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Fantasies for Her

first-time Rembacher 2018-12-04

I broke our kiss, pulled my hand out, and climbed on top of you, positioning my cock at the entrance of your pussy, and staring into your eyes as I entered you. When I got to my room, you were both naked, lying on the bed, and running your hands all over each other’s body while locked in a passionate kiss. There were so many places I could have looked: your beautiful tits heaving with each deep breath as you felt the passion run through you; her head, as it moved about your sweet pussy, working to give you pleasure; her ass, as it pointed directly at me; but the thing that drew my attention, and kept it throughout, was your face.

Student Nurse, Part 3: Advanced Sex Ed

first-time Paddler 2018-12-03

It feels very good to have my nipples rubbed and sucked, and it really turns me on.” She held both her breasts from beneath, bouncing them up and down, grinning at Henry, charmed by his wide eyes. Nice and gentle.” She let him fondle and squeeze for some time, then said, “Henry, why don’t you lick my breasts and then kiss and suck on my nipples? You sit there a minute and I’ll do something like cheerleading before the next play.” Kate got up, clad only in her garter belt, stockings, heels, and panties and pushed the coffee table away. Henry slid down her body as he removed his fingers, paused a moment to look at her open, wet cunt, then kissed it and licked up and down the lips.

The Wife Next Door: Part VI-Angela Home Alone

first-time flytoomuch 2018-12-03

Pim looked at me and smiled, “In case you haven’t noticed Rob, Angela is certainly not a baby anymore, she’s a young seventeen-year-old woman. I could sense the sparkle and devilish giggle in Angela’s response, her face covered in a broad grin, “Oh yes Auntie Pim, I promise to be a good girl for Rob. Cross my heart and hope to die.” I gazed across Angela’s young body and let my hand lightly touch the inside of her thighs and brush across her pussy lips. Angela looked back at me with her beautiful blue eyes and blond hair and anxiously waited as I moved my cock towards her pussy opening and penetrated her from behind.


first-time DarkSide 2018-12-02

You know you want to slip your cock into her arse while she’s looking over her shoulder at you and smiling! You know that you want to stick your tongue right inside her pussy and lick her, taste her and make her cum as you watch her contorted face as she orgasms! I would know that I would want to put my hand up under her skirt and feel her arse and then let my fingers caress round to her pussy, even in public. Yes I find the eroticism of sliding up someone’s arse to be very mind-blowing, especially as that someone lays flat on their stomach and you have a hand on their clit as well, bringing her off to her orgasm while your cock is firmly entrenched and pumping into her.

The Trials of First Love Chapter 4

first-time BadGirl76 2018-12-01

“I understand, and I want to hear your side,” I said, feeling a little better about how this might go. “What are your plans for Jeremy?” I asked not wanting to get in the way if she was going to forgive him. When I headed to the door, my mother asked where Jeremy was and I told her that he was having car problems and I would be walking for a few days. “Are you sure you want to kiss an old man that has been secretly watching you?” he asked looking around. “I think I said to a young man that a kiss would be a good way to end the day.”

For The Taking

first-time dirtysweatywhore 2018-12-01

Tanner did not speak a word as he stepped through the front door, not stopping, forcing me to take a couple of steps back, just enough so he could reach behind him to close the door and turn the lock. I felt his velvety tongue in my mouth and my whole body press into his as he pulled me close and held me very tightly. He pulled away and we locked eyes, not a word was said as he quickly turned his head and scouted my home. I felt one hand on my head as he ran his fingers through my hair and the other tenderly massaged my right breast.

Amnesty Program Ch. 04

first-time ambidentrous 2018-11-29

"Thank you," Professor Suarez said, looking over Jason's list first. "Excellent," she said, handing the list back, "that's going to work fine." She turned her attention to Rebecca's list and had a similar reaction, although Jason thought he saw her suppress a grin. "Thanks, Sandra," Professor Denton said, then addressed Rebecca and Jason. "Thank you, I think," Jason said, and tipped his face up to kiss her gently on her neck. "That depends," she said, taking Jason's hand and leading him away from the couch, "on whether you think losing virginity is the beginning of something special or just breaking the seal on a cup of yogurt." "You're lucky I already gave you a blowjob today," Rebecca said, gathering her clothes from the living room floor and heading back to Jason's room to change.

The Wife Next Door: Part V-Taking Care of Angela

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-24

I have an extremely satisfying sex life with Pim and she has even set up a few dates for me with her best friend Judy, who is a hot sexy Korean. Incredible sexual tension was building up just from watching sixteen year-old Angela prance around my pool and Pim’s house in her increasingly sexy outfits. I assumed Angela was just taking her sexy new sixteen year-old body out for a test drive with some innocent teasing and flirting. I spent so long kissing Pim’s pussy and ass and teasing her body with my tongue, my fingers, the vibrator and a bottle of gel that my cock had time to recover for a second round of sex.

A close shave for our first time

first-time diamondjim 2018-11-24

I can see in your eyes and from your sweet swollen nipples how you want to feel my fingers back inside you and my mouth on your clit. Still flicking your clit with my tongue and pinching your nipples I hold your pussy firmly against my mouth so all you can do is accept the fact that you are going to cum and come with me teasing every sensitive spot. My fingers continue to rub around your sensitive clit and swollen pussy, building your desire for a second, even stronger climax. You reach down and give your clit some attention and it drives me wild to feel your fingers at the base of my cock while I'm exploding like a rocket inside you.

Student Nurse, Part 3: Advanced Sex Ed

first-time Paddler 2018-11-23

It feels very good to have my nipples rubbed and sucked, and it really turns me on.” She held both her breasts from beneath, bouncing them up and down, grinning at Henry, charmed by his wide eyes. Nice and gentle.” She let him fondle and squeeze for some time, then said, “Henry, why don’t you lick my breasts and then kiss and suck on my nipples? You sit there a minute and I’ll do something like cheerleading before the next play.” Lois got up, clad only in her garter belt, stockings, heels, and panties and pushed the coffee table away. Henry slid down her body as he removed his fingers, paused a moment to look at her open, wet cunt, then kissed it and licked up and down the lips.

The Wife Next Door: Part VIII-Watching a Movie

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-22

Lisa lightly slid her left hand across my thigh and let it rest on the inside of my right leg sending tingles and new sensations to my already engorged cock which had been highly excited by Angela’s recent stroking. Blissful and pulsing pleasure sensations were swirling around my brain as Angela’s soft warm lips slipped up and down over my cock, her tongue dancing and teasing, sucking and sliding sensations alternating, causing me to lose focus on my pussy licking efforts. Within seconds of Lisa becoming immersed in a huge orgasm Angela increased the speed of her hip movements and her pussy walls clenched and grabbed at my thick burning cock holding it in a tight squeeze.

She Gets Her Way

first-time DarkSide 2018-11-17

She stood up and my cock slipped out of her, she walked to her husband and recovered a blindfold from the top of one of the chairs on her way. I repeated the action and this time slipped the head into my mouth and gave it a little suck before taking my mouth off it. It sounded like she had a mouthful of cock, I started to moan as well so that her husband would feel the vibrations. “That’s it, cum all over my fucking face,” Joyce encouraged, “Pump it all over me, I love it,” she continued. Joyce pointed towards me as she giggled and her husband looked aghast as he saw my face.

Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing Part IV

first-time Zafia 2018-11-16

I heard the door open but I felt powerless as I was still blindfolded and tied up at the wrists and ankles to my bed.  I suddenly heard more then one voice and I was alarmed to realize that Alex was not alone.  I started to panic because I did not want anyone to see me like this.  I felt a hand touch my stomach and it sent shivers through out my whole body.  I knew Alex's touch instinctively. With those words he held my held my clit between his teeth and bit down hard, the sensation hit me like a bucket of water to my face as I screamed and realized that Alex was really going to let David fuck me.

Chapter 2 - Finally Getting What I Want

first-time SexyMama19 2018-11-15

Charlie takes the phone from my grasp and puts it to his ear with one hand, still feeling my body with the other. I move into a comfortable spot so he can slide off my pink thong with his teeth. He then takes his two fingers and slowly strokes my pussy, getting me as wet as he wants me. He slowly takes two fingers and pushes them inside me. I squirm with excitement and tilt my head back in pleasure. He slams his cock deep inside me, I feel the head of his penis rubbing my G-spot which makes me moan in pleasure. "Ahhh fuck!" he screams out in orgasmic bliss, I feel his cock pumping his creamy cum deep into my pussy.

The Object Of Our Holiday's Desire Part 1

first-time Un4toldsins 2018-11-14

We actually chatted for a long time, he must have known how turned on you were as on a hot summers day your nipples were hard in your costume and you were shuffling or should I say squirming from leg to leg, one thigh brushing against the other and I know the wind was blowing my way, I was sure I could smell your sex. "Do it baby, show me how hard you want Jeremy to fuck your pretty little cock sucking mouth." Taking a deep breath and you put one hand up against my stomach as you feel me pushing forward.

My First Summer Of Love

first-time KindOfHeart 2018-11-10

I want to watch you stroking that lovely cock like you do when you’re thinking about me, and I’ll give you something much nicer to look at than the girls in your magazines — I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen a real live naked woman.” The feeling of my cock sliding between her swollen lips as I thrust deep into Jill's velvet hole was amazing, and being young it only took a few minutes of fucking until I was ready to cum again. When we went for our daily walk in the beech woods near our homes, Jill would often leave her panties off, and encourage me to slip my hand under her skirt to have a good feel of her bottom and pussy.

Turn about is fair play

first-time ShamelessFlirt 2018-11-08

She made a fuss over drizzling the oil over my cock from some height and then gripping it and tracing each vein as she stroked it; Her hand inverted going up and over the top and right side up coming back down. After slipping her finger in, she eased it out and back several times, testing for resistance before pulling out and going back to jacking me off, satisfied things were ready to proceed. Slowly she started to ease the length of it out of me as her hand corkscrewed up my shaft to the head of my cock her fingers dancing over the tip and back down.

The Au Pair - Part 3

first-time DanielleX 2018-11-06

“Anyway catch you later, gorgeous!” he said, seeing Martina turn as Ben opened the door. Martina was pleasantly surprised to have met a fellow Czech and it gave her an extra dimension for her plans for Ben. She had intended simply to seduce him and have him fuck her, but this had given her more ideas. It was no secret that girls loved to watch a man masturbate, but Ben was blissfully unaware as he tugged his cock. “Yes, don’t stop, Ben, we want to watch,” agreed Jirina. Like Martina says is nice for the girl to see man enjoy his dick.” Jirina was watching, her hand inside her panties, as Ben’s body jerked, his cock still pumping.

They Meet at a Wedding: Part II

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-06

Cris whispers her plans to flirt and tease and torment John during the evening and Kitty can’t believe the thrill she feels as she tentatively agrees to go along with Cris’s little scheme. Kitty’s bare shoulder, her slender neck, her curved waist, her rounded hips and ass, her toned legs; he couldn’t help getting hard just looking at her body and wanting to pull it against his own. Kitty’s hands grip Cris’s head and then all of a sudden she feels the soft warm tongue gently drift over her slick wet pussy lips. Kitty loves the feeling of being filled up and looking above her to see not a man, but the petite body of a sexy young woman with small pert breasts, flowing blond hair, erect pink nipples.

Spinning Down the Rabbit Hole - Part 1

first-time JefferyB 2018-11-05

As Mitch took her by the hand and began leading her down the stairs he said, “I probably can’t think of something new, but you should know that I can be very intense. Slipping a finger deep inside her wetness and seeing her eyes close and her mouth open is a gasp of pleasure he answered, “No. I don’t think I’m assuming at all.” Reaching her hands up and pulling his face down, Briana kissed him softly before saying, “I’m sorry about your promise, but I’ll never be sorry for what we’ve done.” She looked at the clock beside his bed and said, “It looks like we’ve only got about 30 hours until we have to get ready for work and it would appear as though we have a lot of work ahead of us.

They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-02

She wants to “get out of her small town.” Her daughter is staying with her mother for this internship and Kitty shows John pictures of the very cute little button nosed girl. Kitty notices she has pink towels and bedding (little does John know this is her favorite color) and Cris has yellow so the girls don’t get mixed up. Seeing their tight bodies in these skimpy bikinis John can’t help getting a little hard. Kitty keeps her eyes closed tightly and tries to drive from her mind that all this pleasure is coming from the small hands of a young girl. With that Cris’s tiny soft hands slip easily under Kitty’s bikini top and Cris slathers her small firm breasts with the slick lotion.

Close Call With A Close Friend Part 2

first-time MountainWatch 2018-11-01

Suddenly, as my father was talking about his daily afternoon walk, I felt Sarah’s soft hand slowly moving up my thigh under the table. Pushing her gently off my lap and laying her on the bed beside me, I started kissing all over her body. Reaching her breasts again I sucked each nipple into my mouth again, eliciting a moan from Sarah, before moving further down. “Basically knowing that, you just need to improvise a bit.” She said, looking me in the eye, almost literally buzzing from excitement. I pumped as hard as I could into her willing pussy, my mouth was like a vacuum on her clit as I squeezed her nipple mercilessly.

Losing My Virginity

first-time virusman 2018-09-18

As she came down to earth, she said, "It's your turn now, I think you have earned your reward." With that, she leaned forward and took the tip of my cock in her mouth, whilst stroking the shaft in one hand, and fondling my balls with the other. The feeling was amazing, like a fiery spear thrusting up through my cock deep into Jill's cunt with every thrust, whilst waves of indescribable sweetness radiated in waves throughout my body, my legs rigid and shaking with the power of my orgasm. The feel of Jill's naked body next to mine was so wonderful, her soft breasts pressed against my chest, and her wet pussy against my upper thigh.

More Than a Movie

first-time EscapeButton 2018-09-09

We watch a movie cuddling, like we do all the time, and afterward you hug me like usual, but this time after you pull back you hold on to my hips, then slide your hands up under my shirt to the smallest part of my waist, pull me closer again and kiss me softly on the lips. Breathing a little easier now, I cock my head and say "Well that's not very fair, is it?" And before you can stop me, I grab your shirt and pull it off over your head. I relinquish my grip on your arms as I go back to work on your cock with my mouth and one hand, using the other to keep playing with your balls.