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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sold Out

first-time NancyAllbright 2018-06-27

Pandora nodded, “I didn’t mean to lose it all obviously and I was winning at first but then I started losing and every time I lost I thought I’d get more money to win again and pay it back and then I would stop but it never happened.” She’d so wanted to go to Jemima’s party but she didn’t fancy increasing her fathers wrath, so probably for the first time in her life Pandora did as she was told without any fuss. “Don’t make things difficult?” Pandora jumped out of her chair and walked over to the window before turning back to look at her father who was grinning at her like an inane ape.

my wifes niece

first-time kilo78704 2018-06-27

We had a bathroom that was connected to our bedroom closet and to my surprise when I went to change out of my work uniform I noticed she had left the door cracked. My heart started pounding like it was going to jump out my chest then I heard the shower stop and the curtain open. I could feel my cock starting to swell as the thought of seeing her nude was in my mind. Then it happened she passed in front of he cracked door with nothing on just a quick glimpse I had to see more,I slowly started to walk closer and there she was bending over I could see her puffy pussy lips nice and plump. Then I hear my wife calling me but the whole night as we sat across from each other I couldn't stop thinking about her pussy. 

CH 21. I teach another virgin

first-time LuvitAll 2018-06-27

I could sense he really wanted to feel it, so put my hand over his and guided it on, holding it and squeezing his fingers into my breast. I didn’t have anything to wipe up with, so I squatted on the grass and squeezed out as much cum as I could, then wiped the rest with my hand and rubbed it into the outside of my bum and thigh. I pulled his hand under my skirt, pushed two fingers into me and fucked onto them for a while. I didn’t think it would be a good look to be seen returning from the gardens with him, so I told him to wait there until I’d been inside for a while.

And then there were three

first-time rebus 2018-06-27

Once my eyes had cleared of water, I saw Jeni looking at me with a decidedly wicked grin, looking down as though she could see my still partially hard cock through the rippled surface. This we did and it was during that time Jon said to me, "I've known you've always fancied Jeni and she knows it as well. To say I was shocked would be the understatement of my life but I was so near ejaculation that I simply gripped the sheet with clenched hands and spurted a seemingly endless stream of spunk into Jeni's mouth. Jon was stroking his own erection in time with Jeni's movements. Jeni was on my chest, just her hips pumping, my hips moving in unison as Jon thrust against her buttocks.

First love

first-time Banes1 2018-06-27

Taking my hand, she led me onto the dance floor as the music switched to a slow number. Denise placed her hand on the back of my head as she kissed me. Denise looks down as my hand moves up her leg, along the edge of her thong. As our tongues entwine, my finger pushes the thong into Denise's wet pussy. I am sucking back and thrusting harder into her arse faster as we finger her pussy. Her hand covers mine fucking her pussy and loving the sensation. I step away and with the thong in my hand. I look at her as I press it against my mouth and nose, taking in her sweet scent.

Dream Ten

first-time 1941aaa 2018-06-27

But like me, in the first time of having my cock sucked, it didn’t last long and the same was happening to Felix as his hands came up and held my head as his hips started to move in towards me. His hands felt soft as he stroked the cheeks of my bum and have them parted and gave a little jump as the cold cream touched my ring piece and felt the head of his cock nestle there, and took in a deep breath and tried to force my body to relax as he pushed himself forward.

Oye's choice

first-time magentalips 2018-06-27

On its way out, Oye sees the village pond through the big green leaves of the teak trees. When Oye sees Suay at the central bus station, she drops her bag and has to hug her school friend. On top of her small monthly retainer, Suay gets paid when she is chosen by a client, which she is at least once or twice a day, more often than Oye. As they sit each day displaying their numbers, both Suay and Oye wait. One day a nice rich man, maybe a foreign tourist, will be waiting in their private rooms, with their tickets to a new life.

Screwing Private Ryan

first-time Sweetdreemz 2018-06-27

I looked around for my buddies, but I couldn’t see shit, and I damn sure wasn’t going to call out. It was obvious I wasn’t going to be able to use this road, so I set out in the direction the woman had pointed, walking through the fields. I got up and walked around carefully, feeling my way through the dark house. The girl started going through the drawers, feeling her way inside them, looking for something to open it with. As I left, she started to follow me, but I turned and said, “No.” But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve thought about Therese almost every day of my life.


Who's gonna drive you home...tonight?

first-time WellMadeMale 2018-06-27

I feel your soft, warm touch upon my shoulder as your right hand slides just under my coat collar and dives down my upper back, your nails teasingly pressed into my skin through the pinpoint fabric of my shirt...Your pert, natural breasts suspend just in front of my eyes as I feel myself grow harder with every inhalation of your I notice a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh - on the outer curve of your sidebreast? I'm tempted to open my eyes, but taunting you with my stubbornness; I savor your breath, Des...I’ve wanted to smell you for so long, to taste your lips...and yes, to feel you grinding upon my lap!

Oral 101

first-time nutnspecial4664 2018-06-27

  “Damn I wonder what it is like to eat pussy,” I woke up one morning in my dorm room with this random thought running through my mind. It was like your senior year in high school when everyone stopped giving a fuck and just let everybody know exactly what they thought of them; who they couldn’t stand; who they wanted to fuck; who ass they wanted to whoop, it was good times. I closed my eyes and kissed her pussy lips one time and slide my tongue up her slit; she slid her cunt closer down towards me. “Yes baby, yes , yes, Yes.” I listened to her moans, felt her body movements, her body took command over mine and I began licking and sucking in the spots she needed.

No Longer A Virgin

first-time Samantha6969 2018-06-27

“Oh shit John, just like that don't stop.” I said over and over as I grabbed his hair and pushed hiss face even deeper into my pussy. I felt my pussy clinch around John's cock as he thrust deep into me hitting my cervix, which sent a shock of pain through me. John's pace started quickening as he used his right to grab my hair, pull my head back, nearly standing me straight up as, and used it to thrust right into my cervix. John tilted his head back and moaned as I began to go deeper and deeper, swirling my tongue all around his cock, tasting as much of our cum as possible.

The Promise

first-time Rosiekiss 2018-06-27

“I didn’t think you were ready, Rose, I know we have done everything else, but I thought you wanted to wait a while before we take this next step,” he said with caution. Then he began to passionately kiss my lips, I felt his tongue explore the inside of my mouth, he sucked and bit my lips, bringing out a quiet moan in the back of my throat. I felt his hot breath down my neck which gave me chills up my body, “Rosie, I love you so much, I...I think I’m in love with you, and I think I have been for a very long time.” “Come on Ron, I’m ready, I want your cock inside of me, please baby,” I moaned in his ear.

Black Man and Arab Queen

first-time Samuelx 2018-06-27

His tall and dark-skinned Jamaican-American father, Jonas Starling, looking rugged while fishing in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. For the thousandth time Jonathan questioned his decision to come to the City of London, England. After graduating from Boston University with his bachelor's degree in business administration, Jonathan Starling felt like leaving the State of Massachusetts for a while. The first time she laid eyes on the towering, handsome but ever-silent young African-American, Adiva's heart skipped a beat. Jonathan Starling fell in love with Adiva Rahaf Mansur, surprising everyone, including himself. Adiva stroked Jonathan's member, and slowly kissed a path from his lips to his chest, then down between his legs. Smiling, Adiva took Jonathan's big hands and placed them on her hips.


Something Strange In Iowa, Part Three

first-time BrassRing 2018-06-27

As her hands moved out and down his arms, she came closer, looking deep into his eyes, and kissed the center of his chest. Ellie knelt there and looked at his body, from his feet up to his muscular thighs, his penis and tight scrotum underneath, up to his abdomen, chest and arms and finally his eyes. "Cain," she said breathlessly, "This is so sexy." She devoured him again, moving all the way down his cock to where her hands both held the base. Ellie's whole body was vibrating and as Cain began shooting into her, she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing a violent kiss and screaming into his mouth.

Boy Plus Girl Equals Love

first-time Samuelx 2018-06-27

How does a chick who's fat, ugly in the face, has a huge plump ass and an aloof personality gets to become the most popular female on a college campus teeming with rich and sexy women? Thanks to political correctness, lots of men keep their emotions under lock and key around members of the opposite sex, especially in places like school and work. Zachary laughed, and told me that Sylvia was a spoiled brat who got really angry and loud when she didn't get her way. Zachary smiled and told me he only wanted to bring me pleasure. As Zachary began thrusting his cock into me, I felt a little bit of pleasure.

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part three)

first-time Green_Man 2018-06-27

She slowly stroked it up and down learning what it felt like and making me want to come all over her face. At last, after jamming my long prick into that pussy for at least fifteen minutes, I had to shoot my spunk into the rubber and I yelled out I was coming and Mandy wrapped her legs about me again and took me as deep as she could. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down to see Mandy holding my cock. She looked up at me with her green eyes smiling and then she sucked it into her mouth and began licking the dried come off of it.

Newly-bedded Bliss

first-time iknowcence 2018-06-27

I swear a part of me still thinks that she planned it out this way because her eyes were twinkling throughout the entire ceremony and reception and she kept “accidentally” sliding her hand across my hard cock. Water running down her body, my hands rubbing soap over her soft skin, fondling her warm breasts and beautiful ass, sliding a finger up inside what I knew would be her tight pussy. If she wasn’t careful, her first time was going to be hard and hot instead of the slow loving she had told me that she had always imagined. Then she started to grind down on my finger, trying to position it inside her and I knew she wanted it.

Initiation at Sixteen Part 2

first-time muffmate 2018-06-27

When she saw it was me, she grinned and slowly took her hands away. She grinned at me again: “Oh that was lovely” and she reached for my right hand and pulled it up to lay on her bra. She held my hand to her breasts and she said: “Squeeze them!” I was in shock, I still couldn’t believe that this was happening. After they closed the door, I immediately jumped to the window to watch them drive away and ensure they turned the corner. I could see her pussy juice starting to seep though, and I nearly came in my pants when she lifted her finger to her mouth, all the time watching me from those perfect eyes.

If You Love Me Then Lick Me

first-time Instinct79 2018-06-27

You nuzzle your face against my length and caress it with your cheek before you lavish loving kisses up and down my shaft, followed by licks, both long and quick, and I even felt your teeth graze over me as you took a few gentle nibbles of my meat. You ran your fingers through my hair, grabbing the back of my head to pull me firmly against your delicate flesh, your hips hunching against my tongue and mouth increasing your pleasure. I didn’t last long, it was the first time I had received a blow job, my cock had never felt such pleasure before, by the fifth or sixth stroke of your head up and down on my shaft I came in your mouth, you swallowed almost all of it.

been waiting for this

first-time HannahVanderbyl 2018-06-27

He then tugged off his jeans and boxers and she noticed he already had a condom on, she couldn't be bothered with asking him about it, all she wanted was for him to fuck her ready pussy but instead he grabbed nicole's head and rammed it onto his cock. She sucked hard and long and he was moaning and she got more turned on by this his body jerked and he held her head to his cock fucking her mouh and jaming every bit of his 7inch inside her, she gagged abit but soon he let out a load in her mouth, she didn't really want swallow but did anyway, remembering you cannot get pregnant that way.

Opening Laurie

first-time Luckymann 2018-06-27

After dinner, Terri left Laurie and I to play chess while she took a shower. As she lay on her left side with her head in my lap, Laurie began rubbing the inside of my right leg. To make sure Laurie knew what she had started, I reached down, grabbed a hand full of jeans-covered ass and squeezed firmly. Laurie, in the mean time, had rolled onto her right side and started rubbing my dick through my pants. I continued slowly stroking her pussy, and she began firmly squeezing her own tits with both hands. As I came deep inside her newly opened pussy, Laurie arched her back and used her legs to pull me deeper into her freshly devirginated hole.

My 40-year-old neighbor teaches me sex

first-time SexyPaul99 2018-06-27

Without warning, I felt a warm, soft female hand on top of mine and a throaty voice whisper directly into my ear, "Here, Paul, let me do that for you." The hand was a bit more gentle than I had been on my swollen spike...but it was no good. I think she knew that and whispered in my ear, "Here touch me right there." With that, her free hand exposed one exquisite round, white mound of female flesh topped with a glorious erect nipple sitting in the middle of a quarter-sized circle of brown. Finally, after what seemed like a century of orgasm, the last bit of my emissions were small pulses of wetness down over her hand which was still doing the wonderful dance on my shaft.

how cuckolding started for me

first-time woreout 2018-06-27

I had always thought of her having sex with other guys and one night I asked her if she thought she could do it. She said she had thought about it and decided that she wanted to fuck one of my best friends. Five hours I said out loud...who do I know that can fuck for five hours I asked her. Yeah I called him last night and told him I wanted him to skip work today and come play with me she said. She told me I was a sick son of a bitch to want to hear the details of her having sex with a another man.

His Senior Project

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-06-27

“We think you are a very sexy bunch of women in fact.” She liked that he said that and smiled. “Would you like to do this to me too?” he smiled again but he nodded his head at her and looked down at lap as if he was going to do it anyway. “Like right here you mean?” Then she began to rub his crotch hard as she smiled and felt his erection beneath his jeans. I think I’m feeling it,” she said as she smiled. “Uhhh, you are rubbing uh the right spot,” he told her as he moved his body around, “and may I say uhhh I think you have some of the nicest breasts around.