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First love

first-time Banes1 2018-06-27

Taking my hand, she led me onto the dance floor as the music switched to a slow number. Denise placed her hand on the back of my head as she kissed me. Denise looks down as my hand moves up her leg, along the edge of her thong. As our tongues entwine, my finger pushes the thong into Denise's wet pussy. I am sucking back and thrusting harder into her arse faster as we finger her pussy. Her hand covers mine fucking her pussy and loving the sensation. I step away and with the thong in my hand. I look at her as I press it against my mouth and nose, taking in her sweet scent.

Something Strange In Iowa, Part Three

first-time BrassRing 2018-06-27

As her hands moved out and down his arms, she came closer, looking deep into his eyes, and kissed the center of his chest. Ellie knelt there and looked at his body, from his feet up to his muscular thighs, his penis and tight scrotum underneath, up to his abdomen, chest and arms and finally his eyes. "Cain," she said breathlessly, "This is so sexy." She devoured him again, moving all the way down his cock to where her hands both held the base. Ellie's whole body was vibrating and as Cain began shooting into her, she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing a violent kiss and screaming into his mouth.

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part three)

first-time Green_Man 2018-06-27

She slowly stroked it up and down learning what it felt like and making me want to come all over her face. At last, after jamming my long prick into that pussy for at least fifteen minutes, I had to shoot my spunk into the rubber and I yelled out I was coming and Mandy wrapped her legs about me again and took me as deep as she could. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down to see Mandy holding my cock. She looked up at me with her green eyes smiling and then she sucked it into her mouth and began licking the dried come off of it.

Opening Laurie

first-time Luckymann 2018-06-27

After dinner, Terri left Laurie and I to play chess while she took a shower. As she lay on her left side with her head in my lap, Laurie began rubbing the inside of my right leg. To make sure Laurie knew what she had started, I reached down, grabbed a hand full of jeans-covered ass and squeezed firmly. Laurie, in the mean time, had rolled onto her right side and started rubbing my dick through my pants. I continued slowly stroking her pussy, and she began firmly squeezing her own tits with both hands. As I came deep inside her newly opened pussy, Laurie arched her back and used her legs to pull me deeper into her freshly devirginated hole.

Going Away Gift from Becky

first-time ConnMan38 2018-06-26

"Look, I'm really sorry I have to go," she said, tugging her shorts back into place, "but if you like I can come over to your place tomorrow evening and we can continue where we left off. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer (frankly, I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did considering it was my first time), so I pulled Becky close to me, rolled back on top of her, and started pumping into her with all the energy I had left. I walked behind her, got on one knee and kissed her ass several times, then stood up, put a hand on each hip and pressed my semi-hard cock into her crack.

Our First TIme

first-time BiSubmissive52310 2018-06-26

The brush of his fingers running over my cilt made me buck with pleasure, he laughed deep in his throat as I whimpered and tried to ride his hand. He slid one finger down my pussy and thrusted his finger into me, I arched, gasping. His fingers hit my cilt and g-spot at the same time, making me gasp and end up sinking my teeth into his shoulder. He growled and wrapped his hand in my hair, pulled my head back and kissed me hard. Ripple after ripple of pleasure ran through me, circled my cilt and into my pussy, making me cum harder and harder. I pulled him hard to me and laughed at the sheer pleasure in his eyes.

To Clumsy Feet and Prada Knock-Off's

first-time ladyjessamine 2018-06-26

There I was, minding my own business - not half as drunk as I want to be, but having a grand ol’ time dancing a little dirty with a couple girls - when a blond vision starts hissing at me like a cat just because I accidentally step on her foot. Now she’s standing not two feet away from me, one hand wrapped around her waist, the other crossing over her chest in what would have been modest if not for the way her fingers lightly circle her covered nipple. Then I notice that she is pinching and twisting her nipples under the cover of black lace, and her head is thrown back and eyes are closed as she rides the pleasure she’s giving herself.

A Moment Like This

first-time MadamoiselleC 2018-06-26

Charlie had always been the dominant type, so she pushed Nathan back onto her queen sized bed and jumped on top of him, kissing him fiercely, as if making up for all the times she had wanted to in the two years they had known each other. Charlie rocked her hips back and forth, pushing Nathan's head deeper into her breasts as he sucked, licked, and kissed every bare inch of skin on the two jiggly masses that hung off her chest. She could tell Nathan was near his climax, and as her courtesy tapped so that she could get her mouth out of the way, Charlie simply gave him a wink, tickled his balls a bit, and sucked down fast and hard on his throbbing dick, her boobs bouncing so fast that the slapping of them on her chest was audible.

Santa's Daughter

first-time 0PrincessX0 2018-06-26

Nicole and Elwin kept glancing at each other for the rest of their shift, but they managed to get all their work finished by the end of the night. I’ll follow you a while after and make sure no one has seen us.” Before he could reply she ran back out of the Workshop, hoping her father wasn’t looking for her. Nicole smiled at him and moved a little closer, looking into his blue eyes. Elwin leaned forward and lightly ran his tongue along Nicole’s pussy lips and she rewarded him with soft moans. Just when Nicole thought the pleasure couldn’t get any better, Elwin inserted a finger an inch or so into her hungry cunt.

The Initiation (Part 2)

first-time Californiaman 2018-06-26

I’m going to cum again…” and with a prolonged scream, Erin came hard, pinning my hand beneath her hips, and thrashing under me. As we stepped into the warm shower, I said, “Let me wash you first.” Soaping the washcloth, I started at Erin’s neck and worked my way down her back, over her hips and down her legs, slowly caressing each square inch of the lovely body before me. Filling my palm with lotion again, I rolled Erin gently to one side and slid my hand under her hips until I could cup her pussy in my palm. As I worked Erin’s pussy with my hand, I let the length of my cock slide forward and backward in the crack of her ass.

Penny and Todd's First Time Together

first-time Mysteria27 2018-06-25

Sometimes, when Todd and I would speak on the phone, I would lay naked on my bed and play with my tits and pussy. I’d told Todd to come over about six o’clock and he would spend the weekend with me. “I want to play with your cock Todd. Todd was pushing his tongue into my pussy. Todd got on top of me and slid his cock into my pussy. Todd pushed his cock into my pussy and I felt my hymen starting to break. Todd pulled out and there was some blood on the condom and on my pussy. “Oh Penny, your pussy feels so good. Todd pulled out and I got on my knees and he shot his come into my throat.

My First Lover

first-time Luckymann 2018-06-25

After a short time of gently rubbing that little pebble, Ann was violently thrusting her hips up to my hand. Ann was stroking up and down my dick with her left hand, while she kissed and licked its head. Opening her top two blouse buttons, and sliding my hand into the gap, I began gently rubbing and squeezing her tits. I continued rubbing and squeezing her tits with my right hand while stroking her hair with my left. As I gently rubbed her little pebble, Ann began lifting her hips off the car seat. As Ann slowly settled down, she rolled onto her right side and began stroking my rock hard dick through my pants.

Coming Home pt. 4

first-time BattleRavyn 2018-06-25

Faith watched the group of guys, and laughed and cheered them on with the girls as the game got more heated and the rules became more ludicrous. Most of the girls laughed and clapped at the declaration, but Faith got a queasy feeling in her stomach, as the guys were all joking about who they would kiss first when they missed. “I’m guessing it’s because Jenna took the kiss too far, and we’re all a little drunk, so emotions are high,” he said. Faith sucked in a breath at the invasion, but it didn’t really hurt like she thought it would, especially since he had spent so much time priming her, making her wet and ready for this.

The Long Hot Summer - Part 2

first-time Mortuis 2018-06-25

Your lips move from my balls to the base of my cock, alternately licking and sucking, stroking it in your soft hand. You take just the head in your mouth, your lips keeping a tight seal around it, and your tongue swirls lazily… My balls are drawn up tight as you take me into your mouth, moving up and down the shaft, deeper with each slow suck. You stop to bite down gently with every inch of my cock until your lips are kissing my balls and the head of my cock is at the back of your throat. You cup my balls, holding my cock close to your face, then aim the rest at your tits.


first-time TonyaL 2018-06-25

As she spoke I followed the lead of the girls before me, I leaned forward pressing my breasts together, moved closer to the group in front of her and allowed them to dump more water over me. Meadow came beside me and whispered, “All the money we raise tonight is going to your mom’s trust, Winter. “We have a bid of one-hundred dollars going once, twice.” Looking around she smiled at me and yelled, “Winter you are sold to Kai for one evening.” Meadow lifted my t-shirt off and took my breasts in her hands, she pushed them together and licked back and forth from one nipple to the other.

Me and My Girlfriend

first-time B12 2018-06-25

I felt her hand wrap around my cock, pulling me in closer to her face. Suddenly, my cock popped out of her mouth and she let out a squeal, her crotch puched into my face. We got upstairs and started to make lunch, and as she leaned over the stove, I came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and stuck my cock between her legs. She started to grind away on my cock, moving her hips aound in little circles, while she furiously rubbed her clit. Then she moved her hands down to grab my shoulders, and looked deep into my eyes.

The Candy Stroker Part 6: Melinda and Me

first-time Paddler 2018-06-24

He was gonna cum, I could tell, so I let my fingers fly over my clit and I just threw back my head and we both came at the same time, wave after wave going over me as I felt his cock surge in my cunt. When she bit my nipple and pulled and twisted it, I went right over the top, moaning and crying out, “Oh, Mel, I’m cumming!” But I really wanted Mel to cum, so I forced myself to pull away from her face and started squeezing her ass, reaching so my fingers were near her cunt, pulling her pussylips and licking her clit with more tongue pressure.

Four times,One night, My first/ True story- part 2

first-time angelash1000 2018-06-24

Nick and I sat on the bed recovering from my great first time and our amazing orgasms. Cum still dripping down my leg as he pushed me back onto the bed and tore off my thong in a desire to be inside me again. As I came he could no longer cotrol himself as I clenched around his cock tightly inside me he shot his load into me for a second time as I began to recover from my orgasm. Next I felt his gentle lips brushing gently across the base of by neck slowly getting further down towards my clevage as he pulled me up onto the sofa and found his way once again to my pussy kissing the outside of my thong- with my dress pulled up.

Never Forget

first-time ian69 2018-06-24

“So you were gonna dance with me through, maybe, three numbers, buy me a drink, then ask me if I’d like to come back with you and fuck?” As soon as Jackie saw my cock starting to swell again she took it into her mouth and worked on it until I was fully hard again. Hold my hair our of the way and watch your very own whore at work.” She drew her mouth into a hard circle and moved her rigid lips up and down the full length of my cock, head fucking me. When I had stopped coming, she pulled away from my cock and lifted her face up, her mouth part open and her bottom lip stuck forward, holding in my cum.

From Friends to lovers

first-time NeedSomeLove87 2018-06-24

I gripped the counter with my free hand, bit my lower lip and felt my arousal turn to frustration. “Well, it’s kinda personal,” Jenny said as her eyes traced a few stray beads of water travel down my chest. Jenny finally broke the kiss and for a moment it felt like I had woken from a sweet dream, as cool air filled the space where her mouth once met mine. Slowly, Jenny peeled my hands off her breasts and placed them on her firm, toned ass. My fingers instinctively squeezed and kneaded her round, buxom bottom and I felt Jenny shudder as she assaulted my mouth and her tongue slithered across my lips like a slick, pink serpent.

Meeting For The First Time Leads To All Night Long Sexual Frenzy, Part 2

first-time wyonot 2018-06-24

After you wake up first from our nap, you just start grinding your pussy and breasts against my body and rub your thigh against my half hard cock, bringing it back to life. When you get used to the wonderful pleasure of my dick deep inside you, then you slowly start to move your hips to start sliding your wet pussy up and down on my hard cock. You press your cum filled and covered pussy tight to my face, longing for more stimulation as I start licking and sucking up our mixed juices. You are enjoying the feeling very much and you just turn your head and start licking my hard cock, remembering how good it felt earlier buried deep in your cunt as it filled you with my warm seed.

Making the Teacher

first-time TopGun 2018-06-24

When the weather turned warm I started wearing a condom to class because I always shot off a couple of times during that hour-long class. I started to hand her, her keys but she walked around and slid into the passenger seat. Maria slid further down on the seat, spreading her thigh wide apart, her left knee resting on the transmission hump. Pulling off the road, I lifted Maria up out of the passenger seat and lowered her fiery hot pussy down on my throbbing shaft. Our orgasms kept building and when I finally started shooting my wad deep inside her clenching, milking pussy, it felt as if I would never stop cumming.

Driving Instructor

first-time xhardx13 2018-06-24

Margaret noticed the bulge and said, "It looks like you catch on very quickly, Sabal. At lunch, Margaret said, "You know, Sabal, paying for lunch isn't nearly enough thanks for what you did for me. On the third lesson, Abby said, "Do the girls you teach come on to you, Mr. Chaudhary?" Abby let the robe slide to the floor and backed away from her computer so Sabal could see her entire naked body. Sabal picked Abby up at three in the afternoon as if it was a driving lesson. Sabal pushed ahead, getting squeals from Abby as he went further inside her tight hole. When the rest time was over, Abby climbed on top, having little trouble accepting his hard pole in her freshly fucked pussy.

Teacher teacher

first-time Taggerdoo 2018-06-24

I'd see the popular kids looking so relaxed and carefree, laughing their asses off and basically just having a high old time. It went along in the same vein until almost time for class to end when I started to get this zipper busting spontaneous erection! I told her I wasn't involved in any afer school activities and that I usually went home and did my chores. I can't let those little things go neglected!" She giggled a little at that and she looked like a teenager herself for just a moment. She grasped the back of my head with one hand and ground my face into her pussy as she came. She sat up and grasped my cock in her hand and started to jerk on it with abandon.