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Pretty Virgin in a Thunderstorm

first-time ByronLord 2018-12-04

After we had all stopped laughing, Sally took off the soaking rain jacket and I recognized her as one of the girls I have seen at the beach with Lara. I could not see much of Sally in my position on the floor of the dimly lit van but I could hear her give a sigh of appreciation as Lara's pussy swallowed up my cock. The sight of Lara's open pussy above Sally's face alone was almost enough to set me off but I managed to slip inside her and feel the warmth of her pussy around my cock and even manage a few strokes before my cum exploded into her. 

The Desk Clerk

first-time Luckymann 2018-12-04

When we reached my car she said, “Thank you for dinner.” Mandy then gave me a sweet little peck on my cheek. As I firmly placed a kiss between her tits, I let my hands slide slowly down Mandy’s back until they landed on her firm round ass. Mandy gasped, “Oh!” She spread her legs wide, pivoted her hips, and pushed her pussy toward my face. One long pussy lip parting lick from her asshole to her clit caused Mandy to gasp loudly again, spread her legs as wide as possible, and arch her back. As Mandy licked and kissed my face, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy.


first-time TransitionalMan 2018-12-04

Jane closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh when I sucked her index finger into my mouth. Her taste was salty, perhaps a bit of Bobby's sperm but that really didn't matter because I was kissing Jane's mouth, and feeling Jane in my arms, and felt her full, beautiful breasts pressed up against my chest. She kissed my cock, rubbed it on her cheeks, licked it like a lollypop then swallowed me whole again, squeezing me with her soft lips, setting a steady rhythmic pace. I could see her breasts swaying in time with her hips, and then she tossed her head back and gave out a long, low groan as she pushed herself hard against me.

The Lighthouse

first-time Ulysses 2018-12-04

We stand at the window, just breathing in rhythm and moving that little bit closer. I kiss your neck and trace your outline, finding the silk hollows and feeling you arch back into me… and in the darkness the light flashes over us. You reach and turn to kiss me and I want that too, to know your tongue dance with mine and to pass hot breath between us, but it is impossible as we are, both facing the window and the rain and the coming of the night. The warm dough of woman that swell and rise as I do, to meet the touch of another… and in the darkness the light flashes over us. We let go a held breath that is as big as only the ocean can know…and in the darkness the light flashes over us.

The Long Hot Summer - Part 2

first-time Mortuis 2018-12-04

Your lips move from my balls to the base of my cock, alternately licking and sucking, stroking it in your soft hand. You take just the head in your mouth, your lips keeping a tight seal around it, and your tongue swirls lazily… My balls are drawn up tight as you take me into your mouth, moving up and down the shaft, deeper with each slow suck. You stop to bite down gently with every inch of my cock until your lips are kissing my balls and the head of my cock is at the back of your throat. You cup my balls, holding my cock close to your face, then aim the rest at your tits.

Something Strange In Iowa, Part Three

first-time BrassRing 2018-12-04

As her hands moved out and down his arms, she came closer, looking deep into his eyes, and kissed the center of his chest. Ellie knelt there and looked at his body, from his feet up to his muscular thighs, his penis and tight scrotum underneath, up to his abdomen, chest and arms and finally his eyes. "Cain," she said breathlessly, "This is so sexy." She devoured him again, moving all the way down his cock to where her hands both held the base. Ellie's whole body was vibrating and as Cain began shooting into her, she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing a violent kiss and screaming into his mouth.

Dreams Unlimited

first-time emz1 2018-12-03

She took a long shower letting the coconut scented body wash caress and illuminate her skin with softness and warmth before applying the perfume Matt had brought her for Christmas along with her favourite pair of jeans and a sexy top with highlighted her perfect 36C breasts and drew in at her waist. She loved it more this time and went to pour again until Matt took the bottle from her, set it on the floor and passionately kissed her. After kissing and sucking her belly button, his tongue found her sweet hard clit between the clean shaven lips of her wet pussy.

Chapter One: First Time Stray

first-time BrendaH 2018-12-03

However, that night I noticed that I was a little more aroused than normal and found myself holding back from being more aggressive towards my husband in bed. So I just kept running my nails all over his chest until I finally couldn't stand it and dropped my hand across his crotch and felt his cock through his pants. I thought I had had orgasms before but this time I got to the point where I've been before with my husband which was very pleasurable but this time the feeling went right past anything I've ever felt before and I began to shake uncontrollably all while moaning and grunting with this beautiful man's cock in my mouth.

A Helping Hand - The Date

first-time Banes1 2018-12-02

I open the driver ’s door, Trish slips into the seat and the hem of her dress slides up past mid-thigh. “Oohh, I can’t wait for dessert, Luke,” Trish says, as her hand rubs the bulge through my slacks. It is just the two of us and Trish turns, kissing me as I press her back against the wall and my hands pull Trish’s dress up to her waist. “There is more to come and I can’t wait to taste your cream, Luke,” Trish says, seductively licking her lips. When Trish has come down from her orgasm, I move my tongue from her clit and kiss my way up to her waiting mouth.

Never Forget

first-time ian69 2018-12-02

“So you were gonna dance with me through, maybe, three numbers, buy me a drink, then ask me if I’d like to come back with you and fuck?” As soon as Jackie saw my cock starting to swell again she took it into her mouth and worked on it until I was fully hard again. Hold my hair our of the way and watch your very own whore at work.” She drew her mouth into a hard circle and moved her rigid lips up and down the full length of my cock, head fucking me. When I had stopped coming, she pulled away from my cock and lifted her face up, her mouth part open and her bottom lip stuck forward, holding in my cum.

Stephanie has her first bisex and threesome

first-time savanah 2018-12-02

My head raced, I wanted to run but my body betrayed me when I felt Tami's soft hands caress my breasts and her hot mouth draw my nipple into it. I could feel the fear leave my body as I relaxed into Carl's embrace. I had several more drinks and was feeling tipsy, especially after the wine I drank before we left.  Carl said it was time we checked out the rest of the club so we finished our drinks and walked through a maze of corridors until we came to a dark room with a mattress in the middle of the floor.

The Best Dance

first-time seeker4 2018-12-02

In the dream dance, though, Mandy was naked and I had my pants unzipped with my cock standing out at attention as I watched. Good night, Luke,” he said, heading upstairs, “Don’t hang around Mandy too long. “You like my tits, Luke?” she said looking down at what I was doing, “I think they’re kind of small.” “But now,” Mandy said after that kiss, “I want to make you cum.” Mandy smiled comfortingly, stroked my face, and said, “Go ahead, Luke. It has been too fucking long,” Mandy answered, slipping into my arms for another kiss. “Come up with me,” Mandy said quietly, a bit of a sob in her voice, “I don’t want to be alone.”

The Long Hot Summer - Part 1

first-time Mortuis 2018-12-02

I kiss and lick and bite your smooth throat, loving the taste of you, watching your reaction under veiled lids so I can learn what you like best. Your hand finds its way as if by accident to my engorged cock and we both gasp; you, at the hardness and heat of it, me from the amazing rush that flows up my spine at your touch. I kiss my way down your body, my tongue hot and scorching as I kiss and lick your tits, tug at your nipples, short hot licks down your belly, swirling into your belly button... My tongue forces your swollen lips to part and I take my time, licking and kissing along the edges, gliding beneath to taste more of you.

Ashley part one; First time with Miguel

first-time XxXallisynXxX 2018-12-02

Ashley couldn’t disagree; crying into Miguel’s shoulder had been great, and with his arm around her waist the whole time, (except from when they kissed and their hands were behind each other’s necks), she was in her own form of heaven. In response Miguel reached over to her and placed his hand on her leg, and slowly brushed his way under her skirt resting on her inner thigh.   They drove to his house, the whole way Miguel brushing his finger on the side of Ashley’s lips lightly through her thong.   Again they kissed, this time Miguel rubbing her bare slit and Ashley stroking his dick through his briefs. Miguel smiled and said “ Oh , you can be sure of that Ash!” He reached for her mini skirt and pulled it off.


first-time irishnia 2018-12-02

"Let's go somewhere more private and wheelchair accessible. I felt my pussy getting wet and hot thinking about Paul masturbating. wanted, but I never got to touch." He admitted suddenly looking very He dropped my panties and slowly reached for my pussy. deep into my soaking wet pussy. Then suddenly he pulled them out and shoved them in his mouth, carefully took off all his clothes, allowing my hand to brush his hard cock groaned and wiggled and he licked my pussy and asshole, exploring every nook pulled my pussy away from his face and straddled his waist. just above his cock, allowing the head to graze my clit. I felt his hot load shoot up inside me, filling my pussy.


first-time vanessaangel 2018-12-01

I started rubbing my wet pussy imagining that I was the girl and that “Uncle” Tad was eating my pussy, letting me suck his massive cock, eating my asshole, fucking me, and shooting his load all over my face. “I thought you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend, you know, cause you looooooovvvvvvveeeee him,” she said sarcastically. “Ladies, I’d love to stay in chat,” he said gleefully, “but I promised her mom that I would rescue this special girl from this house and take her wherever she wants to go?” “Your mom told me about your, I guess the best word to use would be, ummm, wish,” he said as his face turned bright red.


first-time thanksbewell 2018-12-01

Sena moved now to the centre of the circle and lay herself down upon the cold wet grass that seemed never to grow, never grazed even by the village animals who shunned this place and kept clear at all times. The all enveloping warmth took her and carried her down and once more she lay but this time the covering beneath her was soft and enshrouding, gentle fur that stimulated a new the feeling between her legs. Wetness streamed from between her thighs as a soft mouth replaced the touch of the others hand and warm breath explored this most sacred of places and offered succour to a craving that consumed her entire self.

The End Isn't The Only Thing Coming

first-time Belthazor 2018-12-01

oh God..." Debbie moaned as she humped my face with her seventeen year-old pussy, "I'm gonna' cum, Jason, I'm gonna'--aahh..." her words cut off in a strangled groan of extacy as she came, drenching my face in her sweet nectar. "If I let you cum right now," she asked me, "you have to make me squirt like that again." I nodded, knowing I would have agreed to whatever she said at that point, and she smiled briefly before taking my length back in her mouth, sucking hard. "It's so thick...." Debbie was fingering herself like crazy next to her, kissing Milly's flushed tits and staring at me with a look of pure lust in her beautiful eyes.

Who Seduced Who

first-time SandD 2018-12-01

  We sat on my couch for awhile and kissed, cuddled, snuggled, and just got to be together but then he started taking over a bit, I don’t know how but he found out my ears and neck was the most sensitive part of my body that was reachable without removing clothes.   Licking and kissing the nipples till they were 2 hard little buds which, because I was so turned on already, didn’t take long.   As he climbed in bed I realized I must have slept a little longer than I thought after I heard the door because he was slightly damp like he came out of the shower.

An Epic Desire

first-time MsSensuality 2018-12-01

The hunger and longing which brought him to this very window each night at the same hour was caused by Elysia, a princess in Sir Douglas’s castle, and the fairest maid ever to set foot in all the land of Scotland. Elysia’s state of arousal caused her scent to become stronger, and Ewan began to wonder if he would be able to contain himself long enough to satisfy her to the level he wished before abandoning himself completely in the tide of his vampire desire. Ewan’s strong hands went around her body, one over the top of her right thigh, and one beneath her left, fingers wrapping around her so that he held her firmly in place as he began building her slowly to her first climax of that nature.

The First Time Never Comes Twice

first-time xhardx13 2018-12-01

Then in a voice filled with guilt, I said, "Look Mr. Flynn, I don't watch porn, but my mom left it in the player and I was curious." The thing was, the girls at school said they didn't like their first time. Sometimes we met in our family room with my mom away like the first time or at his place when no one was home. He scooped it up with his fingers and had me lick it off. I gave him a wink and licked the last creamy drops from my lips as if to say, "Yummy." I was just pretending to be like the woman in my mom's video, but that's another story. Mr. Flynn smiled, then gave me a deep romantic kiss.

Good Boy Don't Do That

first-time SkarlitKarson 2018-11-30

Justin feels excited about having gotten away with this public sex act, but the tiny voice in the back of his head chides him; good boys don’t do this . “Your cock feels so fucking good, Justin!” Cindy whispers as she fucks him. The head of his cock feels like it’s going to explode and just as he’s about to cum, Cindy slides off of him and leans over his cock, grabbing it between her breasts. Justin thinks, then realizing what an absurd notion it is, he quickly banishes it from his mind as Cindy replaces one nipple, now peaked and red from his mouth and gives him the other one.

My First Time

first-time Nesko 2018-11-30

She went down on me and pulled my pants down to see my bulge pushing against my boxers. She put my dick in her mouth for a few seconds and then pulled back up. She popped one ice cube in her mouth and went back down on me. Her soft mouth mixed with an ice cube felt amazing on my dick. As I went down I made sure to give little cold kisses all the way down her body. I got up and she crawled up to my member and wrapped her soft mouth around my dick. I smiled and said, "You were right, my first time definitely was great, but I can't wait for some more." 

Teacher teacher

first-time Taggerdoo 2018-11-30

I'd see the popular kids looking so relaxed and carefree, laughing their asses off and basically just having a high old time. It went along in the same vein until almost time for class to end when I started to get this zipper busting spontaneous erection! I told her I wasn't involved in any afer school activities and that I usually went home and did my chores. I can't let those little things go neglected!" She giggled a little at that and she looked like a teenager herself for just a moment. She grasped the back of my head with one hand and ground my face into her pussy as she came. She sat up and grasped my cock in her hand and started to jerk on it with abandon.