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Teaching Svetlana

first-time frogprince 2018-12-03

She had left her house, but by the time she got to my place the roads were closed and there was no school. We were sitting side by side and I could feel the heat coming off her body. She started to remove her shirt because it was so warm. “No I have never kissed a man, who was not related to me?” Svetlana replied. I sensed that she wanted to learn more about kissing and men than she did about studying for mid-terms. We sit down and I start to kiss her lips. She touches my nipples and they grow hard, but nowhere like hers. “I thought you would never ask.” I replied, removing my shorts and allowing my hard penis to appear.

First Time at the Gym

first-time swlover1 2018-11-05

We sat there for a minute to make sure I was alright, then he said,"Wow. You can really lift weights." Getting some energy back I replied,"Thanks, it's kind of my hobby." His hands felt so good rubbing and squeezing my tits that I hardly noticed him slip his tongue into my mouth and give me a long passionate kiss. One of his hands slipped down from my right breast as Allen moved his hand down between my legs, and began rubbing my pussy through my light cotton shorts. I felt him lift my sports bra up, revealing my two all natural breasts and my perfectly round pink nipples, as he then slid his other hand down into my shorts, fingering my vagina with his two inner fingers.

A First For Everything

first-time 7reads 2018-08-14

I mounted her face and she continued licking finger and tongue fucking me, I wasn't sure how much longer I could stay in that position with all that she was doing, Alton entered her with his massive cock and she moaned in my crotch, he was now stroking my back that was turned to him and came closer and grabbed my breasts from behind, he squeezed gently and kissed my neck and whispered something in my ear, I did not hear him because my mind was all over the place concentrating on my climax and how I may just fall to the ground from being so exhausted.