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True story, wife's pussy

first-time woreout 2018-06-24

I took her hand and we walked down the steps into the cool pool. I said sweetheart you allowed everyone here to get a good look at what a sexy wife looks like. She said no my pussy is wet like I want to fuck. She bend her knees to the side, this spread open her pussy to the sun, she glanced down at it and said sure. She said well he just left and if you want to eat a totally ruined pussy I have one. When I got to the room the door wasn't latched all the way so I pushed it open and went in. She said come suck that mean man's cum out of your wife's sore pussy.

I like you in your bikini best

first-time sesssyme 2018-06-24

Jason laughed as he pulled Steve towards him and whispered, "You think the world of Ashton right?" It's kind of like a fantasy of hers and we've been having trouble in the bedroom and she thinks this will fix it." Jason was lying, hoping Steve may be more accepting if he thought he was helping me out. As Steve left Jason's game room and walked out to the front door, I let him out. "I told Jason I'd do it Ashton." Steve looked really embarrassed as he said that. Steve sent me a copy of the video first since I said it would be best if Jason got it from me. Steve tried to look over at it but then got a message from Jason as well.

Bareback party

first-time woreout 2018-06-23

She said no , I've been asked to not have sex for the next two weeks. So I said you are going to be gang banged by seven black guys and all of them will shoot their cum into your unprotected pussy. She said I'm going to soak in a hot tub, you can set in there and I'll tell you about what happened. So you got cum in your ass , pussy, and mouth I said. They each fucked her pussy and then her ass, and finally she was setting on the thickest cock and they took turns fucking her ass. She said I have tasted my own pussy on a guys cock before, but this is the first time she tasted her own ass .

Dealing with it

first-time woreout 2018-06-23

She said no, I told him let's get a room at the motel behind the restaurant. My wife opened her door and got out, she told me to go park then come up to the room. She said we don't need room service and asked as if she was going to close the door. She leaned forward so he could suck her nipple and I was able to see my wife's married pussy lips tightly wrapped around his veiny cock. She said get down there and suck all of his cum out of your slut wife's pussy. We walked across the motels lobby with my wife's freshly fucked pussy only one inch from the hem of her mini skirt.

My wife's part time slut job.

first-time woreout 2018-06-22

She said that's what my boss wants me to believe but I think my legs in nylon did most of the work. She said he told her a check for one thousand dollars would be given to her after the party. That was Monday evening , so Tuesday when I got home I was greeted by wife wife wearing a black leotard that was cut extremely high on the thighs. She came in looking exhausted, her hair was a mess and she wasn't wearing her pantyhose andcwas carrying her shoes. She said every single guy told me how yummy I looked. She said well I made almost two thousand dollars last night working my legs and pussy, I figured you eatting a little spearm wouldn't kill you.

A Persian wife is not what you should dream for

first-time affairmaster 2018-06-22

One day, while having a cuckold fantasy during sex with my wife, I showed a video that I took (without the knowledge of the owner) from one of the client's front yard and gate to my wife, before I develop the story and in this video, the face of the guy and his figure, appear for 2-3 seconds, before I shut it off. So, the guy, quickly put the pizza and the bottle of pop inside and came to pay me, but he pretended that he cannot find his credit card, so he turned to my wife and said: "I'm terribly sorry, I think I misplaced my wallet. There was no way back for me and I did exactly as he asked for, while my wife stared at me through the mirror and continually said: "You want sex, you need to bring me here once a week or give me a divorce." ...

cuckold lifestyle 43

first-time woreout 2018-06-22

She looked down and said yeah they are coming along nicely then she pulled her shirt off and tossed it in a chair. I killed my beer tossed the can in the trash and walked down the wasn't bad till my balls hit that cold water, I stopped for a second , she said well get in there and she pushed me in with a rake handle. She turned and said you want another beer I'm going in the house for a minute. She said yes, she liked that one to fuck in because she could just pull the crotch to the side and if anyone came close she could just let it go.

Wife takes charge

first-time woreout 2018-06-22

Without turning her head to look at me she took her lips off the straw of her drink and said he wants my pussy. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open, the room was dark but just a thin line of sun light coming through the part in the curtains fell across my wife's legs as she laid in top of the bed. Before she said a word she spread her legs wide , then she told me in a sturn voice" eat my pussy " . I offered to clean her before leaving the room but she said she wanted to ride home with his cum in her pussy.

Teaching New Position To Young Married Neighbor

first-time bava12 2018-06-21

She said that Mira told her that soon after getting married, husband tried to have sex with her. When I heard this story from my wife, I laughed but thought about one day getting to see this young vagina of this lady who did not know much about sex even after her marriage. I told her that she was a recently married lady, so probably knew about husband wife getting excited frequently and having sex. I told her that she had to position her butt properly so her husband can see the vagina clearly and can insert his penis. I had little bit of fun there, and then told her that it was possible to insert penis in ass hole like this, but she should first try to get penis in her vagina in this position.

Cuckold squared

first-time woreout 2018-06-18

Baby I have wanted this for years I answered her.She left the pool and walked up on the desk , just as she started to slide the door open she turned and said " last chance to save yourself". Eric never looked my way he just waved, my wife on the other hand did turn her pretty face to look right at me. After what seemed like way to long I saw my wife lay flat down on Eric's chest and they stopped moving. I did and she sat her hot fuck hole on my mouth and said eat that man's cum out of your wife's pussy cuckold.

My Neighbor's Son Gets Caught Spying Part 3

first-time taylorsam 2018-06-18

Right on cue as the weather got warmer Taylor would be in her back yard looking hot in her bikini. I nearly fell off my chair when she pulled her bikini to the side and slipped 2 fingers in her pussy. Taylor was moving her hips as if she was fucking her fingers. When I told her I was about to cum, rather than pull off my dick she sucked harder causing me to shoot my load into her mouth. I was thinking what a crappy fuck I was on my 1st time having sex, but Taylor started kissing me and telling me how great my dick felt in her pussy. Taylor said she was cumming and it felt as if her pussy grabbed my dick inside her.

Wife takes charge

first-time woreout 2018-06-17

At a party once she went without panties and every guy there at one time or another was treated to a shot of her completely shaved pussy. Becky noticed my hard on and told my wife that I had no self control. After tossing them in her bag Becky turned my wife to face her and began French kissing her. Becky had my wife call Tim and had him to bring Jeff over to fuck them. At one point Tim laid on his back and my wife sat on his cock, Jeff fed his cock into my wife's hungry asshole and then Becky SAR her pussy over my wifes mouth. I could hear my wife's screaming orgasms muffled by Becky's pussy.

Talking with my daughter in law

first-time woreout 2018-06-15

He wasn't home and both of his girls were spending the night away so his lovely wife and I had time to talk. Later as we talked my daughter in law started telling about the step dad of one of their daughters friend. He isn't married and when he first came by to drop off my granddaughter from and spend the night with his daughter my daughter in law said he was extremely sexy. She never came right out and said know. She told me the guy that has been photographing her for a clothing company has a white wife and she would like to get with my daughter in law. I told her just knowing that my wife was having sex was good enough for me.

My Neighbor's Son Gets Caught Spying

first-time taylorsam 2018-06-13

I roll back over without retying my top, exposing my tits to the warm air and to Tim. I look around as if I’m making sure no one is around, Tim ducks back a little but I see that he still watching me. My nipples are getting hard and my pussy is starting to get wet knowing that Tim is watching me. I told my hubby that Tim was going to mow the yard this weekend while he was gone and I asked him how much I should pay him? I told him that it was ok, “I can at least let you cop a feel for saving me.” I slid my hand up his thigh and said “Looks like somebody’s a little excited.”

Exploration of a Darker Side

first-time FlemingEdin 2018-06-13

She had no intention of leaving her man, leaving their children and leaving behind their comfortable lifestyle.  However, her mind was made up she was going to live out her fantasy’s through whatever means possible, whilst safeguarding the lifestyle that she loved.  Bryan must not find out, he must not suspect a thing.  In her mind it was clear; the events that were to follow would actually strengthen her marriage, so long as this remained her secret life, her fantasy world.  Her exploration of her darker side, as she called it, was to begin.

A lifetime of creamypie

first-time woreout 2018-06-12

The first time I ever saw my wife she had on a very short pair of cut off jean shorts with a small white T shirt tucked in. She must have noticed because she asked me if I like her legs? Man this girl is forward I remember thinking, fucking her is going to be easy. She sat on my face and that was the first time I tasted another man's cum in my wife's pussy. She said are you OK with eatting my pussy with another man's seed in it? As I watched her friend sawing his meat in and out of her I realized that loved see MY beautiful wife being fucked like a common whore.

Wife's modeling job xxx

first-time woreout 2018-06-11

That evening I was excited to find out how the meeting went and as soon as walked in the door I called out my wife's name. I found her in the shower so I said on the toilet and asked how it went. Oh no reason I said, then I asked what kind of clothing are you going to be modeling. She said Friday, he wants me to come by to see the proofs we took today and I'm going to make him have sex with me. I ran over to her and without saying a word I dropped to my knees and grabbing her ass cheeks I pressed my face into her pussy.

I Have Sex With My Friend's Wife

first-time Tryer 2018-06-11

When he had done it he told me that he and his wife, Molly, used their computer to watch blue films for which they don`t have to pay and asked me if I would like the same arrangement on my laptop. When I next saw Ted in the office he gave me a nasty shock by telling me that Molly had told him that she had seen me naked, also masturbated me, and I expected him to be very angry. Molly said that I had told her that I liked to be naked when watching blue films and as she and Ted also liked to be naked we should all undress.

Virgin Boy Helps Neighbor's Wife

first-time bassguitarbubba 2018-06-11

  Linda smiled when she saw Josh’s hard cock and she began to rub it, stroking it slowly and methodically with her sunscreen lubricated hands.   With moves like you have, I’m surprised you don’t have girls lining up to be with you.”     Josh shyly giggled and Linda, always trying to get the advantage, asked him, “Have you ever thought about being with a guy?”   Josh thought for a few moments and said, “Don’t tell anyone this, but a few months ago, me and my friend were at his house after school and we looked at a nudie magazine he had.

I Never

first-time vandalay74 2018-06-09

"Because no matter what happens tonight I want you to know that I love you above all things, and I will always feel this way." "John you are so great, but you really didn't have to," said Kara as she got up to kiss me. "Yes, that is definitely true," said Kara as she turned and kissed me on the mouth, teasingly slipping her tongue through her lips for a quick moment. With my mouth still kissing Kara's neck, I watched as Michelle's hand slipped down my wife's glistening pussy. While my lips were still wrapped around Michelle's clit, my wife's mouth sucked the tip of my cock - her tongue gliding in circles over its head.

My Wife on the Couch

first-time tcg 2018-06-08

As I looked down at her bare back lying there, knowing that Eddie was getting a good view of her panties, I became very excited and my cock grew as Keri laid her head on me. As I was rubbing her lower back my hands pushed her shorts down a little and my wife’s satin dark purple bikini panties came into view. I watched as Eddie's fingers rubbed Keri's ass and pussy and then saw him pull her panties aside. Keri finally looked over at Eddie at one point and I could see her eyes went straight to his lap and watched as he jerked off his cock with her purple panties, and said something about us being bad.

Good Lodgings!

first-time OldGeezer 2018-06-07

It manifested itself in various ways, but was more of an attitude than any specific action, although I think overall Susan was less guarded in the things she would say, sometimes being critical of Fred, and then laughing and saying that she was glad he wasn’t here to hear her go on like this. "This has to be our secret," she said, "Fred doesn’t know I have such wicked thoughts, and ever since you came here, I have wanted to touch you." Saying this she did just that, her hand reaching down to encircle my erect penis, and to draw it out of my pyjamas.

Cuckold lifestyle 50

first-time woreout 2018-06-07

Well, she said, and turned and started out of the bed room , over her shoulder she ordered me to clean up my mess and to come into the den when I was finished. I ran into the house and found my wife speard out on our messed up bed , her shaved pussy wide open and traces of cum starting to leak out, I never said a word I dove right in and started sucking his stuff from her. her legs wrapped around my head , I was able to make her cum twice, the second time I thought she was going to smother me to death....he stretched her good, I was left locked up untill I got home from work the next day.

My Neighbor's Son Gets Caught Spying Part 2

first-time taylorsam 2018-06-06

Tim started kissing and sucking on my hardening nipples. He quickly pulled his shirt off and went back to kissing and sucking my tits. I told him “just rub your cock over my pussy lips.” He pushed a little harder and the knob of his cock popped in. I started whispering in his ear how good his cock felt in my pussy. I could feel the buildup in my pussy; I told Tim that I was about to cum. Tim looked over at with horror on his face, “am I gonna get you pregnant.” I kissed him and told him that I was on the pill, but not to fuck another girl unless you know if she is protected.