my hands passed over her mound as I deliberately rubbed it as I passed. Pressing firmly in I very shortly had Larissa nailed to the floor of the pool, my groin hard against hers, my hands running over her breasts.

A Lifetime in One Moment

first-time C.C. Rider 2018-08-03

I was cleaning the Hollanders' pool, and Laura was sitting at the patio table reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. Her face was still in her hands, elbows on her knees, and she looked like she wanted to melt into that big chair. I wondered, curiously, whether I should ask Laura if she still wanted me to clean the pool. Laura looked at me and for the first time I noticed the bright amber streaks in her green eyes. "I have decided it is time for me to move," she said looking me in the eye. Peter Hollander's face looked nothing like mine, but in all other respects he could have been me – thick, wavy gold/blonde hair, lanky and tall, a broad smile.

My first time. with a step aunt.

first-time paguy13 2018-07-30

She swam up to me and said would you like to see something cool? She asked do you like this I said yeah kind of neat. She asked my Uncle and my Mother Can J come back tomorrow and clean the pool and cut the grass I’ll pay him something and he can swim some more. she said good I am going to teach you. SHe spread her legs and said come closer get on the bed silly. This was new like heave felt so good in seconds I thought I was going to explode. I did as I was told she started to say yes like that n was grinding down on my face t meet what I was doing.

Friends Go Swimming

first-time Anonymous77 2018-07-26

When we got to my room, I jokingly told Marissa she needed to get out of her wet bathing suit, she just gave me this shy smile and slowly walked towards me, got on to her tiptoes and whispered "is that all you want me to do?" I was just in shock, I got an immediate hard on, it took me a minute gain my composure and look into her eyes and say "Then we can go under the covers and warm up." So she stripped out of her bathing suit and got in my bed, I followed right behind her.

A Summer To Remember

first-time Erotonaut 2018-07-25

By the time I'd cleared the dishes away, gathered my thoughts and walked across the garden to the canopy under which the hot tub was sited, my cousin was stretched out beneath the frothing water, her arms spread so that her hands rested upon the concrete surround. At first, I thought I was myself dreaming, but a split-second later I realised that Maria's right foot was now resting against the front of my shorts, pressing ever so gently upon my groin. "No worries." And as Maria turned to walk back towards the house, I swear I saw the faintest indication of a smirk, as though she knew there was no way I could get out of the water till I'd slipped my shorts down and given their contents a thorough sluice.

School's Out Ch. 02

first-time OzDave 2018-07-01

I flushed the toilet and turned to go back to the bedroom bumping straight into Terri as she stretched her arms up and around my neck, standing on her toes to give me a teasing, short wet kiss. My hands held each side of her ribs as I pulled her slightly lower, until I could suck her delicate pink bud into my mouth, flicking the tip inside with my tongue. The pressure built and built until my toes curled, my hips pushed forward and my arse cheeks clenched as the first eruption of cum raced along my cock, spitting deep into Terri's vagina.