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Sex at the Cinema

first-time breathless 2018-11-23

He was going to ask me if I wanted to close, but I don’t know why he was beating around the bush like this, or why he’d just told me I was beautiful, but about that, I wasn’t complaining. He chuckled quietly to himself as he pulled my hair back off my right shoulder and leaned in to my ear and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.” As he was kissing my collarbone and moving his hands up and down my arms, I began to feel a sudden longing ache between my legs. I pulled lightly on his hair and he moved back up my body, kissing here and there until his lips where on mine again.

My wife fucking her boss in our bed

first-time Joe947 2018-11-15

My wife worked for a small electronics company she became very friendly with the owner when she came home from work we had supper she told me she was going to bingo I had no clue that she was fucking this guy at that time this went on for about a month she told me she was going to the movie with him she spilled some popcorn on his pants as she was picking it up she grabbed his cock that is how they got started into the sex thing. When I came down to get ready for work they will fucking like a pair of rabbits I told him to do a real good job I was going to work.

Policy delivery

first-time Denny62 2018-11-03

Her ass looked fantastic in those pants, and I'm pretty sure she knew I was watching as she walked ahead of me. As we completed the business I stood to walk her to the door, but instead, she stepped to the side of my desk and threw her arms around my neck. “I made sure I didn't put a bra on, since I know you don't like them.” She smiled as the third and fourth buttons came free. But there's one more thing.” I slipped my hand over the top of her thigh, and slipped a finger over the soft, hot, wet lips of her uncovered pussy. I lifted her knees in my hands and slipped my cock against her tight hot pussy.

Working with Sanya Chapter 2 of 3

first-time Kinkybrian 2018-11-02

I didn't bother wearing underwear to this job, so without any trouble her little hand reached in, pulled out my boner, and before I even realized what happened I felt a hot silky vice sliding down my cock, as she lowered herself back down in my lap, with my cock hidden inside her tight virgin pussy. The only thing that looked better than Sanya with clothes on was Sanya all bare, with her legs spread out and my dick going in and out of her puffy virgin pussy. She had to practice it a bit but pretty soon she had a real nice grind going, she looked and felt like a professional call-girl only better.

Working with Sanya Chapter 1

first-time Kinkybrian 2018-10-31

Finally one time I said, "Wow, that looks great!" I thought about it a bit, and finally said, "I'm not sure it's a good idea Sanya, you'll just give a guy the cooties." Finally I said, "Well, I guess there's not a right or wrong way to kiss per se... Then she nodded with a smile and said quietly, "Yes Brian, that's exactly right." She leaned in closer with a pucker face and planted her lips on top of mine. "Yeah, I thought it was pretty good, if what you're looking for is something aggressive" I laughed and then continued, "Of course there are times when you'll probably want to kiss more tenderly."

Dominant Male Boss - Part 1

first-time dublin1980 2018-09-20

At the end of a long day (around 10:30pm), I had been in for 14 hours at this stage, I received an email from the client whom I was currently working with. This email explained that I was now the victim of a cryptolocker Trojan and would have to pay a large ransom to get the files back. Alan is never in this early but when I went into his office, he was finishing getting dressed. I walked up to Alan's office with Donna and he told me I could leave. I felt like asking if I could come, just to keep an eye on them but I know Alan and Tina (his current secretary) often met clients.


first-time 2018-09-09


Getting Ready for College

first-time LegsattheLake 2018-08-27

She told me about a party that she had gone to, and how she had found a really good looking guy to talk to, and then when it came time to fool around, she freaked out and ran off. Your tits hold your shirt out just far enough to tease with your belly button, and your ass holds your pants in just the right spot to see that you are wearing some pretty sexy little panties. "Now I know that I don't have a lot of experience, but it sure feels like you have something for me." She said as she wiggled her ass against my hardness. She awkwardly tried to lick and suck on my cock, while trying to look sexy.


first-time FurLove 2018-06-25

At first I thought it was silly and very annoying since my alternate is clearly not very skilled at CAD work and screws up the files really badly in certain ways. I'm so busy running the office and doing the actual design work I don't have time to keep up my original skills but I'm already finding the class to be very useful. This way it's a forced time out from the office for one thing and gets me totally focused for two quarters out of the year for half a day twice a week. My alternate is obviously very skilled at CAD work but a total novice at design.

Getting off at work part 1

first-time hornymilf37 2018-06-23

Rachel selected a pair of kitten heels to go with the dress, made sure to pick a pendant that settled comfortably between her breasts, applied some gloss and headed for work. "Good morning!" Rachel breathed, hoping she didn't sound sound as sex-crazed as she felt, standing next to him, his shirt crisp and begging to be touched, his hands in his pockets, his shaved head would look so good between my legs, Rachel thought, and then looked away, in case the lust was obvious in her eyes. David sat thinking for a minute, while Rachel pretended to drink her coffee and got care two shits about what he would say next.

Post to a depressed mate

first-time 2018-05-22

I lost a soulmate as she was afraid my commitment was real and I also didn't want to change her sexually. Women get hit on 80percent of time there at gyms, they go to work out. I did and have a couple realtors (short skirts, tight tops, round bellies if married, milfs) who have lot of pressure and little sex. I fly and dive and write and photo and work with k**s. She took up with me, this former Penthouse model of 70s era, and my pals can't believe it and men try to hit on her but she is with me as I treat her as a lady, woman, and sex slave when she wants.

The Attorney

first-time Gerrick 2018-05-17

"This is fucked up." She turned away and put her left hand on her hip and pinched the bridge of her nose with her right. "And when you feel like you're gonna cum, make sure your dick is all the way in cause the carpet and chairs have just been cleaned." "Geez, when's the last time you whacked off." I laughed and she shook her head, looking down at our crotches, which were still completely covered by her wrinkled up and now, sweat and pussy juice stained, dress. "No!" Laurinda looked up just in time to see the first thick stream of jizz headed her way. "You're a fucking asshole." Laurinda made me wipe my cum off of the carpet while she cleaned herself off in the bathroom.

The New Girl

first-time luvfulone 2018-05-15

She looked at me with her cow eyes almost in tears and said thank you so sweet I grabbed her and hugged her close and whispered "Its alright" just like a mother hen. She just looked at me and smiled and asked, "Do you feel better?" I just stared with my mouth hanging open and nodded yes before going back to work. I stuttered as I asked "What made you give it to me?" she simply said "You looked like you needed it and I thought it would take your mind off of what ever had made you cry." "It sure did that!" I replied and I took a quick sip of coffee.

Halloween Ch. 02

first-time Khira 2018-05-13

Crunching gravel underfoot as he walks up the drive, he thinks of Lily in the gravel car park. Pursing her lips to the head of his cock, James has a perfect view, even though his vision is a little fuzzy. Now he was angry at Kaitlyn too, looking up at him wide eyed with his placid cock in her hands. Sliding it into her pussy he lets it get wet, slowly in and slowly out, he rubs her clit the way he knows she likes it. She keeps going until she comes, thinking of the two of them tossing about and touching in a sweaty mess, tangled in sheets and the funny game of sex she was learning how to play.


first-time drift69king 2018-05-07

Slowly, circling her dripping wet virgin pussy with my tongue, I moved my hands up her body to her tits, squeezing them hard. She moaned loudly, and just as she moaned, I moved my tongue between her hot, juicy, wet pussy lips. I moved my head in closer, tongue ready to assault her virgin pussy, ready to lick her wet juices flowing out; I pushed my lips on hers and moved my tongue inside her. I moved my hand to her face, ran my fingers thru her hair and leaned forward for a kiss. Kissing her neck, I started fucking her not so virgin pussy again. Stream of cum flowed out of my cock inside her recently virgin pussy, filling her up with my seed.

A Long Day at work

first-time 2018-04-22

Mr D just sat there and i inquired whether he had completed his work......he said it is almost done and just had something important to finish......i was getting wet looking at his bulge and a little was like one of the fantasies that i had about him so i thought this is the time i can make it real. Mr D then asked me to get up lie down on the desk and then he took of my skirt and panties.........he then started licking my wet pussy and playing with my clit with his tongue he then put his fingers into my cunt and started going in and out till i had cum in his mouth and then he licked me clean............thats how the long day at work ended..........few more to follow

Meeting my Neighbor

first-time boernesucker 2018-03-24

I worked the head of my cock into his hole, and he told me how much he wanted it and couldn't believe he was letting me do this. His ass felt so good, hot and tight, that I could have shot my load right there, but I wanted to get my whole cock inside him. After a couple minutes he said he wanted to see me shoot, so I pulled hard a couple times and started shooting my load all over the towel and the floor. I kept working my cock while he tried to get a load out, but after a couple of minutes he gave up saying he was just too nervous.

Work Experience

first-time ulsterman 2018-03-08

By this time the other guys had started to treat her like one of them, and were asking her all sorts of questions about herself, her boyfriend, what she liked to do in bed, was she wearing panties or a thong, the usual workshop banter. The first day in the office, I showed her the bits and pieces of administration work that there are to do, she was interested, and I noticed she sat very close to me when we were looking at reports and paperwork. As she had worked hard for the two weeks, and really seemed interested in her work (and, I was wondering, possibly me), I decided “what the hell” and told her that if she wore a skirt to work on her last day, I would take her out for lunch in a nearby hotel.

She Never Said No

first-time LaTourEiffel 2018-02-15

Steve smiles and nods back, imagining his fingers snaking up between her thighs... The woman stopped, took a cup, poured some coffee, then looked over at Steve. Judging by the wilting expression on the co-worker's face, Steve knew he had said it in a tone that meant he had some bad news for Joan. Joan slid through the door, took a quick look as if to confirm no one had seen her being called to the boss's office, and closed it quietly behind her. Coming to his senses, Steve stood, pulled up his underwear, pants, tucked in his shirt, zipped, did his belt, all while watching in admiration as Joan's legs wafted open and closed.

The Cafeteria Mgr

first-time 2018-02-03

Where I worked was fortunate enough to have a small cafeteria. Then one day, sitting alone at a table she came over and whispered “I want you to fuck the shit out of me, let’s talk in the morning”. Then she got up and quickly went back to work. And the immediate erection I got must have made the table rise. Needed to wait a few minutes for the sensation to subside. Then noticed that my grey dress slacks had a wet spot from the pre cum fluid. Could not concentrate on work the rest of the day. Got another wet woody again! I just about came in my pants! someone came in the cafeteria.

Bloody Job

first-time Ashson 2018-01-29

There just wasn't any work available right now and I liked getting a pay check. I did try harder, but most of the work was still boring and I guess I was dragging my feet a little. "If you were genuinely ill we wouldn't expect you to come to work," pointed out the Manager. "Ah, are you going to spank me?" I asked, suddenly feeling a little nervous. Ah, as your pussy is very close to your bottom, and will also be exposed to my view, I'll probably drop a few spanks on that, just to get you aroused a little. "Your bending over my knee means that you accept everything that I said is going to happen."


first-time joebobwahr 2018-01-26

I played it cool, let her do the talking, but constantly thinking of her shapely ass in that tight skirt. Sitting close to me with her hand on my thigh, she asked me personal questions - was I dating anyone, had I been married and the like. "Mmmm, I like this," she said, "I won't fuck you til I break up with my boyfriend, but at least let me play with it." Some men might've turned that invitation down, but not this ol' cowboy, so I stood facing her and watched her unbuckle, unzip, and pull out my cock. We'd never even been on a date, she was living with someone else, yet she'd just d***k my cum like a cheap hooker.

My First Time

first-time porterguy 2018-01-06

I was used to seeing new faces at Angela's, we went through staff like we wanted everybody to have us on their resume. She looked like she weighed maybe 150 lbs, not much going on in terms of breast size but she did have a nice round ass that her pants clung to as if they were two sizes to small. "Second day," she said with a pretty smile, then walked back to the front of the restaurant to continue serving customers. I talked to Julia like usual, she must not have seen my comment on the photo or just didn't care because she didn't mention it. "I think I want you, Julia," I said bluntly to her.

Awakening Ch. 01

first-time KavehNush 2018-01-02

The house is good though, and once the yard is cleaned up, I think it will feel like home. "As I said, Laura likes your work and thinks you are a pretty good kid. "Sorry Mom," I said, thinking "Jesus, I'm going to have to get myself under control" I of course, had been lusting after Laura and had already been thinking about how to satisfy my need for more masturbating material. And because this subject is now out in the open, I want you to know that is another reason I am getting uneasy about you working for Laura, you have also made me feel uncomfortable quite a few times in the past couple of years."