Anal lovers


2019-02-06 - 24/f usa i like it roughhhh  if u wanna chat i am on my iphone cam right now here


Best position to do anal

2018-07-13 - I use to love anal but i havnt had it for along time so when i try it again it hurts is ther. Way thst better at doing it


Anal makes me cry and shake intensely from the pleasure

2018-03-04 - Hey there, 25 F from France. I thought I should share with you how much I enjoy anal. We discovered recently with my BF that it does make me cry from the pleasure I get. I don't understand why or how but I just can't stop crying even though it doesn't hurt and I'm not sad. That's really intense and I only get that from anal sex. Any one of you hot there get the same feeling? I thought I could also share a video of that for you guys. So here is a short anal video for you guys. If you want to see more of me, less zoomed in, check out this video too video If you guys like what we do, please take some time to give it upvotes and favorites on pornhub, that really helps us. Feel free to befriend us there as well. Hope to hear from you all :)


Anal and erections?

2018-02-07 - I'd really like to know other people's experiences with anal. I've had maybe a dozen tops in my life, mostly ~20-30, mostly with condoms, of which maybe one or two could get hard, penetrate me, and stay hard. Everyone else has lost it more or less the moment they stuck it in; a few could stay hard after taking a few runups at it. I'm pretty accommodating back there; it's not like I'm exceptionally tight or difficult to penetrate. Is this unusual? Are people like this with vaginal sex too? Is there something I can be trying? It's really kinda disheartening and disappointing and I just... don't know what to do or how to feel.


First experience

2018-01-29 - There's first time for everything , could you share with us about your first anal experience and how was it ? you still into it or stopped ??



2017-12-21 - Ok, I debated asking this cos I'm going to sound very prudish, but what the hell...I don't do anal, I don't like it, it creeps me out just thinking about it. (I don't do piss/squirting either.)I'm curious about others experiences.I'm asking cos I met a young lady this weekend and even before we'd got undressed she whipped out this huge dildo and told me she was going to f me in the ass with it.I told her she wasn't!Look I've done everything at least a few times so I know this doesn't work for me, in fact it's a complete turn off. I like licking, some light touching, even pressure applied, but if you try to get inside me I freak out.I like assholes to look at, lick, and when I have a girl in my mouth I often have my thumb pressed against her asshole just so I can feel her orgasm - if she's writhing around I can't always feel it otherwise.I don't do any sort of anal play when I masturbate.I'm pretty well experienced, I don't want to throw numbers about, but it's certainly more days than are in a year, but rarely have I ever been asked to go beyond the first knuckle, and I never think to do it without being asked.This girl was undaunted and wanted me to do her, I figured I'd lured her here I may as well oblige, and that she had planned accordingly, but the experience was nasty and smelly, and she faked everything.Everyones tastes are different, I'm just really curious if other WOMEN have enhanced sexual pleasure from doing anal penetration?


Why does anal sex feel much better for me?

2017-11-23 - Vaginal sex feels good but when I have anal sex in missionary position I quickly get a VERY intense indescribable feeling that is soooo good. I have never orgasmed from ANYTHING, but I think I can through anal. My question is is there anyone out there like me? I feel so weird... 


How often do you play with others?

2017-11-22 - Question for those of you who play with others: how often do you do it?I was thinking about how my husband and I have changed over time since we started having group fun. When we started, we said it was going to be "a few times a year" and the first several times were spread out with a few months in between each.Then we started playing with couples (foursomes instead of threesomes) and we were averaging about once a month. And now, somehow, we've played four times in the last month. We have two couples who have become friends and "regulars", and have played with each several times, so they haven't all been NEW people, but the frequency has certainly stepped up!I'm sure we're not going to keep going at this pace, but we really are having fun!So- how often do you play? 


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