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Teaching Svetlana

first-time frogprince 2018-11-18

She had left her house, but by the time she got to my place the roads were closed and there was no school. We were sitting side by side and I could feel the heat coming off her body. She started to remove her shirt because it was so warm. “No I have never kissed a man, who was not related to me?” Svetlana replied. I sensed that she wanted to learn more about kissing and men than she did about studying for mid-terms. We sit down and I start to kiss her lips. She touches my nipples and they grow hard, but nowhere like hers. “I thought you would never ask.” I replied, removing my shorts and allowing my hard penis to appear.

Stories Of My Life: Chapter One

first-time kinkyartist90 2018-11-17

He told me there was one thing: if I still wished I could help, then tomorrow after work, before I got to his Jeep, I was to change into a plain white shirt. “You know my girlfriend hates giving head..." he said, sliding a hand down to his crotch. I glanced up at his face, to see him smirking; I blushed and looked back down to his crotch as I reached into his pants; I slid my hand in, encircling his already hard cock with my fingers, and pulled it out of the hole in the front of his boxers.  While I licked the tip of his cock, sucking gently on the head, I felt his hand slide up my back into my long hair.

We're more than Just Friends now

first-time thoughtsandsex 2018-11-16

But ever since sophomore year old high school, I've been finding myself attracted to him ... He used to play basketball in middle school but after a knee injury, he stopped but he's still pretty built. I'm pretty skinny but honestly I don't think of myself as attractive. "You know, Sarah, I can help you with that. He was trying to hide his lust and a smile as he moved close to me by an inch. He winked at me and kissed my lips one last time. He saw and stopped. "Are you okay?" We were both moaning and screaming so loud I didn't even care of anyone heard us. Please I promise it's okay."

First Time With a Swimmer

first-time AmberLove 2018-11-16

The reason Chloe always looked forward to the middle of the week wasn’t because she didn’t have to get her hair wet, it was because Josh always took his shirt off when he lifted weights. “Sup Chloe.” Josh said without looking at her. “I was gonna practice a couple more flip turns to get ready for the meet this Friday.” Josh explained, stretching his arms behind his head. “Anyways, I’ll see you at practice tomorrow,” Josh smiled and walked to the guys locker room. Josh smiled and said “well still, thanks for staying behind.” He got up and walked closer to her. He pulled his cock out of her quivering pussy and Chloe took it into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue.

Enigmatic Rendezvous

first-time rubicon95 2018-11-16

He lay shirtless on her bed, his hands behind his head and a broad smile creasing his handsome face. She squeezed her hand and her man groaned in pleasure, pushing his hips forward in a laconic request for more. As his tongue danced with hers inside her mouth, she slowly unzipped his jeans. Her tongue felt the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum and her pussy flooded in arousal. She convulsed with the sudden pleasure and his hand was washed by a wave a pussy juice. His hand thrust deep inside of her, opening her up for cock. She turned her head and saw him poised with his cock, hovering around the entrance of her pussy.

Going All the Way

first-time DevineCoral 2018-11-15

After the rose had been put in a lovely, glass vase, I went to Eric and wrapped my arms around his neck as we passionately kissed. I stopped one moment to take off my bra, and once this was done, Eric playfully pushed me back down against the bed, playing with my 36 C tits, tweaking my pink nipples, and cupping my soft breasts in his hands. I finally let out an extremely high pitched, loud moan as an orgasm came and caused my pussy to clamp down on Eric's fingers, sending me high into euphoria. After ten more minutes I was clutching the bed sheets, panting and moaning in the same high pitched voice as before, barely being able to let out an disoriented "Don't stop, babe". 

Just Typical Horny Teenagers

first-time hiddendesiree 2018-11-15

As soon as he saw me he jumped off the wall and pulled me in for a kiss. "Have I ever told you how sexy you look in your uniform?" he said, breathing heavily and kissing my neck. I want to love you in every way possible. It felt like heaven and I couldn't stop moaning. He pulled away and whispered in my ear, "Do you want to now?" Each time it rubbed against the clit I moaned in pleasure. He slowly started pulling his cock out and then in again while rubbing my clit. Slowly the pain started to subside just leaving pleasure. He started speeding up his pace and soon he was slamming it with such force that my head was hitting the seat.

The Pool

first-time DanishPastry 2018-11-12

But occasionally, in front of her mirror at home, she would cup her big breasts in yet another new bra, slip another pair of French knickers on, flip her red-gold hair and critically eye her curvy figure, and wonder if the boy she couldn't stop thinking of ever thought of her? Anna King wraps her hands around Rhys Northwood's cock and slides her lips over his head. Though the feeling of being sunk to the nuts in shy little Anna King's mouth is almost too much to bear, he gently, tenderly moves her head back up to the end of his hard cock, where she resumes, bobbing her head up and down, licking, spit dripping off the shaft.

Cos we like it rough....

first-time suburbgirl_x 2018-11-12

I could feel his neck and his head moving forward, tracing down my hair and onto my neck, before his warm lips smashed against my neck, turning me slowly as he kissed along my jaw line and stopping as we faced each other. Thanks though" she said, smiling as she walked past me with my hand held out still holding the glass. His lips where soon back pressed against mine, this time he was ruffling his hand through my hair, holding my waist and breathing fast against my skin. His hip grinding against mine, lifting my leg again and wrapping it around his waist, pushing his cock against my stomach and moving himself downwards, teasing my pussy with his cock which by now had began throbbing again for more........

A first touch of silk

first-time Ghost 2018-11-12

However, as the sounds emerged from those closed bedrooms continued, I was envious and wished it was me feeling the touch of a college girl's naked body. My penis had already been aroused by the on again, off again, sounds emerging from the bedrooms, however, as Erika slid under the blanket with me it hardened almost painfully in my jeans. I began to feel a pressure and warmth throughout my groin region that had nothing to do with needing to urinate. Of particular interest to my virgin hands was enjoying the soft-firm feel of them and the striking harness of her erect nipples. As she took off my jeans she took a second to slowly cup my balls through my briefs and slowly stroke upward, over my covered penis, to my chest.

Good Lodgings!

first-time OldGeezer 2018-11-11

It manifested itself in various ways, but was more of an attitude than any specific action, although I think overall Susan was less guarded in the things she would say, sometimes being critical of Fred, and then laughing and saying that she was glad he wasn’t here to hear her go on like this. "This has to be our secret," she said, "Fred doesn’t know I have such wicked thoughts, and ever since you came here, I have wanted to touch you." Saying this she did just that, her hand reaching down to encircle my erect penis, and to draw it out of my pyjamas.

Candy Stroker Part 4: Cherry No More!

first-time Paddler 2018-11-11

“I want to do it again,” Mel said, “but I want you to have a better view.” She got on her knees with her legs spread wide, then started rubbing the top of her slit over her clit. I kicked my legs and bounced my tits like I’d seen strippers and dancers do in movies.I got close to Adam and leaned way forward, my rounded breasts right in his face. He rocked the tip back and forth, rubbed his hands over my stocking-clad legs, felt my breasts, even rubbed my clit a little, but he wouldn’t fully enter me, no matter how hard I tried hump up to get him inside.

Katie's Dream

first-time asrosie 2018-11-10

Panting heavily, she watches as he drops his jeans, and lifting his shorts over his erect penis, lets them fall to the floor; the swollen, purple head is wet and she wonders in a moment of panic how all that will fit inside her tight passage. He looks into her eyes and then grinning, kneels and raising her buttocks off the couch, forces her hands to her lips and begins driving in and out, rubbing his head against her G spot while she massages her lips. Her hand hovered over the phone, fighting the urge to walk out the door and let it go through to the answering machine, a moment later she picked it up and stared blankly at the poster on the wall.

Mother Knows Best

first-time asrosie 2018-11-09

He looked up as she pulled two beers out, “my button?” she turned her back to him and stared at the mirror opposite them, “it’s come loose and I can’t seem to find my third hand.” “And you’re not sure if the little red fireman works?” Susan slid her hand up his thigh to his shorts and rubbed him, he stiffened suddenly and looked down. “Well, now we both know it works,” she rose and sat on the arm of the sofa, “now, you think you can make Roxanne as happy as you made me?” “Oh right, I’m not sure if we have time today, but it all depends on how big the job is, maybe I can drop around after work?”

My fantasies cum true

first-time Valdis55 2018-11-09

As I took him in I lost myself a little and he kissed me again, pulling me back to reality. He kissed the lips of my pussy, licked my clit, sucked on it, and stuck his tongue in my tight little hole. “From the looks of it I don’t think that’ll be a problem, I had you going there.” I rolled my eyes “Psch you’re telling me, that was amazing.” His smile got even bigger and he took off his pants and briefs. I trailed kisses down his chest and stomach and stopped right above his hard waiting member. We were both biting our lips with our eyes closed, enjoying every second when I grabbed his dick and guided it to my little hole.

Blog 3

first-time CumGirl 2018-11-08

 Which is what he is going to do; so I’m gonna have to dash because I’ve got a virgin who needs their cherry popping, arriving very shortly and I do want to look my best … but don’t worry I will pop back and tell you how it went. I drove myself down on his splendid cock, my pussy muscles clamping fiercely around him, wet squelching noises accompanying every descent, my lovely little bottom jiggling as it crashed against his thighs, my tiny breasts bouncing wildly beneath my blouse, my hair stuck to my face by a light sheen of sweat and the remains of his cum, my hands gripping the back of the chair, my face inches from his, eyes locked on each other and my mouth screaming, screaming, screaming … “Fuck Me.”

A Guard Shift To Remember...

first-time mixedchocolate 2018-11-08

Her breathing started to come in shallow, and short bursts, and she pushed her hips up, and grabbed my head and mashed my face into her pussy as she began to rock and moan in pleasure as she orgasmed. (Going 'balls deep' was a big deal for me, because while I am by no means a monster, my cock was too large to completely fit inside most of the other girls I had been with.) At this point I told her that I wanted to fuck her from behind. Even though I knew I wouldn't be able to cum again, I didn't want it to end, so I kept pumping, just enjoying it, and too my surprise, soon I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she threw her head back and moaned that she was coming again.

Not what Mother intended part one

first-time Rheged6 2018-11-08

“We have to pick my banger up from its service on the way.” They loaded all the baggage into the Ford Focus, and a tearful Marjorie hugged her son, made him promise all sorts of things, and to never be a ‘trouble’ to dear Ms Roberts. Kenneth looked at the former Ms Roberts in awe and grinned, “Mummy wouldn’t approve of this Amelie, but my God it’s exciting.” “Okay, now let me show you how things work,” said Amelie. They carried their mugs around with them, as Amelie showed him the rest of the house, and where some things he might need were kept. When they climbed the stile to walk the short slope through the wood, Amelie took KG’s arm for support.

The first time with Helen

first-time styxx 2018-11-08

I guess Helen was at the point in her life when she looked critically at herself and realised that time had passed her by and if she didn’t do something quickly, she would be too old to find that spark of excitement she read about in magazines. Helen went to the B&B with her boss, which complicated things a little and meant some frantic text messages asking me to wait and then having to change plans so that we arranged to meet at Victoria Station. I was hoping that, by doing things a little more slowly, she would have time to savour the delicious feelings her body could provide.

The Quality of Mercy

first-time harley_quinn 2018-11-06

He worked in a bicycle shop and was also on the rugby team with Matty and Joe. Andy was a hopeless romantic and thought that love was in the eyes of every woman and around every corner. I lived in a household with one handsome man in Lewis and three large, muscular rugby-playing lads in Matty, Joe and Andy. After we finished tidying, we all wished Matty Happy Birthday again and went about our own things. Lewis said he was going for a shower after working all day and Matty, Joe and Andy decided to go to the gym down the road before their next rugby match at the weekend. Joe's eyes were closed, he looked like he was struggling for breath.

What Katie Did Next

first-time asrosie 2018-11-05

She tried to look away but then he took her by the chin and kissed her again, and this time she opened her mouth willingly and let his tongue trace the inside of her lips. He brought them up to her throat and began to massage her neck again, Katie’s breathing grew shallower as he tugged at the ties and a moment later she moved away and grabbing his hand, pulled him downwards. It felt alien and foreign, it hurt a little but Brad was not only patient he was gentle, probing and withdrawing regularly until she felt a strange new urge, the desire to be filled completely, her hips rose and fell in time with his pushing and then she grabbed his hand and tried to force him deeper inside.

Loving Zach

first-time romancefox 2018-11-05

He gasped, and then, I drove the full length of his cock into my mouth, and sucked harder and harder, faster and faster, when- “Kels, I’m going to cum!” Zach said breathlessly. “I’m on the pill, and I want to feel the ropes of your cum warming the inside of my pussy.” His cock wasn’t entirely hard still, and he looked at me expectantly. The hot, steamy water was unbelievably refreshing, and it wasn’t long before Zach powerfully shoved me up against the wall and began to fuck me so hard our orgasms were explosive. However, before the throbbing could subside, Zach swooped in and pushed the showerhead back into its place, murmuring, “Baby, I want you to come.” Not long after, my sweet juices puddled on the chair, and I convulsed in powerful orgasm.

My Rookie Evening

first-time jocko85 2018-11-04

Then I went further forward and took his head between my lips and in my mouth and gave it a good hard suck. We continued to fuck missionary style and then, Thomas asked me to move a minute while he lay down on his back then he told me to ride his cock any way I wanted to. I reached up and took his cheeks in my hands and pulled him down and gave him a great big kiss. As I went down the elevator I thought, I could fuck Tom every night of the week and love it but on the other hand If I fell in love with all my clients I would go broke.

Alone In My Room

first-time kittylikeslicklick 2018-11-04

He wrapped his mouth around a spot just above my vagina and I could feel his tongue moving around again and then I felt like he found a tickle spot because every touch his tongue gave me on what must be my clit, recieved a forceful kick in the air, and then I couldn't stop kicking because he didn't stop licking. I felt the tongue move up my stomach and then his hands pulled at my shirt, pulling it over my head, and then like the curious man he was, he lifted my bra ever so slightly to peek down at my breasts.