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The Tales From The Tavern: I Lust After Your Scar (Part II)

first-time el_henke 2018-11-07

Looking him in the eyes, I let go of his dick, and coyly asked with my girliest voice, “Wanna fuck your little scar girl, Mr. Jordan?” I gyrated my hips on his cock to stimulate every spot at its time while his hands roamed my body, squeezed my tits, ran over my scalp and caressed my ugly scar. I got to my knees, turned my head to throw him my most seductive look and present him my scar while I spread my ass cheeks with my hands and shoved two fingers up little snatch, showing him where I craved his cock.

Hart's Desire

first-time MatthewK 2018-01-15

Having cared deeply for each other for years, they knew warning signs of trouble, usually being able to help before problems got out of hand. Sheila was sure he masturbated thinking of her too, and the thought always left her feeling warm and sexy. He looked like he was going to deny it, then thought better of it and simply nodded. As her hand ran over a circular scar on the ribs, Jesse gave a short, harsh cough, his entire body spasming in pain. Shifting position slightly, she applied more oil to knead his buttocks, enjoying how the firm flesh and muscles clenched and relaxed beneath her fingers, and the tiny gasps of pleasure Jesse made.