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Our first holiday without parents - Day 3

first-time Janet32DD 2018-12-04

My hands scooped her up and pushed her through the water and to the shallow end by the wall of the pool. She ducked under the water and pulled my swim trunks off, rubbing my cock as she went. I didn't want her to orgasm yet so I stopped and pulled her off the float and back to the wall. I couldn't even describe what it felt like, I mean masturbation got the job done but now that I'd felt pussy, I don't know how I'd lived. "I'm cumming," I announced as I felt waves of pleasure like I'd never felt before come over me, my sperm leaking out into her, some of it floating up towards the surface of the water.

Her First Time

first-time LaIslaBonita 2018-11-18

He ran his big hands across her delicate shoulders and leaned in for a kiss on her lips, slowly pulling down her top until it draped over her feet. At that moment he gripped her left hip firmly in his hand, his tongue reached her hungry mouth, and in a split second pushed his throbbing cock inside her. Failing to get his large mushroom-shaped head past her tight opening with the first thrust, he pushed in once, twice, and on the third thrust, popped his cock inside her swollen pussy. He pumped his cock back in, deep into her cervix again and again, pulling out right before bursting a load of cum all over her trimmed pussy hairs, dripping down her slit onto the blanket.

Letting out my secret

first-time stormietv 2018-09-19

Of course I still keep my girl clothes, heels, wigs, make up, and lingerie stored nearby for that spur of the moment event that I might find the time to do a little dress up. I then asked, “do you think it would turn you on seeing me dressed as a girl?” that’s when she told me that she was sometimes attracted to seeing a guy in drag that there was just something about it that turned her on. I told her I’m not very good with makeup and that’s when she offered to help me next time I dressed. I told her, “You want to see what dressing like a girl does to me?” I then began to suck on the dildo pretending it to be a real cock.

Young Lovers Embrace

first-time HeavenlyCurves 2018-09-01

Yet, at this very moment she was just a heart beat away in the other room, sleeping like a child. She leaned back against him, brought her arms up and ran her fingers through his hair while his hands softly found their way around her sides, rising slowly and gently, gliding across her shirt fabric until his fingertips felt the hardening firmness of her nipples. He made circular motions over the cloth, teasing her body and making her hunger for his touch before he slid his hand under her clothing to finally enjoy her feminine secrets. While still holding her hair in his left hand, and her bottom with his right, he began to rock his hips into her hot, wet depths, making her shudder with pleasure.

Fun at the Pool

first-time SensationCreation 2018-08-13

Suddenly, a tingling rush spreads from your back as fingers stroke the sensitive skin and your roll over to stare into the eyes of the one person you love more than anything in the world. He eventually comes to the edge of the pool near the deeper water where he slowly starts to submerge until your eyes are level once more. You pull him close as the coldness of the water starts to register against your skin, your bikini doing little to mask you from it. The sudden burst of pleasure causes you to pull him closer, releasing a moan into his neck so as not to alert the other swimmers. The pleasure builds as he continues the secret act, driving you so close to the edge you feel like screaming.

Charlotte's Day

first-time hot_jessica 2018-06-03

Their conversation focused around usual stuff, hatred for Miss Stone (although mostly from Charlotte), homework, girls they hated and virginity loss. Charlotte looked at Miss Stone who was smiling. Her nearly naked body was Amazing and Charlotte couldn't help but stare at her wonderfully pale skin and her beautiful breasts. Miss Stone was nursing away on her tit and Charlotte saw her hand begin massaging Dee's pussy lips. Charlotte looked into Emily's eyes and felt love. Charlotte's body reacted in response to feeling Emily orgasm and she rode another orgasmic wave of ecstasy. They collapsed momentarily and Charlotte looked up hugging her new lover and witnessed Miss Stone crying out with Naomi's tongue on her clit and fingers deep in her hot sex.

Starlet Gone Wild Ch. 01

first-time MandiiFoxx 2018-05-30

I find him in the dark, my hand grazing the soft knit of what feels like a nice polo shirt. I feel Eddie scoot back on the bed and I follow suit so both of our heads rest on fat feather pillows. Eddie runs his hand down my smooth belly and he slips a finger into my slit, torturously massaging my still engorged clit and my pelvis grinds against the long, slim digit instinctively. His finger picks up speed and I come like a tidal wave, Eddie plunging two fingers into me as the velvety muscles contract wildly. It feels like a long, beautiful time that Eddie spends inside of me.

Goodbye Jennifer Brown Ch. 01

first-time JaneX 2018-02-15

Jennifer Brown loved sex. She began to linger over the last pages of the newspaper, where the sex ads were listed. She could draw the girl inside, touch her face, trace over the curve of her breasts, gently lift the hem of her skirt... If Jennifer Brown couldn't possibly go out seeking a sexual encounter, perhaps she could turn herself into someone else who could. Experimentally, she ran her hands over her breasts and settled them on the curve of her hips, but the bulky tweed jacket she wore obscured her shape. Not if she still felt like shy and cringing Jennifer Brown inside.

The Sleepover

first-time EvelynEden 2018-01-16

I slowly pulled the covers off myself, looking over at my friends sleeping form. A hand snaked around and grabbed my mouth, pulling me against their hard body. We whispered in the dark as we drank and several times I had to cover my mouth in order to stop from bursting out laughing. I turned my head to see Sam behind me, a strange expression on his face. He looked me in the eyes, his warm breath reaching my cheek as his puffed hard. I gasped at the feeling of him entering my body, I closed my eyes hard as I tried to breath through the small spikes if pain. I started to gasp and Sam stopped, looking at me with concern.

Innocence Has Its Secrets

first-time mjs500doo 2018-01-12

The girls in his school always seemed to look at him enviously, and it wasn't out of the ordinary that he'd have to scoot away, or sit alone to stop drawing attention to himself. Walking into the room, as if in slow-motion, the stud of the school Brad Giovanni had whirled around the tables, and went to his assigned seat-right next to her. Brad was busy thinking about the newest way to try to get her number, when he had turned the corner in the hallway and crashed right into someone's breasts. The one reply immediately triggered a new response from Brad, and very pleasingly, she looked at her phone ringing in her hands, and answered it.

My First Time

first-time besitoscaramelos 2017-12-18

Before I could say anything, Marc was already mid sentence "Ashley was feeling light-headed so I told her to lay down until she felt better." He looked at me and his eyes glinted as he said my name. "I didn't know you were that selfish Ashley," Marc started "I thought you'd at least let me watch you play with yourself after I taught you what a body shot was." His face was right by my hips and my hands grabbed the bed sheets as his tongue started fucking me. He looked at me for the first time in a genuinely loving way and said "Ashley you have no idea how badly I've wanted to do this with you.

Guess Who

first-time SissyPantySlut 2017-11-04

You feel her long hair brushing your stomach as she gently licks the side of your raging erection and then takes it into her mouth. In the dim light of early morning you can make out her legs next to your head and her panty-covered pussy inches from your face. The sensations are overloading you: her hot mouth, her tight lips, her rough tongue, the suction, her bare breasts against your abdomen, her grip on the base of your shaft and balls, her pantied pussy so close. You get tighter and tighter, feeling your balls clench up in such intense pleasure that you hear yourself cry out and you CUM! your hot cum flowing up your cock and shooting out into her warm and eager mouth...