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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fling with an old flame & her husband

first-time tr3b0r 2018-02-14

It turned out that Steve and Jane were into the swinging scene, occasionally meeting up with other like-minded couples. Steve climbed into the bed and I turned my back and stripped off and climbed in next to him, eagerly awaiting Jane. "Ever thought about it?" "No" I replied again, feeling a bit intimidated by Steve by now. It was a long and deep kiss, that I dare not try to resist, only interrupted by Jane entering the room. I had Steve sat on my face and he was rubbing his cock, balls and ass all over. Again, she rode my face, but this time Steve was rubbing her pussy like mad. Again they swapped places, but this time I was was being fucked in the mouth by Steve.

Virgin Sitter

first-time sensualsweety5 2018-02-14

Michael smiled back and began to kiss her neck again as he slowly moved his hand up her thigh. Leeann could feel her nipples getting hard and a strange sensation going from her stomach all the way down to her tight virgin cunt. Michael began to lift Leeann's shirt with his other hand and slowly, he exposed her 32D breasts. "Don't worry." Michael said reassuringly, "I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to, I'm just giving it some air." he smiled. Michael grinned as he leaned down to suck on Leeann's nipples as he stood in his boxers, his member protruding. Leeann curiously placed her mouth around Michael's cock again and began to suck and bob her head up and down along his shaft.

The Plumber and My First BJ (M2M)

first-time Billgh01 2018-02-14

As I started to page through the magazine and looked at the great pictures of girls getting screwed or blowing cocks, I began rubbing myself. “ I will make you cum but its only fair if you pleasure me a bit, OK?” I nervously said “OK.” He told me to turn around and face him as he stepped out of his pants exposing his 7” rock hard cock. Finally, he tensed up and said suck it hard, as I closed my lips around it to suck it, he let out a scream, I felt the first squirt, but after that a flood of cum filled my mouth.

First Squirter!

first-time EastAtlanta 2018-02-14

I Got on my phone and started looking at ads on craigslist. 10 mins later I got a reply with a phone number that said text me. I asked for a hug as soon as she got in my apartment and she said sure, so I hugged her and grabbed her phat ass to test her; to she if she would allow me to do so lol. She asked what was funny and I laughed and said "you" and smack her on her ass; she laughed and seemed to like it so I put my arms around her and my dick on her booty and started humping her! I went and got a condom and for whatever reason I asked if she squirt and she said yes.

My First Bondage Experience (Part Two)

first-time 2018-02-14

But Sara kept my wrists tied tightly behind my back and she helped her lover now her slave out of bed and led me into the bathroom. Sara got off me and stood at the foot of the bed and said she had to run so errands and would be back later in the day leaving her slave and lover tied tightly to the bedposts, leaving my cock in its new home until she decides to remove it. Sara left the bedroom and locked the door behind her leaving me tied, gagged and my manhood locked up, still fighting the cage as I heard her high heels fading off into the distance wondering how long my Mistress and gal would be gone leaving me this way.

1st sexual experience Summer of 1958

first-time i8dicksb4 2018-02-14

Then OMG did that feel good, I pulled my pecker out and said its my turn now,so Ricky stood up and I got on my knees got his pecker in my mouth and started sucking,he started pushing in and out then grabbed my head and wouldn`t let me go as he started moaning and shooting that sticky stuff in my mouth. I didn`t wait for an answer I stood up pushed him to his knees grabbed his head and stuck my pecker into his waiting mouth, within about 1" I started shooting that sticky stuff in his mouth,when I finished I drop to my knees and started french kissing Ricky and his tongue was going in and out of my mouth as fast as mine in his,it was like we were face fucking each other with our tongues.

On the Beach - Part II (Halo saga)

first-time sindorei 2018-02-14

So John had attempted to work out his mounting frustrations the only way he knew how; by continuing to train and make himself an ideal soldier, even though the war was long over and he was already the epitome of an ideal soldier. John stopped walking and bent over to catch his breath, even though his heart rate had remained steady and he barely started to sweat. John felt like shushing it, but another one told him that he had already blown a lot of opportunities with Cortana, and yet this one was probably the best one he could have asked for. As a professional soldier, John had seldom had time to listen to the little voice in his head, so he never figured that it would sound like this; all provocative and abrasive.

Mother and I wanted sex with the same old man.

first-time 2018-02-14

Of course none of this was prevalent or constantly on my mind, or mothers for that, we just went about our business as per norm, neither of us aware of impending needs or urges, though I had mentioned about the old man on the first floor, staring up my skirt as I walked up them, and talking incessantly to me, mum laughed at my constant babbling, telling me I must enjoy his attention, and making his cock hard.

Black Guy & Indian Wife's Escapades 2

first-time altaff143 2018-02-14

The wet suit stuck to her body like a second skin and James noticed how perfect her butt was. For the next half hour, James taught her how to swim and did not leave any chance of touching Mira, whether it was holding her stomach as she tried to stroke through the water or holding her hand to show her how the breast stroke is done. Mira hadn’t failed to notice how he took every opportunity to touch her and a part of her wanted to stop him and leave the pool but she simply couldn’t muster the strength to do so.

Guided by a sexy girl on a first MMF bi experience

first-time 2018-02-14

She grabbed his already hard cock in her right hand and immediately began to suck it. Once she had pulled his face all the way down to hers she freed my cock from her mouth but instantly and firmly grabbed a hold of it with her hand. Jane pulled away from Adam just enough to create some breathing room between their faces. Then Jane casually pulled her head away and guided my cock into Adam’s accepting mouth. She then quickly pulled the head of my cock into her mouth and began to suck the remaining spurts out of me. I quickly positioned myself between his legs, wrapped my hand around his shaft and guided the head of his cock into my mouth.

Welcome to the Resort Ch. 05

first-time Argonaut_1975 2018-02-14

"That's a lot of cock for a little girl." Feeling daring Anna turned, bending slightly and lifting her robe to expose the green gem nestled between the cheeks. "Does daddy want to fuck me too?" This time Martin turned red and started to cough as a bite of food went the wrong way. Anna turned and looked, John, Sophia and the others had taken their places at a large table towards the centre of the room. Once I moved in he seldom left the bedroom, and then usually because we were doing it on the table or the living room floor, I just couldn't get enough of him, and I like to think that he couldn't get enough of me." John ran his fingers through her hair and she smiled at him.

first time

first-time 2018-02-14

.into the house we went a pot of tea was put on the table we sat at and my businessman started talking and introducing me to his three friends who told me how young they were when they got their first cock in their hot young hands and havnt looked back since..they told me how much they loved young school boy cock and couldn't get enough of it,and how my friend told them what a great find I was and how I looked so sexy with a face full of cum.a groan came from them all..look under the table boy one said ,I did and studied the four hard old men cocks sticking out of their cock started growing.

First Orgasm

first-time ListenHere 2018-02-14

His hands on me, his tongue working furiously at my clit, my mind floating off further and further with each moment of pleasure, was the combination of things that brought me over the edge. My mind began to forget that the entire world even existed and the feelings that were taking place in my loins were feelings I had never really felt before. Tony continued to work my clit masterfully, licking and lapping, pushing at my clit with his warm wet tongue. I was moving my hips in unison with the awesome feeling I was experiencing, and my entire body began to shake and quiver. Not true orgasm with the throbbing and the shaking and the intensity that made my mind slip to another reality.

Lost at Christmas

first-time Tx Tall Tales 2018-02-14

There was a festive mood in the terminal, so many people rushing to get home for the holidays, and I was getting caught up in the feeling, eagerly looking forward to that very long plane ride, first to Panama, then Lima, and finally Santiago. She was voted "Most Popular." I was "Most Likely to Succeed." However, in this case it turned out she was "Most Slighted", and I was definitely "Most Inept." After waiting several days, amazingly patient in retrospect, she had tasked her best friend Sheri, Tommy's sister, with letting me know that she thought we shouldn't go out.

My Sorority Slut Ch. 03

first-time spaldan 2018-02-14

Susannah tried to reach up and grab his shirt, but he darted away from her hand, saying, "I love you, but let's go a little slow on the kissing after barfing." To her surprise, Susannah found Kelly, Mary, her pledge sister Cassie, and her other pledge sister Lilly waiting for her in the hotel room. I know I looked up at one point and Olive was watching, her arms around that idiot that she was hooking up with last night. Cassie had been looking at her hands while talking, and it was clear that she didn't want to look anyone in the eye while she told them all what had happened the previous night. That dumb bitch Olive actually tells the guy to mess up the pledge's face with cum.

Brian and my mom

first-time loloishorny 2018-02-14

Mom, then pulled her gown off and told Brian to get undressed and suck her tits and pussy the way he does to me. Brian reaches over and gets the toy and lubes the head and moms hole. Mom told Brian that she wants him to put that dildo in her pussy. Mom was happy that she got off and told Brian thanks for the nice fuck. Brian ws happy that he got to fuck her in the ass, but at the same time felt bad cuz now he had to tell me that he fucked her. I told her, that it was ok and that I'm happy she got fucked in the ass. I undressed and Brian pulled my plug out of my ass, lubed the toy and took his time sliding it in.

Interracial Massage

first-time 2018-02-14

Pretty soon she had her legs spread enough to where he could massage her thighs and see her full pussy at the same time. After this was done for a short amount of time, he said he was going to finish her full body massage on the last part of her abdomen. He was licking at her pussy and matching her every move when she slowly opened her mouth and proceeded to start licking the tip of his cock. Jonathan slowly started to work the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her. He kept going and started to work his cock all the way out to the tip and then all the way in again.

A Walk in the Woods

first-time Naughtyoneuk 2018-02-14

I carried on watching for a little while, rubbing the bulge in my shorts, but the thought crossed my mind that I really wanted to touch his naked body, something I've never done with a man before, but he had such a gorgeous body, I was very attracted to him. After licking off his pre-cum, which he clearly enjoyed, I pulled his foreskin back and slowly placed my mouth over his perfect cock head, licking his frenulum every so slowly at the same time. He pushed me back to lie down on the grass and started working my cock with his hand, at the same time allowing his cum to dribble from his mouth onto my cock, which was now fully erect.

The Resting Blonde 2

first-time whodidthat 2018-02-14

I was definitely starting to wake her up a little but felt too good to care, at this point I didn’t care that I broke her hymen or that I was about to cum all over in her tight virgin pussy. As I pulled out the three fluids started to gush back out of her pussy and all over the floor, so I went to the kitchen to grab some towels and clean it up. When she woke up in the living room and saw me she smiled and said good morning and went to the bathroom. When she was completely naked she grabbed my hand and pulled me to her feet and got down on her knees and started to suck my cock.

انا و ام سيد

first-time 2018-02-14

وام سيد بتعبى السرنجة فجاة واحدة جارة خالتى نادت على خالتى راحت خالتى قالت لام سيد هروح اشوف الولية دى عايزة ايه وهقفل باب الاوضة اصل الواد مودى بيتكسف خرجت خالتى وقفلت الباب وراها فجاة لاقيت ام سيد حطت السرنجة على التربيزة وراحت تقفل الباب بالمفتاح انا عرفت عايزة ايه قامت حاطة طرف صباعها على خرمى وتدعك خرمى بحركة دائرية وانا هجت راحت فاتحة فلقتين طيزى و شافت الخرم وقالتى احا يا لبوة خرمك واسع وبتقولى انك مش بتتناك راحت تافة على خرمى ومدخلة صباعها انا هجت اوى وقولت ااح قولتلها لا تحت امرك راحت قالتلى بص يا متناك انا عليا ديون من ستات ورجالة وهخلص الديون دى عن طريقك يعنى هتتناك من رجالة وحريم قولت ايه


She Doesn't Pt. 07

first-time barnabus 2018-02-14

He came from behind me and kissed my neck, as his hands cupped my breasts. “What difference does it make?” She pressed my hands to her breasts, then she turned around me and threw her arms around my neck. Skip had yelled epitaphs at her, screaming that he really didn’t care, that nobody would ever want her big, floppy tits, and he drove off, leaving her crying, in a torn shirt. Looking around, and realizing the wastebasket was on the wrong side of the bed, she threw the tissue on the floor, and hung her head, still sniffling. She sat beside me, and said, “I’m not sure I feel like it, but can we make love now?”

Indian Summer Ch. 2

first-time daana 2018-02-13

And a clean shaven pussy to boot!" he started a slow journey with his fingers from my shoulder onto my breasts and then down towards my stomach, "You know nothing turns me on more than the fact that I can just taste you, I mean no hair... His tongue started a slow yet very sure journey of my mouth and his fingers increased their pressure. hmmm" I could feel another orgasm come, my entire being was slow igniting, I was throbbing down to my core, when suddenly he moved away. I still don't know why all of a sudden I felt bold enough to take things further, but I guess feeling filled with a huge cock was just too good a feeling!]

A Norfolk layby

first-time norwich45 2018-02-13

I after squeezing his hardening cock, at the same time snogging his wiling mouth, I reached inside his fly and under his wasteband and held his hot, rock hard cock in my hand. But the third time we put our cocks away the third man came down the bank and along the field's edge toward us. but he wanted to suck mine and on his knees wank off rock-hard man. My cock was in thick-cocks mouth and hard-on was pulling away from him as he obviuosly just wanted to wank himself. but while thick-cut was sucking me I fondled hard-ons balls, watched him wank and kissed him a few moire times before he moaned in pleasure saying i'm gonna cum.

You can only Lose your Virginity Once or can You??

first-time keen2trybi 2018-02-13

Brad surprised me by kneeling down in front of my spread legs & licked at my frushly fucked pussy which was soaked in our combined juices, he seemed so erotic & manly most of the boys & my Teacher Mr Small Cock just came & left me to clean up their mess, and here was this hunk of a man with a massive cock that had just fucked a hot mother & her young daughter me cleaning me up with his tounge, his warm lips, tounge & breath felt so good on my swollen pussy lips & clit.