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Initiation at Sixteen Part 3 by Muffmate

first-time muffmate 2018-11-27

She then, put her hands on my shoulders, pulled my face towards her heavenly cleavage, leaned towards me and licked the edge of my right ear. I quickly and I suppose guiltily looked from Anne’s beautiful face to Eve. Eve giggled, but had her eyes fixed on the big screen. I looked at the screen to see what was amusing, but Anne grabbed my hand to push my thumb, towards her clit. Anne was begging to orgasm, pushing my hands up to her pussy at an awkward angle. Anne finally finished her orgasm, and I retrieved my hand from her very wet pussy. Anne was pushing me down further and Eve put her hands on the back of my head.

Sisterhood II: The First Lesson of Sluthood!

first-time John_Doe 2018-11-04

"You've got a really nice pussy babe!" John spoke softly as he glanced up towards Emily, sliding his tongue around his lips. John moved in, as his hands gently held Emily's legs apart, and softly planted wet gentle kisses upon her thighs. John's tongue guided it's way forward, as he spread Emily's lips wider and it slowly delved inside of her wet cunt. John's tongue continued to lap away inside her wet cunt, as more juicy honey dripped free from her and into his waiting mouth. Then it released, as her breathing slowed back down to normal, and her pussy stopped grinding upon John's face as he pulled away and looked at her wet cunt, and her pussy lips quivering slightly from her orgasm.

Vaction for Firsts Ch. 2

first-time Darksider 2018-10-05

As both girls in Jeff's lap let their heads fall back and enjoyed the pleasurable feeling Jeff reversed roles and began rubbing down Mandy's chest while he licked and sucked on Brandy's pert tits. Finally finishing his inspection of the girls breasts, Jeff pulled his mouth away from Brandy and his hand from Mandy. Mandy climbed onto her sister and pulled her wet clinging bikini bottoms off her sexy young legs so that she looked down into her tight little hairless sex mound. Lightning like pleasure surging though her body in waves Mandy felt incredibly weak and after her soaked cunt stopped its spasms she unlocked her legs from Jeff's waist and pulled herself off of his cock and collapsed onto the bed.

Twin Summer Ch. 03

first-time jane700bond 2018-08-21

Both girls used their free hands to take off their bikini tops and Laura had her bikini bottoms half way down her legs when Samantha walked in, my cock was still rammed well into Laura's mouth, my teeth were teasing Lorna's clit and she was rubbing her breasts. Beside her Laura came and sat on Sam's face and started working her own clit and Sam's tongue went deep into her vagina. She put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me long and deep and we started to fuck again, Sam's butt in the air, her breasts rubbing up and down on my chest and she moved with the rhythm.

Sister to Sister

first-time Kufan969 2018-08-02

As the movie went on, Elizabeth began to lean closer to me until she reached he point where she was snuggling tight. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat with each pump as I began to fuck her face. Not ever having ever fucked anything but my hand, I felt the need to cum as she started to suck my dick once again. I gave her one more good slap and placed the head of my cock over her pussy lips. Elena had such a tight pussy, I began to feel like I might start cumming a little too early.

American In Paris Ch. 02

first-time asterix8888 2018-05-20

At dinner Sophie asked about my day, and I told her what a wonderful time I had with Lilly. I ask how long Lilly will be gone and Sophie said probably the whole night. When she is finally rested up from her orgasm, she tells me that if I had continued with my finger being lubed up on her ass she would not have needed to use this and proceeds to show me the bottle of KY that she brought with her. The gentleman doing the shoot then asked her to put on a sleeveless dress; Lilly pointed out she did not have the right type of bra, and the guy told her not to worry she would be fine.

Party to the Cemetery

first-time ThinkingDog 2018-05-01

Just when I think I can't take anymore the pinup girl says something like "did you see that hot red car parked across the street, I would love to get a ride in that thing" So with the power of lust and beer in me I whip my head around and tell them that I overheard them talk about my red hotrod parked outside. Pinup girl is now slowly stroking my stiff rod and saying things like, "I have been wanting a big cock like this for a long time" and "I love how it curves, that is going to feel so good" This whole time I am not talking and just trying to keep my balance .

The Sisters

first-time Grouchojim 2018-04-21

Luningning was smarter than I'd thought, and despite all the Tequila and wine had the good sense to ask, "And what is the purpose of this game of kisses?" "Once again, Tala," I said, and suppressing a laugh of her own, she readied herself for the next kiss, which of course reverted to the briefest touch of our lips. Once inside the room I made a point to start in with Luningning, playing a game of touching tongues with her before pulling her tight and Frenching her for a solid two minutes while Tala playfully tied to separate us. I pried my mouth from Tala's succulent saliva-soaked nipples and kissed her gently, Frenching her for a good two minutes while fondling her sister's breasts.

Fucking Karima Ch. 03

first-time TheFaceMan 2018-03-04

"Fuck me" Karima screamed, "Oh yes babe fuck me hard," she moaned as I pushed my cock all the way inside her pussy my balls slapping against her ass. Mmmmmm fuck, oh God yes." moaned Karima, her body flowing with uncontrollable sexual desire, she pushed her ass back against my thighs feeling my thick, long cock bury itself deep inside her, her whole body shook. "Ohhhh Yes.Cum in me,Cum in me baby." Karima gasped as her pussy filled with my hot sperm, she pushed her ass back onto my enlarged cock, feeling wave after wave of sticky cum flow into her vagina.

Solomon and I

first-time tjewing 2018-02-08

The young woman looked at King Solomon in his palace. "You're more beautiful than the silk robe you're wearing," Solomon said. "You're like Myrrh, lying between my breasts," she said. That night, Solomon said to her, "Your lips are made of honey and cream is under your tongue. Your body is like beautiful jewels. Solomon stared at her huge breasts, then sucked her three inch nipples. Solomon removed his robe, his hard manhood rubbed against her right thigh. Solomon began kissing her breasts, stomach, sticking his tongue in her naval. As they laid there, stroking each others bodies, she said, "My sister is eighteen, and has very small breasts. Solomon's muscular, hairy chest rubbed against her small breasts and nipples.

After the Pool

first-time PnkOcelot 2017-12-24

I remember the feel of your wet hair on my chest, the long white coolness of your sister's legs on my face, and the way the sweat and water beaded on your nipples when you straddled me. I remember the jealousy in your eyes when your sister's fumbling produced those first pearly beads into her soft fist, the look on your face as she touched them to her ripe lips, tasting what was not hers to taste. I remember too, your pleasure when you mounted me for the first time, nervous, the gentle moan as you lowered your featherlight body onto me, and the shock and disbelief in your sister's eyes when she realised that I was actually inside you.

April and September

first-time I_M_Patient 2017-12-16

As a semi-retired professional sound and lights guy, I produce most of the live shows that come to our local theater. I was getting ready to move the stage monitors a little to kill an 80Hz resonant growl that made things sound a little muddy, when April sauntered up. Maybe we can pick up where we left off when your sisters towed you off to dinner?" I said smiling as I adjusted each monitor's angle out another five degrees to kill a dull spot. The smiles on the faces of April and myself and the stolen glances across the table did not go unnoticed by the sisters, but I missed the mischievous twinkle in their eyes as well as the silent plotting that was going on.

Best Summer Ever

first-time DG Hear 2017-10-10

At the end of my junior year my dad called a family meeting and said he had a job offer to be the administrator at a university in Indiana. On New Year's Day dad told my mom that he wanted a divorce. The last thing mom said to dad was, "You're an asshole, you've always been an asshole and I only stayed in this so-called marriage for our kids, whom you hardly know. Playing football this year and want to keep in shape." I then started putting lotion on her mid-section and went lower toward her belly button. My sister were saying they couldn't believe the String Bikini lady let me rub her like that.