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Chapter One: First Time Stray

first-time BrendaH 2018-12-03

However, that night I noticed that I was a little more aroused than normal and found myself holding back from being more aggressive towards my husband in bed. So I just kept running my nails all over his chest until I finally couldn't stand it and dropped my hand across his crotch and felt his cock through his pants. I thought I had had orgasms before but this time I got to the point where I've been before with my husband which was very pleasurable but this time the feeling went right past anything I've ever felt before and I began to shake uncontrollably all while moaning and grunting with this beautiful man's cock in my mouth.

Wife takes charge

first-time woreout 2018-12-01

Without turning her head to look at me she took her lips off the straw of her drink and said he wants my pussy. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open, the room was dark but just a thin line of sun light coming through the part in the curtains fell across my wife's legs as she laid in top of the bed. Before she said a word she spread her legs wide , then she told me in a sturn voice" eat my pussy " . I offered to clean her before leaving the room but she said she wanted to ride home with his cum in her pussy.

cuckold lifestyle 43

first-time woreout 2018-12-01

She looked down and said yeah they are coming along nicely then she pulled her shirt off and tossed it in a chair. I killed my beer tossed the can in the trash and walked down the wasn't bad till my balls hit that cold water, I stopped for a second , she said well get in there and she pushed me in with a rake handle. She turned and said you want another beer I'm going in the house for a minute. She said yes, she liked that one to fuck in because she could just pull the crotch to the side and if anyone came close she could just let it go.

Talking with my daughter in law

first-time woreout 2018-12-01

He wasn't home and both of his girls were spending the night away so his lovely wife and I had time to talk. Later as we talked my daughter in law started telling about the step dad of one of their daughters friend. He isn't married and when he first came by to drop off my granddaughter from and spend the night with his daughter my daughter in law said he was extremely sexy. She never came right out and said know. She told me the guy that has been photographing her for a clothing company has a white wife and she would like to get with my daughter in law. I told her just knowing that my wife was having sex was good enough for me.

True story, wife's pussy

first-time woreout 2018-11-29

I took her hand and we walked down the steps into the cool pool. I said sweetheart you allowed everyone here to get a good look at what a sexy wife looks like. She said no my pussy is wet like I want to fuck. She bend her knees to the side, this spread open her pussy to the sun, she glanced down at it and said sure. She said well he just left and if you want to eat a totally ruined pussy I have one. When I got to the room the door wasn't latched all the way so I pushed it open and went in. She said come suck that mean man's cum out of your wife's sore pussy.

A Persian wife is not what you should dream for

first-time affairmaster 2018-11-29

One day, while having a cuckold fantasy during sex with my wife, I showed a video that I took (without the knowledge of the owner) from one of the client's front yard and gate to my wife, before I develop the story and in this video, the face of the guy and his figure, appear for 2-3 seconds, before I shut it off. So, the guy, quickly put the pizza and the bottle of pop inside and came to pay me, but he pretended that he cannot find his credit card, so he turned to my wife and said: "I'm terribly sorry, I think I misplaced my wallet. There was no way back for me and I did exactly as he asked for, while my wife stared at me through the mirror and continually said: "You want sex, you need to bring me here once a week or give me a divorce." ...

Exploration of a Darker Side

first-time FlemingEdin 2018-11-28

She had no intention of leaving her man, leaving their children and leaving behind their comfortable lifestyle.  However, her mind was made up she was going to live out her fantasy’s through whatever means possible, whilst safeguarding the lifestyle that she loved.  Bryan must not find out, he must not suspect a thing.  In her mind it was clear; the events that were to follow would actually strengthen her marriage, so long as this remained her secret life, her fantasy world.  Her exploration of her darker side, as she called it, was to begin.

My Neighbor's Son Gets Caught Spying Part 2

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-28

Tim started kissing and sucking on my hardening nipples. He quickly pulled his shirt off and went back to kissing and sucking my tits. I told him “just rub your cock over my pussy lips.” He pushed a little harder and the knob of his cock popped in. I started whispering in his ear how good his cock felt in my pussy. I could feel the buildup in my pussy; I told Tim that I was about to cum. Tim looked over at with horror on his face, “am I gonna get you pregnant.” I kissed him and told him that I was on the pill, but not to fuck another girl unless you know if she is protected.

Jaida Meets My Friend

first-time Britt4u 2018-11-26

Scott had said he was going to do a little reading before turning out the lights and I had a pretty good notion of what Jaida wanted to do before we went to sleep. Jaida was quite definitely turned on from all of Scott's attention and I knew that she wanted to fuck. "I'd suggest going in to make sure that Scott has everything he needs for a restful sleep," I said, sounding like I was ignoring her, though I definitely wasn't. The next morning, after drinking a lot of coffee in an attempt to wake up, I looked at Jaida and said, "You must have done a great job in relaxing Scott.

Making Of A Cum Eating Cuckold

first-time Lildb 2018-11-26

The other guy said “wow man I can’t believe you’re really going to let us fuck your hot wife and use her as our slut all we want”. She looked at me kind of funny and I told her that if she wants me to be her cum eating cuckold and fuck six guys, that she had to go back to their room with them totally naked and come back the same way, naked when they were all done using her. The guys laughed and took my wife by the arms and said, you heard what your cuckold husband said now come with us like a good little slut we have a gangbang party waiting for that sweet ass of yours.

My first creampie

first-time Boston31 2018-11-22

As we were kissing, Lisa reached her hand up the leg of my shorts. At the same time she pulled her hand out and unbuttoned my shorts, quickly releasing my hard cock. As I ate her sweet pussy and fucked her with my fingers her moaning and breathing got deeper and harder. I grabbed my cock and placed the head at the base of her wet pussy. Lisa said, "Cum inside me baby." “I love your hot cum inside me” Lisa said. Lisa had her legs wrapped around me with my cock buried deep inside me. In no time I had my tongue pressed deep inside her wet pussy. I quickly pushed my head forward as Lisa began pushing my cum out of her sweet pussy.

Cuckold squared

first-time woreout 2018-11-21

Baby I have wanted this for years I answered her.She left the pool and walked up on the desk , just as she started to slide the door open she turned and said " last chance to save yourself". Eric never looked my way he just waved, my wife on the other hand did turn her pretty face to look right at me. After what seemed like way to long I saw my wife lay flat down on Eric's chest and they stopped moving. I did and she sat her hot fuck hole on my mouth and said eat that man's cum out of your wife's pussy cuckold.

Surprise birthday video

first-time woreout 2018-11-21

My wife walked into view and then Tim came on screen and he had his cock out and it was hard. She threw one leg over Tim's and with her right hand worked his cock head between her pussy lips. He looked at her and started fucking her again she complained a little more then her legs went back to lock him in. When I did look back she was setting on Tim's hard cock and it had her pussy lips pulled tightly around it. Well it was after noon when he came into the den, he tanked me for a good time and told me my wife's pussy was waiting on me to lick it clean.

I was invited to watch Tim fuck my wife's ass

first-time woreout 2018-11-20

I said hey to Tim as I handed my wife her drink. I sat in a regular chair on the other side of my wife from Tim. She turned to face him laying on her side. From behind her I watched as Tim got a perfect view of my wife's thin tight body , her perky tits never need a bra and since they are as tanned as the rest of her body they look fantastic. Then my wife and Tim stood up she took his hand and looking over her left shoulder she said " you want to watch Tim fuck my ass"? I went to the bathroom to get it and when I got back to them Tim had his erection laying on top of my wife's up turned ass.

Did my wife know?

first-time tcg 2018-11-19

All the time I watched Jill's face; the creases of her confusion and concern, the look of panic when Mitchell's palm first smacked against her ass and then a look of bitter submission. "Do you think about particular men?" I asked, as Mitchell stripped off behind her, stroking his cock to the sweet sound of her voice. I could see her gag and then gasp for breath as he pulled out and then I watched as Jill sucked and licked Mitchell's cock and allowed her mouth to be used for his pleasure. Mitchell's fingers dug into Jill's ass and thighs and he pounded her unprotected cunt, each stroke forcing her swollen clit tight against the bench and bringing out loud gasps of throaty pleasure.

Wife has a cock habit

first-time woreout 2018-11-18

So when she returned with another round of cold drinks I said sweetheart why don't you take off your tank top and let Mike and me see your tanned tits. I started to stand up when my wife said set down shorty, I want Mike meat in my mouth. After a minute of my clit head her hands took ahold out my hair and pulled my face so tightly into her slit that I couldn't breathe. I looked into her eyes as Mike worked his cock in and out of my wife's wet hole. I couldn't come and when I told her that she began telling me how Mike's cock had hurt her pussy last night and how they had fucked all night.

My wife plays cuckold mind games

first-time woreout 2018-11-16

She said this little thong isn't doing a good job of holding in the load in her pussy. I said you want me to lick your pussy with some guys cum in it? When we where about to leave she told me that she was afraid that her pussy might leak on the dress while setting in the car so with no one looking she pulled it over her head and laid it in the back seat. She said she wanted to have a thick cock in her pussy and at the same time have one stretching her asshole. She said I told him to bring a friend that she wanted to do a double penetration. She said they both fucked her pussy and came inside her.

I like you in your bikini best

first-time sesssyme 2018-11-16

Jason laughed as he pulled Steve towards him and whispered, "You think the world of Ashton right?" It's kind of like a fantasy of hers and we've been having trouble in the bedroom and she thinks this will fix it." Jason was lying, hoping Steve may be more accepting if he thought he was helping me out. As Steve left Jason's game room and walked out to the front door, I let him out. "I told Jason I'd do it Ashton." Steve looked really embarrassed as he said that. Steve sent me a copy of the video first since I said it would be best if Jason got it from me. Steve tried to look over at it but then got a message from Jason as well.

Double penetrated wife

first-time woreout 2018-11-15

Eric grabbed my wife's ass cheeks and spread them wide, I could see white foam around the base of his cock , my wife's pussy gets wetter than any girl I've ever known. Eric said here get some of this, he then raised her off his cock and told me to plunge my dick in her sloppy pussy. Eric rolled my wife over onto her back and begain fucking her cunt like he was trying to get his whole body in there. He looked down and my wife laying there with her legs spread open and cum running from her well used pussy. He and I sat on the tailgate and talked all the while my wife laid on her back with her legs still spread wide open.

My wife fucking her boss in our bed

first-time Joe947 2018-11-15

My wife worked for a small electronics company she became very friendly with the owner when she came home from work we had supper she told me she was going to bingo I had no clue that she was fucking this guy at that time this went on for about a month she told me she was going to the movie with him she spilled some popcorn on his pants as she was picking it up she grabbed his cock that is how they got started into the sex thing. When I came down to get ready for work they will fucking like a pair of rabbits I told him to do a real good job I was going to work.

Virgin Boy Helps Neighbor's Wife

first-time bassguitarbubba 2018-11-15

  Linda smiled when she saw Josh’s hard cock and she began to rub it, stroking it slowly and methodically with her sunscreen lubricated hands.   With moves like you have, I’m surprised you don’t have girls lining up to be with you.”     Josh shyly giggled and Linda, always trying to get the advantage, asked him, “Have you ever thought about being with a guy?”   Josh thought for a few moments and said, “Don’t tell anyone this, but a few months ago, me and my friend were at his house after school and we looked at a nudie magazine he had.

My wifes new hobby

first-time woreout 2018-11-14

One wiggle of her hips caused the cotton skirt to fall down her nylon covered legs. I turned her toward the closed bedroom door and said OK miss, go get yourself a tummy full of pecker snot. As I walked pasted the guest bedroom I very carefuly tried turning the knob. As I cleared the table my wife asked me if I felt like having sloppy seconds for dessert? I said yes, I took her hand and led her to the bedroom . I was greeted at the door by a naked wife with a freshly fucked pussy. she said yes and then she thanked me for telling her to try a cock out side the marriage.

cuckold lifestyle 57

first-time woreout 2018-11-13

She said you better not go over there and interrupt your wife , she's over there with James getting her cunt serviced with big black cock. Then all of a sudden he fliped her over and started hammering her very hard and fast, Her fishnet covered legs wrapped around his back and she locked her boots together.He fucked her non stop till he came, it took a good ten minutes . He said yeah at the party I just have, but I stopped by your house first to fuck you lovely wife before getting here. It got late and every one stared leaving , we helped Ann clean up some before we headed to our house..we like in me ,my wife, and James.

Teaching New Position To Young Married Neighbor

first-time bava12 2018-11-13

She said that Mira told her that soon after getting married, husband tried to have sex with her. When I heard this story from my wife, I laughed but thought about one day getting to see this young vagina of this lady who did not know much about sex even after her marriage. I told her that she was a recently married lady, so probably knew about husband wife getting excited frequently and having sex. I told her that she had to position her butt properly so her husband can see the vagina clearly and can insert his penis. I had little bit of fun there, and then told her that it was possible to insert penis in ass hole like this, but she should first try to get penis in her vagina in this position.