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For The Taking

first-time dirtysweatywhore 2018-12-01

Tanner did not speak a word as he stepped through the front door, not stopping, forcing me to take a couple of steps back, just enough so he could reach behind him to close the door and turn the lock. I felt his velvety tongue in my mouth and my whole body press into his as he pulled me close and held me very tightly. He pulled away and we locked eyes, not a word was said as he quickly turned his head and scouted my home. I felt one hand on my head as he ran his fingers through my hair and the other tenderly massaged my right breast.

The first time

first-time HornyBBW 2018-11-30

Right there in the front seat of his car, in a quiet country lane I lost my virginity to man twice my age in an amazing way.I was wet a moaning for more, I wanted it harder and faster although I'm not sure if it was even possible. He was fucking me so good, I didn't want him to stop, his hands all over me, his cock pounding my virgin pussy.Eventually with one last great grunt he shot his load into my freshly fucked pussy.He moved back to his seat as I felt his juices mix with mine and drip down onto the seat.

My first time with him Part 1

first-time laylapup16 2018-11-26

So I look at you and that cocky little grin of yours, and just keep repeating in my head ‘omg, he is so cute!’ I had missed you when you went away, but I knew you had other things on your mind, other people especially. We were kissing passionately and I pulled away suddenly, I was still a virgin, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to “do it.” I looked at you, I must have given you a funny look because you cocked your head to the side and said, “What did I do? You touched me in ways I had let no other, I moaned as you slide your hand to my crotch and began fingering me.

The Last Day

first-time DarkAngel69 2018-11-22

Twiddling with a bright yellow pencil with my left hand, and running my right hand up and down my upper thighs, I thought about all the nasty things that my former 10th grade teacher could do to me since it was the very last day of school before college. I mean, I know that you are right about you being out of school, 18, and not my student anymore, but I don’t know what you want me to do about how you feel.” He looked down into my hazel eyes with sympathy. “So this is what you have been keeping from me all these years.” He smirked once more and ran his right hand along the inside of my upper thighs while his left hand caressed my ass cheeks.

The Adventures of Anastasia Sapere Part 2

first-time kinky_girl 2018-11-04

Feeling the rush of heat through my body, I close my eyes and think about this afternoon at Sophie's house. "It's okay baby, I've got you, just let go and cum for me, I want to taste your sweet...." he urges me and I don't hear the end of what he has to say as that's all the encouragement I need. Levi's toned arms become vice like around my young body, my words clearhly spurring him on, as he holds me down in position harshly and truly fucks me. I don't know how much time has passed with him mercilessly drilling into me but I'm jerked back to reality as he grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls me hard back into him, grunting that he's about to cum in me. 

Cyber Love

first-time jessie059 2018-11-04

He started to grab my hair and pull a little. I started to moan a little and put my hand on his shirt. He would always tell me how nice and big they were. He started to squeeze one and clasped the other with his mouth.His tongue moves in little motions while you start to nibble. He starts to pull my hair and smack my ass again. His grip on my hair gets tighter and he starts to moan loud. Oh god!!!" He gives me one final thrust and holds me there why he cums inside my ass. After he's done we both fall onto the bed and he starts to hold me.  I never knew you could be so dominating. What happened to sweet and sensual sex like you always talked about?" I reply with a chuckle.

The First Time

first-time maddyjean08 2018-10-30

I giggled silently as I led Ken down the hall to my room, quietly locking my sister's door on the way down. I tugged off my own jeans and sat down on his stomach, moving backwards a bit until I was sitting on top of his cock. He tugged my soaking panties off and before I had time to stop him, he picked me up and threw me on the floor so I was on my hands and knees, slipping into from behind. Ken pulled himself out of me and flipped my over, then lied down on the floor, his cock standing 8 inches erect.

Jonna and the Gladiator

first-time sugarsweet1259 2018-09-03

Jonna stood frozen in the corner of the room, watching as the man shook out his honey brown hair before advancing towards a cabinet. The man's jaw shifted some, "Mmmm, young...unbutton your dress." Hesitantly Jonna brought her hands to the small pearl buttons on her dress, and began to undo them; choking back more tears and a sob. Jonna looked up with her timid childish eyes, and hesitantly, began to stroke his dick the way he had done so before. Jonna's face was red, her eyes were closed, and tears streamed down her cheeks. Oh, he's so strong she thought, this big beautiful man is destroying my little pussy with his fuck meat.

Accidental Voyeur

first-time Ashson 2018-07-20

Moving along, Suzanne realised that there were people further back in the dunes, and she swung slightly off trail to see if she could spot them. She was eighteen. Their nudity probably quite shocked you." "Shocking, isn't it. You saw them and you were probably wondering what it would be like if you were that woman." Slightly surprised, Suzanne found herself walking along with him. You're eighteen, possibly nineteen, but no older. You're quite lovely to look at, easily embarrassed, blonde and a virgin." Did that girl back there get undressed for him or did he undress her?" There was an expectant look on Don's face as he smiled at Suzanne, waiting. If you're him, I'm one of your choir girls."

The Game Begins

first-time Bossbitch8 2018-07-18

I kiss him harder, he replies with a groan and pushes his tongue deeper. He bites my lip hard and ends the kiss. I pull back and look down, feeling a pang of rejection. The look that turns me on like nothing else. "I've never been kissed." I look down and reply. I gasp and shiver as he cups my boob with his left hand and his right hand slowly makes its way towards my pussy. Before I can even try to stop him, I feel it pushing inside me. He feels so good in my mouth, it's gonna be so much better in my pussy. He pulls me up and hugs me tight, planting kisses on my head.

Seeing Red

first-time The_Red_One 2018-07-16

Looking at the rain running down the glass I let my hands slide over my body. I lay back and let my memories guide me as I slowly thrust the shaft deep inside.... As soon as he closed the door I felt his hands grab me and pick me up off the ground. Biting my lips and my neck, grabbing me violently and pushing his cock deep inside of me. The faster and harder he thrust the more tightly and more desperately he closed his hands around my throat. Squirting and pulsing as if my body were losing all control, and then he gave a final, earth shattering thrust as he came.

See You at the Office

first-time remw0225 2018-06-11

After he got his 7.5" cock hard he grabbed his lube and poured a generous amount in his hand and started rubbing right as the girl got penetrated by the cock on the DVD. Sara was laying in bed since she can't leave home until she's played her father back the money to fix his car after she crashed it into a tree. After she was done she laid on the bed nude and took her vibrator from under her mattress and she turned it on high and started rubbing herself. One night Jason's getting ready to shower and then a random knock at the doors sounds through the apartment. He put his cock back in and started slowly going in and out.

Rough Time with a New Friend

first-time Umm_YesHoney 2018-06-10

Amy and Andy were sitting at the table next to the door and she wasn't shy of smacking my ass as Adam led me out the door and Andy winked as I smiled at them like a little girl. He pulled out to let me breathe but I wasn't really ready when he shoved it back in and started pumping it in and out. It wasn't but just a few seconds before I started feeling something wide and hard rubbing against my stomach. He took the hand that was holding my hip and smacked my ass a few times with a few fingers inside and felt me tighten around him.

The High School Prude

first-time OnyxRose96 2018-06-05

Don't get me wrong I definitely got lots of attention and offers from guys both younger and older than me, but most of them were because they wanted to smack my big, round, sporty ass while they pulled on my long, straight dark red hair. As my hand pumped him back and forth he began to unbuckle his belt, then when I heard the familiar sound of a zipper my eyes shot open and what greeted me was the sight of a foot long throbbing thick black cock. As i moved my lips back and forth on him, creating a rhythm using the very muffled sound of the music from the next room, I felt his hand grip the back of my head and heard him moan.

A Lesson for Teacher

first-time DutchCourage 2018-06-01

The teacher's cleavage, made thick and pert by her black cotton dress. He gave attention to himself, the cool smooth keys on his fingers, her warm chest beside his head, the light on her flank where the sun and the dress clung to her figure. Your parents are paying a lot of money for this and I'll give you your money's worth, even if I have to tease it out of you." Two slender pianist fingertips, painted her lips' natural red, touched her chest. The teacher touched his thighs, delicate and controlled. When her lips touched his base, they moved with her moans. "Come on." Bill stood, clutched her by the sooty arm, walked her to the window and yanked the curtain open.

Writer's Reward

first-time mindvomit 2018-05-16

I moaned and she giggled, sliding her lips down my chest and stomach before yanking my boxers off and running her tongue up and down the shaft of my penis before putting it in her mouth. Kenna must have sensed it too, because she put my dick back in her mouth and began sucking until I felt the pressure build to its maximum point. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I could feel wetness through her panties as she pressed up against my thigh. She grabbed at my penis, but I stepped away, pulling her hand and leading her to the bed. I pulled out and she fell to her knees in front of me, lightly caressing me with her tongue, licking off her wetness and my semen until my cock slowly returned to softness.

Can You Do It, Babe?

first-time Beautiful_messofthebest 2018-04-27

I look straight at him and I know exactly what he wants. He turns me on my back and starts feeling up my boobs and waist. He pulls up my shirt and bra and starts to suck my tits. I moan a bit, at this time he takes my hand and places it on his erected cock. I pull my hand away because I enjoyed the sucking and kissing so much, but he put it back in its place and I start to rub it. "Babe, can you suck my dick?" He asks quickly, with a bit of an urgent tone. He let go of my head and I start bobbing up and down, base to tip, at the fast pace his wanted.

First time with Jon Ch. 01

first-time jennahale 2018-04-02

please it hurts!" I continued crying, the pain mounting in my pussy as he took his cock out again and again, slamming in harder and harder, stretching out my no-longer-virgin cunt. But nothing could stop it from arriving as I let out a shrill shriek of "Jon, I'm cumming!" as my hips bucked and rose to meet his thrusts. "Of course I did, baby," Jon leaned down to kiss me on the lips, pulling my hips back towards him and his cock back into me, letting the rest of his cum fill my tight pussy up, "and I will continue to creampie your tight pussy as long as you are under my employment.


first-time RowanBliss 2018-02-15

I loved the way he sucked and tugged upward, lifting and letting the nipple drop out of his mouth with a tight "pop." Sometimes he massaged slick wet oil that tasted like chocolate mint or vanilla cream on my breasts to keep them slick for his little sucking torments. sweet, tight cunt ready to suck in a man's cock into that hairy little fold and fuck him till he's seen Heaven... He fucked like a wildman, and sometimes when my pussy was sore from his wild bucking, he would slick up his fingers with lubricant and finger my asshole until I was ready to take his cock that way.

College is a Time to Explore Ch. 01

first-time ddogg44 2017-12-21

I almost always fantasized about fucking Kennedy and cumming all over her face like a porn star. But all I could think of was Daddy's magnificent cock, and when I came warm spunk all over my face I imagined it was raining down from his. He pulled my cock down between my legs and swiped up a glob of my precum and reached around shoving his fingers into my mouth. Once he finished, he oozed the rest of the cum out of his shaft and dragged it across my face, and gave each of my cheeks a couple smacks with his hefty cock for good measure.

Checked Out

first-time Juanto_Teaseu 2017-11-15

She didn't mind this much though because often nights after closing up and making sure the doors were locked in the library she would bury herself with one of the numerous books from the romance and even sometimes when feeling a bit naughty the erotica section. Sara never really took time to notice her surrounding, there were tons of books to put away being so near a college it was constant work, never a break. Chris was now sliding nearly all the way out and back in so she could feel his full length, their bodies would slap together making an erotic sound that could be heard throughout the library that anyone could have heard.

Lesson in Modern Culture Ch. 02

first-time MaynaweLovely 2017-11-10

A hand wrapped around her wrist, "Mia?" She turned her head slowly, "My God what happened to you?" She looked up at the office secretary. "Tell me what you want." He kissed her stomach softly, and looked up at her, as her eyes shot open. He looked up at the painting of Leila, and as he drew his hips back, he sank into Leila once again, suddenly, he was thrusting as she liked it, slow and hard, he took Mia's arms and pinned them over her head, as he thrust into her again. Neither of them brought up Leila, but he did rise his head, and kiss her softly, "Thank you Mia." He looked into her eyes, and she knew what he meant.

Mariana's First Time at the Lake

first-time GMB214 2017-11-01

A couple months had gone by and I hadn't seen Anthony but I knew he was going camping with Kiara's family, who had also invited me to their annual lake trip. I decided that I needed Anthony more than I cared about getting caught in his tent by Kiara's family. I felt him gently kiss my neck and then nibble on my ear while he let his cock sit inside me for a moment. That morning, and for the rest of the day until we headed back into town, Anthony and I exchanged glances at each other and we couldn't help but smile thinking about what we had done the night before.