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CH 21. I teach another virgin

first-time LuvitAll 2018-06-27

I could sense he really wanted to feel it, so put my hand over his and guided it on, holding it and squeezing his fingers into my breast. I didn’t have anything to wipe up with, so I squatted on the grass and squeezed out as much cum as I could, then wiped the rest with my hand and rubbed it into the outside of my bum and thigh. I pulled his hand under my skirt, pushed two fingers into me and fucked onto them for a while. I didn’t think it would be a good look to be seen returning from the gardens with him, so I told him to wait there until I’d been inside for a while.

First Time Surprise - Part Three, The Conclusion

first-time Experienced11 2018-06-25

 "Now everything you did to these lips," I point to my full, swollen mouth, "I want you to do to these ones." I say, trailing my hand down my chest, and stomach to my hot, ready pussy. I spread my legs hip-distance apart, and place one hand on the back of Allen's head, and the other on my pussy, spreading my lips with my index and middle fingers. He is smacking down on me like there is no tomorrow, his left hand grabbing my ass, his right, creeping up the inside of my left thigh, moving in for the kill. Hot. His hands hold me still as his lethally-hard cock fucks my face, the big blunt shaft stabbing at the back of my throat making me gag roughly.

Her Post Prom Experience

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-06-24

“I know I’d like to be with her if she really wants to be with me” the 29 year old substitute teacher said aloud as he headed on home to his apartment. “I really didn’t know how to get a hold of you outside of school but if you’re willing I’d love to invite you over on Saturday afternoon, say around 1:30?” he told her. She said no while feeling all the sensations a young woman feels in hopes of having a sexual relationship with a good looking older man, like Chet. But she soon realized she needed so much more at this point and before even he knew it, as they kissed, she took hold of his hand and put it inside of them so he’d feel her boob.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Fourteen)

first-time John_Doe 2018-06-23

After a night of having my cock blown to the point of cumming in Julia's warm wet mouth, while at the same time I sucked on Amanda's succulent firm tits and fingered her dripping wet cunt until we climaxed at the same time, I awoke to find myself alone in the bed. As Julia gently eased her hips and weight up and down a fraction, causing the friction of her shaven mound to rub against my mouth as my tongue was delved deep inside of her wet cunt. Below, Amanda's mouth worked harder upon my cock as it thrust deeper inside of her warm, wet mouth as her lips locked tightly upon the length of my shaft and foreskin.

Losing My Religion and My Virginity

first-time TheDedicatedOnanist 2018-06-22

I turn to my right and this brunette chick says “Hi.” At one point she tells me that I look like her cousin and her friend agrees. Just as she begins to walk off, she turns back to me and says, “Do you want to come back with us?” and I beat them to their car. We spend what seems a long time fucking and sucking in many and varied positions and eventually Samantha takes a look at her clock. She sighs and says, “I am exhausted, I need some sleep and I have to go water skiing with my brother in three hours!”

Finally Getting Fucked

first-time Cutiie208 2018-06-19

I quickly spread my legs, sucked on my finger and began rubbing my clit. "Baby a finger isn't going to satisfy my dripping wet pussy," I whispered slowly. I smiled at him while I rubbed my erect nipples visible through the thin fabric and told him I liked his message and if he wants something, he should get it. Ty lowered his crotch to mine and started rubbing his hard manhood on my pussy. "Baby I'm going down," he started as he pushed one finger into my wanting hole while he kept rubbing my clit. He started sucking on my lips slowly and I decided it was time to kiss him back.

Ellen Is Educated About Sucking

first-time Tiepinkraider 2018-06-19

In spite of the fact that she knew very little about sex first hand, I was sure I could teach her if I went slowly, not pushing her past her comfort zone, Nevertheless, I wanted to see how far I could go with her, possibly getting her to let herself go a little. So, I put it back in, only this time I kept going until it was buried all the way up inside her dripping, warm, and open cunt! Instead, she put her arms around my neck, with her tongue hard and deep into my mouth, sucking my tongue and then slid her wet pussy up against my face and held me tight, rocking back and forth.

Baby Oil Bad Boy

first-time Liz 2018-06-18

It took a moment to register, but Sarah realised that as he’d lifted her leg from the bed to look at her foot, the bottom of her bath robe had ridden up and she’d given him an eye-full of her flimflam. Sarah watched open-mouthed as Dom, in his slightly laid back pose, began to slowly stroke his cock. As Dom felt Sarah relaxing into it and becoming more enthusiastic to the act, he gripped her firm little cheeks and buried his tongue inside her. Sarah almost lost her mind when she felt Dominic lean forward and start to rub his big cock between her oily cheeks.

Reconnected And It Happened Unexpectedly

first-time bava12 2018-06-18

So we moved to her room I was sitting on her bed feeling somewhat different inside…she played some movie and sat beside me, she was enjoying the movie meanwhile her soft thigh was rubbing to mine, she was keeping her hand on my thigh..Laughing…enjoying..And my situation..I only know my b*****r inside was growing harder..I couldn’t control , but what to do..At some time I got courage by calculating lot, on all her intention …About crush..Why she called me when no body in home…why she planned to bedroom…I took courage and went close to her and placed kiss on her shoulder..She was struck at one time…and I was in fear..

A Day at the Beach

first-time KatR 2018-06-17

I think I was in my late 20s or early 30s when I first got the idea in my head that I wanted to make love on a deserted stretch of beach with nobody else around. The lover I had when I was 37 liked the idea, but we were in a small Midwest city a long way from my native California and its many beautiful beaches. I told him my Saturday was suddenly free, and I asked him if he'd like to spend the day with me at the little beach we had found, where nobody ever seems to go. I told him I'd had a fantasy for over 20 years to be taken on a beach, right where surf meets sand, as the waves gently lap at both our naked bodies.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 6

first-time John_Doe 2018-06-10

Her hands gripped my ass cheeks, helping ease me down as almost the full length of my cock soon found itself inside her tight wet hole.  I brushed the hair away from her face and looked into her deep blue eyes. The top few inches of my cock slipped both in and out of her wet hole.  The feel of her hands holding my ass only added to the wonderful experience of being the first man to fuck this amazing young woman.  It had been so long since I'd had sex, the last time was with my ex-wife a couple of years back when we were still together.

A '57 Chevy and the Starlight Drive-in Theater

first-time Kee 2018-05-26

“Why do you want this book?” we both said at the same time, and started laughing. He had an easy sort of way about him, not staring at my boobs or making stupid jokes; he made me feel like we were old friends. “You are going to have to meet my parents, and my Dad will want to give you the third degree to make sure his dear daughter is in safe hands. You are not doing anything I do not want,” I said as my right hand went to his thigh and began to lightly rub it. I love smart girls,” he said, as he handed me the food, opened the door and got in.

A close shave for our first time

first-time diamondjim 2018-05-25

I can see in your eyes and from your sweet swollen nipples how you want to feel my fingers back inside you and my mouth on your clit. Still flicking your clit with my tongue and pinching your nipples I hold your pussy firmly against my mouth so all you can do is accept the fact that you are going to cum and come with me teasing every sensitive spot. My fingers continue to rub around your sensitive clit and swollen pussy, building your desire for a second, even stronger climax. You reach down and give your clit some attention and it drives me wild to feel your fingers at the base of my cock while I'm exploding like a rocket inside you.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Fifteen)

first-time John_Doe 2018-05-22

As that day progressed, from awakening in the bed after a night's sleep with two beautiful girls laying next to me, to the shower and licking Julia's pussy out, as Amanda sucked my cock and licked up every drop of cum I could give her. I lowered my body down, as my cock plunged slowly into the silky folds, parting her pussy lips and delving deep inside of her wet cunt. Sliding my body back and forth, slowly at first, so I could enjoy every second, every slide of my thick hard cock inside of her wet pussy. I released a huge groan of pure ecstasy, "UGHHHHHHHH!" as I pulled back and with all the force I could, slam my cock deep up inside of her pussy.

my first huge cock

first-time merlin_graves 2018-05-20

I slowly took as much of his cock in my mouth as i could, sucking gently and running my tongue over the head and down the length of it. He flipped me over and pinned me to the bed kissing me, then grabbed my cock and took the whole length in his mouth. When i couldn't take it any more i got up and grabbed his arse and stuck his raging cock back in my mouth sucking harder than ever and making him shudder with pleasure, while he stroked my cock madly making me erupt all over myself, followed quickly by him shooting his hot sticky load all over my chest.

Mums 55th birthday turns naughty

first-time 24_m_uk2011 2018-05-20

'ooh I love this song as mum said starting to dance in front of me and james in the living room. Just then mum said down and me and james sat either side of her and carried on rubbing and sucking away. So me and james sat on the sofa next to each other with only our tops on, hard cocks out and mum knelt infront of us on her knees and started wanking us both. She stopped sucking me for a second looked up and went 'ohhh that's so nice' I watched as james then took his cock and put in her wet pussy, @ohhhhhhhhh she moaned as it went inside her.

My first older lady

first-time Davidcars 2018-05-20

Another one !!!!ii keep sucking then it was like a geyser I got on top of here and put my hard dick inside her and just started fucking her hard she couldn't stop screaming the more she screamed the harder I fucked her comes another one she said aaahhhhhhh all over my stomach we were both cover on cum she got on top of me she was ridding me hard and fast it was like she was posses just girding me so good I didn't know a 63 y.o can fuck so fuckin good then she said ...I want you to fuck my ass so she squatted up and grab my hard cock and put it in her asshole and little by little she started up and down and deeper and deeper ....she screaming oh my god I'm cumming again....

Fun With A Young Couple

first-time dclark5 2018-05-17

As he started fucking her, he surprised me when he said to me, "We haven't had sex in a few days as she got over her period yesterday. She said, "I love you and don't want you to be jealous or think it was any more than just some fun and a way to make some money we need". Then she dropped her head down a little and started sucking one of my rock-hard nipples and she reached under one of her legs to lightly tickle my balls. She said that after our sessions, Steve started going down on her because he saw how much she liked it.

Stuck in bed

first-time Thor-S 2018-05-17

I mean, sick as a dog, but feeling good about myself the way only a big b*****r can when he has finally rendered his little s****r somewhat speechless. When it finally started to get hard, which of course didn’t take long, she took it out of her mouth and just stared at it for a few seconds, almost in awe. A couple times she tried to deep throat it, but like I said I’m big and she couldn’t even get half of it down. But she tried, and then she just let it go in and out of her mouth like that for a long time, sucking, jerking me off with one hand and fingerfucking my ass with the other.

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 02

first-time Amyfriend 2018-05-16

"Oh its okay Debbie, just give me a big towel." He said so I handed him one and he discretely removed his shorts. "You don't have to worry with me Debbie, I'll do whatever you want but I would like to please you again before I go home." He said as his hand rested on my leg just above my knee. "Thank you, Ron." I said as I stood and removed the towel from his knee and glanced at his semi hard cock before I sat back down on his knee. "Mmmm, that's good, but maybe I really should slip off my skirt, Ron." I said, as I backed away and unfastened it then let it fall to the floor before I kicked it away.

Seduced by co-worker

first-time oldermale0303 2018-05-15

We never talked much at work so I was surprised one day when she came up to me and asked if I like to buy some g s cookies she was selling for her d ter . She asked where I lived and said she drop them off after we got off work in a few days. She went on telling me I was attractive and said I owed her some pictures.Before I knew it she was leaning in kissing me. I was licking and tasting her sweetness as fast as I could Her body started to tense up so I knew she was about to explode so I went back to sucking her clit and fingering her deeply.

My Best Friend Randy

first-time ghostdawgg62 2018-05-09

When the movie ended I told Randy that it was finished but he didn't budge so I thought that I would tap his shoulder to wake him up to let him know that I was about to leave because I wanted to go home and beat my meat. Randy reached higher into my shorts and grabbed my dick and let out a deep sigh and started stroking it. I guess Randy could feel my dick throbbing with more intensity and started sucking harder and faster. I started tasting more precum and his dick began to throb more and I could actually feel it getting harder in my mouth.

An xHamster Encounter

first-time 2018-05-08

I kissed James when I got into the car, just a quick soft kiss on the lips, and again when we were waiting to turn (we were heading to my apartment which is only a block away). Then James (not his real name) knelt between my legs and rubbed the head of his cock between my very wet pussy lips. I got onto my knees and James entered my pussy and fucked some more. Then James pulled his cock out of my pussy and gently began to insert it into my ass. Since his work had not called him, James told me to lay back and let him eat my pussy again.

Being trapped, a rewarding experience

first-time phillymark1 2018-05-08

Being away from home for suck a long time even chatting with another English speaking girl is heaven., We settled the financial arrangements and she lay on her bed. She did not immediately jump on my cock like most girls of that trade do but actually enjoyed kissing and caressing me. My tongue swirled on the underside and she sighed as her tiny cock pulsed again and I took more of it into my mouth and began sucking it gently. She spun her body around and started sucking on my hard cock dong it gently as a finger toyed with my rosebud. She licked it while gently opening it and her tongue was replaced by her finger moving slowly past the anal ring and for the first time touching my prostate gland.